Beef in a slow cooker

The slow cooker is an excellent assistant for fulfilling any of your culinary fantasies. The choice of recipes intended for preparation in the multicooker is unlimited. Beef dishes are very popular among many housewives because of their excellent taste and ease of preparation. This meat can be used in almost all recipes for the first and second courses. Cooking beef in a slow cooker saves your time, greatly simplifies the process and saves nutrients in meat. And beef cooked in a slow cooker, especially juicy, tender, has excellent taste, delicate aroma, reminiscent of aromas when cooked in a Russian oven.

Use a slow cooker, it allows you to get very tasty dishes with beef. And you can choose beef recipes at home on our website.

How to cook beef in a slow cooker - useful tips and secrets

Beef meat is rather capricious in cooking, in particular, it requires prolonged stewing in order to become soft and tender. Therefore, conventional methods, such as frying in a pan, baking and simmering in a roasting pan, sometimes do not work quite effectively. But in a slow cooker, beef is really excellent.

In addition, cooking beef in a slow cooker does not distract from the usual things. There is no need to regularly look under the lid to make sure that the meat dish is not burnt and is sufficiently cooked. However, even at the preparatory stage, it is important to know a few secrets that help to get tasty and healthy food in the end.

Firstly, you must carefully choose a meat product. Beef is considered lean meat, the calorie content of which is not much higher than chicken. Unfortunately, by ignorance you can buy beef, which even after a long (3-4 hours) stew will remain stiff as rubber. Culinary experts recommend giving preference to tenderloin, upper thigh, pieces taken from the abdomen and shoulder blades.

In order to get a particularly tender product at the exit, beef must be beaten off properly before cooking. It is even better to marinate the meat for several hours. Any lemon-based marinade is suitable for this. This ingredient perfectly breaks down beef fiber and improves its taste characteristics.

Particular attention should be paid to spices. First of all, they allow you to dramatically change the taste of the finished dish, secondly, just like lemon, they soften, and thirdly, increase appetite and stimulate digestion.

Turmeric, bay leaf, curry, black pepper, red paprika, coriander, and mustard work best with beef. But with salt it is worth being more careful, especially if with the help of a slow cooker you want to cook an unusually healthy dietary beef.

Beef in a slow cooker - a step by step recipe with a photo

The first recipe suggests making beef in a classic way using a minimum of ingredients. Stewing meat is recommended for about 2-3 hours, depending on its initial softness.

  • 1 kg of beef
  • 1 large onion head,
  • 2-3 bay leaves,
  • salt,
  • frying oil.


  1. Cut a piece of beef meat across the fibers into small, slightly oblong slices. Pour a little vegetable oil into the bowl, set the mode to “frying” or “baking” and load the meat.

2. Fry it, stirring occasionally for about 10 minutes, and for now, cut the onion peeled from the upper skin into half rings and load into the slow cooker.

3. As soon as the onion becomes golden, and a characteristic crust appears on the pieces of beef, pour a little broth or warm water, drop the lavrushka and salt.

4. Install the program for about 2–2.5 hours and do other things.

5. Serve beef stew with onion with any garnish.

Beef in a slow cooker Redmond, Polaris

A slow cooker of any model is an ideal type of kitchen equipment for stewing. In the process of continuous languishing, beef retains all its useful and tasteful properties.

  • 500 g of beef pulp,
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 onion,
  • salt pepper,
  • 2-3 tbsp sunflower oil.


  1. Wash a piece of tenderloin in running water, dry with a towel and cut into miniature slices.
  2. Pour oil into the bottom of the multicooker bowl, heat it up by setting the frying mode. Fry the beef with stirring for 7-10 minutes.
  3. Add about a glass of warm broth or plain water to the meat, salt a little and pepper. Add any spices if desired. Transfer the equipment to the “quenching” program for 1.5 hours.
  4. Grate the carrots on a coarse grater, and chop the onion arbitrarily. Add vegetables to the meat and extend the program for another 30 minutes.
  5. Another simple recipe offers a video.

Beef with potatoes in a slow cooker

Potato with beef cooked in a slow cooker is a versatile dish that perfectly suits especially busy housewives. As a result of short efforts, you can feed the whole family.

  • 500 g boneless beef
  • 500 g of potatoes
  • 1 large onion head,
  • 1-2 bay leaves
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • a pinch of dried garlic, black pepper and Provence herbs,
  • 1 tsp without a hill of salt
  • 1 S.L. sunflower oil.


