Oregano (oregano): medicinal properties and contraindications

This plant is recognized as a medicinal. In our country, it is growing everywhere with the exception of the Far North. She loves to "settle" in sunny forest glades, in the hills and open dry meadows.

At present, the abundance of this type of oregano has significantly decreased, and in many regions of Russia the harvesting of plants is limited. During flowering, grass and flowers are most rich in vitamin C, tannins and essential oils. The aroma of the plant is extraordinary!

The healing properties of oregano

Origanum ordinary is part of the pharmacy fees, shows its healing properties in many diseases, both in combination therapy and independently.

Oregano is a powerful natural sedative. Teas and decoctions from it easily cope with anxiety, nervousness, bad mood, and insomnia. Infusion of oregano grass in combination with St. John's wort or meadowsweet rescues with exacerbation of anacid gastritis, digestive disorders, weak bowel tone. It’s very useful for people with stagnation in the gallbladder to drink tea with oregano, because this plant facilitates biliary excretion.

Ornate oregano, taken shortly before meals, enhances appetite, helps in the assimilation of food, regulates the acidity of the stomach (especially indicated for those who have low acidity).

In folk medicine, oregano is saved at high pressure, because the grass has a diuretic effect. Gargling with infusion of common oregano alleviates sore throat, reduces the inflammatory process in tonsils with angina. The healing plant is used for home treatment of bronchitis, cough, asthma - oregano exhibits an expectorant effect. It is used to treat menstrual irregularities.

The diaphoretic effect of oregano is perfectly manifested in fever, helps to reduce the temperature from critical numbers to optimal.

Outwardly, weed is used for wounds and cuts - a mild hemostatic effect in a wonderful way combines in oregano with antiseptic.

Infusion or essential oil is added to relaxing aromatic baths. By the way, the skin after such procedures glows with beauty and youth, because oregano helps to renew the cells of the dermis.

Oregano extract is part of the time-tested drug Urolesan, which exhibits healing properties for kidney stones and urinary tract problems, biliary tract problems.

You can not use oregano and even add to tea during pregnancy, because she has an abortive effect.

Biological characteristics of the plant

Probably everyone knows what oregano looks like. This perennial dotted with bright purple flowers every summer pleases with its colorfulness.

The period of budding is the summer months and September. In Russia, oregano is harvested precisely during flowering, cutting only the upper part (sprouts leaving a height of 15 to 20 centimeters) so that the grass does not lose its beneficial properties.

To date, there are fifty species of this plant. Oregano has several names, for example, it is often called the motherboard, and sometimes - winter marjoram.

Our ancestors used oregano for:

The list of problems with which oregano is struggling is quite extensive. It is known that this plant is used to treat inflammation in the upper respiratory tract and to normalize digestion.

North Africa and Asia are considered to be the homeland of oregano, but it grows far beyond the borders of these countries. For example, in some former republics of the Soviet Union, including Russia and Ukraine.

Favorite places of oregano are meadows, forest edges and mountain slopes.

Like any healing plant with powerful healing properties, oregano has contraindications. They will be discussed below.

Caring for your skin

Many substances useful to the skin are contained in oregano infusion. They have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin:

  • Thanks to vitamin K, blood circulation improves, capillary vessels are strengthened and skin is regenerated,
  • Antibacterial and soothing effect provide carvacrol and thymol,
  • Beta-carotene helps fight acne, soothes irritated skin, relieves redness, and rejuvenates the skin, stimulating the restoration of its cells.
  • cell renewal also occurs under the action of phenolcarboxylic acids.

Thus, oregano is very useful as an excellent facial skin care product. It effectively helps to solve the following problems:

  • narrows the enlarged pores
  • participate in anti-aging processes, restores skin firmness,
  • improves complexion
  • effectively relieves acne,
  • It treats skin infections by acting as an antiseptic and a wound healing agent.

Nutritional use

Oregano - a popular spice under the synonym Oregano, which is part of many mixtures of spices for cooking meat, chicken, fish and other dishes.

In addition to tea, oregano is added when cooking homemade kvass (for flavoring) and when pickling cucumbers (they turn out to be especially crispy and smelling appetizing).

To tea with health benefits, oregano is recommended to brew along with other plants: strawberries, blackberries, mint, chokeberry. Fragrant leaflets are often added to homemade alcoholic beverages.

Half the summer has flown, it's time to collect oregano

Many are interested in when to collect oregano for drying for the winter? It is better to do this in July - immediately after the plant is covered with bright pinkish-lilac flowers.

Herbalists are harvesting plants until the first September days.

