Red manicure 2019: current design, fashion trends and 100 amazing photos

Red manicure - An excellent and universal solution for any occasion. This color is bright, attractive and noble, from season to season it does not lose relevance. Depending on the situation, you can design your nails with such varnish in monochrome or with the addition of other shades, decorative elements. At the peak of popularity, the use of a matte finish in combination with glossy, geometric motifs and ombre also remains.

Red varnish requires perfect grooming of the hands and does not tolerate careless application. It is difficult to harmoniously combine with other colors, so you need to use classic combinations: with gold, white and black. In order for different shades of red to look beautiful on your hands, you should know some rules:

  • it is undesirable to apply a scarlet shade on too long nails, it looks vulgar - it’s better to opt for dark shades of burgundy, cherry or matte finish,
  • the burgundy color of the varnish is good for ladies with short fingers,
  • flawless red tones look on narrow nail plates and neat fingers with cuticle treated,
  • if you have a warm skin tone, opt for scarlet, coral, strawberry, terracotta, cold - wine red, fuchsia, cherry, raspberry will do.

Depending on the situation, nails can be decorated with such varnish in monochrome or in combination with some shades and decorative elements. At the peak of popularity, the use of a matte finish in combination with glossy, geometric motifs and ombre also remains.

Nails look concise and expressive, covered with red varnish, with slight accents in the form of rhinestones in the holes.

A classic glossy manicure made in red is perfect for everyday exits. It will perfectly fit into any look: whether it is a strict office suit or a small black dress.

If you want something unusual, you can use the combination of scarlet and pastel beige.

  • The first color is taken as the basis - he will paint all the nails, we focus only on the nameless and average.
  • Light varnish draw hearts the entire width of the plate so that the upper part of the figure formed a hole, the lower one served to highlight the upper edge, we get elements of a non-standard lunar manicure and jacket.
  • The coating of these nails is glossy, the rest is matte.
  • This design is a hint of the mystery of the girl, it is perfect for romantic walks.

The next manicure will look chic and stylish on nails. It is not intended for every day, but at any celebration it will attract the attention of everyone around. As a basis, a red coating with a matte top is used. A magnificent emphasis on the nameless marigold is a geometric diagonal figure of rhinestones and broths in the center of which is a large pebble of a greenish tint. Such a design will make any evening look unique.

The classic jacket in beige and red on medium-length records looks unusual and elegant, and the black frame accent, vertical stripes and multi-colored rhinestones on an unnamed nail will add an evening image of originality and some audacity.

Red glossy moon manicure in combination with rhinestones looks very rich and luxurious. The emphasis is on the index and middle nails. On the first one, the master laid out only the hole with rhinestones, the second one was completely covered with red-white pebbles.

More successful examples of French and lunar manicure in red design:

Red manicure with monograms.

Exquisite and sophisticated manicure can be obtained by applying monogram patterns on the red coating. The shape of such curls can be different: all kinds of painted letters, lines curving in different directions, petals.

Color solutions can also be very diverse. Most often they use classic shades that are best in harmony with red. It can be white patterns that complement the manicure with special tenderness and sensuality.

The explosive combination of red and black will appeal to passionate, emotional women. Golden patterns on a scarlet background - a truly royal combination, suitable for bright holidays and evenings. Rhinestones and broths complement monogram nail art, give it shine.

The photo below shows a luxurious manicure that uses a matte burgundy color as the main one. White abstract roses and dots framing the base and side edges of the nails in a modern style are complemented by shining accents in the form of rhinestones. This is the perfect performance for an evening look.

Monograms made in the French style (red jacket with painting on the sides), elements of moon manicure are added:

The original solution is a combination of red and blue (accent nails), white monogram patterns bordering a geometric figure of rhinestones:

The next performance of red manicure with monogram painting looks gorgeous. Despite the fact that only one color is involved in the design, the combination of matte and glossy coatings gives this design originality and sophistication. For those who are fed up with classic red manicure, this nail art will come in handy on everyday workdays.

Often for holiday manicure with monograms, shiny varnishes are used:

Red manicure with sparkles.

