How to understand why a plane is dreaming in the sky

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Crossing the blue sky

To see in a dream a plane of white or silver color that flies far away, what is the dream of?

The dream book writes that such a dream predicts the rapid development of events or the receipt of news from afar, which you have been waiting for so long.

The white color of an airplane in a dream most often predicts that it will be positive and create a great mood.

However, if you dream that the plane leaves a white trail in the air, the dream book writes that you will remember for a long time what will happen soon. This trail may mean falling in love, rumors, memories or that some event that will happen in the near future not only will quickly burst into your life, but will also be discussed for a long time by you or your environment.

A white and peaceful airplane in a dream, beautifully crossing the sky and painting patterns, like on a May holiday in the air, portends surprise, an unexpected and speedy holiday, hello from afar or an interesting turn of events.

It is possible that your opinion on some issue will change in the near future. Also, modern books indicate that very soon something new will burst rapidly into your life.

For a girl, this can be just a bright and interesting hobby, love, falling in love or passion, some hobby that can become her profession in the future.

Sometimes such a dream also dreams of an event that may become a turning point in your destiny, an impetus to the future. Usually they rarely appear in the life of an ordinary person, but they completely change everything.

So if the plane flew near you and almost hooked, then the change and rapid change will soon change your fate and will concern the dreamer personally.

The airplane that is peaceful and white, seen by you in the distance, most often predicts news from afar, a message or an incident that will not deeply affect your soul or material condition.

Usually the dream book writes that soon an old friend or acquaintance living in another city or even abroad will call you, or you will learn some news or rumors about him or him.

However, it will not affect your relationship, although in some cases it may mean that communication will end, disappointment will reach its limit. It is possible that everything that was between you has long been a thing of the past, but it will be noticeable only now.

If you are waiting for the result of an exam or some important interview, then you see a dream in the sky that you will miss your chance.

FROMKorea, of course, news about a project or going to college will not bring you anything good. It is possible that you will learn about the failure in the coming days, but it has already happened and it is unlikely that something will be possible to change.

A black or sinister plane in a dream predicts disasters and big losses to you. The dream book writes that such a dream portends bad news, misfortunes, aggressiveness and misfortune, sometimes news of death or fire, the consequences of a natural disaster.

Pay attention to whether the enemy aircraft was far or close in a dream. If you saw him in the sky, then even if he dropped bombs, nothing terrible will happen to you.

Osthe new aggression will not be directed at you. Bad news and a bad event will happen, but it will not directly affect and frighten. But if the plane flew past you without bombs, then the dream book writes that misfortune miraculously passes you.

An airliner, flying almost overhead, predicts bad news, danger, anger of the bosses and big shocks. Dream Interpretation writes that you can miraculously avoid disaster, which can lead to sad consequences.

It can be anything at all: illness, accident, accident or betrayal of a loved one. Sometimes a black plane with bombs means the danger of death or fire, mourning or a car accident. Therefore, watch out for safety and be careful on the streets, especially when you act as a pedestrian.

If a black military aircraft exploded in the sky, but its wreckage did not hurt you, then the aggression will be neutralized. Most likely, the evil that was approaching you will disappear. A white and peaceful plane that crashes or explodes in the sky means the collapse of hopes, aspirations and big plans for the future.

To fly calmly in a civilian or private plane in the air - you have a broad view of things. This dream means an emotional upsurge and is limited by circumstances and the inability to act.

Also, the modern dream book writes that a calm and safe flight predicts you joy and tranquility, kindness and good events. Flying in the sky in a military plane and dropping bombs is a dream that you will be aggressive and suppress someone.

It seems that your emotions have reached a boiling point and it will be very difficult for you to restrain yourself. The dream book writes about the following meaning of such a dream: you need to restrain emotions so as not to harm yourself and others.

Dream Interpretation - Airplane

Fly on an airplane. Such a dream can be both ordinary and indicative, as some people take flights calmly, while others are panicky afraid of them. For example, all American football fans know that the famous commentator John Madden never flies on airplanes - he travels around the country by bus. Many share his fears, although at night they may well dream of flying. In this case, it is an attempt to overcome irrational fears.

Flying a plane for a sleeper is full of adventure. The feeling of delightful delight is usually caused either by the flight itself, or by a dizzying speed and the realization of how air TRAVELs allow to bring together the most remote corners of the earth. In addition, you may experience the disturbing anxiety that occurs when thinking about potential dangers associated with flights, such as hijacking. At the same time, it is possible that you will cope brilliantly with the situation.

