How to read a conspiracy from enemies at work, so that they return the bad: features of the ritual

Alas, no one is safe from enemies and envious people at work. And it is far from always possible to protect oneself from their influence. Fortunately, there are ways to help you deal with this problem.

At any job you can meet competitors, envious and ill-wishers who are ready for anything to get you out of the way. Moreover, for this it is not necessary to argue or compete with them: anything can cause anger of such people. You can protect yourself from someone else's envy, intrigue and deception with the help of effective conspiracies from envious at work. The conspiracy will work as a preventive measure, allowing you to work in a calm manner. In the event that someone strongly salted you or undeservedly offended you, a conspiracy against enemies will help get even with the offender and regain his good name.

How to identify the enemy at work

If you find yourself in an incomprehensible situation in which it is difficult to determine who is your friend and who is the enemy, use several methods to clarify the matter. This is necessary in order to know exactly who should beware of at work. In addition to psychological methods for calculating a detractor, there are also magic ones. Specialists at offer to read a short plot. It should be read on the eve of any Orthodox holiday for the coming dream. Lying in bed say:

“I call upon the Higher Powers to help, I beg for ambulance help. Reveal a prophetic dream, which will indicate the enemy, his face will show. Amen".

Try to fall asleep immediately after reading the plot, and in the morning remember the dream. Do not be discouraged if the first time you do not succeed, try again until you get the result.

Universal Protective Plots

Conspiracies against enemies at work will help you protect yourself from the negative impact and problems at work, even if you still haven’t found out who dislikes and evil comes from.

The first conspiracy is to protect against enemies and envious people. Light a church candle and focus on your problem, then read:

“From the enemies and traitors I read the conspiracy, I notice the traces. Gossip will not find me nasty yes evil tongues. I put protection for ages, the hand does not flinch. Black envy and curses of anger will not stick to me. Tongue. Key. Castle".

The second conspiracy is against enemies and ill-wishers. You need to find a charm: either buy in a special store, or do it yourself. Speak the amulet with the following words:

“I am preserving a new one for protection, I conjure good. There is no one to wish for evil, from now on the enemies cannot find the way to me. I block paths, I return envy back. No sooner said than done".

Even if you know the name of the enemy, do not speak. The amulet will protect you from all enemies. The most important thing is to wear it during the day without taking it off, wear it when leaving the house and take it off only upon arrival home.

The third conspiracy is against overt and covert enemies at work. You can get rid of the failures caused by the machinations of ill-wishers with the help of the following conspiracy. It is better to read it on the waning moon in the workplace, so that no one hears or sees. Say in a whisper or to yourself the words of the conspiracy:

“Whoever is evil for the eyes is evil for the soul. So that everything that is desired is returned. Leave, retreat, take, take away. "

The fourth plot is from evil tongues and intrigues. If you constantly feel a barrier before starting work, catch unkind glances on yourself, do not cope with work duties - be sure that someone patted and deprived you of luck with your black envy. In this case, the next plot will help, even if you do not know your detractors in person. You need to read at night, going to bed:

“My work is faithful, harmless, blessed by the Lord. I’m doing my work, I don’t wish anyone evil. The next day I will begin by praying to the Higher Forces. Angels and Seraphim of Heaven will protect from the evil of the undesirable, from defense of evil words, from the intrigues of others. Evil of others will not reach me, all that is, will go to the attackers. Amen".

Protecting against enemies and intruders can also be done with the help of Orthodox prayers. Turn to the Higher Forces at any time when you urgently need support and patronage. Do not forget about forgiveness. Forgiving your offenders, you free your heart from evil, and this is the path to a happy life. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

Varieties of conspiracies from enemies at work

To achieve success at work and career growth, professional knowledge and good relations with the team are not enough. Sometimes protection from enemies is also necessary, then the human energy system will be safe.

A plot from evil people will be appropriate in the following situations:

  • there was a sudden increase
  • a person works in a women's team, and his personal life does not add up,
  • conscientious performance of professional duties all the time something prevents.

The constant envy of colleagues forms a bad aura around a person, in some cases this can lead to his dismissal. To avoid such troubles, you should choose a suitable slander.

For various items

Slander from ill-wishers at work can be read using various magical or church attributes, as well as personal items of their enemies. If it is impossible to get such a thing, you can take any item that this person periodically uses.

The ritual is carried out secretly from prying eyes. I need to cross the selected object three times and pronounce a conspiracy: “I will call upon all the saints to drive away the envy of someone else from me, even if heavenly and earthly forces will help me. May the guardian angel not forget me, and his strength will protect me. Help to cope with all enemies, warn of other people's evil thoughts. Amen".

This conspiracy helps to weaken their enemies, no matter how strong they are, because any thing that a person uses, bears the imprint of his energy.

On a scarf

If you always have a charmed handkerchief with you, then it will serve as a powerful defense and neutralize other people's evil designs. Read the slander before leaving the house, the text is pronounced in a whisper and slowly.

This is a strong rite, in addition it protects from the evil eye and helps to strengthen health. Here's how to proceed:

  1. Prepare a clean and ironed handkerchief.
  2. Some time before going to work, pronounce a conspiracy over him: “Holy heavenly angels, save me from the evil eye, drive away enemies from home. I appeal to your mercy, let everything that is alien to me, let the scarf take in itself. "
  3. Wipe your face with a handkerchief and put it in your pocket or bag. Do not take it away from you.

This ritual can be used daily, but with one condition - once every 10-14 days you need to take a new scarf and burn the old one, because over time too much negative energy will begin to accumulate on it.