For a spectacular holiday manicure, you can use not only rhinestones and broths, but also sequins. From these decor elements, you can create various patterns or cover them with individual accent nails.

There are varnishes, which have already added glitter. Using these coatings, masters create a holographic manicure.

Sequins can be made out not only on the hands, but also on the feet. Pedicure with such decorative elements will be appropriate at summer parties, discos or other celebrations.

The beige-red design of the nails in the photo below simply looks gorgeous. It combines several performance techniques:

  • French (index fingers),
  • moon manicure (little fingers),
  • brilliant spraying (nameless and the hole of the nail on the little finger).

An equally successful solution for holiday corporate parties and parties is to fully lay out one of the nails with shiny decorative elements - rhinestones and broths. With such a manicure, it will be very difficult to go unnoticed!

Red and white nails

If you want to dilute the red color so that it does not look too aggressive and passionate, opt for white varnish. This tandem looks very harmonious on the nails.

Only a few discreet accents can be made white., and sometimes choose it as a background for a beautiful picture. Delicate and sophisticated manicure will make snow-white monograms on a crimson background.

The combination of the classic French technique and moon manicure in red and white:

Such a cute and unusual nail art is a great option for young people and not only:

A noble combination of burgundy with white and gold in a chic manicure for special occasions:

A few more options for red and white design - romantic with hearts and droplets of rhinestones, with a black geometric composition on a snow-white background, luxurious placers of rhinestones, a laconic moon manicure and an inverted jacket.

Luxurious monogram snow-white painting on a scarlet background with manicure mesh and rhinestones:

Idea for spring decoration of nails:

In winter, the manicure in the photo below will look gorgeous, complicated in execution and combining several techniques. The main plates are covered with glossy scarlet varnish, the decor of the rest is different.

  • On the nameless nail of one hand and the middle of the other, snow-covered branches of mountain ash are depicted.
  • The drawing looks very harmonious thanks to the black and red colors, which contrast with the base: snow-white “sand” spraying, rhinestones and broths depicting berries.

The design of other nails is no less unusual - on one gradient background (from white to scarlet) is completely lined with transparent broths and rhinestones of different colors. The other is completely covered with white varnish, on which dots and snowflakes are depicted using spraying.

Animalistic trends do not go out of fashion either: the leopard print is in perfect harmony with red. The decor is a shiny coating on individual nails, as well as rhinestones.

Some more good ideas:

How to cheer up in anticipation of the summer? Apply fruit or berries to your nails: red and white manicure with the image of ripe cherries or strawberries with cream - the perfect solution!

In the spring, you can diversify red manicure with an accent in the form of a snow-white background on one of the nails and a twig with red buds contrasting with it.

Red and black nails

Especially passionate and self-confident natures will like a combination of manicure of red and black flowers. For the most part, this design of nails is only suitable for parties and holidays, but there are also rather restrained options that can be used for everyday exits (strict French or moon manicure).

Marble manicure in red and black:

An explosive combination of the most seductive colors and rhinestones on short nails:

A peculiar and very passionate red-black ombre with slides and sparkles:

The combination in red and black manicure matte, glossy coatings and “sand” spraying:

Cabaret style in manicure: red-black design on square nails for relaxed and confident women:

There are a lot of manicure options in these colors, just choose the one that is perfect for you.

Red Nail Wells

Moon manicure - universal, and in red, including. It can also be very different: with double and even triple holes, with non-standard allocation of the base of the nails (triangles, inverted jacket, figures from rhinestones). But each option is beautiful in its own way.

You can use a win-win combination of red with silver or gold in such a manicure, completely color the hole with it, or make only a thin arc.

The arch at the base of the nail plate, left colorless or beige, looks succinctly and tastefully.

A classic lunar manicure in red is a win-win option for regular office exits or for a special occasion. It will be in perfect harmony with a formal suit., and with an evening dress.

Short nails with a moon manicure can also look pretty neat and well-groomed. The photo below shows the design in which a soft pink nude shade was used, red color (as the main and for the temples), the holes were left transparent.