Fly a plane. There are various options for seeing yourself (or someone) as a pilot. Are you self-confident and in a dream, and in reality? If you are flying a plane, then you will be able and in reality to keep the situation under control.

If the plane crashes and crashes, it means that in life you do not feel confident enough and, as it seems to you, you do not meet the requirements.

Who is on board? In real life, you are responsible for these people, you have certain obligations to them, and your control of the plane shows how successfully you manage your duties.

What feeling - confidence or increased responsibility for the destinies of people - prevails during the flight?

How do other passengers feel about your presence - accept you, ignore or despise you?

Dream Interpretation: to see a plane in a dream

Miller's Dream Book predicts that if you dream about an airplane, you should expect good luck in official and commercial affairs.

Many airplanes, simultaneously hovering in the sky, mean troubles associated with the fair sex.

According to Wangi's dream book if you dream about a plane, you must expect a trick from the side. A blow can result from a person enjoying unlimited trust.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century tells you that the airport and planes are dreaming as a sign of keeping their plans a secret. Excessive gullibility can lead to a crushing fiasco.

According to this source, if you dream about traveling by plane, long-term projects will be in jeopardy. The reason may be equally insufficient development of parts and external influence.

Esoteric dream book treats airplanes flying in the sky as making crucial decisions. A flight inside a comfortable aircraft suggests that for the successful completion of the tasks set by the leadership, a non-standard approach and flexibility of thinking will be required.

According to Medea’s dream book, if a plane is dreaming, there will be rapid changes in reality. Being late on board reflects an unpreparedness for them.

East dream book interprets planes overhead as impending danger. For lovers, such a plot predicts a failed date, as well as a delayed wedding.

By Freud's Dream Book flying on a plane does not mean taking seriously your own destiny. Seeing the mark from the liner is a warning that frivolity will contribute to the loss of an important relationship.

According to psychological dream bookIf you dream about the landing of the aircraft, completed safely, this is a symbol of the successful completion of the next life stage.

Miller's interpretation

Miller's interpretations are for many the most authoritative. To dream of an airplane is to strive for development and self-improvement, to fill in gaps in knowledge and skills, as the author of a dream book interprets the image of an airplane. It is important to pay attention to details in order to give a correct and complete interpretation of what you see. The most likely pictures in night visions:

  • to fly (as a fact) on an airplane - to receive news (good or bad, depends on the feelings experienced in the dream),
  • to see yourself as a modeler (to assemble an airplane from parts) - an unexpected journey or an important business trip is ahead.

Note! There is a belief that in order for the interpretation of this dream book to come true, it is necessary to remove all the hours of the day from the house.

What is the dream of the plane in the sky

When the plane in the sky dreamed a womanThis signals her tiredness from routine duties. If a lady watches the white trail left, she will in reality have to expose the betrayal of her friend or the betrayal of her beloved.

A change in relationship is reported by a plane in a dream girl. In order not to lose your beloved, you have to develop in a completely different direction, and look for new points of contact.

As a symbol of receiving news from afar, a plane dreams a man. Because of this information, you may have to go on a trip.

Dream Interpretation of Psychological Interpretation (Loffa)

According to the psychologist Loff, to see the plane during sleep is an attempt to hide fears, subconsciously get away from existing problems and difficulties. Control of the aircraft is interpreted as follows:

  • confident flight, which took place without any problems and incidents, smoothly and calmly - the desire to maintain control of the situation or superiority in any business,
  • the plane flies rapidly, the “nose” looks down and / or crashes - a person experiences uncertainty in his abilities and capabilities.

An accurate interpretation should be based on the feelings that are present in a dream: a positive can mean that self-doubt will soon be replaced by an understanding that everything is possible to change for the better. According to this, a flight that ended in a plane crash is a negative symbol that promises problems in real life. Also:

  • if you clearly dreamed that the plane was personal property - expect financial losses, difficulties at work,
  • dreams in which a certain person or the one who is sleeping looks closely, with interest, with interest in the porthole (or in an ordinary window - in a dream it happens) of a flying airplane, warns that in reality he will show indifference to the problems that take place in others, which will entail a negative response.

