15 best remedies for hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids are a widespread and unpleasant disease of predominantly middle age, in which the veins surrounding the rectum become inflamed, injured, and pathologically expand. This all leads to a sensation of a foreign body and itching in the anus, and then pain, bleeding, and prolapse of hemorrhoids appear. All this significantly affects the quality of life. Fortunately, modern medicine has a large arsenal of various drugs for hemorrhoids, both for local and internal use.

Rating of the best remedies for hemorrhoids

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best remedies for hemorrhoids in women1Relief Pro 417 ₽
2Trombless 310 ₽
3Procto-glivenol 427 ₽
4Troxerutin 71 ₽
5Proctosan 383 ₽
The best remedies for hemorrhoids in men1Detralex 1 445 ₽
2Relief Advance 420 ₽
3Nigepan 245 ₽
4Aescusan 224 ₽
5Natalside 410 ₽
The best suppositories for hemorrhoids1Relief Ultra 521 ₽
2Proctosed 433 ₽
3Neo - Anuzol 87 ₽
4Hepazolone 298 ₽
The best pills for hemorrhoids1Mucofalk 533 ₽
2Guttalax 432 ₽
3Phlebodia 600 990 ₽

The best remedies for hemorrhoids in women

In the female body, nature itself has laid a predisposition to vascular disorders. The reason for this is pregnancy and childbirth. Enhanced progesterone synthesis contributes to a deterioration in the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels, and the sedentary lifestyle of a pregnant woman and the high fetal pressure that he exerts on blood vessels and tissues at the end of pregnancy further aggravate the predisposition to vascular disorders.

In the mechanism of labor, high pressure develops, which also leads to a disorder of microcirculation. Additionally, there are many professions that are characteristic of women when they spend all their time standing on their feet, or, on the contrary, they sit throughout their entire working time. All this as a result leads to venous congestion in the legs and pelvic region, the formation of varicose veins of the lower extremities and hemorrhoids. We list some tools that help women in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Relief Pro

This tool is intended to quickly relieve symptoms of exacerbation of hemorrhoids and rectal cracks. The composition of the product contains a corticosteroid hormone based on fluocortolone, which has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. Additionally suppositories include lidocaine, which immediately produces a powerful analgesic effect. It is this combination that allows the drug to occupy high positions in the ratings of antihemorrhoids drugs. The tool is indicated for various variants of proctitis, and in the form of a rectal cream - can be applied when the skin is damaged in the anus.

Relief Pro must be inserted into the anus after bowel movements and hygiene measures. The use of suppositories is recommended twice a day, and in severe cases with vascular thrombosis and with severe pain in the first two days - three times a day. The drug is released by the German Bayer concern, the package contains 12 rectal suppositories, which can be purchased at retail from 500 rubles, at prices in the spring of 2018.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the remedy include the rapid onset of the therapeutic effect. The disadvantages of the drug include a rather high price and possible symptoms of an overdose when using suppositories more than 3 times a day.The most pronounced effects are manifested by the cardiovascular and nervous systems, therefore, a physician should prescribe Relief Pro.


Thrombless is a drug that is available in the form of a gel for external use, and it contains the substance heparin, which reduces blood coagulation and prevents thrombosis, and also has an anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect. With hemorrhoids, the drug is indicated in complex therapy, together with other drugs, such as painkillers and laxatives. You need to apply the gel, rubbing it easily into the perianal region, after appropriate hygiene measures.

The tool is used daily, the average duration of the course is 5-7 days. The product is produced by the domestic pharmaceutical manufacturer Nizhpharm OJSC, and the price of one gel package weighing 50 grams starts at 260 rubles. A similar preparation containing heparin is marketed under the trade names Lavenum, Lyoton 1000, and Thrombogel.


This remedy has deservedly been included in the rating of antihemorrhoids because it has a local anesthetic effect, reduces the formation of varicose veins of the rectum veins, and protects blood vessels. The composition of the product includes tribenoside, which is able to reduce the permeability of capillaries and vascular tone, it reduces the release of inflammatory and pain mediators.

Lidocaine, as in the case of Relief Pro, has a rapid analgesic effect when using suppositories. The remedy is used only rectally, twice a day, in the morning and in the evening until relief of acute symptoms, and then the remedy must be used once. The duration of the general course of treatment is determined by the doctor. The French company Dela Pharm produces these candles, and it is represented in Russia by the Swiss concern Novartis Pharma. You can buy a package of rectal suppositories in an amount of 10 starting at a price of 375 rubles.


Troxerutin was ranked as a tool for a comprehensive effect on microcirculation; it can treat not only hemorrhoids. The list of indications includes about two dozen names of various diseases, including thrombophlebitis, varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency. The active ingredient is a natural bioflavonoid - a derivative of rutin.

The drug is able to reduce the permeability of the capillary walls, and increases the tone of the vessels of the microvasculature. This leads to a decrease in edema and inflammation of the vascular wall, the medicine is indicated for use in both the acute and chronic stages of hemorrhoids. The tool is used in the form of capsules, which contain 300 mg of the active substance. Capsules are used after meals three times a day, the course of treatment is about a month. The medicine is produced by many domestic manufacturers, and is inexpensive. For a package of 50 capsules, it’s enough to pay only 150 rubles.


The tool is famous for its unique multicomponent, which allowed to give it one of the places in the ranking. One of the active substances is bismuth compounds together with titanium dioxide. The composition of the drug includes bufexamak, which inhibits inflammation and acts on prostaglandins, and lidocaine.

All these substances are active, and as a result, suppositories have anti-inflammatory, wound healing and analgesic effects. Due to the bismuth compound, an astringent and drying activity of the drug occurs. These candles are shown, except for hemorrhoids, also with cracks, proctitis and itching of the anus. In addition to suppositories, Proctosan is available in the form of a rectal ointment, with which you can start treatment in the acute period, when the administration of a suppository is still quite painful.

If suppositories are prescribed, then they are prescribed one suppository two or three times a day, and after draining acute pain, the drug continues to be prescribed for one or two weeks. The German company Stada produces these candles, and you can purchase a package of 10 candles starting from 330 rubles. at spring 2018 prices.

The best remedies for hemorrhoids in men

The causes of male hemorrhoids are much more prosaic than in women.Most often, alcohol leads to it, which causes plethora of venous vessels, smoking and craving men for spicy foods. As a result of alcohol and nicotine abuse, thrombotic processes occur, the vascular lumen decreases, and spicy food contributes to a sharp plethora of intestinal vessels, irritates the rectal wall and contributes to hemorrhoids. In addition, physical labor and weight transfer, and power sports contribute to an increase in intra-abdominal pressure, and the progression of symptoms of hemorrhoids. What drugs for the treatment of this unpleasant disease were included in the rating of male agents?


Perhaps Detralex, or its analogues with the commercial names Venarus and Phlebodia, are the most active venotonics and venoprotectors. They consist of natural remedies, diosmin and hesperidin. And these bioflavonoids are able to influence microcirculation and protect blood vessels. As a result of course administration of Detralex, the extensibility of veins and stagnation of blood in them are reduced, the permeability of capillaries and their fragility are reduced. It is important that the high effect of Detralex is confirmed by numerous clinical studies. Detralex, in addition to hemorrhoids, is used for chronic venous insufficiency, when there are complaints of edema, fatigue and pain in the legs.

It should be taken with acute hemorrhoids in a fairly high dose, 6 tablets per day, 3 in the morning and three in the evening, this dosage is maintained for 4 days, and then halved, and the medicine is taken for another 3 days. The famous French company Servier produces Detralex, and for a package of 30 tablets, designed for 2 weeks of administration (for chronic hemorrhoids), you will have to pay 670 rubles. The drug is available in suspension for oral administration.

Relief Advance

Relief Advance was included in the rating for hemorrhoids due to its pronounced and very strong analgesic effect. Sometimes it is very important for men to relieve the symptom, since the proctologist will prescribe the complex therapy, and good anesthesia is very important on the first day of the exacerbation. These suppositories contain benzocaine, which is many times higher than the local anesthetic and analgesic activity of novocaine and lidocaine, which are part of most rectal suppositories.

Benzocaine is not absorbed into the blood, and does not have a resorptive effect, and cocoa butter, which is part of the suppository, softens and soothes the mucous membrane of the rectum. In addition to hemorrhoids, these suppositories are indicated for proctitis and rectal fissures, during various small diagnostic tests, and after surgery. Relif Advance rectal suppositories in the amount of 12 pieces per package can be purchased at a price of 415 rubles. It is necessary to use these products no more than 4 times a day, after carrying out hygiene procedures.


Another complex drug for the treatment of male hemorrhoids, which is produced in rectal suppositories, is Nigepan. These suppositories simultaneously contain a derivative of heparin and the same benzocaine. This allows you to enhance the effect of suppositories, and in addition to severe local anesthesia, it becomes supplemented with anti-inflammatory and antithrombotic effects, or anticoagulant. It is necessary to apply Nigepan one suppository twice a day for one or two weeks. This drug is produced by the domestic manufacturer Nizhpharm OJSC, for one package of 10 suppositories you will have to pay from 220 rubles.