  1. Cut the beef arbitrarily, the main thing is that the slices are not very large.
  2. Having set the slow cooker in the "frying" mode, drip the oil into the bowl, and as soon as it is calcined, put the meat out. Wait a couple of minutes until it is browned and mix. Fry for another 3-5 minutes.
  3. On top of the meat, lay out half the onion rings, without mixing the ingredients, put the regime into "stewing" for 30–35 minutes. You can add a little bit of water, but even without this, the meat will let in enough of its own juice, in which it will be cooked.
  4. Once the process is complete, lay the diced potatoes. You do not need to salt, pepper and even mix. Extend the program for another half hour.
  5. And now it's time to add salt and spicy ingredients to the dish. By the way, dried garlic can be replaced with fresh garlic.
  6. All that remains is to mix everything thoroughly, cook under the lid for another five minutes and serve, which is called with heat from the heat.

Beef in a slow cooker with gravy - photo recipe

You can cook beef in completely different ways, but modern housewives increasingly prefer cooking in a slow cooker. Moreover, the process described in detail in the recipe with the photo is really simple and unpretentious.

  • 500 grams of clean boneless beef,
  • 1 tbsp. red wine
  • 1 large onion and carrot,
  • 4 garlic cloves,
  • 2 tbsp thick tomato
  • 500 ml of water
  • 100 g pitted prunes,
  • cooking oil for frying,
  • a pinch of black pepper, sweet paprika, cinnamon, dry parsley.


  1. Cut the washed and dried beef tenderloin into oblong slices and fry in a modest portion of oil in the "frying" mode.

2. Onion cut into large quarter rings, carrots - thin strips. Put vegetables in the slow cooker and continue to fry for 8-10 minutes with stirring.

3. Fill the dish with red wine and, without closing the lid, wait until it has evaporated well.

4. Then add the tomato paste, water and spices. Stir for the last time and simmer for at least an hour in the appropriate mode.

5. Now throw the prunes into the dish and simmer for about an hour without closing the lid. This trick will help to evaporate the excess liquid and make the gravy thick and especially tasty.

Beef with prunes in a slow cooker

Prunes are the secret component that makes beef stewed in a multicooker unique. Her spicy taste with a slight sourness is truly unforgettable.

  • 0.7 kg of meat,
  • 2 onions,
  • 150 g of prunes,
  • 3 cloves of garlic,
  • 0.5 l of water or broth,
  • 3 tbsp flour
  • spices to choose from (lavrushka, thyme, coriander),
  • salt pepper.


  1. Cut the meat into thick plates, beat well, and then cut into oblong pieces.
  2. Lightly grease the multicooker bowl with oil, set the equipment to the “baking” or “frying” mode. Throw onion half rings and fry until they are gilded.
  3. Next, load the meat, but do not close the lid. If this is done, then the beef will start the juice and immediately begin to stew, bypassing the roasting process.
  4. After 8-10 minutes, add the flour, mix well. Now it’s the turn of garlic, salt, prunes and selected spices that have been passed through a press.
  5. Pour in warm water, wait until it boils and put the equipment into "quenching" mode. Now feel free to close the lid and simmer the dish for an hour and a half on average.

Beef stroganoff with beef in a slow cooker - a very delicious recipe

Beef in Stroganov or simply beef stroganoff skillfully combines Russian and French culinary traditions. The dish is distinguished by a piquant taste and the presence of delicious gravy.

  • 0.5 kg of the best beef,
  • some lemon juice
  • 2 large torches,
  • 50 g butter,
  • 3 tbsp olive
  • 200 g sour cream
  • bay leaf, salt, pepper.


  1. Cut a piece of beef into relatively thin layers. Each well beat off, and then cut into long (about 5-6 cm) stripes. Salt, pepper and sprinkle with lemon juice to make the meat lightly marinated and tender.
  2. Turn on the slow cooker in baking mode. Pour in olive oil as soon as it warms up enough, toss a generous slice of cream.
  3. Put the onion sliced ​​in half rings on the bottom with an even layer, close the lid and leave for a few (3-5) minutes.
  4. Roll the pickled meat in flour and lay it on the onion pillow. No need to mix! Without closing the lid, leave the ingredients in their original position for 15 minutes.
  5. Add salt and pepper to taste, put sour cream, mix and simmer in the desired mode for about 15 minutes.
  6. Turn off the slow cooker, drop a couple of laurel leaves in the bowl and let the dish rest for about 10 minutes.

Beef with vegetables in a slow cooker

How to cook vegetables with beef, if these products require completely different cooking times? Following the recipe, you get the perfect food in all respects - soft meat and thick vegetables.

  • 500 g of beef,
  • 2 onions,
  • a couple of carrots
  • 400 g of cauliflower,
  • 3-4 tomatoes
  • 2 sweet peppers
  • it tastes like salt, pepper and other spices.