Flying on a regular passenger plane

The fall of a modern airplane, observed in a dream, is a wreck of dreams. Seeing a woman like this is a sign that big changes will occur in your personal life that will entail negativity, for example, the intended marriage will not take place. If you turn to the dream book with a question of what dreams of flying a plane, the answer is as follows - expect a declaration of love or sympathy. If in a dream the plane is in the sky for a long period of time and flies, hovering or performing aerobatics, we can expect difficulties in work that will require a lot of effort (mental or physical), but as a result a person will get positive emotions.

Why dream of flying on an airplane

As a symbol of stable success in business, it is worth considering the plot of a dream in which it happened take off by plane. It is especially favorable for businessmen and entrepreneurs, and promises to receive excellent profits. To take off by plane means to achieve significant achievements in self-improvement. Thanks to the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and act deliberately even in a stressful environment, the sleeper will succeed in all conceived affairs.

When is dreaming flight by plane, which means that in reality it will be necessary to show creative abilities for the implementation of projects. The combination of calculation and intuition will lead to tremendous success.

If you had a dream sit on the plane, and watching the clouds floating from the porthole, this is a sign to think about the correctness of life priorities. Such a dream indicates isolation from reality. The view from the porthole also deserves a separate interpretation. Green spaces predict good luck, rocky or desert terrain - obstacles to business. If you can consider everything below, in great detail, thanks to the detailed preparation for the project, you will be able to get excellent dividends. Flying above the water surface warns of the need to double-check all incoming information.

If you dream of a plane in which the dreamer performs the work of a flight attendant, this indicates fatigue from everyday duties. Vivid impressions and relaxation will return the joy of life.

The grandiose achievements in personal life and business are symbolized by a dream in which to govern by plane. The main thing is that the flight should take place in normal mode.

See the plane (not personally present in the cabin)

The plane is dreaming. If a person looks at him from the side, then the following events can be expected:

  • to see in a dream an airplane that is large in size, snow-white in color, bright, standing on the ground (ready to fly, sitting in the right place) - the inner world is positive and clean, moral qualities are high, everything will turn out positively in the future,
  • the plane flies too high (above the clouds) in the sky (where there is no cloud) - a person is dreamy by nature, maybe he hides it, he strives for something impossible and difficult to achieve, he will have to work hard to realize his plan,
  • if you dream of a modern (without screws) or a fantastic plane that started the engine, does not stand on the ground at this moment, but is already flying smoothly and calmly - a dream indicates overstated ambitions, warns that you should think about your behavior or actions. There are likelihood of bad events associated with rash steps.

In dreams, a falling plane in distress looks no less frightening and tragic than in reality. To interpret what is seen, it will be necessary to take into account the emotions experienced during the dream.If a person cannot calm down, feels horror, panic - existing plans may not come true, the danger of negative developments in reality. A falling plane seen is a collapse of other people's plans (the calm of the person who is dreaming is a problem for ill-wishers). A dream of a plane participating in a war or many planes - an attempt to hide experiences, suffering and fears: the more there are, the stronger the negative feelings. Perhaps many planes indicate the beginning of a new period in life, a stage of important changes that cannot be avoided at a given time.

Leaving a trail modern airliner

It is important to know why a plane is dreaming of leaving a clear white trail - in a dream there is a warning that a person doubts, cannot make a definite decision, is unnecessarily worried about the situation. There is a possibility that in the near future he may lose something important, meaningful for him, miss a chance, ruin the situation. Here relations between people can be spoiled, love or friendship is lost.

If you dream of an iron glider that is about to take off or is already taking off into the sky - this is a good, kind, full of positive sign. Luck awaits a person, a new successful business. If there was a nuisance, it will gradually cease to influence relations, life, state of affairs at work.

Miller's Dream Book

According to Miller’s dream book, an airplane flying in the sky means that:

  • it’s a good time to start or promote a business,
  • hired worker will increase
  • unemployed take on the long-awaited position.

The war, in which planes bomb the city, dreams of an unexpected event.

  • seeing a lot of planes is a warning that excessive interest in girls will soon bring trouble.

  • a large number of aircraft predicts success in business affairs,
  • for pregnant women, a dream with military equipment prophesies the birth of a boy.

Why dream of being late for the plane

When had a dream collect to fly by plane, but in reality there are no such plans, this is a subconscious sign that the sleeper is having a hard time deciding on travels and changes in his own life. Folding a suitcase and checking tickets means fatigue, and the desire to break out of the usual environment.