A handkerchief is a strong magical artifact, especially if it is in contact with the human body. It is necessary to carefully monitor its safety. If you lose your handkerchief, ill-wishers will again have a chance to strike. When they find a lost handkerchief, they will be able to damage it.

Boomerang plot

This plot will help if an evil person works nearby and often tries to enter into an open conflict. As soon as the quarrel begins, you need to look into the eyes of the offender and mentally say these words: “All my good will remain mine forever, all your bad can not be without you, will return to you. The Lord will decide, everything will be so. Amen".

This conspiracy can be spoken to yourself several times until the conflict has exhausted itself. The fundamental condition is that this text must be learned by heart.

The plot is allowed to be used if the situation in the team becomes too difficult and tense. The energy balance of power will change, and the instigators of the conflict themselves will begin to feel discomfort, this is the essence of the boomerang.

To enhance the effect, you can additionally mentally read the prayer “Our Father”. Another protective measure is to put a small sanctified icon in the desktop drawer.

Energy vampires like to engage in public quarrels. They feed on the received negativity, and this conspiracy will be able to block the flow of negative thoughts from others. This will force the brawler to change his behavior. If the ill-wisher himself is not too strong, over time this can make him change jobs.

Using salt

A plot of salt to permanently remove the enemy from work, very effective. Salt is a special substance that has the ability to absorb negative energy. The ritual is carried out at home, for it will need a candle from the church, a canvas bag and a new pack of table salt. An additional condition is that the waning moon should be in the sky.

In the evening, you need to stay in the house alone, turn off the lights in the room and drive out the pets. Light a candle, sit quietly in front of it, reflecting on the offenders. After taking a clean plate, pour a small amount of salt on it. Say the text of the conspiracy: "Whoever sprinkles salt on my wounds, let him lie on my soul." Whatever you wish me, let him return to you. Go away, take all that is with you. ”

For another five minutes, sit in front of a candle flame, pour salt into a bag, tie it tightly. The next day, bring him to work and quietly sprinkle around a personal workplace, for example, along the baseboards.

This rite can significantly reduce the number of gossip and evil talk. The soul will immediately become calmer. If the enemy hid very close all this time, he will want to move away from the place where the salt is scattered.

Using photo

If the envious person is serious, intrigues and intrigues, a plot for his photo will help. The picture needs fresh, you need to print it. An important nuance: only this person should be depicted in the photo. It is impossible for other people to be on it.

Also for the ritual you will need a red wool thread. They wrap it around the photograph and pronounce the following: “That's who all my forces are directed at, the most implacable evil enemies. So that they lose all their strength, and their dreams never come true. All their thoughts let them get confused, they will not have freedom, they will fall into my web. Let them be lost in their evil plans, so be it forever. Amen".

This plot is pronounced in a calm voice exactly 7 times. Then they pick up the two free ends of the red thread and bind them together with three knots, pronouncing the text: "It will come true that I said how it should happen, it will happen."

After the red thread is taken out of the house and buried in the ground, and the photograph is burned. Even in the most difficult cases, this conspiracy helps - the envious does not succeed in driving the person out of work forever, and all the perfect evil returns to him.

The enemy should by no means find out that someone needed his picture. The safest way to get it is to download it from social networks at home, if possible, and then print it.

Old Slavic rite that protects from enemies and the evil eye

Old Slavic conspiracies are especially powerful. The experience of previous generations is hidden in them. The magic of the ancient Slavs is absolutely safe and very effective.

A step-by-step instruction will explain how you can get rid of a bad person at work using the conspiracy that our ancestors helped out:

  1. Prepare 4 transparent glass jars of the same size.
  2. In the first, pour water from the tap, in the second pour raw earth, in the third put a burnt coal, and leave the fourth empty. This symbolizes 4 elements: Water, Earth, Fire and Air.
  3. Cross the bubbles and say, “Mother nature, share strength with me.”
  4. After saying three times these words: “Leave me black sorrow, you have neither strength nor power, roll away from here on a clean field. “Let no enemies and their intrigues touch me, let them burn in the fire, drown in the water, swoop down into the ground, let them blow them away by the wind.”

After pronouncing the conspiracy, you need to cross yourself three times, put the jars in a bag of black fabric and throw them out of the house.

Any rites should be performed only if there is a real danger and there is cause for concern. There is no reason to resort to magic just like that or just in case. The conspiracy will only affect true offenders.

The power of conspiracy magic

Effective rituals help put a person in his place, return what he deserves, if the reason for the loss was the tricks of competitors. Evil forces can be neutralized by both white and black magic.

Magic helps to resist any influence of ill-wishers. With the help of magic, you can punish the culprits of failure - the spoken thing, thrown to the offender, does not allow him to get out of a series of problems. With magic comes deliverance from the damage brought about by the enemy. If evil forces go to the one who tried to take away someone else's. A strong ritual can be used to keep a person behind.

Magic works comprehensively - it helps to charge the amulet for the home and for work and harm the one who is plotting. So a person will regain control of his fate.

With conspiratorial words, you can find the offender who is hiding behind a friend’s mask or does not show himself openly. In such cases, words can remove unnecessary people from your life.

Slander helps those who are too trusting. Conspiracy words are used by weak-character individuals who take all failures only at their own expense. Thanks to magic, you can change your life, believe in yourself and forget about the ill-wishers. One of the effective rites is the rituals of Natalia Stepanova or Vanga.

There are conspiracies that can harm detractors

Fighting Enemies

The punishing ritual is directed at the ill-wisher. Magic opens the plans of the offender and gradually destroys them.