Manicure with inverted jacket elements:

Lunar red-white with beige manicure in combination with monogram painting: custom design of the hole with patterns.

Original and unusual designs:

Christmas red nails

When, if not for the New Year, red in manicure gains special relevance. This color warms, gives a festive mood and a huge scope for creativity.

Alternatively, you can use a pearl burgundy coating as the main, and on separate nails, make drawings in the form of white Christmas trees and falling snow, snowdrifts, a cozy house with yellow dots glowing in the windows.

Recently, it has become very fashionable to depict three-dimensional knitting on the nails, imitating the fabric of a sweater. Such a manicure looks very stylish and unusual, and others and its owner cheer up, giving comfort.

If there is no time for a salon, but you really want to make New Year's nail art, you can depict the simplest, but not without charm snowflakes on red pearl nails. They will not require special skills from you.: just pick the right tools (a needle or a toothpick).

For those who already know something about nail art and can create more complex drawings, it’s easy draw and snowman. Contrast combinations look very harmonious.

Among the New Year's ideas for manicure -

  • bows
  • clock on the Kremlin tower,
  • snowflakes and stars from rhinestones,
  • Santa Claus deer, twigs with toys and beads from broths,
  • fireworks,
  • bullfinches and other various drawings and decor.

Red french manicure

Fashionable French manicure with a red base is popular among all fashionistas. The scarlet shade itself is aggressive, but when combined with the classic jacket, it loses almost all the audacity, but retains a touch of your explosive character. A neat hole on the tip of the nail will give the red color of peace and restraint. Black jacket on a red base will allow you to combine manicure with a business suit, and silver will be more suitable for the gray tones of your clothes. As a border, this color of love and passion will also look very charming. The basis in this case can serve as a classic black or white color. Their combination will be advantageous in any case.

To create a romantic manicure, select a delicate pale pink base under the red fingernail, and for a popular jacket in a minimalist style, use transparent varnish or a tone-tone coating with your skin.

Ombre on red nails

It looks very beautiful ombre manicure, the main thing in which is a smooth transition from one color to another. In a variation with red, it can be done in different ways: flow from one shade to another, from lighter to burgundy or from black to scarlet.

You can create an interesting design for a festive image, using a silver or golden hue, as well as complement the gradient with painting or decorative elements.

The ombre from rhinestones looks very impressive, moving from orange and fiery red to darker (burgundy) and even black. Two accent nails on the other hand make up a figure of a dragonfly made of red pebbles and a broth with silver-cut wings. This manicure is intended for a self-confident person and will allow her to be in the center of attention at any celebration.

Passionate manicure with a gradient transitioning from maroon to red:

Ombre on nails with elements of a moon manicure:

Gradient from black to red with voluminous gold painting on some fingers and flowers made using 3D modeling technique in combination with broths and rhinestones on others - a luxurious option for a special occasion.

Ombre with a twist: on the middle part of the nail using the acrylic spraying technique.

A variant of red-black ombre in combination with a moon manicure, in which a triangle of rhinestones plays the role of one of the holes. This design will appeal to especially passionate and extravagant girls.

Fashionable red manicure with chic silver murals.

The excessive luxury of the red coating is slightly refreshed by the restrained beauty that silver adds to the red tone. These two colors will help to create an incomparable manicure for each occasion. It is enough to just coat three or four nails with red varnish, and apply silver spangles to the rest. The contrast of matt varnish with charming sparkles will look especially fashionable. You can safely decorate such a design with stones. These two tones will look interesting in the ombre technique.

Solid manicure with red nail polish

A fashionable manicure with a modern design is great, but even the most chic design and style quickly get bored. It happens that the "soul asks" for something monophonic, but no less beautiful. If you want a purely monochrome red manicure, then in 2019, opt for bright red, scarlet, burgundy or light red tone.

Red gold-plated manicure

It is known that the best combination is red with gold. Often they are combined for special occasions, but for daily use such a manicure will be too pompous and chic. A new trend that has long had its fans is a coating resembling natural streaks of gold. In order to favorably emphasize the very fashionable design of your nails, the masters strongly recommend combining it with gold plating. The color of such complex coatings will turn out to be heterogeneous, with very interesting transitions, a game of elegant shades.