If dreaming buy a ticket on the plane and do not catch it, tests are approaching ahead. Colleagues will gain an advantage, and for entrepreneurs, the plot portends that competitors will be more successful.

Significant tardiness on a plane in a dream, when it is seen that the liner is taxiing out on the runway, or has already taken off, is a warning symbol. There are people in the environment that interfere with creative development and success.

The indecision of the sleeping person is evidenced hand over tickets on a plane in a dream. Because of this, in reality, the opportunity to participate in a promising project will most likely be missed.

If you dreamed that the lack of tickets for the liner was found only in the airport building, it is advisable to carefully study all the nuances of business transactions and make decisions, focusing on reasonable arguments, and not on feelings.

Various situations and their explanations

Dream Interpretation plane gives an opportunity for everyone who wishes to learn some future events. It is very important and interesting to know what the dream of flying on an airplane is - when you see yourself on board, you will find new possibilities for resolving this situation. Many interpretations associate flights on aircraft with certain esoteric symbols, the inner world, as well as the emotional sphere hidden from outsiders. In order to understand why a plane is flying low in the sky, one needs to remember its sensations clearly. Moreover:

  • right above your head, but there is no fear, then there are pleasant changes ahead, news or changes,
  • on the ground (standing or lying), observe a landing - plans, deeds, intentions may not be realized.

The flight is not carried out, the landing has already taken place, the person is in the cabin, this means that someone or something is holding back the possibilities. Preparing for flights - developing your creative abilities in the near future. The interpretation of dreams about an airplane takes into account the fact that a person can see a situation in which he buys a ticket in order to go on a flight. The dream warns that there is a prospect which should not be missed in order to fulfill the intended.

Late for the plane

Being late for your own flight or private plane (it flew away) is a neglect of your own capabilities in real life. You must learn to fantasize. Catching up an airplane in a dream, running after it - difficulties should be expected, internal emotional conflicts are possible, but they will end without excesses for someone who saw a similar picture in his dream. More clarifications:

  • In a dream, waiting for a plane (waiting in the company or alone) - the need to pay attention to general and self-development, improving one's own or at work,
  • To be an ordinary passenger - someone controls a person, affects his abilities or capabilities,
  • The plane on the earth and in it is empty - something will not work out in business,
  • If in a dream there is no influence on the flight - the person is very trusting, he needs to reconsider his attitude with others,
  • If in a dream there is an opportunity to fly an airplane - the dream is positive, good luck envelops a person, he will see rapid development.

The dream interpretation explains that the pilot of the plane is a sign with positive energy, giving a charge of strength. To be a pilot of an airplane - to be realized in work and love, to the fullest extent possible, to begin improvement.

A terrible phenomenon deserves special attention - the crash, its fact, the presence of debris - this is an unpleasant signal to the fact that great and unexpected stress is expected ahead. If the plane lands, released the landing gear, but after that it has already caught fire on the ground - a disease is possible, its symbol is fire, tension. It is also interesting to know what a burning airplane is dreaming of - this is a warning that you need to be as careful as possible.

You should know why you dream of a hard landing: for girls - this is a sign of problems in love, for men - difficulties that can happen at work. On a plane in a dream flying low above the ground - the lack of opportunities for the implementation of the plan.

What is the dream of a falling plane

When a plane crashing dreams, the symbolism of the dream changes significantly compared to the calm plot. Such a vision makes you wake up with gloomy thoughts, but you should not interpret a dream as a harbinger of a catastrophe in reality. The fall of a plane dreamed from afar to young people promises a fascinating love adventure. This may be a sudden confession in the passionate feelings of a long-time acquaintance, or a meeting with an interesting person.

There is a negative interpretation. When in a dream happened plane crash in front of the eyes, in the business sphere, disruption of plans is possible.

Businessmen falling an airplane in the sky almost always portends material losses. Difficulties will arise exactly where the sleeping person was afraid, so there is an opportunity to hedge and minimize damage.

If in a dream a falling plane explodes, awake to find out the negative news. In the event that the wreckage caused a sleeping injury, the consequences of the information will have a direct negative effect on it.

Strong confusion due to events in life is symbolized by an airplane explosion. This story represents the mental confusion of the dreamer.