This herbal preparation is a bioflavonoid, a horse chestnut derivative, the active substance is escin. Vitamin B1, or thiamine, has been added to further improve neural trophism and conduction.Aescusan exerts an angioprotective and decongestant effect, of herbal preparations, perhaps only Detralex can be compared with it. The tool belongs to venotonic, and can be used, in addition to hemorrhoids and with varicose veins of the lower extremities, and chronic venous insufficiency.


This drug, packaged in rectal suppositories for topical use, has a complex hemostatic effect, is able to fight chronic inflammation, and produces a reparative effect. Candles were included in the rating due to the content of a unique ingredient - sodium alginate, which is a natural polysaccharide, and is obtained from kelp, or brown seaweed.

The main component of the active substance is hyaluronic acid, which improves the processes of cell division of the mucous membrane of the colon and the walls of hemorrhoidal vessels. After getting into the rectum, this component of the suppository swells greatly, and turns into a gel. As a result, it also exhibits an enveloping effect. The drug is administered after hygiene procedures (one candle once or twice a day). Candles are produced by the domestic manufacturer Nizhpharm, and costs from 405 rubles. for one package of 10 candles, which is enough for 5 days at the maximum dosage.

The best suppositories for hemorrhoids

Many of the above medicines for hemorrhoids are available in suppositories, or in suppositories. Their range is so large that it is difficult to pick up any particularly worthy effective funds that are the best. However, modern multicomponent drugs that can affect inflammation, edema, bleeding and pain have the greatest effect. What means got into the rating of the best suppositories for hemorrhoids?

Relief Ultra

Continues the line of Relief preparations of Relif Ultra suppositories, which is used for many diseases of the rectum. Active substances include the corticosteroid hormone hydrocortisone, zinc sulfate, and cocoa butter. These substances have anti-inflammatory, regenerative, vasoconstrictive, antipruritic and drying effects. Zinc sulfate at the same time promotes the healing of cracks and erosion. It is recommended to use this drug after washing and hygienic procedures, and should be administered no more than up to 4 suppositories per day. The German concern Bayer produces this good medicine, and for one pack of 12 rectal suppositories you should pay from 455 rubles.


This drug is perhaps one of the most multicomponent for the local treatment of hemorrhoids. It contains a powerful local analgesic substance - benzocaine, a small amount of hydrocortisone, which has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, the antibiotic framycetin, which is able to suppress microbial infection in case of the addition of symptoms of proctitis and infected anal fissures.

The composition of the drug also includes esculoside, which in structure is similar to vitamin P. It is able to reduce the fragility of capillaries and restore their elasticity, and this reduces the risk of bleeding. Additionally, the analgesic effect of Proctosedil is enhanced by butamben, which is also a local anesthetic and is indicated for various dermatitis, wounds and burns. Additionally, the treatment formula is enhanced with heparin, which has an antithrombotic effect.

Such a universal composition allows the drug to actively combat various forms of hemorrhoids, and the therapeutic analgesic effect can be seen within a few minutes after administration. Apply the drug one candle twice a day, but not more than 7 days. There is a form of Proctosedil M, which is available in the form of a rectal ointment. The company Sanofi Aventis releases this drug, and you can buy a package of 10 rectal suppositories for 324 rubles.

Neo - Anuzol

These suppositories from hemorrhoids can be called one of the most popular folk remedies, which is why they fell into this rating. The main action of Neo-Anuzole is antiseptic and astringent. This is achieved due to the content of bismuth, zinc oxide, tannin, resorcinol and iodine compounds. Everyone knows that lotions from tea can reduce redness and inflammation, and tea contains tannin.

These candles are used rectally no more often than twice a day, and they can be bought at almost any pharmacy. For a package of 10 candles you need to give only about 90 rubles. Additionally, this tool has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and antispasmodic effects.


Hemorrhoids suppositories Hepazolone are a multicomponent drug for topical use. It contains heparin in the form of sodium salt, which dilutes the blood and has an anticoagulant and antithrombotic effect, a local anesthetic lidocaine, which reduces the severity of pain, and the corticosteroid hormone prednisone.

This medication is used to treat acute and chronic hemorrhoids and anal fissures. The drug is injected into the rectum no more than 2 times a day, the course of treatment is up to 7 days, but as prescribed by the attending physician, it can be extended by half - up to two weeks. This drug is produced by the Russian pharmaceutical company Altfarm. You can buy it at a price of 255 rubles. for one package of 10 candles.

The best pills for hemorrhoids

Tablets and drugs for internal use for the treatment of hemorrhoids relate mainly to drugs that soften feces and facilitate bowel movements. This is a very important stage of pathogenetic treatment, since it allows you to work effectively with all the above medicines in suppositories, and to prevent the occurrence of exacerbation associated with constipation and straining. What funds are considered the most worthy to take a place in the ranking?


This drug is a herbal remedy, it weakens due to the action of the shell of plantain seeds. The medicinal effect of the plantain seed coat is manifested due to the presence of a large number of dietary fiber and plant mucus. The shell of a single plantain seed is capable of absorbing water 50 times more than its own weight. It is this fact that contributes to a significant hydration of the stool and the formation of normal feces. At the same time, the swollen mucous membrane lubricates the intestinal wall and prevents repeated damage to the rectal mucosa during bowel movements.

Of course, the indications for the use of laxatives are much wider than hemorrhoids. These are various options for constipation, bowel cleansing before surgery and other indications. For convenience, plantain seeds are prepared in the form of special granules with an orange flavor. A suspension is prepared from them. It is recommended to use this medicine inside, one sachet two or three times a day, after having previously stirred in one glass of water. Instead of water, you can take fruit juice or any other liquid. After drinking, you should also drink a glass of water. The German company Dr. Falk Pharma produces this product, and you can buy 20 single packets at a price of 470 rubles, and a dry suspension in the amount of 300 grams in a bank can be purchased for at least 1000 rubles.


The drug Guttalax, which is manufactured by Sanofi, is a medicine in tablets or drops for oral administration, which have a pronounced laxative effect that can stimulate intestinal motility. The active substance of both tablets and drops is sodium picosulfate. This drug is broken down by microbes in the human intestines, and stimulate the colon mucosa.In addition to hemorrhoids, this medicine is indicated for the usual constipation, for intestinal dysbiosis, and dietary errors. Tablets need to be washed down with a large amount of liquid, and for a regular morning stool, it is recommended to take a laxative at night. An adult patient is prescribed one or two 5 mg tablets daily. You can buy the drug starting from 450 rubles. per pack of 50 tablets.

Phlebodia 600

The drug Phlebodia 600, containing an active angioprotective agent - diosmin, is widely used for various types of vascular dysfunction, from hemorrhoids and varicose veins to other chronic circulatory disorders. This medicine is the "gold standard" in the treatment of chronic venous pathology. It has a tonic effect on the veins, improves the drainage function of the lymphatic system of the nodes of the rectum, reduces the permeability of capillaries and has an anti-inflammatory effect, and also constricts blood vessels. This leads a second time to a decrease in bleeding. It is recommended to use this tool for exacerbation of hemorrhoids 2 or 3 tablets per day with meals, for a week, that is, one tablet 3 times a day. This drug is produced by the French pharmaceutical company InoTerra. One package, designed for 10 days of 30 pieces, can be purchased at the prices of 2018 for 820 rubles.

The best remedies for hemorrhoids in the form of suppositories

Suppositories from hemorrhoids are represented by a wide range, due to their diverse effect. The composition of the drugs may include anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, astringent, angioprotective and anesthetic components.

With uncomplicated hemorrhoids, the drugs of choice are heparin-based suppositories, which stop thrombosis and resolve existing blood clots. With severe pain, it is advisable to use suppositories with anesthetics (lidocaine, benzocaine, neomycin, anestezin). In case of bleeding, it is optimal to use funds with hemostatic and venotonic, vasoconstrictive and decongestant effects. Suppositories with hormonal components help stop inflammatory processes, reduce itching. The most effective are multicomponent drugs that have a complex effect.

Indications and contraindications

Conservative treatment is prescribed for patients who are diagnosed with I and II stages of hemorrhoids. Medications help stop the progression of the disease. They reduce the frequency and strength of seizures.

Contraindications to the use of drugs for hemorrhoids are individual intolerance to their components, neoplasms in the rectum and infectious lesions in the perineum.


Prostopin contains beekeeping products - propolis, royal jelly, bee bread, mountain honey and pollen (flower pollen). It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Candles stimulate local immunity and have a regenerative effect.


The composition of Proctonis suppositories includes yarrow grass, coriander fruits, licorice root, senna leaves and shark cartilage powder. During an exacerbation of hemorrhoids, the drug stops inflammation and stops bleeding. It enhances intestinal motility, preventing feces from accumulating in the rectum.