How to overcome a competitor or an offender:

  • Rituals that show their true intentions save from enemies. Such a ritual leads to the fact that enemies have fewer allies, and they themselves no longer manage to hide their intrigues. They themselves become punishment.
  • A ritual is being held so that the enemy returns what he sent. The negative sent by the enemy has an even stronger return strike - they cannot escape from such a negative. The rite makes the ill-fired, dismissed or kicked out of work.
  • If the enemy acts at a distance, it is more difficult to punish him. To do this, they independently conduct the strongest Muslim rite or death rite in the cemetery. It is aimed at the systematic destruction of all spheres of life of the ill-wisher.

No matter how one wants to punish the enemy, he needs to think about his own safety. It is necessary to remove the negativity from your home, from the workplace and put a powerful defense.

How magic works

Not all rituals operate immediately. The energy of a person suffers from the evil sent by competitors: he is weak, and everything he does against evil is not strong enough. The longer the enemy’s corruption, the less chance of getting rid of it. Corruption of ill-wishers destroys career and family. It is important to recognize the symptoms of any energy damage in time.

The first symptom is malaise: a person has lost strength on himself, his beloved deeds, at work and family. No matter how much he sleeps, it’s easier not to become. Gradually apathy appears.

With corruption, a person loses interest in everything around. Serious problems at work, obsessive states and thoughts gradually appear. If a person tries to read prayers, he becomes even worse.

Sudden difficulties, minor troubles that do not end - all these are symptoms of damage from ill-wishers. In this case, prayers alone will not help: it is necessary to carry out magical cleansing and return evil to its creator.

Features of the rituals

Conspiracy against enemies at work needs to be recited by heart. Before the ritual, you must prepare. No one can talk about preparation - the less people know that a person is reading a plot, the sooner he will find an envious person.

In order for the strong curse to return, to morally crush the offender and drive him away from his beloved cause, they use conspiracies to the waning moon. They are the strongest and most effective.

A conspiracy from ill-wishers at work is read in parallel with slander, which spreads illness or bad luck. Integrated actions will give a strong result.

Variety of rituals

It is not necessary to go home to take revenge on the offender. Rituals from enemies are carried out in any convenient place: in the toilet at work or in the utility room. Lime of another person will be helped by magical attributes that store energy for a long time.

Conspiracies help get rid of ill-wishers by making sure that:

  • the offender was tormented
  • "Evil tongues" returned to the offender,
  • dishonest competitors were afraid to speak again.

At the death of the offenders, a ritual is performed using the hair, nails or underwear of the “victim”.

You can speak with the help of magic to a woman who intervened in someone else's family. On her house they draw a rune, sucking vitality, or make a powerful runic damage. So that the man returns to his wife, they send a disease to his mistress. At the end of each ritual, a protective rite is performed so that revenge is not the last thing of the conspirator.

Runes sucks life energy

Conspiracy from enemies at work

You can read the plot from enemies at work on a knife. This is a symbolic item indicating a section of a past life where there was corruption. A conspiracy from enemies at work helps to bring about the same damage that was caused by the offender. If the name of the enemy is unknown, the words of the conspiracy are addressed to the conditional enemy. Knowing the name of the enemy, the conspirator turns to him all the response anger. There is no salvation from their negativity: neither bowing in the church, nor prayers will help to free oneself from return damage. Helps magic with a knife from visible and invisible envious.

The ceremony is carried out at night in complete solitude. After that, the working relationship will change: envious people will have problems at work.

At home on a white tablecloth leave a knife. It must be thrown into the center of the table, and next to light a church candle. While the candle is burning, envious people must be represented. The clearer the image, the easier it is to avenge offenders through a conspiracy. If there are several enemies at work, a separate plot is read for each. Say the knife with the words:

“I cut off all your evil and cut you off; I don’t want to see here anymore. I cut myself off like a victim, I make you a victim. Now it will be just that. Amen".

The next day, at work, you need to hide the charmed knife, pointing its tip to the side of the offenders. After the ceremony, at the sight of enemies, a person will feel severe nausea - this is the first sign that magic has begun to work.

Reverse Conspiracy for Enemies

The surest way to punish enemies is to return their evil to them. Spells of such a plan help close the old feud. Rite on the waning moon.

Hex black magic helps destroy all opponents. Destruction by black magic will entail an increase in the conspirator. If you correctly cast spells of black magic, you can improve your financial situation.

The simplest return ritual is carried out at home. Spells will work faster if, after the rite, they repent of their sins. To do this, the conspirator says a prayer every day for a week:

“Lord, let me return, I do not wish myself back. Lord save and have mercy! ”

So you can protect yourself from the serious consequences of the slander.

To read the conspiracy so that evil returns to the sender, you need salt or sugar - products that can be quietly poured into the enemy. A strong slander does not affect the well-being of the offender, but destroys everything that surrounds him. You need to read the slander at night on a handful of salt:

“As it washed ashore, it carried it back. Everything that hurt, that tormented, swept to the shores, where it came from. To people who brought evil. Now they fight evil. Amen".

Salt, spoken after sunset, is collected and carried to the enemy. If you can not treat him, salt is scattered at his doorstep. The slander helps to return the husband if he left, and for the enemy such a “return” is fraught with failures: dismissal or demotion.

Rite against enemies

In what situations is it worth using folk magic?