Predicts troubles and troubles burning airplane in a dream. Caution should be exercised.

For grooms and brides plane crash to the ground means an unforeseen postponement of the marriage or even the complete cancellation of the celebration. It is also a sign of financial turmoil due to rash investments.

If dreaming falling plane in water, in reality you will have to face many problems. Unfortunately, in solving difficult situations it will only be possible to rely on our own strengths.

See how the liner dives in water, and drowning quickly, means to be defenseless in the face of circumstances.

When I dreamed that the plane falls and crashes directly to the dreamer's home, this means major adversity. There may be a sudden illness or quarrel with households.

Crashed plane near the house means trouble. If the liner crashed into a garden or a summer cottage, in reality it will be necessary to urgently adjust plans due to unpleasant news.

See the burning debris on the groundmeans to fail when trying to win career heights.

By and large catastrophe dreaming aircraft means difficulty. Achieve success is largely prevented by external circumstances.

Many planes: what will happen in reality

It is interesting why planes in the sky dream (there are many planes overhead) - the one who saw such a dream is carefully engaged in self-development or self-education, he is actively developing spiritually. It is very likely that very important and decisive events will happen in life very soon. Many planes in the sky at the same time - interesting news, positive events, one after another.

Several aircraft are simultaneously in the sky

If you have to sit in a big plane in a dream for a long time, there will be a forced rest period ahead. If a person refers in a dream to a representative of aviation (the pilot of one of the aircraft) - he will have to make a choice between several possibilities.

There may be a lot of planes that are preparing to land — there can be difficulties that are easy to overcome. The plane is dreaming in the sky, which is lower than the rest - plans can be destroyed.

Freud's Dream Book

Flying planes, according to Freud, mean that the dreamer is too immersed in his dreams. It is worth returning to reality and implementing the plan.

  • flying low overhead - to a new idea, inspiration,
  • to look at several flying airplanes - to fear for their future.

  • a dream occurs if there are problems amid stress in an intimate life.

Interpretation of sleep by plane

A good sign if you dream white airplane. The most cherished dreams will come true soon.

Toy size little the plane in a dream promises to be added to the family or to close friends. It is also a symbol of thirst for change in one's own destiny.

Big black aircraft predicts that large financial costs will follow soon. Therefore, it is advisable not to waste money. They will come in handy.

If you dreamed smart standing airplane, so high goals are reflected. Perseverance and courage in decision making will help to achieve success.

When does a plane dream in the clouds, This is the personification of the desires of the sleeper. A dream warns that in order to fulfill a dream, it is necessary to work hard in reality.

Excessive environmental requirements symbolize low flying airplane. It is advisable to reconsider your manner of communicating with others so as not to provoke conflicts.

If dreamed broken the plane in which there were familiar people, in reality they need help. Moreover, not only financial, but also moral support will be needed.

It is undesirable to transfer responsibilities to someone else, if in a dream appeared wreckage the plane. Important matters can only be solved with your own mind.

The plane is dreaming: various explanations

Dream Interpretations explain why the plane is dreaming. The visible picture is not always realistic, it is likely that the dream will be futuristic. There may also be such situations:

  • dream of a plane if you fly inside or on it (on the wing or on the roof) - changes in life and business,
  • landing small airplane - light problems that can easily be overcome,
  • to fly on an airplane - dreams, changes, changes that cannot be avoided,
  • ordinary white standard aircraft (there may be no signs or designations of airlines) - fearlessness, as well as failure to fulfill the plan,
  • being late on your plane and knowing about it is a fear that the subconscious mind cannot conceal possible or necessary changes,
  • rejoice at the landing plane - relief, load and tension will disappear.

Dream Wanga

Wang interprets the dream as follows:

  • flew overhead - to troubles that can be avoided,
  • a landing plane means that someone from the environment is interfering in reality with the sleeping person,
  • a catastrophe dreams of a difficult situation that will require willpower and fortitude,
  • from afar to see a plane flying in the sky - to fulfill a long-awaited desire,
  • a large number of fighters dream of a radical change in life.

If you dream of airplanes in the sky, then soon something or someone will surprise you and attract your attention.

If the dream was not scary - to receive good news.

Military operations with an airplane in a dream

Dreamed war plane interpreted as a danger that has arisen from afar. It is also a symbol of inevitable events that the sleeper cannot influence in any way. If a girl dreams of a fighter plane, perhaps she will connect fate with a military man.