  1. Cut the meat with arbitrary, but not very large cubes. Fold it in a slow cooker. Add half the onion and pour in the water so that it overlaps the food by about 2/3. Do not salt!
  2. Set the stewing program on average for 2 hours, depending on the initial quality of the meat product. Do not forget to mix a couple of times in the process.
  3. Now cut the vegetables listed in the recipe (other than potatoes, for example), cut into approximately the same slices and load in the meat bowl.
  4. It is unnecessary to disturb them. In this case, they will be cooked as a pair. Naturally, for the next 25-30 minutes, you need to set the appropriate mode (steaming).
  5. At the very end, salt and season with pepper to taste, mix and serve after another five minutes.

Steamed beef in a slow cooker

To get especially juicy and healthy beef steamed in a slow cooker, it’s important to know a few tricks. The following recipe will tell about them.

  • 600 g of beef pulp,
  • 1 tsp vegetable oil
  • a pinch of black pepper
  • ½ tsp salt.


  1. Cut the pulp into 2–3 smaller pieces. Rub with salt and pepper, place them tightly in a bowl and leave for about 30 minutes. (If desired, use any other spices and herbs, as well as lemon juice or wine. Marinating can be extended up to 2-3 hours.)
  2. Line up the steam cooking basket with a pair of sheets of foil. This trick will help preserve all meat juices.
  3. Lubricate the foil with oil and lay out the pieces of meat. Pour water (300-500 ml) into the multicooker bowl. Set the cooking mode for 45 minutes.
  4. After completing the program, open the lid, let the meat cool slightly and enjoy its juicy and delicate taste.
  5. And finally, the original video recipe for cooking in a slow cooker carbonate from a whole piece of beef.


  • beef tenderloin - 1 kg
  • onions - 2 pcs.
  • medium carrots - 2 pcs.
  • salt - 1 tsp
  • black pepper - to taste
  • seasonings and dried herbs - 1 tsp
  • oil grows. - 4 tbsp
  • water - liter

Step by Step Actions:

  1. Peel and chop the onion into cubes. Wash the carrots, peel and cut into thin cubes along the length of the carrots.
  2. Rinse and dry the beef meat with napkins, cut into 3-4 cm slices.
  3. With the lid open in the multicooker bowl, turn on the Frying mode, heat the vegetable oil, fry the pieces of meat, stirring them on each side.
  4. Pour chopped onions and carrots to the meat, fry everything together, stirring regularly. Sprinkle with spices and seasonings. Pour in water and salt. An excellent meat sauce will come out of the water during the process of stewing and evaporation.
  5. Close the lid and turn on the "Extinguishing" mode. In multicookers with a pressure cooker function, cooking takes 30 minutes. In ordinary multi-cookers, beef can be stewed for up to 2.5-3 hours.

How to cook beef in a slow cooker?

In principle, in a slow cooker, beef meat is cooked in much the same way as on coals, in a pan, in a frying pan, in a cauldron, etc. With the only difference - a slow cooker is able to cook more tender meat without applying extra effort on the part of the cook.

By the way, it is important to note one characteristic feature of the multicooker: it retains moisture pretty well. This means that for soup, goulash or azu you need slightly less water (sauce) than when cooking on the stove. You can’t skimp on colored vegetables and spices, because without them, beef meat dishes may seem somewhat discolored (well, that’s the case for aesthetics).

The rest - cook, experiment and fear nothing. After all, a slow cooker is a magical device!

Features of cooking beef

Cooking beef in a slow cooker allows you to make it soft and tender. During cooking, a minimum amount of fat remains in pieces of meat. To prepare dishes from beef and other types of meat, you no longer need to use additional ingredients, such as sunflower oil. Beef softens under the influence of the vapor of the device, it becomes tender and juicy.

Preparing beef for cooking

Before sending the beef to the cooking bowl, the meat is cut into steaks one and a half centimeters thick. Then they are divided into strips two or three centimeters wide, washed, dried with a paper towel and make transverse incisions. You can put spices in them, for example, garlic. Cooking begins with the fact that the prepared foods are laid out in a bowl. This can be done with balls or other methods specified in the recipes. Close the lid and select the desired mode from the menu.

How to choose a slow cooker

When choosing a slow cooker, you need to decide which dishes you will cook in it most often. If these are meat dishes, then it must necessarily contain modes associated with its preparation. First of all, the function Cooking meat should be present. Since this function is provided in all multicookers, pay attention to the presence of additional adjustment of the cooking process:

Braised beef will turn out well in a slow mode, foods of different weight and quantity - in a regular mode, and medium and small portions of meat are good to cook in a fast mode.

An additional mode, which allows you to keep dishes warm for five to six hours after the end of cooking, will delight the student who will return home from class and he will not need to warm up lunch.