Of course, the circumstances are different, because sometimes our enemies act openly, and sometimes they carefully hide - in this case it is very difficult to understand “where the wind is blowing”. The most common reasons a person begins to look for information on how to get rid of enemies at work forever by conspiracy are usually the following:

  • Promotion. When a person is transferred to another, higher position, the attitude towards him from his colleagues very often changes. Even those people who until recently “cooked with him in the same pot” provided support and help, suddenly turn away or begin to plot. There is only one reason - envy, because everyone wants to be marked, raised, increased salary.
  • New team. Very often, beginners begin to poison the team. The exact reason why this happens is not known, but the fact remains: sometimes, with a new person, colleagues behave like with a new person at school - they play a trick, arrange some tests, trials, and sometimes they make real set-ups.
  • Women's team. Yes, as statistics show, it is in the women's team that hypocrisy reigns most often, and this becomes especially noticeable if the girl has a wonderful personal life, and her colleagues are divorced, single, widows. Naturally, they begin to envy the employee who adjusted their personal lives. However, sometimes the reason lies not in his personal life, but, for example, in the fact that the girl is more slender, young, beautiful than the rest, or does her job better.
  • Failures in work for no apparent reason. Often, conspiracies from bad people force people to use the strip of career failures, despite the fact that the employee himself performs his duties as responsibly as before. In this case, often suspicions creep in that someone has jinxed him.

Conspiracy on the disease of enemies

To punish the enemy, use a slander for a serious illness. It helps to get rid of anyone who gets in the way of the conspirator. Hex is done on a sprig of dry wood. On it you can bewitch the enemy in order to take revenge on him, or send him an illness. For the energy “drier” from malicious competitors, a branch of birch or willow is used. You need to tear it out at night so that no one sees. You can’t turn around afterwards, otherwise the trouble will follow the conspirator (people say: “I came in with trouble if I looked after it”). Spend a ceremony at home without strangers.

Slander for ill health is used to neutralize the enemy for a long time. The competitor will begin to hurt, but will not be able to recover - he will remain without an accurate diagnosis. To make him sick for a long time, they repeat the ritual no earlier than after 6 months.

The rite destroys even the white protective plots. It causes various diseases: from mild malaise, diarrhea, nausea, headache to dangerous diseases - immobility, partial paralysis. Exposure depends on how severe the insult is. Witchcraft has the only source of nutrition - the thoughts of the conspirator. Before the ritual, you need to think about the result. Before the rite they say:

“Having bitten your tongue, now you are silent, you get what you deserve, by coming by withdrawal, whoever has entered, he has left!”

Such a slander allows you to tune in before the rite.

On failure, to permanently get rid of enemies, use his personal thing - any item that will succeed in discreetly tossing the victim. Holy water is poured onto it and the words are uttered:

“The illness is now your bride, your friend, your girlfriend - you can’t get away from her, you can’t get under my shirt again. As long as I want this, you will not get rid of this ailment. May it be so".

Such a problem acts quickly, and it will not be possible to cancel its action against the enemy. The ceremony is carried out with full confidence, because it is impossible to take revenge in another way.

Rules for reading conspiracies from enemies at work

  • The most important rule is to read the conspiracy from enemies at work on the waning moon. It is the energy of the diminishing luminary that helps us to get rid of anything in our life, in this case - from envy, rivalry, the machinations of ill-wishers.
  • Follow the instructions clearly. If the description of the ritual gives a list of certain items needed to be performed, you need to take them, and not replace it with something else. If you do not have the necessary ingredients, use another rite, since there are many of them.
  • Do not change magic text. Even if you do not understand some words, do not replace them with arbitrary verbal constructions.
  • The ritual must be accompanied by visualization - this enhances its effect. Imagine how your ill-wishers get what they deserve or change their attitude from bad to good.

Ritual against envious persons with salt

Salt is considered a magical substance, as it is well able to absorb information and mental messages. It is often used in magical rituals of any orientation: to get rid of negativity, to attract love, to improve one’s own life. For us it is also useful for getting rid of envious colleagues.

So, you will need a new, not open pack of ordinary salt, a church candle and a small saucer, which you need to put in front of you on the table. The ceremony should be carried out in complete solitude, removing even pets from the room and turning off all household appliances, gadgets (smartphone, tablet, computer). It’s better to turn off the light - let the room be lit only by the light of the church candle that you light. So, you need to sit in silence for several minutes, looking at the candle flame and imagining how envious colleagues get what they deserve and no longer do evil. After that, you need to pour some salt from a new pack on a saucer, and then read the plot from the enemies at work, so that the bad returns:

“He who salt in the eyes, salt to the soul. So that everything that is desired is returned. Go away, back away, take it away, take it away! ”

After that, it’s worth a few more minutes to sit in silence, focusing on your desire and imagining how it comes true, and then collect salt from the saucer in a linen bag. This bag the next day you need to take with you to work and sprinkle the charmed salt in your office so that no one sees your actions. After this, the machinations of enemies will soon cease. The ritual can be carried out even if the ill-wishers do not attack you personally, but interfere with someone else - in this case, the salt needs to be scattered throughout the premises.

Rite with salt and a green candle

Another conspiracy from bad people is also read in salt, but the ceremony itself is carried out a little differently. You need to light a green candle, and then gently throw salt directly into the fire with a small spoon (such as coffee), trying not to extinguish the flame. In this case, you need to pronounce the following magic words:

“To any enemy, to any enemy, to any envious of mine!”
It’s not given to a simple person to turn the sun back,
How not to give water in the sieve to lock,
It’s not possible to upset me either (your name),
From now on, to deprive my workmen of the century!
The key is pike, pike in the sea! My word is strong! ”

Immediately after reading, you need to swallow a small pinch of this charmed salt. It is believed that after the ritual you are protected from ill-wishers.