Seeing an air battle means waking up dealings.

Dreamed bombing from an airplane means an unpleasant change. Waiver will have to adjust plans due to negative events.

Shelling from an airplane means news of a loved one. The information received will change the attitude for the worse.

See how downed the plane in a dream falls to the ground, a sad symbol. You will have to experience disappointment from the disruption of plans and disappointment in others.

Favorable importance is the observation of the air show and parade of aircraft. Thanks to personal qualities, success will be achieved.

When dreaming of an airplane, it is advisable to carefully interpret all the nuances, then the interpretation will be as correct as possible.

Additional clarification

Other variations on the theme of what the picture means:

  • to be an experienced pilot, the main thing in your dream (or beginner) - to get the right to decide for another person, to suppress a person, to have opportunities that are not given to others, wait for changes,
  • to fly in an amphibian airplane in a dream (to land without incident) - events can occur that will entail pleasant memories and cause a nostalgic state of mind,
  • dream interpretation and boarding a plane is the path to change,
  • if a powerful plane just stands on the ground - a person experiences indecision. It is interesting to know why a plane is dreaming in the sky and in a dream with powerful flashes and thunderstorms - this indicates important events and changes that could lead to serious changes,
  • in a dream see the wing of an aircraft - news,
  • a fast-falling plane (with or without characteristic noise) or a plane flying low - interference from outside, it will necessarily disrupt measured life. A good attitude to the landing plane is joy, positive in real life.

In the event that a dream resembles a similar picture: the sleeping person in a dream flew (it doesn’t matter where and how it was located in the cabin) (everyone landed without problems and incidents), then we should expect pleasant and interesting news for him.

It turns out that the answer to the question of why a low-flying airplane is flying or taking off, you need to know in order to understand what to do or what to do. A dream interpretation or a chosen explanation will tell you that boarding a plane is uniquely white and clean is a good sign. If you land, but there are problems, this is a signal that you cannot ignore and forget about. The image of a dreaming airplane, even if it wasn’t flown, is a sign of spiritual opportunities, personal growth.A variety of interpretations will help to find out why many planes dream, or only one, what to expect when there are many similar machines in the sky. You must be able to recognize what his subconscious is trying to convey to a person, so that everything goes well. I dreamed about a plane - changes await a person. It turns out that seeing a plane in a dream that does not fall is a positive sign that brings good news.

Dream Interpretation

Interpretations of vision according to Loff's dream book:

  • to see a plane crash - to serious life problems,
  • a person who sees a plane in a dream hides his fears and avoids difficulties.

  • see a plane crash - to disrupt plans
  • to see complex figures made by an airship - to difficulties at work.

Dream Book of Azar

The clotter Azar gave the following sleep meanings:

  • flies very high in the sky - the dreamer's dream is not feasible,
  • if a helicopter flew with the plane - this is to receive a task on which the future will depend,
  • two liners collide - this is to the empty efforts of enemies to ruin life.

Dream Interpretation Veles

According to Veles's dream book, a vision of an airplane can have the following meanings:

  • flies high - to positive changes,
  • low to a long road
  • the airliner takes off - to a joyful event,
  • falls - to illness or danger.

Dreamwalker Dream Interpretation

Interpretation of a dream according to the wanderer’s dream book:

  • a plane flying in a cloudless sky - to the fulfillment of desires,
  • falling - to failure, conceived by the sleeper will not come true.

Dream Interpretation of Catherine the Great

General values ​​according to the dream book of Catherine the Great:

  • watching a flying airplane means the successful completion of an important business,
  • the crash of the airliner dreams of changes in life and the emergence of new plans.

Modern dream book

There are several meanings of sleep in a modern dream book online:

  • see the plane - to get the opportunity to travel
  • the airliner flew overhead - the dreamer will not be able to avoid danger,
  • to own a flying airplane - to the loss of major finances,
  • an air show dreams of wanting to show others their talents.

  • A plane passing by predicts the termination of an engagement or wedding.

Big dream book of Phoebe

Dream Interpretation Phoebe interprets a dream as follows:

  • the plane flies in clear weather - to a happy life,
  • gloomy firmament - to minor troubles.

Muslim dream book

Muslim Dream Interpretations:

  • the plane takes off - to travel,
  • a huge airliner means that the dreamer's dreams are unattainable
  • to see a white trace from a flying airplane - to a bright streak in life,
  • air transport crashed - to success, which enemies will envy.