What is hemorrhoids

Pathological changes in the internal and external venous nodes of the rectal plexus are called hemorrhoids. According to official statistics, every seventh inhabitant of the planet has such a diagnosis, but, considering that not all patients go to doctors, we can assume that a quarter of all humanity has such a problem. A disease has no gender or social certainty; absolutely everyone is affected by it. Causes of the problem:

  • sedentary work (drivers, office workers),
  • heavy sports
  • work associated with excessive physical activity,
  • malnutrition
  • smoking,
  • frequent practice of anal sex.

The disease is an increase in venous nodes in the anus and in the rectum. The patient may notice the appearance of hemorrhoidal "bumps" in the anus. When ignoring the problem, cracks appear on the nodes, bleeding during bowel movements, itching, burning, constant mucus discharge are observed. Regardless of the form of the disease (internal or external), hemorrhoids are chronic or acute.

The first stage is not detected in most patients, develops over several years. Its symptoms are practically not noticeable, so patients are consulted with doctors when the disease goes into the second stage. If the problem is diagnosed early, then you can cope with it exclusively with medication (suppositories, tablets, ointments). Neglected forms must be removed surgically. Stages of a chronic disease:

  1. Hemorrhoidal nodes are slightly enlarged, do not fall out, but sometimes isolated drops of blood are released.
  2. In the process of defecation, the nodes exit their anal rings, but then return back.
  3. Hemorrhoidal formations fall out and do not adjust themselves.
  4. The nodes fall out at the slightest load (in some cases, when coughing or sneezing). It is very difficult or impossible to return them back.

Acute hemorrhoids is a complication of chronic, arises due to thrombosis of nodes. At this point, the hemorrhoidal nodes increase, which causes severe pain. There is a feeling of a constant foreign body in the rectum. Local inflammation occurs, which provokes an increase in body temperature. In the acute form, three degrees are distinguished:

  1. Thrombosis without an inflammatory process. The nodes are moderately painful on palpation or movement. In the area of ​​the anus, constant itching and burning are felt, swelling is formed. Symptoms are greatly enhanced by bowel movements.
  2. Thrombosis complicated by inflammation of the nodes. This type is characterized by acute pain in any position of the body when moving or resting. Around the anus, a pronounced edema is formed. Finger examination causes severe pain.
  3. Third degree. At this stage, immediate surgical intervention is required. Hemorrhoidal nodes begin to die, blacken, provoking purulent paraproctitis. The risk of blood poisoning during necrosis of the seals sharply increases. The nodes are constantly located outside the rectum, the anus is completely closed by an inflammatory tumor.

Which remedy to prefer?

What is better with hemorrhoids ointment or suppositories? Each drug for the treatment of hemorrhoids has its own advantages. Let's talk about the benefits of suppositories and ointments from hemorrhoids separately.

Rectal suppositories are most often prescribed with an internal or combined form. Among the advantages of candles:

local exposure. Anesthetic or antitumor components act strictly at the injection site, without affecting the functioning of other organs,

  • soft effect on internal nodes,
  • the drug envelops the inner walls of the rectum and the surface of the hemorrhoidal nodes, preventing damage,
  • suppositories normalize the process of stool separationsoftening pressed feces and toning the walls of the intestine.

Among the advantages of ointments:

universality of use. The drug can be rubbed or used for compresses,

  • ointments are also suitable for intrarectal administration. A small portion of the drug is injected into the anus with a finger or a special plastic tip,
  • the preparation covers the skin with a thin protective film, makes the skin more elastic.

When choosing the right remedy for the treatment of hemorrhoids, suppositories and ointments, their shortcomings must be taken into account.

Ointment cannot be used for extensive skin lesions, and suppositories can cause diarrhea or atonic constipation.

As you can see, there is no single answer to the question: “What is better from hemorrhoids of a suppository or ointment?”, It all depends on your specific case, therefore, we advise you to consult a specialist before starting to use this or that medication.

Now that you know a little more about hemorrhoids, treatment with suppositories and ointments for this disease, let's talk about the most effective remedies.

The best suppositories for treating a disease

So, what is the best way to treat hemorrhoids: candles or ointments? For the treatment of internal hemorrhoids, it is better to use rectal suppositories: painkillers, venotonic, antitumor, antibacterial.

Suppositories not only remove the main symptoms of hemorrhoids, but also help restore normal bowel movements, get rid of chronic diarrhea and diarrhea. The drugs are also used for prophylactic purposes, they are suitable for people with weakened immunity, they do not tolerate oral medications.

Below is a list of the most effective suppositories for hemorrhoids:

Anestezol. Analgesic suppositories to prevent inflammation and swelling.

Small internal injuries are radiated, help with deep anal fissures. Contains the analgesic component benzocaine and bismuth subgallate, which dries up inflamed tissue.

Suitable for acute forms of hemorrhoids, copes with painful swelling. It is not recommended to combine with other painkillers, the course of treatment lasts 5-10 days.

They belong to the group of anticoagulants, prevent blood clots and improve blood flow. Necessary at the beginning of the disease to prevent the formation of large nodes. The composition includes blood thinning hepatrombin, allantoin with a pronounced wound healing and antibacterial property, decongestant component dexpanthenol.

Candles can be combined with the ointment of the same name, enhancing their effect. A contraindication to use will be severe diabetes, renal failure and hemophilia.

Relief A series of suppositories for the treatment of various forms of hemorrhoids. The composition includes shark liver oil, which has wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties, cocoa butter for softening, and the vasoconstrictor component phenylephrine.

Classic Advance is good for the treatment of initial forms of internal hemorrhoids and prevention, Relief Advance, supplemented with benzocaine, relieves acute pain and is prescribed for extensive internal injuries.

Relief Ultra is recommended for the treatment of chronic hemorrhoids, it relieves swelling, burning and itching. Suppositories are administered 2-3 times a day, the course of treatment lasts from 7 to 14 days. There are few contraindications, an allergic reaction to the active components is possible.

Candles with sea buckthorn. Natural remedy with sea buckthorn oil.

It has a wound healing, anti-inflammatory, antitumor effect. Suppositories have a minimum of contraindications, an overdose is impossible.

The drug can be administered up to 4 times a day, the course of treatment depends on the condition of the patient. Usually it is prolonged until the unpleasant symptoms disappear completely.

Sea buckthorn suppositories are used at different stages of hemorrhoids, they are effective both for internal injuries and for anal fissures.

Hemorrhoids medication

Due to the specifics of the disease (many patients are embarrassed to consult doctors), they often try to treat hemorrhoids based on advertising. The problem is that a drug of any type acts differently on each individual patient. Therefore, specialists are often consulted after they have used different means on their own.Any proctologist is based on the overall clinical picture, the condition of the patient, the degree of the disease before prescribing a specific medication. Comprehensive treatment includes three forms of drugs:

  • rectal suppositories
  • means for external use (creams, gels, ointments),
  • means for oral administration (capsules, tablets).

The most effective ointments

So, below is a list of the best ointments for hemorrhoids, which have received many positive reviews from both patients and the attending physicians:

Vishnevsky ointment. The product is based on natural birch tar.

Designed for quick healing and disinfection of wounds, well removes swelling, inflammation, suppuration.

Suitable for the treatment of anal fissures, abrasions, irritations of the anus. It has a minimum of contraindications, suitable for elderly and debilitated patients.

Troxevasin. An effective venotonic that improves blood flow and strengthens venous and capillary walls.

Useful in the initial stages, prevents the proliferation of hemorrhoids. When hemorrhoids are started, the drug is able to relieve pain, remove minor injuries and bleeding.

The composition includes troxevasin, which has a complex effect. The ointment is suitable for rubbing and applications, the course of treatment lasts from 10 to 14 days, if necessary, it can be repeated.

Is it possible to carry out combined treatment of hemorrhoids at home, with candles and ointments at the same time? Some manufacturers produce drugs in two forms at once.

Such combinations are suitable for the treatment of combined hemorrhoids., which is characterized by the formation of nodes in the veins running under the skin and under the mucosa. Large nodes appear in the lumen of the anus with tension during defecation, with the advanced stages of hemorrhoids they have to be tucked in with your hands. How to do it yourself read in our article.

For the treatment of combined hemorrhoids, ointments and suppositories Proctoglivenol with a pronounced analgesic and antitumor effect are suitable, Indomethacin, perfectly removing edema and local inflammation, Proctosan preparations that accelerate wound healing and block the action of pathogenic bacteria.

With combined treatment, a candle is first introduced, and then the area of ​​the anus is treated with ointment. Instead of rubbing, you can make a mini compress.

A small portion of the ointment is applied to the linen fabric or folded in several layers of gauze, after which the application is applied to the anus and slightly pressed. To fix the compress, you will need a soft bandage or elastic underwear.

Tip: the procedure is best done at night, at rest, the active substances will act as efficiently as possible.