Oregano must be dried in a darkened, well-ventilated area (for example in the attic), away from sunlight. Electric dryers are generally unsuitable for harvesting this grass. But in the case when there is no choice, experts advise taking a device that can create a 35 ° C mode. If the drying temperature exceeds the permissible maximum, the plant will lose its beneficial properties.

Important! The end of the process is determined by the state of the stems. When they break easily and at the same time a characteristic dry crack is heard, then the drying is completed.

Lovers of a fragrant drink from this plant are often interested in how to dry oregano for tea at home. Many do it right on sheets of paper spread out on the windowsill. To prepare grass according to all the rules, twigs need to be periodically (at least four times a day) to stir, changing their position.

If oregano is prepared correctly, it smells good and has a bitter, tart taste.


In traditional and traditional medicine, medicinal plants are widely used. This is a real gift of nature, allowing you to maintain beauty and health throughout life. One of the healing herbs is oregano - its water, alcohol and ether extracts have many healing properties.

The plant is widespread throughout Europe. In Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union, oregano can be found in the forest, among bushes, in meadows, edges, hillsides and mountains. On the North American continent and in the Mediterranean countries, oregano is cultivated to produce high-quality spices and the manufacture of essential oils.

Pharmachologic effect

Origanum common (oregano, oregano, motherboard, frankincense, yawn, matserdushka) is a perennial herb from the genus Oregano of the family Yasnotkovye.

It has a sedative, expectorant and diuretic effect, increasing intestinal motility. It has antimicrobial properties, increases appetite and secretion of gastric juice.

Oregano grass is most common in Europe and the Mediterranean. It grows mainly in open areas - edges, glades, on hillsides and in dry open places.

Oregano herb is a little over half a meter tall, the rhizome is branched, the stem is softly pubescent and branched in the upper part. Leaves from 1 to 4 cm, ovate, pointed up. Blooms in numerous small purple flowers, starting in June. Seeds ripen by August. The smell of Oregano Herb is gentle and pleasant, vaguely reminiscent of the smell of marjoram, the taste is bitter-spicy, slightly tart, astringent. Collected from the second year of vegetation, usually cutting at a height of 17-20 cm from the soil.

Oregano grass contains ascorbic acid and tannins, which are most found in leaves and much less in flowers and stems. Essential oil can be obtained from the collected herbs or dried for later use as a medicine or as a spice in cooking. To obtain the essential oil, Oregano grass is processed immediately after collection by the hydrodistillation method. Well-ventilated rooms are used for drying.

In some countries, oregano grass is cultivated and most often used in cooking as a spicy aromatic plant, better known as Oregano. It is used for the preparation of vegetable and meat dishes, pickles, pastries, as well as in the compositions of various teas in the kitchens of different nations.

Essential oil Oregano herbs are used in cooking (in the manufacture of liquors, tinctures, beer and kvass), in perfumery (in the production of toothpastes, cologne, soap), in folk and traditional medicine.

Useful recipes

Tea from oregano leaves with blackberries

Young leaves of oregano and blackberry (can be replaced with raspberries, currants) after collection, dry on a newspaper - under the sun and in the air. Then it is dried at a temperature of 40 degrees in the oven. In whole or crushed form, they are poured into paper bags and stored in a dry place. For brewing in a ceramic teapot, take a collection spoon for 3-4 glasses of boiling water. Drink with honey or sugar.

Cooking kvass with oregano

Kombucha can be infused not on tea, but on infusion of oregano. In this case, the infusion retains all the beneficial properties, harmoniously combined with the benefits of Kombucha. Especially interesting and useful is the combination of oregano and kombuchi for kidney diseases.

In the case of classic kvass, take 10-15 g of finely chopped oregano raw materials per 1 liter of bread kvass. Oregano is wrapped in a two-layer gauze bag (sterile) and lowered into a container with a drink at the peak of its fermentation. Then they are taken out of the finished kvass. The drink strikes on the spot with a wonderful aroma, pleasant and refreshing taste!

Hair care

Oregano infusion is an excellent tool for rinsing hair. Due to the fact that it contains a large amount of essential oils, the infusion has a calming effect and leaves a light fragrant train on the hair. In addition, he has a number of useful qualities that are useful in hair care:

  • Restores hair structure,
  • Normalizes sebum secretion,
  • Improves blood circulation.

Where is oregano used, besides traditional medicine?

The medicinal plant is widely used in traditional and traditional medicine, homeopathy, and in aromatherapy pure essential oil obtained by hydrodistillation of a green vegetative mass collected from specially organized plantations is very popular.