Red manicure: photo in the style of minimalism

Nail minimalist design is very popular today. It is visually pleasing, discreet and does not bother at all with long-term wear. Red color in a minimalist design looks more elegant than its full-fledged performance. Stripes-arches of red color look especially thin and cute, which completely repeat the oval of the marigold over the nude base. No less spectacular is the moon manicure with burgundy or scarlet varnish, where black or beige thin stripes form a geometric figure. On a light red base, the geometric version looks beautiful and extravagant. But the smallest design is a medium-sized red dot in the center of the nail on a transparent base.

Red manicure with rhinestones

Bright rhinestones on your nails will create an effect of incredible shine, as if precious stones cover your red nails. The ruby ​​overflow looks particularly chic in the bright spotlights. Rhinestones are ideally combined with all shades of color, ranging from "red-orange" to "wine burgundy."

Red matte manicure

Saturated red color, covered with a velvet matte top, acquires incredible nobleness, depth and gentle softness. The best thing in a matte image will look like classic inexorable red, cold scarlet, maroon, wine red, berry shades of tone.

Red manicure with design

Drawing on the red coating of the nail plate, first of all, will contribute to the muffled color brightness, but at the same time will make the manicure incredibly elegant. Original look images of faces on one of the nails, as well as some cartoon character. Floral ornaments are always in trend.

Red manicure: a combination of the main varnish with other fashionable shades

If you choose a manicure for a social event, then your nails should correspond to the solemnity of the outfit. Nothing is better for this purpose than a red and black nail design. There was no more practical manicure for an evening exit.

Red and white manicure

With red and white manicure, you will definitely meet all the requirements of a business style. A true hit of 2019 is considered to be varnishes, which give the nails a soft glow of polished steel. Spectacular red in combination with a white pattern looks unsurpassed.

Red manicure for short nails

You should definitely try red metallic varnishes for short nails with a variety of unique effects, such as a simple metallic, mirror coating. You can get it with a special foil or a shining chameleon varnish. Any drawings, especially geometric ones, look on short nails quite interesting. And another advantage of such a manicure will be that it is appropriate even for daily wear.

Varieties of red manicure

  • Moon manicure It goes well with silver, white, gold tint. Also, the nail hole can not be painted over, but left transparent. This option looks interesting. Many girls frame the hole with small rhinestones or an arc of black.

  • Classical French manicure can be diluted with bright and juicy red. This option will fit perfectly into the business image of a woman or become part of a festive image.

  • Matte Red Manicure - This is the novelty of the 2019 season. For its execution, a special color gel polish is used for a matte manicure, you can also use glossy, but in the end, a matte coating is applied to the nails.

  • Veil - This is a relatively new technique with which you can effectively decorate the nails. Using a thin brush, the edging of the nail plate is drawn in red, and then patterns imitating an openwork pattern are drawn.

  • Nail design with red sand gel polish. This design allows you to get a velvet coating. Red dust is applied to the not yet dried gel polish. Sand lays on a fingernail in an even and uniform layer.

Red gel polish on short nails, photo

  • Mirror Red Manicure It looks just awesome. To create it, you need to use a special rubbing, which will help to achieve a smooth, polished, mirror effect.

  • Red manicure can dilute an interesting pattern. A hit and novelty of this season is a pattern called "pullover". It is great for theme parties and holiday events.

Red manicure with a pattern

Red manicure with a design always looks interesting and lively. There are a lot of design options. Ideas can be found in fashion blogs. New this season: drawings and patterns covered with velvet sand. You can make a solid pattern on the entire nail plate or decorate only part of it.

Simple, but cute looks like white polka dots on a red background. It is also difficult not to mention the floral theme, because it is so popular this year.

Red manicure with flowers

Red manicure with lines.

Red geometric manicure

Red manicure with bears.

Red manicure with an original drawing

You can also use geometric patterns to design marigolds. Original and unusual looks leopard manicure in red.