Suppositories and ointments perfectly relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids: pain, itching, burning, swelling, inflammation. They facilitate the condition of the patient and allow you to lead a normal lifestyle.

However on the cause of the disease - disturbances in the functioning of blood vessels - external drugs are not able to significantly affect. For the active fight against hemorrhoids, you will have to connect internal funds - first of all, tablets and capsules.

Treatment must be carried out under the supervision of a physician. Venotonics and anticoagulants are used to improve blood flow, with severe inflammation a course of antibiotics is necessary.

Started hemorrhoids require urgent surgical intervention. Large nodes are ligated with latex rings, removed with a laser or scalpel.

After the operation, the patient will again need ointments and suppositories. They will prevent infection, normalize stool, and accelerate tissue regeneration.

Ointments and suppositories are effective, easy to use, affordable. They can be purchased without a prescription, most drugs do not accumulate in the liver and kidneys, completely eliminated from the body.

However, self-medication is not worth it.The correct treatment regimen should be made by a doctor, he will also monitor the patient's condition during the course.

What is the most effective medicine for treating hemorrhoids in women?

The disease is accompanied by thrombosis, inflammation, discomfort, pain, bleeding. There is a desire to quickly find a cure for hemorrhoids to eliminate these symptoms.

The disease develops gradually. Having noticed its first signs, it is worthwhile to see a doctor.

Special drugs will help stop the development of pathology at an early stage, avoid surgical intervention.

The degree of the disease will determine whether an operative or conservative method of treatment will be used:

  • candles, ointments, gels, tablets,
  • removal of nodes by dressing,
  • infrared photocoagulation,
  • cone removal with latex rings,
  • ligation or excision of nodes,
  • mucosal cutting with Longo method,
  • sclerosis of hemorrhoidal formations.

Surgery is resorted to if conservative treatment does not help.

From internal hemorrhoids

In the early stages, the internal manifestations of the disease are subject to conservative therapy. Medication is used to prolong remission, but in the future most cases require minimally invasive treatment: photocoagulation, cryotherapy, ligation of nodes, sclerotherapy. These operations do not require general anesthesia and hospitalization of the patient. Conservative therapy involves the removal of symptoms:

Analgesics (NSAIDs): Ketonal, Movalis, Voltaren, Anuzol, Proctosedil, Relief, Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, etc.

Anti-inflammatory gels: Levomekol, Vishnevsky ointment, Allantoin, Tribenoside, Bezornil, Ichthyol ointment, Triclosan (the inner surface of the rectum is treated with a special applicator), Neo-anusole, Nigepan, Prostopin, antiseptic solutions

Guttalax, Prelax, Antrasennin, Bisadil, Dufalac, Microlax, Forlax and generic laxatives

Venoprotective therapy for thrombosis

Venotonics (Venarus, Vazoket, Detralex, Phlebodia, Venodiol, Troxevasin, Dexpanthenol)

Hemostatics (: Adroxon, Spongostan, Hepatrombin, Methyluracil, Prednisolone, etc.)

From the outside

Manifestations of the external form of the disease are easier to treat because of the availability of nodes for therapy. The patient himself can palpate hemorrhoidal formations, sometimes blood appears during or after defecation. Often, surgical or minimally invasive intervention at stages 2-3 is not required. Effective treatment of hemorrhoids involves the correction of lifestyle and nutrition, the appointment of tablets of different effects, ointments, suppositories. Used medicines:

  • normalization of venous and capillary circulation: oral preparations Ginkor Fort, Detralex, Asklesan A, Pileks (additionally relieves swelling around the anus),
  • ointments: Relief, Posterisan, Proctosedyl, Allantoin,
  • Candles: Anuzol and its analogues.

How do drugs work?

Medicines used for hemorrhoids are classified:

  1. Anesthetics relieve pain, itching. They are based on: lidocaine, trimecaine, benzocaine. Available in the form of tablets, ointments and candles,
  2. Propylene glycol venotropic drugs. They are used to strengthen the walls of blood vessels,
  3. Against inflammation, ointments, suppositories, tablets. Contribute to the removal of vascular edema,
  4. Antispasmodics. They are used to relieve pain. Topical preparations
  5. Hemostatics. Heal, relieve inflammation,
  6. Against germs
  7. Anticoagulants with heparin. Drugs are used to form a blood clot. Relieve swelling, against inflammation.

Most of them are used in combination with other groups of drugs.

With hemorrhoids and cracks

Damage to the rectum and hemorrhoids often appear on the background of the disease. Anal fissures are constant discomfort, bleeding, the risk of secondary infection.They appear due to inflammation of the mucosa, damage to it during examination or feces after constipation, insufficient hygiene. Depending on the localization, the cracks are treated either with rectal suppositories (Relif, Aurobin, Posterisan, Procto-glivenol), or creams (Ultraproct, Solcoseryl, Actovegin, Emla, Levomekol).

Drug treatment

At the first and second stages of the disease, using medications, you can fully recover. The third and fourth stages of hemorrhoids require additional intervention. In this case, the conservative method only facilitates the course of the disease: eliminates pain, suppresses inflammatory processes, heals cracks, and helps to reduce the hemorrhoid.

Drugs differ in the form of release:

  • emulsions
  • cream
  • tablets,
  • dense ointments
  • highly absorbable capsules contain a large amount of active substances,
  • gels
  • candles.

From such a huge variety, it is difficult to choose the most effective medicine for hemorrhoids. In each case, the treatment is purely individual. It is better to contact a proctologist for help.

Only a coloproctologist will be able to choose medications that can fix the problem and not harm the body. When choosing a treatment, the physiological characteristics of the body, the presence of other diseases, individual patient intolerance are taken into account.

Hemorrhoids ointments

External treatment of the disease is an essential part of complex therapy. Without the prevention of symptoms with ointments, a full cure is stretched for a long period. Creams and gels vary significantly in composition and intensity of exposure. Therefore, independent use can have a negative effect. A single course of therapy should not exceed 10 days (hereinafter - a break). You should also be careful about hormonal drugs (self-medication will do more harm than good).


This ointment has established itself as the best remedy for hemorrhoids with thrombosis of external nodes, which helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, normalize blood flow in tissues. The tool removes clogging of veins and prevents the formation of new blood clots. The drug leads in appointments because of its availability, minimal contraindications and side effects. Heparin ointment, in addition, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and anesthetic effect.

  • composition: benzyl nicotinate (derivative of nicotinic acid), benzocaine, sodium heparin,
  • pharmacological action: heparin - an active anticoagulant that dilutes blood, benzocaine - an effective analgesia, benzyl nicotinate - promotes absorption of the heparin component into the circulatory system.
  • indications: external hemorrhoidal nodes with thrombosis,
  • contraindications: ulcerative and traumatic skin lesions, necrotic manifestations, pronounced tendency to bleeding and low blood coagulation,
  • dosage: apply ointment (or apply tampons with the medicine) for 4-7 days. The application volume is 2-4 cm of the ointment from the tube.


Ointment, which is produced in Israel, is considered today one of the most effective and expensive. It is used to treat the primary manifestations of the disease, chronic forms, episodes of exacerbation. Nifedipine is used for the ineffectiveness of similar drugs. The emulsion removes muscle spasm, disinfects wounds, and kills hostile microorganisms. The ointment is used even in the treatment of chronic chronic disease, which is regularly exacerbated.

  • composition: nifedipine, lidocaine hydrochloride, isosorbide dinitrate, bioflavonoids, Dead Sea mineral complex,
  • pharmacological effect: reduces spasmodic manifestations, dilates blood vessels, relieves pain, accelerates tissue regeneration, has antimicrobial, antibacterial, wound healing effects,
  • indications: chronic and acute hemorrhoids of any stage, anal fissures, bleeding, prolapse of nodes, anorectal thrombosis, rehabilitation after surgical treatment,
  • contraindications: allergic reactions to the components of the drug,
  • dosage: apply ointment (or apply tampons with the medicine) for 1-4 weeks. Frequency of application: in the acute type of the disease - 4 times a day, in the treatment of a chronic form - 2 times a day. The amount of drug applied depends on the severity of the manifestations of the disease.


Rectal suppositories are considered the most popular in the treatment of the disease. The peculiarity of suppositories and their action is that they are located as close as possible to the hemorrhoidal nodes. Multicomponent suppositories of complex action show the greatest effectiveness. It is strongly discouraged to choose them yourself, because an improperly selected tool can aggravate the condition or cause secondary diseases.


The main goal in the treatment in the early stages is to relieve pain and inflammation, to normalize blood circulation in the rectal region.

This is exactly what rectal suppositories have.Olestesin® , pharmaceutical company Altivitamins. With hemorrhoids, doctors always try to prescribe drugs in the form of rectal suppositories - this ensures a long lasting soft local effect and ease of use.

UniquenessOlestesin® It consists in the fact that it is a combined preparation containing herbal and chemically synthesized medicinal components and acting on all the main symptoms of hemorrhoids.