Red thread ritual

This conspiracy from enemies at work is read right at the workplace. All you need to do is come there before all your colleagues, taking a red woolen thread with you. With this thread, you need to lay out a circle around your workplace, then sit in its center and say miraculous protective words:

“Where there is a thread, there is a circle, where there is a circle, there is no envy, there is no grief, everything is beaten off from the round circle, everything is bad, everything is bad. It fights off soaring high or low, like it never falls. Nothing returned to anyone, protection for all, the circle protects everyone, especially me! ”

You need to sit a couple of minutes in silence, then remove the thread in an inaccessible place so that your colleagues do not find it.

Simple water ritual for reading in the toilet

You can read the conspiracy from enemies at work in the toilet, which is used by employees of your company. True, first you need to carry out preliminary training. Go to any body of water (lake, river, stream) and collect water there. You can use the well. On the way home, do not talk to anyone or look around. At home wash yourself with this water, whispering the words of the conspiracy:

“Voditsa Tatyana, the land of Ulyana!
I took voditsa from a living key, wet my face for cleanliness and female beauty!
And a friend, a stranger, and a counter-transverse beauty of mine will admire, not be born!
My word is strong! I have the key! ”

Pour the remaining water into the bottle, put the bottle in your bed at your feet for three nights in a row, and then bring it with you to work. Once in the toilet, wash your hands and face with this water, pronouncing the following words:

“As I worked here, I will.
As I came here, so I will go.
The key is the lock! ”

Magical Rite with Black Berries

You can read the plot from enemies at work at a distance, i.e. conduct a ritual at home. To conduct it, you will need any black berries - blackcurrant, blueberries, blackberries, chokeberry, bird cherry. You can take one look or mix several. From prepared berries you need to cook a thick jelly. During cooking, when the brew begins to boil, you need to pour starch into the pan with the words:

“I remember my business with jelly, quick, bold, skillfully. As Yegoriy fought, as he defeated enemies, so I will crush the enemy (name of the enemy), I will destroy his cause in an instant. My kissel, kissel, you cook all day, you boil, get up, my work is a must, and fix it. First I, and my enemy always to be behind me, can not overtake me, do not lead me astray. God is with me, helps me, protects, guides. As said, it will come true. Key, tongue, lock. Amen. Amen. Amen!"

If you don’t know the name of your ill-wisher, just say “enemies” or “enemies”. You need to drink the whole boiled jelly, imagining how your enemies are haunted by failure. Of course, not at one time, but for several. You will feel the magic effect after a few days.

Strong photo ritual

You can stop the machinations of ill-wishers with the help of a photograph and a ball of black thread. There should be only one person in the photo - if there is someone else in the picture - troubles will come to him too, so try to find a suitable photo. If you are bullied at work by several colleagues at once, you can use their joint photo for the ritual, but, again, make sure that there is no one who is not involved in the situation.

So, you need to wind black wool on this picture seven times, uttering a conspiracy from enemies at work:

“I direct my will, my word, so that the dark deed of my enemy (my enemies) (name or names of enemies) will come to a standstill and not reach my goal. I do not wind the black thread, but I weave the web into the work of the enemy (the name of the enemy or enemies). He will be confused, always stray, forget about his work. May it be so. Amen".

Then you need to tie the ends of the thread with three knots, saying “As I want, it will be so!” and then burn this photo on an open fire. A burner stove, candle flame or fireplace will do. On the street, burning a picture is not recommended.

So, you have learned what conspiracies from enemies at work are and what moon to read them on. We hope that these methods of folk magic will help get rid of ill-wishers and return the warm atmosphere to the team.

How to protect yourself from enemies at work

Many women and men were faced with the fact that work colleagues behave disgustingly, and the boss always finds fault. Such an attitude is very difficult to bear not only morally, but also physically.

Some colleagues, for the sake of career growth, resort to magical actions. They do not hesitate to use witchcraft for their own promotion and dismissal of an opponent. In such conditions, it is not only difficult to work, under the influence of black magic it is sometimes difficult to survive.

You can remove the negative impact and protect yourself from such enemies with the help of conspiracies and prayers. Among them there are very strong, effective.

Some rituals for protection can be performed at home or right at the workplace. It is not always easy to get rid of ill-wishers, but the offender should try to return everything bad, at least for the sake of justice. It's a shame when you were fired for anything for the career of another.

The choice of protection methods depends on the specific situation:

  1. If you do not know the name of your ill-wisher or want to protect yourself from negative influence, then a universal conspiracy is suitable. It will simply protect against an energy attack.
  2. You can use a charm that protects not only from magic, but also from unpleasant people.
  3. A conspiracy against a specific person is suitable for those who know the name of the enemy.
  4. If you don’t want to use conspiracies, and the ill-wisher is known for sure, there is a great way to neutralize him - give silver. It can be the cheapest ring or pendant, just a piece of silver or a chain. He needs to take a gift in his hands. After that, he can throw away the donated item, but can no longer harm you.

There are conspiracies to punish enemies, but they are different. There are those who simply bring the negative back, while others send troubles and misfortunes. The second can be used only as a last resort, they are dangerous for an uninitiated person and can punish him himself.

Candle plot

This prayer, and in fact - a conspiracy against enemies at work, must be read in the flame of a church candle.

Before you say the words, you need to focus on the request. Say while looking at the fire:

“Lord, Almighty God, you protect my shelter and my threshold, my mortal body and my labor, my business. From all enemies: visible and invisible. All those whom I know and whose names I list, as well as those whom I do not know by name, but from whom I innocently suffer. Protect me, Lord. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen".