Grass is part of the productive cold, sweatshops, breast, carminative fees, the recipes of which have been used by herbalists for more than a century. The tops of plants collected during the period of mass flowering and carefully dried in well-ventilated dark rooms are used as therapeutic raw materials.

Dried perennial raw materials are also used in cooking under the better known name of oregano. Spices are seasoned with dishes from all types of meat, including pastes, toppings from offal, home-made sausages, as well as marinades used for salting mushrooms and vegetables. The benefits of oregano for the human body are scientifically proven, and it not only improves the taste of food, but also makes it healing.

Very often oregano can be found in spicy mixtures designed to improve the taste of mushrooms and oyster mushrooms, pizza, sauces, gravy, mayonnaise. The delicate taste and delicate aroma of oregano makes it an indispensable seasoning in most world cuisines. Oregano blends perfectly with many spices, including allspice and black pepper, basil, rosemary, thyme (thyme), marjoram.

In Russian cuisine, there are recipes for making fragrant teas from oregano or a mixture of different plants with it. All kinds of cosmetics are also prepared from the grass to diversify facial and body care.

Useful properties of oregano in gynecology

For a rather long time, oregano broth has been used in folk medicine to treat many female gynecological diseases. The most common ailments are menstrual cramps, irregular menstruation, and heavy menstrual bleeding. Oregano reduces pain during menstruation, eliminates spasm of the pelvic organs and reduces the degree of bleeding. Therefore, she received the name of female grass.

Another important feature of it is its restorative and calming effect on the body. We all know that during critical days, women are especially irritable and often complain of lack of sleep. Tea with oregano will help relieve irritability, restore calm and a healthy sleep.

An infusion of herbs is very useful for women during lactation, as it contributes to a better production of breast milk. Medicines based on oregano restore the normal functioning of a woman’s body after a complicated pregnancy.

The benefits of oregano for women of different ages

Oregano is also useful for very young girls who have such a problem as a delay in the development of the genitals and chest. It helps women of mature age to alleviate suffering as a result of painful flushing, fight migraine attacks and bring the central nervous system to a stable state.

Among women, it is believed that oregano decoction provides an increase in breast volume up to 2 sizes. This is possible due to the fact that this herb in large quantities contains plant phytoestrogen, which contributes to the growth and strengthening of the mammary glands.

Medicinal properties and composition of oregano

The healing properties and contraindications of oregano are due to the biologically active phytonutrients that are part of the plant. Fresh raw materials contain up to 1.2% of volatile compounds - essential oils and phytoncides containing thymol, carvacrol, sesquiterpenes, geranyl acetate. These substances have pronounced antibacterial and antihistamine properties.

Proteins, fiber, phenolic and tannins, antioxidants, mineral salts of calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and iodine, vitamins are present in the grass. Oregano is especially rich in ascorbic acid, carotenoids, vitamins B1, B2, PP and K.

The healing properties of oregano:

  • antispastic
  • anthelmintic,
  • sedatives
  • regenerative
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antibacterial
  • lactogonous,
  • antimicrobial
  • diuretics
  • sweatshops
  • antirheumatic,
  • painkiller
  • antihistamines
  • antihypertensives,
  • expectorant
  • emollients
  • stimulating intestinal motility,
  • anti-sclerotic.

Oregano, as a medicinal plant, has powerful expectorant properties, so its extracts are effective against most respiratory diseases associated with cough, including whooping cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, SARS, and acute respiratory infections.

In folk medicine, oregano is used to treat nervous disorders, neurosis, insomnia, and epilepsy. Oregano tea works as a mild antidepressant, relaxing the nervous system and relieving excessive stress after stress and emotional overload.

The plant is effective for pathologies of the digestive system: gastritis with low acidity, intestinal atony, stomach cramps, inflammation in the liver, jaundice, increased gas formation, cholecystitis, hepatitis, constipation, enteritis, helminthic infestations, colitis.

Outwardly decoctions and infusions of oregano are added to the bathtubs with scrofula, irritation of the skin, various rashes. Extracts from the plant in the form of lotions and compresses work locally with diathesis in children, furunculosis, eczema, and non-healing wound surfaces.

Oregano is rinsed with an infusion of the oral cavity to improve the condition of the gums and reduce their bleeding during periodontal disease. Irreplaceable decoction of grass with gingivitis, stomatitis, halitosis, toothache.

For the preparation of medicine 2 tbsp. l dry raw materials steamed with a glass of boiling water, simmer in a water bath for a quarter of an hour, cool at room temperature for 45 minutes, filter and add boiled water to a volume of 250 ml. The tool obtained according to this recipe is used topically for rinses or lotions.