The main active ingredient of the drug is naturalsea ​​buckthorn oil concentrate, which increases its biological activity and enhances the therapeutic effect. Sea buckthorn oil stimulates the regeneration processes in the mucous membrane, accelerates the healing of cracks in the anus. In addition, the sea buckthorn oil concentrate helps to restore the elasticity of capillaries and has a hemostatic effect.

Part of the druganestezinquickly relieves pain, eliminates itching, reduces the feeling of discomfort. Etazole sodiumpossessing antibacterial activity, provides anti-inflammatory effect.

10 Vikasol tablets

The best way to prevent bleeding during illness in men and women. Tablets are able to normalize blood coagulation, thereby preventing the formation of blood clots. The ridiculous price of Vikasol surprises buyers. They note that despite the low cost, the drug works effectively and helps to improve the condition as soon as possible. Stimulation of prothrombin production contributes to almost instant relief of inflammation.

Thanks to the main active ingredient, sodium menadione bisulfite, blood vessels are working. Vikasol is considered an analogue of vitamin K, it is precisely it that is lacking in patients with this ailment. It is noteworthy that the medication is unique. It is prescribed in various cases, such as: uterine bleeding, stomach ulcer, regular nosebleeds and others. The drug has contraindications, so you need to carefully study the instructions or consult a doctor.

9 Hepatrombin Ointment

One of the best drugs prescribed by proctologists. It will help regenerate the affected tissue. Thanks to the stimulation of metabolic processes, hepatrombin improves blood circulation and does not allow blood clots to form. The drug is often prescribed during acute hemorrhoids. Doctors also recommend it after surgery.The medicine perfectly eliminates burning and itching in the anus. Judging by customer reviews, the ointment performs functions at a high level and is confidently fighting the ailment. In addition, it is convenient to use.

The complex of three active substances in the composition effectively treats hemorrhoids. Heparin can prevent blood clots and relieve inflammation. Bypassing the capillary network, the component enters the tissue and improves blood circulation. It is excreted by the kidneys. The next important substance is lauromacrogol. It allows you to quickly anesthetize the sensations that the disease brings. Prednisone is a component that resists allergic reactions and relieves swelling. Ointment is used both internally and externally. Its consistency is gel-like. The manufacturer recommended applying Hepatrombin 3 times a day. In the case of applying the ointment in large quantities, the effect will become dulled - the regeneration process will be inhibited.


This tool is used as a support in the complex treatment of the disease. The main direction is the removal of uncomfortable sensations: itching, burning, irritation. The main active ingredient is a bacterial suspension based on inactivated Escherichia coli. In this way, the microflora of the colon is stabilized without negative side effects.

  • composition: inactivated E. coli,
  • pharmacological action: increasing the resistance of the rectal mucosa, skin around the anus to pathogens, removing irritation, healing cracks, preventing secondary infection of deep tissues, repaying infection activity, stimulating proliferation,
  • indications: anal zone irritation, fissures, chronic hemorrhoids with regular exacerbations,
  • contraindications: allergy to the drug, candidal and bacterial skin lesions of the perianal region (syphilitic, tuberculosis, gonorrhea, etc.),
  • dosage: no more than 2 suppositories per day for 14-20 days.

Early treatment

Each of the four forms of the disease needs an individual integrated approach. Full control of treatment by a proctologist is necessary, since independently improperly selected drugs against inflammation can aggravate the patient's condition. Many medicines have side effects.

Traditional medicine will provide invaluable help. Since natural components can provoke an allergy, it is necessary to consult with your doctor.

A good medicine for hemorrhoids contains plant components:

Late stage treatment

Medicines used in the fourth stage of the disease in women are potent, time-tested. They restore the protective functions of the body, contribute to a soft discharge of feces, improve blood circulation, help with the appearance of hemorrhoids, against inflammation.

Ointments and gels are also used. Drugs relieve itching, unpleasant pain, profuse bleeding. What medications are best used for hemorrhoids, the specialist decides.

Types of medicines for hemorrhoids

Conservative therapy involves the unity of three areas:

  • elimination of pathological constipation,
  • the use of antihemorrhoidal drugs,
  • transition to diet food.

Pharmaceutical companies produce drugs of the following types:

  1. Ointments. Prepared on a fat basis. Apply a thin layer to damaged areas. Help with the treatment of external and internal symptoms.
  2. Cream. They are made on the basis of a mixture of water and oil. Absorb quickly, but not as effective as ointments. Recommended for treating wet wounds. Do not stain underwear.
  3. Suppositories (anal candles). They have a therapeutic effect only in conjunction with medicines of other types.
  4. Tablets (capsules). For internal use.The most convenient type of medication, suitable at any stage of the disease.

Specialists distribute the used antihemorrhoidal compositions according to the direction of action. Consider drugs of generally accepted classification.

Hemorrhoids pills

The use of oral agents is aimed at normalizing the state of the walls of blood vessels and the functioning of the digestive tract, stopping bleeding and reducing pain. In most cases, tablets are used for complicated forms of the disease, when there is severe thrombosis of hemorrhoids, swelling, inflammation in the anus.

6 Diosmin tablets

A favorite among prescribed drugs for both men and women. It helps to increase the tone of the venous walls and accelerate the outflow of lymph. Hemorrhoid treatment is quick and easy. You need to drink tablets in a course, with damage to the rectum - no more than a week, without fear for the appearance of side effects. The main purpose of the drug is to tone the venous walls. He is often advised to accept people suffering from problems with veins. The use of Diosmin is in the angioprotective property, which does not allow the development of venous pathologies.

The active ingredient is called the drug itself - diosmin. Talc, magnesium stearate and many other substances help him in the complex. Thanks to them, literally in 7 days of treatment, you can say goodbye to a hated disease that brings discomfort. Customer reviews talk about the effectiveness of the tool. In addition, diosmin relieves the symptoms of hemorrhoids on the second day after taking the tablets. It is worth considering that it has contraindications.

Disease Treatment Tips

  • Hemorrhoids need not only to be treated, but also to prevent its appearance. In the video, the doctor will indicate the mistakes made during treatment:
  • Required:
  • anus hygiene
  • after defecation washing with cold water,
  • complete rejection of fatty, floury and spicy foods,
  • the inclusion of laxative foods in the diet,
  • use of soft toilet paper,
  • after stool, the use of manganese baths.

The best medicine for detecting hemorrhoidal nodes in women is a doctor’s selection.

Only a specialist can, taking into account the patient’s body condition, the degree of disease development, prescribe the necessary drug. All medicines have their contraindications, indications, special composition. Therefore, which of them is better to use for treatment, only a specialist should decide.

Are pills effective for hemorrhoids

Posterisan Forte kills an infection that can enter inflamed hemorrhoids into the body.

The most effective remedy for hemorrhoids exists. It is noteworthy that it is not one, in each form of release you can find a good drug. A variety of suppositories, tablets and ointments allows you to choose a remedy for any severity of the disease. The choice of the drug depends on the severity of the clinical picture, and the general well-being of the person. An individual approach to the problem of each patient will allow you to choose the most effective remedy against hemorrhoids.

Tablets or capsules for oral administration are universal remedies.

They help in the elimination of many diseases, which is why they are especially popular. At the same time, they have one minus, the tablets penetrate into the stomach and dissolve in it. Therefore, under the influence of the drug, the whole organism appears. In the case of hemorrhoids, you need to directly influence the area of ​​the rectum.

Tablets are included in the complex therapy to eliminate the disease. They perfectly cope with infection, and contribute to the restoration of affected tissues. But without the auxiliary use of ointments and suppositories, it is almost impossible to achieve a stage of remission.

The most effective medicines for hemorrhoids:

Litovit B contains in its composition natural components that help strengthen the vascular wall and prevent the development of blood clots. The tool is completely safe, it can be used while carrying a child.

Detralex has a pronounced effect in complicated hemorrhoids. It acts on hemorrhoidal nodes, reducing their volume and the inflammatory process. Taking the drug can quickly eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

Posterisan Forte kills an infection that can enter inflamed hemorrhoids into the body. The best cure for hemorrhoids in tablet form is Ginkor Forte. It helps strengthen the vascular wall, relieves pain and improves blood circulation. This drug is a combination.

Relief candles contain shark fat in its composition, it is characterized by high antibacterial properties.

How to choose a good drug

The treatment of hemorrhoids depends on the severity of the clinical picture. Drug therapy should affect the cause of the development of the disease, and contribute to its speedy elimination. Choosing ointments and suppositories is necessary depending on the clinical picture.

The means for treating hemorrhoids in the first stages effectively eliminate pain, itching, burning and inflammation.

With an uncomplicated form, a specialist can recommend anticoagulants, in particular Hepatrombin G, Nigepan and Heparin ointment.

Severe pain is eliminated through suppositories and ointments, based on anesthetics. It can be Relief, Proctosedyl and Olestesin. With severe edema, it is advisable to use Procto-glivenol.