If you have not yet decided which recipe to use for your piece of meat, then use our catalog of recipes, supplemented by a photo of the cooking processes. Among the huge variety of methods of cooking meat, you are sure to find one that you will like.

Step by step recipe

  1. First you need to prepare the meat. Wash 600 g of beef, cut off all unnecessary pieces of film and fat with a knife, cut into large portions, approximately like a matchbox.
  2. Put the chopped meat in a deep bowl and pour cold water for 15 minutes. So the blood that is unnecessary to us will come out of it.
  3. For onion sauce, you need to take 600 g of onion, peel it, wash and cut into cubes. You probably already managed to pay attention that the amount of onion and meat for this dish should be taken the same. In order not to cry while slicing the onion, you can first pour it over with boiling water, you often need to moisten the cutting board and knife with water, and you can also draw water into your mouth. Such a life hack, surprisingly, can help get rid of tears and pain in the eyes.
  4. Now you need to drain the water from the beef and fill it with hot boiling water, cover and after 10 minutes drain the water.
  5. Put the slow cooker into the "Frying" mode, pour 3 tbsp. l vegetable oil, pour chopped onions and fry, stirring occasionally.
  6. After 10 minutes of frying, when the onion becomes transparent, add meat.
  7. At this time, put 500 g of water and boil it. Cook the meat with onions until all the liquid has evaporated. In time it will take about 15 minutes. Add 2 bay leaves, two pinches of salt and 5-7 peas of black pepper to the meat. If suddenly you did not have pepper peas, then you should add 2 pinches of ground.
  8. Pour the meat with hot boiled water, covering it completely, and mix. Depending on the model and size of the multicooker, this may require 500-700 g of water.
  9. Put in the "Multipovar" mode and set the temperature to 100 degrees. If you managed to take the meat of veal, 1 hour is enough for stewing, if it is the meat of an adult animal, then you can stew for 2 hours. Serve the prepared meat hot with any side dish.

Video recipe

And now I invite you to see in more detail how to deliciously cook beef in a slow cooker.

Beef with tomato sauce in a slow cooker


Beef500 g
Bow190 g
Garlic3 cloves
Tomato paste3 tbsp. l
Sunflower oil3 tbsp. l
Sweet paprika1 tsp
Curry1 tsp
Pepper⅓ tsp
Salt2 tsp
Water300 g

Step by step recipe

  1. Peel and wash 190 g of onion. Cut it into a quarter rings and put in a plate.
  2. Wash the beef meat, remove excess inedible parts and cut into small pieces. It is better to use meat with thin layers of fat to get a more juicy dish.
  3. Peel and chop three cloves of garlic finely or mince through the garlic. You can adjust the amount of garlic yourself if you want to get more spicy meat.
  4. Pour 3 tbsp into the multicooker bowl. l vegetable oil. Oil can be used both olive and sunflower. Set the mode to "Frying", the type of product is vegetables, press "Start" and wait three minutes for the oil to heat.
  5. Pour onion into the multicooker bowl and fry it until transparent. In time, this process will take about 5 minutes.
  6. Put the beef meat on the onion. If you fry the meat in this way, it will be more juicy. Stir meat with onion periodically and fry for 15 minutes. Disable the "Frying" mode.
  7. Add three tablespoons of tomato paste to the meat, a teaspoon of curry and paprika. Also add ⅓ tsp. black pepper, 2 tsp. salt and minced garlic.
  8. Pour food with 300 ml of hot water. Water in a multicooker bowl that is already hot should always be poured hot so as not to spoil the bowl. The amount of water you can adjust yourself. If you want to get more beef gravy in a slow cooker, you can add another 100-150 g of hot water.
  9. Close the lid of the multicooker, set the mode "Extinguishing" for 1 hour.

Serve the prepared meat hot.

Video recipe

And now let's take a look at the video in which all the details of cooking stewed beef in a slow cooker for this recipe with a photo.

Many of you will agree with me that the most delicious beef is baked. Moreover, it is not at all difficult to cook it in this way. Only 10-15 minutes of your personal time and an incredibly tasty meat dish are ready. Let's learn how to cook baked beef in a slow cooker.

Choosing the right ingredients

  • In order to make the baked meat as tasty as possible, you need to take quality fresh, chilled beef tenderloin. For this, the meat of a young bull, which is no more than three years old, is ideal. It is better to choose the part of the carcass that is closer to the neck, because in this part the meat is very tender.
  • The amount of garlic you can adjust yourself. If you love him and want to get very piquant meat, use your whole head and stuff them with flesh. If you take garlic calmly, 3-4 cloves that can be chopped and mixed with spices will be enough for you.

Watch the video: How to Make Easy Slow Cooker Pot Roast. (February 2020).