Oregano - “female grass”

Of particular value is marjoram grass for women's health. With its help, the treatment of amenorrhea (absence of menstruation in childbearing age), polycystic ovaries, cervical erosion and other reproductive system pathologies are carried out.

Infusions, decoctions and teas from the plant help in the fight against bleeding, so they are often recommended for women after childbirth to accelerate the healing of the uterine mucosa. The use of extracts from oregano activates the production of breast milk, which is why it is often used by nursing mothers with insufficient lactation.

The use of oregano for breast growth

Today, many women and young girls dream of a beautiful, fit and magnificent breast. However, not everyone was so generously endowed by nature, so women have to look for their own ways to achieve perfection. Someone is training hard in gyms, someone is looking for salvation in alternative medicine, some are trying to get the desired effect using expensive cosmetics, and the most daring fall under the knife of a plastic surgeon. But the most popular and affordable way to self-enlarge breasts is oregano.

Its composition contains in large quantities the necessary vitamins, minerals and phytoestrogen, which have a beneficial effect on the mammary glands and increase their volume. Breast enlargement occurs due to the fact that phytoestrogen enters the female body in an enhanced mode, which contributes to the production of female sex hormones.

For breast augmentation, it is recommended to drink tea or a decoction of oregano daily. You can cook it very easily. Pour 2 tablespoons of dry grass in 200 ml of hot water, put on fire and simmer for 10 minutes on low heat. After removing from the fire, the broth should be insisted for 20 minutes. The broth is ready.

Drink broth three times a day, it is necessary to do this before eating. The dosage at the reception is half a glass. However, you need to use broth from oregano very carefully, because it contains phytoestrogen, an excess of which can adversely affect women's health.

Therefore, it is recommended to drink the broth for one month, then pause for 3 weeks. After this period, the decoction can be resumed.

Is oregano good for men's health?

In addition to the fact that marjoram has many beneficial properties for female health, it is also useful for males.

First of all, it helps men relieve spasms that accompany gastritis, helps relieve pain in the gall bladder and intestines. This is possible due to the fact that this healing herb has an analgesic and antispasmodic effect. It also has a calming effect on the body of men and provides a healthy and calm sleep.

The beneficial properties of oregano in the fight against alcoholism have long been known. Regular consumption of tea with this herb leads to a decrease in cravings for alcohol. However, such teas have a negative side. Their use over an extended period has a negative effect on male potency. Therefore, men should refrain from prolonged intake of oregano, because it causes a decrease in sexual desire, and in some cases can cause impotence.

To whom is oregano contraindicated?

In addition to the fact that oregano has medicinal properties, there are contraindications for women.

Firstly, it should not be used during pregnancy. It has an exciting effect on the smooth muscles of the uterus, which can provoke a miscarriage.

It is forbidden to take it to persons under 16 years of age.

It is contraindicated as a medicine for people with the following diseases:

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  • Stomach ulcer
  • Duodenal ulcer,
  • Hypersecretion of the stomach,
  • Kidney and liver disease,
  • An allergic reaction to oregano and hypersensitivity to it.

With caution, you need to take drugs with oregano for women during breastfeeding. This is not only not forbidden, but also very useful in most cases. However, a doctor’s consultation is necessary.

Useful properties of oregano tea

All people who are anxious about their health must certainly periodically make tea from oregano. It can be a great alternative to sleeping pills, which are dangerous for the body. So that insomnia does not bother you anymore, a cup of delicious tea will help before going to bed.

Oregano is the leader in the concentration of vitamin C in it, which is responsible for strengthening the human immune system. This decoction is useful as a preventive measure for colds and infectious diseases. In winter, it is especially useful.

Oregano tea helps well with hypertension, and also relieves pain in the gastrointestinal tract.

Biological features

The homeland of oregano is the Mediterranean. Origanum vulgare L belongs to the Labret family. It is a relative of no less useful and spicy herbs: basil, mint, marjoram, sage, thyme, lemon balm.

You can recognize Origanum by the following signs:

  • a straight tetrahedral stem with a branching of the upper part,
  • oblong-ovate leaves with radicular attachment to the stem. Their color is deep green, size from 1.5 to 4.5 cm,
  • panicled reddish-lilac or pale pink inflorescences with a tart fragrant odor.

The distribution area covers the European part of Russia, the Caucasus and Siberia, Central Asia and Kazakhstan. The plant is unpretentious and grows well on any type of soil. But it feels best on moistened loam and light sandy sandstone.

You can observe all the charm of flowering oregano in the second half of summer. In late August - early September, small seeds appear. Propagated by Origanum both seeds and vegetatively.

We make a healing drink

To prepare fragrant and healthy tea from oregano, you do not need to have any special skills. Anyone can easily do this and enjoy a tasty, fragrant drink.