A strong inflammatory process is eliminated through the ointment Levomekol, Ichthyol, Diclofenac and Ibuprofen. If the inflammation is accompanied by pain and itching, corticosteroids must be used. These can be hormone-based suppositories, in particular Proctosedil, Ultraproct and Aurobin Ointment.

These are the most effective remedies for hemorrhoids. An integrated approach to solving the problem will eliminate the disease in a matter of days. Properly selected funds are the key to a quick recovery.

The best suppositories in the fight against the disease

Effective remedies for hemorrhoids in the form of suppositories:

Relief candles contain shark fat in its composition, it is characterized by high antibacterial properties. Therefore, the drug is used for a strong inflammatory process. Its action is aimed at increasing blood circulation, increasing the body's immune functions and improving the general condition of a person.

Posterisan is the best remedy for hemorrhoids, especially in the presence of pathogenic microorganisms. Suppositories improve intestinal microflora and fight off harmful bacteria. Treatment with this drug improves blood circulation, increases the body's immune functions, and prevents the development of bleeding. It can be used both for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

Prostopin is a natural drug, it prevents the formation of hemorrhoidal nodes, and relieves the inflammatory process. It is based on propolis, bee milk and pollen. These components enhance the recovery of affected tissues, and improve immunity. This is an effective treatment for hemorrhoids and its prevention.

Aurobin is considered a combination ointment, which is based on "powerful" components

Ultraproct is a multicomponent drug. It relieves itching, burning, inflammation, and has an anti-allergic effect. It is based on hormonal components that have an analgesic effect.

Natalside is an excellent seaweed preparation. He is able to quickly stop the bleeding and improve the general condition. The tool helps to eliminate the acute stage of the disease, with a chronic form of the course.It has a systemic effect, a contraindication to use is an increased sensitivity of the body to its main components.

Ginkor Forte

The drug is considered one of the effective phlebotonics in the treatment of a chronic form of the disease. Ginkor Forte stimulates blood flow in the veins, strengthens the vascular walls, reduces their permeability. In fact, it has no contraindications, but patients with thyroid problems will have to find an alternative. The drug is used to prevent thrombosis and varicose veins.

  • composition: troxerutin, ginkgo biloba extract, heptaminol hydrochloride,
  • pharmacological action: improving blood circulation in venous vessels, eliminating stagnant processes, strengthening the walls of veins, reducing inflammatory processes,
  • indications: chronic hemorrhoids, impaired venous circulation,
  • contraindications: hyperthyroidism (increased level of thyroid hormone), concomitant use of antidepressants, hypersensitivity to components,
  • dosage: 1-2 capsules 2 times a day, course of treatment - 1-2 weeks.

Effective ointments against hemorrhoids

Effective remedies for external hemorrhoids can quickly eliminate discomfort in the anus. The most popular drugs are:

Aurobin is considered a combined ointment, which is based on "powerful" components. Due to this, the remedy heals wounds well, relieves the inflammatory process, and reduces pain. You can use the cream in the acute form of the course of the disease.

Fleming ointment is a homeopathic medicine, which is based solely on natural ingredients. Due to what, it can be used in childhood, and during the period of bearing a child. Ointment is used at all stages of the development of the disease.

Troxevasinum is a universal cream. It has a beneficial effect on the affected area, eliminating the inflammatory process, and increasing the strength of the vascular wall. This is an effective folk remedy for hemorrhoids, used everywhere. Naturally, it was developed by a pharmacological company, but due to its composition, you can use the ointment on your own, at home.

Relief is a good ointment that relieves inflammation, eliminates hemorrhoids and puffiness. Levomekol differs in similar properties. However, its additional advantage is the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms in the affected area

5 Relief Ointment

An effective medicine that constricts blood vessels and helps resist hemorrhoids. Designed for both external and rectal use. The ointment has a consistency of medium density yellow. Due to the fact that the drug heals damage perfectly, proctologists actively recommend it. Relief reduces swelling and thereby eliminates pain in the form of itching and burning. Men and women in the reviews write that for a week of applying the ointment, the symptoms of the disease completely disappear.

Corn and shark oil in the composition softens the tissues and relieves inflammation. Beeswax also has an anti-inflammatory effect, relieving irritation. The uniqueness of the medicine lies in the fact that customers can use it for various purposes - to apply on the face in order to smooth wrinkles, and also moisturize the skin of the hands. However, doctors believe this is not entirely correct and advise using Relief exclusively for its intended purpose - to treat hemorrhoids.


These funds are divided into two groups:

  1. Anesthetics. Used as a local anesthetic. The main components are lidocaine, cinchokaine, anestezin, sometimes non-steroidal bufexamak is used. Since the patient may experience an allergic reaction to these substances, the doctor should conduct a test sample before use. Assigned together with venotonic and hemostatic agents.
  2. Antispasmodics. They also have a local effect, relieving pain. The main effect is achieved due to the weakening of the compressed muscles. Antispasmodics tone up the work of the sphincter. A common component is the medicinal plant belladonna.

An effective cure for hemorrhoids

The medicine for hemorrhoids can be selected and prescribed only by a doctor. Means can have a different form of release and mechanism of action. There are a number of drugs prescribed for the treatment of pregnant women and the elderly, in which hemorrhoids problems occur most often. At the same time, it is not worth using drugs without permission. Be sure to follow the recommendations of your doctor, periodically take tests, carefully study the instructions for the prescribed drug and do not miss the time of admission.

Classification of drugs for hemorrhoids

All drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids can be divided into separate types in accordance with the pharmaceutical form. The most popular in proctology are:

  • rectal suppositories
  • capsules
  • ointments, creams,
  • aerosols
  • gels
  • tablet preparations for hemorrhoids.

Another classification is based on the mechanism of action of funds - this:

  1. Anticoagulants. The main active substance of such funds can be called heparin. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, effectively resolves hematomas, relieves swelling, and prevents the formation of cracks. In addition, heparin helps to thicken the blood, and therefore does not allow massive bleeding to develop.
  2. Hemostatics. Their main task is to stop bleeding. Most often, such drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids are used in the late stages of the disease. The main active ingredient of the funds, as a rule, is natalside.
  3. Venotonic, venoprotective. As the name implies, such remedies for hemorrhoids in women and men should affect the vessels: strengthen them, increase muscle tone, ensure proper microcirculation, relieve swelling, and prevent irritation.
  4. Antispasmodics. Thanks to its special composition, muscle spasm is relieved, pain is reduced. Such hemorrhoid medications are often made based on belladonna extract. More often they have the form of rectal suppositories, less often aerosols or ointments.
  5. Immunostimulants. They must provide a good immune response of the body, make it fight pathogenic microorganisms on its own. They are produced, as a rule, in the form of ointments or suppositories.
  6. Anesthetics. Medicines for hemorrhoids of such a plan should relieve pain, reduce itching and the associated discomfort.
  7. Antimicrobial. Kill pathogens. They can be used at any stage of the disease, but are more often recommended when cracks, hemorrhoid cones appear.
  8. Anti-inflammatory. Just like anesthetics, they relieve itching, however, they are able to fight edema and contribute to wound healing.


They are used for rectal bleeding. Some formulations help in the healing of ulcers. Two types of effects are distinguished:

  1. Hemostatic. This includes coagulants and hemostatic agents. “Natalsid” suppositories with sodium alginate are well suited for women; doctors prescribe them at different stages of pregnancy. One of the most effective drugs of this type is Relif with phenylephrine. Special hemostatic sponges are also used. They are applied to the affected areas, as a result, a protective film is formed that stops bleeding.
  2. Healing. They are used to repair damaged tissues, heal wounds, reduce swelling and as an anesthetic. If you have a choice, it is advisable to purchase drugs that contain natural ingredients such as sea buckthorn oil, calendula, etc.

3 Sea-buckthorn candles

A popular remedy for hemorrhoids.Often prescribed to women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Candles improve blood coagulation and repair damaged areas of the anus. This drug is renowned for its safe effects in combination with effectiveness. At the initial stage of the disease, the drug is almost immediately able to eliminate symptoms and pain. In acute hemorrhoids, it has an anti-inflammatory effect.

The sea buckthorn tree has long been popularly known for its healing properties. In the composition of the drug, this component plays a decisive role. It contains such necessary substances as vitamins of different groups, strerins, tocopherols and many others. All of them, acting in an integrated manner, have a beneficial effect on the body. Auxiliary fatty acids have a regenerative effect and heal wounds. Safety of use allows you to completely eliminate comments on the tool.


Doctors prescribe them for the formation of blood clots. According to the principle of action, there are two types:

  1. Eliminating Thrombosis. The effect is achieved by reducing the coagulation of lymph under the influence of anticoagulants. An important component is heparin. In addition, it relieves inflammation. They are prescribed even in the chronic stage of the disease as a prophylaxis. The most effective are “Heparin ointment”, candles “Nigepan”.
  2. Phlebotonics. Reduce the permeability of veins, tone vessels, activate microcirculation. Pharmacists especially recommend Troxevasin, Glivenol, Paraven, Venoruton, and Wazocket. Most phlebotonics are made in different versions. For women, the tablet Detralex is suitable.