  • a dream prophesies the attainment of family happiness.

Islamic dream book

Islamic Dream Interpretations:

  • the plane flies over the mountain - to achieve power,
  • if the airliner crashes - it means the loss of the achieved heights, position or family.

Russian dream book

According to the Russian dream book, an airplane is a symbol of travel.

Other values ​​for the book:

  • a ship flies over your head or house - to the cancellation of the dreamer's plans, everything that was planned will fall apart,
  • a plane crash nightmare portends a mortal danger
  • to see the flight of your own airliner - to the loss of a large amount of money, an unsuccessful investment.

Slavic dream book

In the Slavic dreamer there are such meanings of sleep:

  • the plane flies in the night sky - to the appearance of difficulties in reality that friends will help resolve,
  • take off liner - to a new successful business,
  • planes that crash can mean insurmountable problems,
  • a combat aircraft shoots - to threats and psychological attack.

Ukrainian dream book

Interpretations of the vision in the Ukrainian dream book:

  • the flying fighter dreams of good news,
  • the plane takes off higher and higher - to boring, everyday work,
  • several airliners prophesy to a dreamer wealth or an increase in social status.

Family dream book

The meaning of a dream in a family dream book:

  • seeing a plane crash in a dream means waking up for a trip on an aircraft,
  • emergency landing liner dreams of the appearance of obstacles on the way to the goal.

Esoteric dream book

According to the esoteric dream book, an airplane dreams of people who have lost inspiration or cannot move in any business. It is necessary to distract and approach the task from the other side.

Seeing a flying plane on a clear day is a fateful event.

Dream Interpretation by numbers

Numbers mean the following:

  • a clear number to cancel a meeting or party,
  • ambiguous - to failure at work,
  • 0 - to the appearance of troubles and annoying people,
  • 1 or 11 - for recognition at work,
  • 2 - predicts evil gossip,
  • 3 - the long-awaited question is resolved,
  • 4 - the business that the sleeper conceived will not bring profit and success,
  • 5 - to gain power, the opinion of the dreamer must be listened to,
  • 6 - sleeping can become a victim of scammers,
  • 7 - a lucky number, meaning luck in all endeavors,
  • 8 - in the near future things will go unstable, you need to be patient,
  • 9 - to win in a risky business,
  • 1000 - to inheritance or to receive a large bonus.

Dream interpretation for women

  • an airplane flying overhead predicts the abolition of affairs or plans, such as weddings,
  • low flying - to the disease,
  • to see a falling plane a young girl - to unpleasant chores,
  • adult women such a dream portends full control over their lives.

Dream interpretation for men

  • a military plane flies to the dreamer - to quarrels with family members,
  • shoots - to meet an interesting person,
  • an airliner flies over the skyscrapers - to the good news,
  • hovering over your head, predicts danger or acquaintance with the second half,
  • the plane flies in the clear sky - to the betrayal of a friend.

Intimate dream book

Values ​​for the intimate dream book:

  • the flight of the aircraft dreams of rethinking his life, perhaps the dreamer will change his immediate plans and surroundings,
  • see the trail left by the plane - to the loss of an important person or cheating partner.

Autumn dream book

The basic interpretation of sleep:

  • be late for the plane and see how it flew away - to continue the illness or crisis,
  • if he soon crashed - to a speedy recovery,
  • from the window of the house to see how planes fly - to career growth,
  • dreamed on the eve of travel - a good sign promising a great road.

Home dream book

According to the home dream book:

  • planes and helicopters dream of traveling,
  • crashed - the dreamer's goal will require an investment of effort and money, but will not bring the desired.

Dreams associated with a plane crash are interpreted as follows:

  • the crash dreams of life's difficulties, the loss of friends,
  • to miss a plane and run after a flying airliner - the sleeping person will be able to avoid problems,
  • on the aircraft to see relatives who go on a trip - they are in trouble, which they are embarrassed to talk about.

Dream Interpretation of the subconscious

The dream interpretation of the subconscious has the following interpretations of vision:

  • to watch how the airliner goes along the runway and soars into the sky - to the desire to escape from the old life,
  • to see the game of children who launch a plane into the sky - to fulfill children's desires,
  • attack of enemy planes that drop bombs - to the black bar.

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