Take 1 teaspoon of pre-chopped dry grass, pour the mixture with 1 cup of boiling water and let it brew for 5 to 8 minutes. If you brew longer, you can lose a pleasant aroma.

To enhance the beneficial properties found in tea, you can supplement it with some ingredients:

  • To improve the taste, you can add cream,
  • Headache can be alleviated by adding mint leaves to the broth,
  • You can improve sleep with honey.

After a hard day's work, it’s very good to take regular tea with a little oregano as a sedative.

However, do not forget that oregano can simultaneously be beneficial and harmful to human health. Therefore, you first need to see if you have any diseases in which this herb is contraindicated. If there are none, then the use of decoction of oregano will bring you a lot of pleasure.

Oregano Tea

Making a tasty and healthy drink is no different from the usual method of brewing black tea leaves. A teaspoon of dry grass is poured with a glass of boiling water in a teapot, insisted for 5-6 minutes, sweetened with sugar or honey and enjoy the delicate aroma and delicate taste.

You can make classic black tea with a pinch of oregano. The taste of the drink will become much richer, and its beneficial qualities will undoubtedly increase. A popular combination of oregano and lemon balm, taken in equal proportions. This tea, especially with a tablespoon of forest honey, relieves stress and improves the process of falling asleep.

Oregano: useful properties and contraindications

Dry motherboard today is widely used as seasoning, but on sale it is most often found under the name "oregano". Since ancient times, it has been used for the preparation of incense, in particular for church incense. Ancient blades of grass had no doubt that the smell of oregano could not stand the spirits of evil and used a dry plant for healing rituals.

Oregano is often confused with thyme - a shrub that exudes a pleasant aroma. But these are completely different plants.

In addition to it, this plant contains:

  • 40% phenols,
  • 12% organic matter
  • 15% free alcohols,
  • flavonoids
  • tannins,
  • vitamin C,
  • coumarin,
  • thymol and other elements.

Oregano essential oil is used to solve skin and muscle problems. In addition, having strong antihistamine properties, it is able to calm toothache, relieve joint inflammation and cramping.

Trying to grow oregano yourself

If you want to always have oregano grass on hand, and there is no time to look for places where it grows, try growing a plant in a summer cottage. It is very convenient that oregano can grow in one place for five whole years! You can distribute bushes throughout the site.

Seeds are sown in early spring, the sowing depth should vary in the range from 1 to 1.5 cm, and the distance between the rows - at least 40 cm. But it is better to give preference to the seedling method. To do this, on the windowsill, grow seedlings in separate peat pots or any cups, and then plant on the site. The distance between the plants should be about 50 cm, and between the rows - 40 - 60 cm.

Another option for the propagation of oregano is the method of division of rhizomes. In this case, the plants are planted in rows at a distance of about 20 cm from each other to a depth of 3 to 5 cm, and the distance between the rows should be from 40 to 60 cm.

The period of flowering oregano - July - August, it was at this time that it was harvested. Cut shoots should be about 30 cm long. Plants should be dried in well-ventilated or attic rooms. Drying is completed if the stems become brittle when bent.

It is possible to store whole dried plants for one year. If you store dried oregano grass in an airtight container in a grated form, then its shelf life can be three years.

Growing and harvesting

Cultivating oregano on the farm will not be difficult. The plant will delight with a fragrant train and decorative qualities.

Recommendations for gardeners to grow:

  • choose a well-lit area without stagnation of moisture,
  • the land needs to be prepared in the fall: dig and fertilize with manure, superphosphate or nitrate,
  • in April, the seeds of a plant are sown directly into the ground without deepening and sprinkled with peat,
  • with the appearance of the first seedlings (after 10-14 days), seedlings thin out.

If the climate is moody, it is better to use the seedling method. Sowing is carried out in February-March. Bushes are planted in the ground in late May or early June. In the process of care, it is important to water and regularly eliminate weeds. Oregano blooms only after a year. In one place, good shoots gives up to 4-5 years.

Oregano flowering is long: from July to September. For medicinal purposes, grass is harvested when about 3/4 of the inflorescences have blossomed. In order for the dry herbal mixture to maintain beneficial properties for up to 3 years, observe several harvesting rules:

  1. Raw materials are collected in dry weather as early as possible. Morning dew must definitely go down.
  2. Only strong plants are chosen: weak peduncles with signs of lesions cannot be collected.
  3. The stalk is cut with a pruner 15-30 cm from the soil.
  4. The raw materials are laid out in a thin layer on the cotton fabric in a ventilated room or under a street canopy. Avoid direct sunlight.