Beginners should start with this simple ritual. Sometimes this is enough to get rid of ill-wishers.

To fool the enemy

If there is a specific enemy at work that does not allow you to live and work quietly, a conspiracy is a good idea.

Read by heart, you can salt or water:

“Find, hassle, from any side, With a windy and twisted, From sunrise and from the west, Frost your head, look away Thirty-three times. Leprosy leprosy, Eat clean thoughts, Give a swooning void. As the baby sees and does not see, Hears and does not hear, Hears and does not understand, So that my enemy, the servant of God (name), Sees and does not see, hears and does not hear, Recham hears and does not understand a damn thing. Amen."

The ill-wisher will forget about you, stop noticing and leave you alone. If the plot was read in salt - sprinkle so that the enemy could step on it, water - spray in the office.

To return evil to the offender

If you have been promoted, given a prize, or simply noted at work, then there will always be envious people. A huge amount of negative energy can suddenly fall on your head. Not every biofield can withstand such pressure without damage.

You can protect yourself, make envious people behind, punish them and return negative information to the sender by performing the appropriate ritual.

Any conspiracy from enemies at work must be read according to all the rules. They are indicated in each rite. You should strictly adhere to the recommendations so that the defense works and the evil does not return to you as a boomerang.

A plot of salt and poppy

If you are unfairly fired, or are going to do it, a strong plot with salt and poppy seeds will do. To use it, you need to be sure that the person is really guilty of this. Against him, you can apply the following rite, for which you will need:

  • salt,
  • poppy seeds
  • a saucer or a small plate,
  • black candle
  • knife.

On the waning moon, after sunset, embark on a conspiracy. You need to take three pinches of salt and poppy seeds, pour in a saucer and mix with the end of a knife with the words:

“Overcoming all obstacles, thresholds and doors in the image of a black viper. I bring the servant of God (name) tears, tribulations and quarrels for any reason. I punish poppy to be tears, and salt - grief. I knead the trouble on them and give it to the slave (name). I lock my mouth, and throw a valuable key deep into the sea. No one will interrupt my action and will not fail my plan. Let it be so and three times stronger. "

Transfer the entrained mixture to work and sprinkle where the ill-wisher is located. Grains can be put in a drawer, on a chair seat, in a toilet, on shelves and other places.

After the action, go to church or say a prayer. The plot will take effect after some time, not immediately.

To living water

Living water is considered to be water taken from a natural spring at midnight. Dishes should be ceramic or glass. You need to collect such water and put it at the feet of your bed for three days, then take it with you to work.

Conspiracy from enemies at work read in the toilet. Heated on water:

“As I worked here, I will. As I came here, so I will go. The key is the lock! "

Wash hands with charmed water and wash your face. If you need to get rid of the enemy, then the plot is read on the waning moon, if you stay in the workplace - on the growing.

How and when to read conspiracies from enemies at work

A number of rules must be observed for the plot to work:

  1. Magic words must be recited by heart.
  2. Do not confuse the text and do not replace with other word forms.
  3. Read on the waning moon - it is in this phase that the energy of the celestial body helps to get rid of the undesirable effects of envious people.
  4. Do not experience anger and hatred during the ceremony.
  5. Visualize the words of the conspiracy, imagining how fellow enemies change their bad attitude to sympathy.
  6. Ritual paraphernalia should not be replaced with other objects.
  7. After the ritual, you need to put a candle for the health of the ill-wisher.

Strong conspiracy to defend against enemies at work

Paulo Coelho said that the best way to defeat an enemy is to be his friend. This tactic really works. Any conspiracy, including from enemies and envious people, should be beneficial, therefore, the result is sympathy from a colleague, as a result, he will cease to harm at work.

The conspiracy "The magic of 4 elements"

It is necessary to prepare 4 containers in advance and place the attributes of all elements in them:

  • the first will be empty - there is air in it,
  • flowing water is poured into the second,
  • in the third they throw a handful of earth,
  • in the fourth should put a coal.

The rite is performed on the full moon at exactly midnight. During the movement should be limited movement, it is advisable to always be in the same position. In a comfortable position, say:

"Mother Nature, I appeal to you, they have given me the power of the elements to get rid of enemies, to facilitate the work in the collective evil."

Spend a few minutes in silence, saturated with the energy of nature. Then utter a conspiracy:

“The famously dark will not touch me, will go into the darkness of hopeless darkness, the enemies will recoil, scorched by fire, washed by my water. The earth beneath me will not be touched, the air will not be blocked. The wind of enemies will not allow, the machinations will destroy them all and will blow out of their window again. Glory to the elements of the almighty. Amen!".

For candy

It is recommended to use chocolates - they are more in demand and will disperse faster between colleagues. You need to buy a lot of different sweets, pour them into a beautiful vase in the morning and speak:

“The sweets are delicious, they will become my magic potion. Enemies will be turned into friends of the most devoted. They will bring good and prosperity to them, such is my will. ”

You should treat your colleagues with charmed sweets without missing anyone, even positive-minded people.

Strong prayer from intrigues at work

Prayer is read alone, in the waning phase of the moon, in a closed room, with a lit church candle.

“Filled with clear light, I will get rid of enemies at work. An angel will take their grudge, warm my soul, cleanse it from bitter insults, and wash away tears. And everything will be returned back to the enemy that he prepared for me. ”

Conspiracy to neutralize evil colleagues

  • photo of a colleague or group of opponents,
  • black woolen thread.