2 Ginkor Fort Capsules

A medicine for men and women, restoring the state of venous vessels. It is able to absorb the cones that form with hemorrhoids. A significant improvement on the third day of use was noted by users. Ginkor Fort in the form of capsules will help normalize the tone of the muscles of the anal ring and thereby dull, and as a result, eliminate the pain. It is used orally, which is an optimal and convenient way with a similar ailment. Doctors advise using the remedy for chronic and acute hemorrhoids.

The drug is considered a venotonic, therefore, it contains components that effectively affect blood circulation. Troxerutin is an active component that plays an important role in the therapeutic plan. It prevents the main troubles associated with the disease. Due to it, swelling and hemorrhoids are gradually disappearing. Ginkgo biloba extract at the first stage facilitates inflammatory processes, and then completely eliminates them. All other complementary substances in the complex allow you to resist infections and the further development of the disease. Buyers are not always satisfied with the price of the drug, but it is fully justified by the effectiveness of the drug.

1 Pilex tablets

One of the best drugs for treating a disease caused by expansion of the veins in the rectum. Burning and pain disappear almost immediately after administration. In addition, inflammation in the form of redness is removed. The tool is able to improve the overall tone of the veins and thereby eliminate pressure in the anus. Pilex is marketed in the form of tablets and ointments. Doctors say that complex use brings the best result. Moreover, it is prescribed for various diseases: thrombophlebitis, varicose veins and others.

The multicomponent composition allows you to effectively deal with hemorrhoids. Thanks to the extract of the roots of barberry, the work of the gastrointestinal tract is established and the stool softens. This allows you not to feel pain during bowel movements. Neem leaf powder helps to eliminate toxins from the body, as well as relieve inflammation. Mumiye powder helps stimulate the regenerative functions of cells.And due to the resin of Kommifora, the elasticity of the vessels increases, and their walls become strong, as a result, stagnation is reduced. The drug is contraindicated in acute hemorrhoids, therefore, consulting a doctor will help to make sure that the medicine is selected correctly.

How to choose the most effective remedies for hemorrhoids

It is strongly discouraged to focus on television commercials or advice from those who have already treated this problem. Any medications are prescribed exclusively by a specialist based on a full examination. Preparations for the treatment of hemorrhoidal nodes have a completely different structure and direction of action, so the individual reaction with self-medication is unpredictable.

Treatment should be comprehensive. Removing external symptoms without preventing venous problems will not bring lasting improvement. The choice of drugs is based on specific symptoms, stage of the disease, its severity (acute or chronic). In addition, you need to engage in physical therapy to strengthen the muscle base of the preanal zone, lifestyle changes, nutrition, and rejection of bad habits.

Hemorrhoids Pills

The use of tablets is appropriate for both internal and external type of disease. They provide quick and lasting action. As a rule, tablet preparations for hemorrhoids are made on the basis of natural components, and therefore they can be used by the elderly and pregnant women. In the list of funds of this type include:

  1. Hemoroidin is a phytopreparation that strengthens the vessels of the intestines. For a positive result, approximately 3-6 months should be used.
  2. Detralex - like the previous remedy, should provide a good vascular tone. However, unlike the first, the medication acts especially quickly and should be taken from 5 to 10 days. As pharmacists and doctors indicate, this medicine for hemorrhoids for women is not very suitable, because it contains chemical components that can irritate the mucous membrane. For men, this is one of the best options.
  3. Litovit-B is a herbal remedy that is allowed for pregnant women and women who breastfeed the baby. It solves many problems associated with hemorrhoids: reduces vascular fragility, improves digestion, prevents the appearance of hemorrhoid cones, increases immune resistance, and promotes vascular regeneration.
  4. Asklesan-A is a food supplement (BAA), the main task of which is to ensure good blood circulation in the pelvis. It can be used not only for the treatment of hemorrhoids in women and the stronger sex, but also for the prevention of the disease.
  5. Pilex - this tool quickly helps to combat the main manifestations of hemorrhoids: it acts as an anesthetic, stops the blood, reduces the inflammatory process. Most proctologists define Pilex as the best cure for hemorrhoids.

In addition, Ginkor Fort, Proctosedil can be included in the list of the best tools of this type.

For men

The incidence of the disease in men is slightly higher than in women. This is due to the fact that the stronger sex leads a more active lifestyle, the body experiences excessive physical exertion. The choice of drug treatment is actually limited only by contraindications for background diseases or allergies. It is important not to choose candles or ointments on your own (because of the shyness to go to the doctor), but to comprehensively choose an effective hemorrhoid remedy for men in order to avoid surgical intervention in advanced stages.

Ointments and gels

To get rid of the external symptoms of hemorrhoids, women are prescribed ointments and gels. The compounds relieve swelling and inflammation, pain and itching, strengthening the body and causing hemorrhoid cones to dissolve faster.

We list the effective drugs:

  1. "Proctosedil". Removes blood clots, prevents the penetration of bacteria. Suitable for the treatment of all types of hemorrhoids.
  2. "Posterisan". Strengthens local immunity (at the cell level), reduces the susceptibility of affected areas to infections. Increases the number of leukocytes, tones blood vessels. Heals tissue.
  3. "Heparin ointment". Resolves hematomas. It is harmless to pregnant, nursing mothers and infants.
  4. Troxevasin. Strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Helps with prolonged prolapse of the rectum.
  5. Aurobin. It has a general therapeutic effect, strengthens the patient's immunity due to vitamin supplements.
  6. Levomekol. It is prescribed to women in the first months after childbirth. Safe for elderly, children, pregnant and lactating mothers.

Why is complex treatment important?

No matter what the drugs are prescribed by the doctor, it is impossible to cope with hemorrhoids at certain stages only with their help. The best effect is given by an integrated approach, which involves:

  • local effects (ointments, creams, suppositories),
  • systemic tablet preparations
  • Laxative to help relieve constipation
  • increased physical activity,
  • adherence to certain hygiene
  • change of diet.


It must be understood that any medications cope with hemorrhoids only at the initial stage of the disease. In case of complications, they only reduce symptoms, therefore radical measures are sometimes required - a surgical operation.

I do not work, sit at home, raise children, and housekeeping. I am not a doctor, therefore, do not judge strictly. But I like to learn something new and share it with you.

The mechanism of action of gels

If hemorrhoids is diagnosed, treatment can also be done with gels. This form of the drug is characterized by ease and speed of absorption. Gels do not leave marks on linen. An effective cure for hemorrhoids is able to remove unnecessary fluid from tissues, reduce inflammation, and disinfect wounds.

Although there are many varieties of gels on the market, the most popular ones are as follows:

  1. Troxevasin - affects the entire rectum. The gel relieves the inflammatory process, prevents bleeding. However, the drug is ineffective in the case of internal nodes, but can treat hemorrhoids with external manifestations.
  2. Relief - used in case of internal and external damage to the rectum, it is also appropriate when hemorrhoids are characterized by bleeding and a chronic form. Due to its special composition, the drug perfectly anesthetizes, heals anal fissures, erosion of the mucosa.
  3. Lyoton is the most effective tool in the postoperative period. It can be used for venous expansion in any part of the human body, relates to anesthetics.
  4. Hepatrombin is a good way to improve blood coagulation. Thanks to this action, the formation of blood clots in the pelvic organs is excluded, massive bleeding is eliminated. The nodes of the rectum with frequent use of the product stick together and gradually decrease. In addition, the gel can remove fluid from the tissues, and therefore relieves swelling.

Rectal suppositories and recommendations for their use

At each stage of the disease, proctologists recommend the use of rectal suppositories. With their help, it is possible not only to quickly remove symptoms, but also to treat hemorrhoids. Melting from the temperature of the human body, the product turns into a liquid, and therefore easily penetrates into the nearest tissue.

Rectal suppositories are used to reduce pain, relieve the inflammatory process, improve blood supply to the rectum, and reduce nodes. Some of them are able to provide comprehensive treatment for hemorrhoids. Among the best medicines of this type are the following:

  1. Hepatrombin G. The drug improves blood circulation well, relieves swelling and inflammation, helps to reduce hemorrhoids.Such suppositories are often used on the eve of operations to remove hemorrhoids and after surgery. However, in the early stages of pregnancy, hepatrombin G is not recommended.
  2. Proctosan. A well-known drug that is often prescribed for stage 2 disease. It contains 3 main components at once: bismuth - helps to heal cracks and wounds, lidocaine - anesthetizes, bufeksamak - relieves swelling.
  3. Relief The tool that provides treatment in the complex. It has very specific components, in particular shark liver oil. Suppositories reduce the inflammatory process, destroy microbes, stimulate regeneration, heal wounds, and strengthen local immunity. As a rule, Relief is used in the early stages of the disease and in order to prevent relapse.
  4. Nigepan. Promotes healing of damaged mucous membranes and prevents clots.
  5. Ultraproct. These anti-inflammatory suppositories have a very small number of contraindications, and therefore can be used by pregnant women. Itching and irritation with their use disappear in just a few days.