As soon as the stems become brittle, oregano is ready for storage.


Like many medicinal plants, marjoram has contraindications:

  • allergy,
  • pregnancy,
  • severe course of hypertension
  • gastritis with high acidity,
  • peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum,
  • age up to 14 years
  • problems with potency in men,
  • some diseases of the cardiovascular system.

So that oregano does not harm, and in order to make sure the safety of medicinal products, both for internal and external use, on its basis, before starting to use alternative recipes, you need to consult a specialist who is observing you, especially in the presence of chronic and acute diseases .

Now you also have information about the medicinal properties of oregano, and you can actively use dried grass as a flavoring for your favorite dishes and to strengthen the body of all family members, of course, if there are no contraindications and limitations for health reasons.

We wish you active longevity and undoubted attractiveness!

Indications for use

Oregano grass is used internally and externally. Inside apply in the form of infusions at:

  • Diseases of the respiratory tract - acute and chronic bronchitis, as well as acute respiratory viral infections as an expectorant,
  • Gastrointestinal secretory insufficiency,
  • Atony of the intestine, as well as to improve digestion and appetite,
  • Chronic gastritis
  • Enterocolitis, which is accompanied by constipation or flatulence,
  • Diseases of the liver and gall bladder.

Oregano grass is used externally for pyoderma and diathesis (atopic dermatitis) as part of complex therapy.

Medicinal properties Oregano herbs - expectorant, diaphoretic, soothing, are used in the treatment of colds, soothing - for insomnia, neurosis, hysteria, headache, pain medication, hemostatic, sedative - for stomatitis, periodontal disease, gingivitis.

Due to its properties, Oregano Grass can be used as a stimulating and restorative remedy. In traditional medicine, it is used in the treatment of boils, abscesses, eczema, various rashes, itchy dermatoses, for healing wounds and as a means to regulate menstruation.

When oregano is contraindicated

It is strictly forbidden to use this plant in any form, as well as preparations with its content, for people suffering from severe hypertension, pregnant women and nursing mothers, children, as well as adults, whose body does not tolerate some substances contained in the plant.

Limiting the use of oregano is also necessary for people who have problems with blood vessels and suffer from stomach ulcers, renal or gastric colic and high acidity.

Important! Oregano is strictly prohibited during pregnancy.This is due to the fact that the microelements that make up its composition are able to increase the tone of the uterus, which is fraught with loss of the fetus.

What is this plant, where to find it, harvesting

Origanum ordinary is a perennial weed, belongs to the family Labretaceous. People call it “Tatar tea”. It has a bitter, slightly astringent, tart taste.

In appearance it differs by a soft-haired stem, straight, up to 90 cm high, tetrahedral, has a small branch at the top, where fragrant, smelling small flowers pink or red-purple hues, collected in a panicle-type inflorescence. The leaves are usually dark green, oblong in shape, with slightly translucent veins.

Has a highly developed branched rhizome of brown color. Flowering begins in the middle of summer July-August, closer to September the fruits ripen.

More than 20 species of this plant are known, up to 50 varieties and subspecies. Under natural conditions, only three different species are found.

Here is a photo of the medicinal herb oregano. Below we consider its useful and medicinal properties, talk about the beneficial qualities and the dangers of flowers for health, contraindications and proper use.

In nature, to find this one is easy, it is common. It grows usually on dry, loamy and sandy loamy soils. It can be found in coniferous forests, on stony soils, large open glades or edges.

During flowering, large areas covered with this grass become glossy, shine in the sun, forming an elegant carpet, for which the plant is also called brilliant.

For harvesting collected in dry weather. The stems are cut to one third of their length. This must be done very carefully, without pulling out a rhizome close to the surface. If this happens, the grass dries quickly, then dies.

Dried bundled or layered in thin layers in shaded, well-ventilated areas away from direct sunlight. Grind immediately before use.

On the useful properties of oregano and its use in cooking, the series of programs “1001 Spice of Scheherazade” tells:

Materinka - female grass

Cosmetology. Anti-aging masks with oregano improve complexion, tone and fill the skin with moisture.

The course application will smooth out facial wrinkles and give a touch of light tan.

For a slim figure. The ability to break down subcutaneous fat and restore the structure of tissues has turned the motherboard into an effective home spa.

Oregano is part of anti-cellulite preparations used in professional beauty salons.

Increased milk production in nursing mothers. Due to the poor ecology, artificial feeding has become the norm. But even our grandmothers knew very well that tea with oregano increases milk production during breastfeeding. In addition, the infusion will accelerate the postpartum contraction of the uterus and the passage of lochia.