Red manicure with a design can be done with the help of special stickers and stamps.

Nail design red gel polish with berries

Red nail design with monograms.

Fashionable red manicure with twigs and flowers.

Red manicure with tulips

Red geometric manicure

Red nail design: new photos

Well-groomed red nails always look beautiful and attractive. I want to admire them. Fashion trends allow the use of various techniques, thanks to which the design is unusual and not boring. Red manicure is not a novelty, but most likely an ageless classic, but this is his charm. We offer you to get acquainted with various design options that are relevant in the new season.

Volumetric red manicure

Red manicure with rhinestones

Red manicure with kamifubuki

Red manicure with stickers and stencils.

Red manicure with rhinestone and microbead jewelry

Red manicure with a heart

Red wet manicure

Red nail design with cast

Nail Design with Flowers Pattern

Red manicure with a microbead

Red manicure with roses

Red manicure with droplets

Red glitter design

Options for designing nails with gel polish with craquelure effect and holographic rubbing

Other ideas of red manicure

Red jacket

In addition to the classic version with the replacement of a white strip with a red one, the jacket can be made in a more interesting and fashionable design, again using a red tint.

The trendy performance will be a two-tone French manicure in a pair of scarlet substrate and beige stripes. A similar tandem in red manicure looks perfect, in addition, the design can be supplemented with red glitter or foil, and the applied beige dots in the root of the nail emphasize the union and make it more effective.

Muddy red manicure

If you expect more sophistication and restraint from the fashionable red manicure 2019-2020, try adding a matte effect to the design of nails with red varnish.

The satin red finish looks good in a duet with iridescent rhinestones and in a design with negative space.

Lunar manicure in red design

Not only a jacket, but also a lunar manicure with red varnish is quite popular and in demand. The red design will be interesting, combining both manicure techniques, alternating a scarlet jacket and highlighted holes on the nails.

In the trendy red manicure 2019-2020, the holes can be filled with glitter or separated with pebbles or broths.

Combined red manicure

What shades of red best matches the design of a manicure? If we do not talk about drawings, but about mono-coating, then black and white tones are considered the ideal tandem for red manicure.

Recently, fashionable combinations in the design of manicure in red and blue or red with a matte green varnish have become widespread.

Red manicure with foil

For lovers of monotonous design, the masters propose to emphasize the red manicure 2019-2020 with sparkles or foil of the same red color. Without changing the shade, red manicure acquires an interesting texture and a slight sheen.

If contrast is needed, golden, silver and even colored foil are used. This type of decor is often used in evening red manicure.

Red design manicure with rhinestones.

No less spectacular, especially in the evening version, will be the trendy red manicure in the design of rhinestones.

A voluminous molding in the shape of a flower or luxurious inlaid with rhinestones in an accent red manicure will become a bright highlight and decoration of women's pens.

Negative space and red manicure.

Elements of negative space in a red manicure 2019-2020 very help in creating an original and trendy nail design.

Delicate camouflage patterns, overgrown nails and negative space-style geometry are among the most popular red manicure options.

Fiery gradient

An attractive shade in the attractive ombre effect makes red manicure doubly expressive and brighter. In the red gradient, you can safely use more than two shades, both one and a different color palette.

A bright option can be a red manicure with a soft transition of yellow, orange, red and burgundy shades.

Sequins and rub in red manicure

The hot trend in the design of red manicure 2019-2020 will be the use of rubbing and all kinds of sparkles.

Therefore, if you do not have enough shine and sparkle in a manicure, do not be afraid to add red nails with kamifubs, glitter or rubbing pigments.

Drawings and prints in manicure with a red tint

Let's start with thematic drawings, with which we associate red color. Love theme: hearts, flowers, cartoon characters in love, love inscriptions, etc. have always been the most popular nail art.

Nevertheless, more creative images combined with red varnish came into fashion. A trendy leopard print or a black and white color that resembles a zebra pattern in combination with red nails looks very good. Portraits in red manicure, white monogram patterns and small dots in the form of splashes look great too.

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