The photo must be rolled up, tightly rewound with its thread and read the plot 7 times:

“By my will I command, I suppress the enemies. Let their nasty things not reach me, beginnings will come to a standstill, and let their hands be taken away from me. I wind the black thread, I eliminate the anger of the fierce enemies of my sworn, envious colleagues. Although tormented by envy, they will not be able to do anything to me, and, having gone astray, they will lag behind forever, without achieving their goals. Amen!".

The Rite

The easiest, but effective conspiracy to protect against evil people at work. Just one word “Get Off” is endowed with tremendous power and acts instantly. It is pronounced whenever trouble occurs at work or a person feels an unkind look on himself. Repeated many times during the day. The result will be visible after the first 10 repetitions. The enemy will lose its former interest, having felt the need to do its own, more important things. In addition, it is recommended to wave a fountain pen towards the enemy (if a specific person is known), the surprise on his face will be a signal that the plot has acted.

The ritual with scissors that cut off ill-wishers once and for all has a powerful effect.

Strong plot on a key and paper

The simplest of all options, but the most effective. His strength is in turning to God. Reading the plot is not necessary. On a piece of paper, you should write a spell once, wrap the key from the office in it and throw it into the water: a river, a pond, a lake.

“Gracious Lord, shut off with a key these mouths, ears, eyes, thoughts and hands to my enemies. No one will find the key, the lock will not open, it will not overtake me. After all, if the key is found, it will destroy me. But the Lord will not allow this, I will protect me from competitors and evil people. Everything will work out for me, everything that is planned will come true. Amen!".

Prayer from competitors

Prayer is used only when the name of a rival colleague is known. On the day of the full moon you should go to church, get 13 candles. At the exit, say: "As a competitor begins to harm, so my conspiracy will take everything away." Light candles at night, visualize the image of the opponent and mentally erect a thick wall between you.

To read the plot from competitors at work, you need to be confident, without hesitation, many times, as much as possible.

“A competitor will not venture enmity, will not break through my armor. My defense is strong. And he thinks of harming me, this conspiracy will warn everyone, evil will return him back, he will save my work. ”

Candle stains must be thrown into the trash. The ritual is performed 3 months in a row, at the time of the full moon, avoiding passes.

Coal plot

It is necessary to stand on the road, draw a circle with coal around you and repeat 3 times:

“I put protection from evil people, rivals and competitors. They won’t enter the circle, they won’t break my affairs, they won’t ruin my work. I’ll hide the road to me in black coal, even I can’t find it, not like the enemy. ”

Throw the coal as far as possible, and, without looking back, leave.

Conspiracy from conflicts at work

Constant conflicts and the struggle for a place under the sun deplete the nerves and energy of man. The work does not argue, everything falls out of hand, and the rivals are only happy and throw angry remarks. Everything is getting worse. To protect yourself from conflicts at work, you can take advantage of a powerful conspiracy to water.

Living Water Ritual

  • spring water collected at midnight - it is considered “living”,
  • glass container.

Above the vessel with water at midnight, in the phase of the growing moon, you should read the plot:

“My work is going well, envious people will take pity on me, they won’t swear with me, they will forget all conflicts with me. They will become friends, I won’t lose my job. I wish the envious all the best, let the former enemy help me from now on. ”

In the morning, you should rinse your hands with your captivated water and wash your face.

Rite of salt

Necessary ritual attributes:

  • a new, not open pack of salt,
  • saucer,
  • church candle.

Pour salt on a saucer, light a candle and remember people with whom a conflict arose at work. They whisper a conspiracy to salt, collect it in a bag or handkerchief, bring it to the office and scatter it in all corners - in the office, corridor and public places.

“The salt in the eyes of everyone who wants evil for me, envies me, composes fables, brings to conflicts, spoils my work. Let them step back and forget about me, they won’t create a squabble. ”

Prayer from ill-wishers and conflicts at work

A conspiracy-prayer from ill-wishers at work should be read in front of the icon 3 times and immediately go to bed.

“The Lord Almighty, save me from intrigues, from swords and evil ideas, from squabbles and violent conflicts, from cunning tricks, conspiracies and slander. From enemies and envious people, from a stinging snake, a lion roaring, a dog barking to protect me. Glory to you! Now and with. Amen!".

Gossip plot at work

Success in work, bonuses, awards, promotions give rise to envy.

Intrigue and gossip somewhat obscure the flawed position of the rest of the employees, but the gossip of envious colleagues can seriously tarnish the reputation. Correcting the situation will not be easy, in some cases, it is already impossible. To avoid this will help the plot from gossip at work.

Grammar from sugar gossip

The ritual must be performed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, other days will not work. A prerequisite is that it should rain. In a sealed glass container pour ½ tbsp. sugar and, having closed the lid, expose in the rain. After 1 hour, you need to take the container in your hands, 3 times to knock on the bowl and read the plot:

“The water drained, drained, but it did not drip to sugar, it didn’t work, it didn’t get wet. So (the name of the gossip), the envious and the gossip is evil, my enemy, will not be able to reach me, the work in the team will not spoil ”.

The longer you can keep the sugar in the rain, the stronger the plot. The ill-wisher and the gossip should be treated with tea, adding the charmed sugar to it. If he gets wet during the ritual, immediately stop the rite and flush it into the toilet, otherwise the result will be exactly the opposite.