Application in gynecology. The contribution of oregano to the health of the beautiful half is multifaceted:

  1. The infusion of the motherboard normalizes the work of the ovaries and the production of female hormones, which is useful for restoring the menstrual cycle.
  2. The grass copes with painful cyclic manifestations and specific female inflammations: colpitis, cervicitis, itching and others.
  3. Oregano is used to stimulate the development of the female reproductive system and mammary glands in girls of a subtle constitution.
  4. The grass will help to calmly survive the climacteric manifestations and gently enter the state of menopause. The infusion will eliminate nervousness and insomnia, balance hormonal changes. Douching will support the reparative capabilities of the vaginal epithelium.

When using oregano, it is important to follow the exact recipe, and then women with a wide variety of problems will notice the therapeutic effect.

Oregano in folk medicine

Thanks to so many beneficial properties, oregano is actively used by traditional healers. With its help, they fight a number of ailments and are used as a prophylactic against many ailments. Next, we consider what is useful oregano and how to apply it.

This plant is effective in such cases:

Grass (or preparations containing oregano) are used as a prophylactic that reduces the risk of developing malignant tumors.

Mode of application

For the preparation of infusions, 2 tablespoons of chopped oregano (about 10 g) is poured into 200 ml of hot boiled water and heated for 15 minutes in a water bath. After cooling for one hour at room temperature, the infusion is filtered, and the resulting volume is adjusted to 200 ml. Take, depending on the indications, 1 / 4-1 / 2 cups 15-20 minutes before meals 2 times a day.

Outwardly, the infusion, having previously shaken, is used for lotions and bathtubs several times a day.

When applying Oregano Herb, minor allergic reactions are possible.

What is interesting oregano for men

A specific indication for the use by men of infusions and decoctions of oregano is the elimination of dependence on psychoactive substances. First of all, it is alcoholism and smoking. But you cannot call Origanum vulgare male grass because of a specific side effect.

The complex of sedative compounds of oregano reduces the sexual desire of men. With regular use, especially mono-composition, male sexual capabilities are markedly reduced. In rare cases, impotence develops.

Such prospects will scare anyone, so the range of applications for the stronger sex comes down to common problems:

  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
  • nervousness, insomnia,
  • colds.

At the same time, it is better if oregano acts as an auxiliary component with a maximum exchange rate for 20-30 days once a year.

Storage conditions

Oregano grass can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription. Shelf life is 2 years.

Information about the drug is generalized, provided for informational purposes and does not replace the official instructions. Self-medication is dangerous to health!

It used to be that yawning enriches the body with oxygen. However, this view was disproved. Scientists have proved that yawning, a person cools the brain and improves its performance.

Scientists from Oxford University conducted a series of studies, during which they came to the conclusion that vegetarianism can be harmful to the human brain, as it leads to a decrease in its mass. Therefore, scientists recommend not to completely exclude fish and meat from their diet.

The human stomach does a good job with foreign objects and without medical intervention. Gastric juice is known to dissolve even coins.

An educated person is less susceptible to brain diseases. Intellectual activity contributes to the formation of additional tissue to compensate for the diseased.

Millions of bacteria are born, live and die in our gut. They can be seen only at high magnification, but if they came together, they would fit in a regular coffee cup.

If you fall from a donkey, you are more likely to roll your neck than if you fall from a horse. Just do not try to refute this statement.

The weight of the human brain is about 2% of the total body weight, but it consumes about 20% of the oxygen entering the blood. This fact makes the human brain extremely susceptible to damage caused by a lack of oxygen.

The first vibrator was invented in the 19th century. He worked on a steam engine and was intended to treat female hysteria.

American scientists conducted experiments on mice and came to the conclusion that watermelon juice prevents the development of atherosclerosis of blood vessels. One group of mice drank plain water, and the second a watermelon juice. As a result, the vessels of the second group were free of cholesterol plaques.

There are very interesting medical syndromes, such as obsessive ingestion of objects. In the stomach of one patient suffering from this mania, 2500 foreign objects were discovered.

The well-known drug "Viagra" was originally developed for the treatment of arterial hypertension.

74-year-old Australian resident James Harrison became a blood donor about 1,000 times. He has a rare blood type, the antibodies of which help newborns with severe anemia survive. Thus, the Australian saved about two million children.

Many drugs were initially marketed as drugs. Heroin, for example, was initially marketed as a cough medicine. And cocaine was recommended by doctors as anesthesia and as a means of increasing endurance.

More than $ 500 million a year is spent on allergy medications alone in the United States. Do you still believe that a way to finally defeat allergies will be found?