We cannot exclude from the list of the most effective rectal agents for combating hemorrhoids such as Anuzol, Aurobin, Natalsid, glycerin, methyluracil suppositories, suppositories with sea buckthorn.

Hemorrhoids ointments

Unlike rectal suppositories, ointments begin to give a positive therapeutic effect from the first minutes of application. Of course, their use is more complex and lengthy than taking tablets or capsules, however, and the speed of action is considered greater. The composition of ointments may include the following components:

  • anti-inflammatory - relieve irritation and swelling,
  • phlebotropic - reduce the size of the nodes and are more often used during remission,
  • anesthetics - anesthetize, contribute to simpler bowel movements,
  • hemostatic - prevent bleeding.

In a separate category, NSAID ointments can be added. They can provide a good result, but cannot be used for too long. The following ointments can be called the most popular against hemorrhoids:

  • heparin - just like heparin-based suppositories, an ointment with this active substance is able to quickly remove inflammation, reduce bumps, improve microcirculation, and ensure blood coagulation,
  • Fleming's ointment - in comparison with some other medicines of this type, it has no contraindications, because it is produced on a natural basis and is considered the so-called “easy” remedy,
  • Bezornil - a universal and, in its essence, the best drug for the treatment of hemorrhoids in stages 1-2,
  • Vishnevsky ointment is one of the oldest and most effective means in the fight against wounds, cracks, but has a significant drawback - especially an unpleasant smell,
  • sulfuric ointment - an affordable and safe way, when applied, bleeding stops in 5-6 days,
  • Chinese musk ointment - penetrating into the vessels and soft tissues, the drug quickly relaxes them, blocks inflammation, stops blood, and swelling.

Home remedies for the treatment of the rectum

In the arsenal of traditional medicine, you can find antihemorrhoidal medicines that not only actively fight the disease, but also differ in their safety, naturalness, accessibility and ease of preparation.

Among them are the most effective:

  1. Yarrow. Applied decoctions of this plant in virtually 1 week completely remove the main manifestations of hemorrhoids: pain, bleeding, itching, swelling. To prepare the liquid, you need to grind the dried plant, pour boiling water over it and cook for 11-17 minutes. It can be washed anus and perineum or used as a lotion.
  2. Barley broth. To prepare the product, you need to use germinated barley. After boiling, it needs to be insisted 3-4 hours.The main advantage of such a home remedy is the ability to stop the blood.
  3. Viburnum. In fact, from every part of this bush you can make a good medicine for oral use. Considering the most effective medicines for hemorrhoids in women, it should be called an infusion of viburnum berries on vinegar. In a ratio of 4: 1, these components must be mixed and left overnight. Take a small amount after a meal. The tool will help relieve the inflammatory process, accelerate regeneration and strengthen blood vessels.
  4. Highlander. It can be used both for indoor and outdoor use. Since the grass contains vitamins K, C, antioxidants, tannins, with its help it will be possible to strengthen blood vessels, stop bleeding, and ensure quick healing.

The best cure for hemorrhoids is difficult to determine on your own. After all, each of the types of agents presented on the pharmaceutical market has its own mechanism of action and its direct purpose. Only an experienced proctologist can choose the most successful treatment regimen.

Effective remedies for hemorrhoids

Modern drugs for hemorrhoids can completely cure this disease in the early stages of its development and eliminate acute symptoms in the later. In this pathological condition, funds are used that are intended for local application, i.e. in the form of suppositories, ointments, gels and creams.

With hemorrhoids, agents are used that are intended for topical application in the form of suppositories, ointments, gels and creams. Additionally, venotonic and strengthening tablets or capsules are prescribed.

In addition, venotonic and strengthening medicines in the form of tablets and capsules are prescribed. These drugs have a positive effect on all blood vessels in the human body.

In addition, often laxative drugs are used.

Be sure to introduce drugs into the treatment regimen that reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process and eliminate the acute symptoms of the pathology.


The main active ingredients that make up this drug are lidocaine and tribenoside.

These compounds help to reduce the intensity of the pain syndrome, improve venous tone and reduce blood stasis. The use of these suppositories helps to eliminate irritation and itching.

Procto-glivenol is not recommended for people suffering from liver failure.


Neo-Anuzole suppositories are distinguished by pronounced analgesic, anti-inflammatory, astringent and bactericidal effects. The composition includes:

  • zinc oxide
  • tannin,
  • bismuth nitrate
  • resorcinol
  • iodine,
  • methylene blue solution.

Its use is justified and with exacerbation during remission of hemorrhoids. The drug also helps to eliminate anal fissures.

Neo-Anuzole suppositories are distinguished by pronounced analgesic, anti-inflammatory, astringent and bactericidal effects.

Ointments are more often used to treat external hemorrhoids, because funds in this form can easily be applied to the area around the anus. Most ointments have a similar effect to candles.

Ichthyol ointment

Ichthyol, contained in the composition of this ointment, has powerful antiseptic properties. Often this ointment is prescribed when there are signs of infection.

Ichthyol ointment helps to eliminate pain, inflammation and edema. Regular use of this drug can improve blood flow in the vessels located in the anus.

Ointment increases vein tone and reduces the risk of bleeding.

Heparin ointment

Heparin ointment for people suffering from external hemorrhoids is often prescribed. The heparin contained in the ointment helps thin the blood and prevents the formation of blood clots.Additional substances contained in the drug have a pronounced anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effect.

Fleming Ointment

Fleming ointment is one of the most widely used homeopathic remedies for hemorrhoids. The composition of this drug includes extracts of medicinal herbs such as calendula, esculus and witch hazel. Fleming's ointment helps to eliminate pain and, when used regularly, has a drying effect.

For women

The general treatment of the disease for the weaker sex is practically no different from therapy in men. This is a mandatory selection of a set of medicines exclusively by a specialist. A separate issue is the treatment of proctological problems that arise in pregnant women (more often - in the 2nd trimester). During this period and during breastfeeding, medications should be selected as carefully as possible. For example, the use of suppositories with tribromophenolate or belladonna in the composition (Anuzol, Bellataminal) can provoke a miscarriage.

The treatment of this problem is relatively expensive, because therapy with one remedy will not bring any result (maximum - temporary relief of symptoms). Combined therapy includes all three forms of drugs: oral, suppositories, ointments. The average prices in Moscow and the Moscow region for the most popular medicines are about 10% higher than the national prices (the pricing also depends on the policies of pharmacy chains).


The composition of the Aurobin ointment includes: prednisone, panthenol, lidocaine, triclosan polysorbate and a number of other compounds. Ointment helps to eliminate the inflammatory process and local allergic reactions, increases vascular tone and reduces their fragility.

This helps reduce the risk of bleeding. Due to the content of lidocaine, Aurobin helps to quickly eliminate pain, burning and itching. Triclosan contained in the ointment is a powerful antiseptic.

Aurobin promotes the activation of regenerative processes in the mucous membranes.


The drug Venarus is an analogue of Detralex, often used to treat hemorrhoids.

This tool allows you to quickly improve the state of the vascular system and eliminate congestion. Venarus helps restore normal blood microcirculation.

The drug reduces pain caused by hemorrhoids. Often, Venarus is used to treat people prone to thrombosis.

Litovit B

Litovit B is a dietary supplement, which includes rye and wheat bran, hemophilus roots and zeolite. This tool has a pronounced detoxification, laxative and hemostatic effects.

This dietary supplement has a mild antiseptic effect. High efficiency Litovit B shows only when used with other drugs designed to eliminate hemorrhoids.

How to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy

The appearance of signs of exacerbation of hemorrhoids during pregnancy is not considered uncommon. Pregnant women in different trimesters are prescribed the following drugs in the form of tablets, suppositories and ointments:

  1. Troxevasin.
  2. Hepatrombin G.
  3. Detralex
  4. Heparin ointment.
  5. Venoruton.
  6. Procto-glivenol
  7. Aescusan.

During pregnancy, after childbirth and during lactation, a woman should take any medications only on the recommendation of a proctologist.


Olga, 50 years old, Chelyabinsk

The first manifestations of hemorrhoids were discovered during the last pregnancy 25 years ago. After that, the disease began to progress. This made me look for the most effective, top-ranking, means to suppress it. Now I am applying Detralex courses. During exacerbation, I use Procto-Glivenolum candles or Hepatrombin G.

Vladislav, 45 years old, Moscow

After the appearance of signs of external hemorrhoids, Aurobin and Venoruton began to be used on the advice of a doctor.These are inexpensive and effective drugs that can quickly cope with the existing manifestations of hemorrhoids.

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