Water spell and pin

For the ceremony, water from a standing reservoir (swamp or pond) and a new safety pin will be required. To read the plot from gossip at work you need to the waning moon. Whisper right into the eye of an open pin:

“Your mouth (name of the enemy) will close, just like this pin. You will not compose fables, interfere with my work. ”

Closing a pin, throw it into the water and say:

“She closed her mouth (name) and poured water over it, now he (her) is silent like a dumb fish, not writing anything about me. My work is going well, but my envious people will be reduced. ”

Dry grass plot

There are no special requirements for the ritual. It can be carried out at any convenient time: morning, afternoon, evening or night, without focusing on the moon. You need to pick a bunch of weeds and speak.“As the grass dries, the enemies will stop harassing me with gossip. Evil languages ​​will lag behind me and will be forgotten forever. ”

Consequences of conspiracies against enemies at work

A conspiracy against enemies and ill-wishers at work does not harm them, but only protects them from gossip, gossip, envy and other tricks. Spells that return evil to the person who made it make it possible to feel everything on yourself and restrain from repetition. The main thing is not to forget that it is necessary to conduct the rites with a pure heart, without a sense of vengeance, resentment and anger, then they will not do anything to the one who performs the ritual.


A conspiracy from enemies at work will greatly facilitate teamwork, but you should not get carried away with ritual activities. It is recommended to resort to magical power only in extreme cases when it was not possible to cope with the problem yourself. There are many options for conspiracies, which allows you to choose the most suitable one.

Option 1: To read at home

When you bring living water home, prepare a clean canvas towel. Wash and thoroughly dry his face. In this whisper, a conspiracy from enemies at work should be read:

I took voditsa from the key of the living, wet my face for cleanliness, and for female beauty!

And a friend, a stranger, and a counter-transverse beauty of mine will admire, not be born!

My word is strong! I have the key!

There is no result from conspiracies for money, help

Hello. I tried to read various conspiracies for money, but to no avail, I do not see much profit. Although love rituals work for me.

These magic words will protect you from an “unclean face,” that is, from a person who wants to bring you trouble, to erase the joy from your face. This should be done daily until your enemies calm down and things get better. You will learn about this in many ways. The main thing in the ritual is to perform this ceremony methodically, daily with faith in the result.

Conspiracy to the death of the enemy

From oppressors, constant merciless mockery, in order to survive, a person goes to extreme measures - uses a slander to death of the enemy. Against the ill-wisher, a ritual is carried out in a cemetery with holy water and a thing that belongs to the victim. The ritual is fast.

Strong slander can be read on the waning moon. The conspirator goes to the cemetery and finds a grave with the name of the offender. A strong death sentence is read after the offender’s thing is buried at the grave, over which holy water is poured:

“I brought you here, soon you will come back here. You cannot be saved, you cannot dodge. ”

Strong slander against the enemy is repeated three times. After that, the object is dug up and carried under the victim’s house. Magic will soon turn into torment for the one who first sent evil and negativity.

The ritual should be held in the cemetery

Option 2: For reading at work

To preserve your workplace, carefully observe all the conditions of the conspiracy.

It is necessary to read this plot from enemies at work in the toilet. Prepare living water as described in the previous rite. It needs to be poured into a bottle and put on your feet for three nights.

After this time you need to take a bottle with you to work. There, go to the toilet, wash your hands thoroughly and, slowly, wash yourself, quietly saying:

As I came here, so I will go.

Conspiracy from enemies at work - when to read it? If you want to get rid of ill-wishers - on the waning moon. And if the main thing for you is to keep your place - then to the growing one. Also on the rising moon, you can read the conspiracy for money in order to quickly achieve an increase.

A plot of salt and a pan

Salt is often used to store energy due to the characteristics of its crystal lattice. If you pronounce magic words over the salt, then it will accept this information.

The salt is charged as follows: it is necessary to heat it in a pan under the pronunciation of a magic plot:

Yes there is a reference tyn-peretyn!

No one to get me, no one to chop with a sharp ax,

Do not throw me dusty stones.

I close tyn to the seventh castle

I’m locking you with the twelfth key!

Magical salt can be hidden in the drawer of your desk, but it is better to sprinkle it quietly around your workplace. After completing all these actions, you can be calm: the favor of the boss will be with you. While you are working here, you can forget about hostility, a conspiracy to succeed in your work will protect you.

To salt and fire

Salt is very often used in various kinds of protective spells from enemies.

Another serious conspiracy against enemies at work is read with the involvement of two elements.

  • You need to light a green candle
  • Slowly, with a small coffee spoon, gently (so as not to extinguish the flame!) Throw salt into it.

Then say the words of the spell:

To any enemy, to any enemy, to any envious of mine!

It’s not given to a simple person to turn the sun back,

How not to give water in the sieve to lock,

It’s not possible to upset me either (your name),

From now on, to deprive my workmen of the century!

The key is pike, pike in the sea! My word is strong!

  • Right after you finish reading, you need to swallow a small pinch of salt,
  • All! The ritual is completed, now you are protected by two elements. None of your colleagues will do you any harm.

Rituals, rites, and conspiracies for wealth

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Additional exposure tools

Knowing the name of his enemy, a person gets rid of unnecessary fear and uses tools that will also return negativity to the sender.

To offenders lag behind, apply:

  • Runes. They use the Gebo, Eyvaz and Fehu stavas to harm another person.
  • Tarot cards. A plot is being plotted on Indian cards: "Bring trouble, bring fear, bring pain." After that, the cards are thrown to the offender.
  • Holy books. They use a psalm to freeze the successful deeds of the enemy. Separate texts are used as part of the spell.
  • Mantras In most cases, the mantra carries positive energy, but it can also be used to harm.

After each impact on another person, you need to cleanse yourself and your home. Revenge must not harm. After the ceremony, they clean the living space and pronounce the words:

"My mouth is now shut, I am now clean, free from pain and anger."