In addition to people, only one living creature on planet Earth - dogs, suffers from prostatitis. These are indeed our most faithful friends.

The recovery period after any surgical intervention requires the patient to be extremely careful about his health. But what if you need to.

Uses for Origanum vulgare

Popular experience offers many ways to extract the healing power of the motherboard. Infusions, decoctions, oil distillates, steaming and baths - everything goes into business. But the thoughtless use of everything is immediately unacceptable. Herbs are drugs of complex composition, and if you want to connect them to therapy, you need to know the effect of each method.


Decoctions are obtained by prolonged heating of plant material placed in water. Due to the slow and prolonged work of the composition in the body, the therapeutic effect of decoctions is more powerful than that of infusions and teas. Indications for the use of decoctions with oregano:

  • broncho-pulmonary diseases, acute respiratory viral infections, with severe coughing as a mucolytic agent,
  • reduction in pain
  • with acute toothache,
  • as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic,
  • parasitic and fungal diseases,
  • dermatitis, neurodermatitis (inside and out),
  • severe hypothermia,
  • with a delay in menstruation,
  • elimination of menopausal syndrome
  • to normalize the digestive tract.

Plants with coarse stems, rhizomes are boiled for 15 minutes over low heat, but this method is not suitable for oregano.

Cooking in a water bath:

  • pour 2 tbsp into a small container. tablespoons of raw materials and pour 250 ml of hot water,
  • immerse the container in a large pot with boiling water so that the container is a third in water,
  • Simmer the "bath" on the fire for 20-30 minutes, then strain the broth.

Depending on the purpose and the presence of other herbs, the exposure time, the ratio of water may vary. We offer several popular recipes with the motherboard.

Carminative broth with increased gas formation. Mix 1 tbsp. spoon of oregano and chamomile, pour a glass of boiling water. Strain in a water bath for 10 minutes. Take in chilled to room temperature for 1 2 cup in the morning and in the evening 20 minutes before eating.

Diaphoretic drug for colds. Take 2 tbsp. tablespoons of oregano, 1 tbsp. spoon of dried raspberry berries and leaves of coltsfoot. Pour the mixture with 2 cups boiling water and simmer in the "bath" for 20-25 minutes. Take hot (36-38 ° C) in a glass 3-4 times a day.

Decoctions with menopause:

  1. To normalize the emotional background, pour 3 teaspoons of dry raw materials into a glass of hot water and let stand for 15 minutes in a “bath”. Composition take 1 2 cup 3 times a day.
  2. To reduce tides 1 tbsp. spoon with a slide of the drug pour 2/3 cup of water. Warm in a water bath for 30 minutes. Cool and strain the broth. Take a teaspoon 20 minutes before meals three times a day.

Combined therapy of fungal infections. For ingestion, a decoction is prepared - a tablespoon of dried leaves of oregano is placed in a glass of boiling water and simmered over a fire for 10-15 minutes. Drink a glass of warm solution 2 times a day. At the same time, the affected areas of the body should be lubricated with essential oil of the motherboard. Therapy lasts 2-3 weeks. If necessary, take a break for a month and repeat everything.

You might be interested in an article about treating kidneys with folk remedies.

Here you will learn about treating epididymitis at home.

Decoction of the motherboard and St. John's wort

Both plants are known for their diaphoretic properties and a high content of vitamin C. To prepare the broth, take St. John's wort and oregano in a ratio of 1: 1. For 100 g of dry mix from both plants, you need a liter of hot water.

The grass is poured with liquid and kept in a water bath for 10 minutes, after which it is necessary to let it brew for several hours. Strained broth is drunk warm three times a day. Recommended serving - half a glass.

Preparation of infusions and their action

Unlike decoctions, infusions do not boil and do not languish. Extraction occurs naturally when placing raw materials in hot, and sometimes cold water. Indications for receiving infusions of the motherboard:

  • nervous irritability, sleep disturbances,
  • headache,
  • stomatitis, halitosis,
  • puberty disorders in girls,
  • increased libido
  • insufficient lactation,
  • atony of the stomach with a decrease in secretory activity,
  • sluggish intestinal remodeling.

Oreganic baths for dermatitis. 200 g of dry raw materials pour 5 liters of boiling water. Close the container tightly, wrap it with a tight blanket. After 3 hours, strain the finished infusion. The resulting volume is poured into a bath of hot water (37-40 °). The duration of the procedure is 10-15 minutes.

Anti-inflammatory infusion. Prepare a mixture of herbs at the rate of 6 parts of oak bark, 4 parts of oregano, 1 part of the marshmallow root. 2 tbsp. tablespoons of the composition pour 1 2 liters of boiling water. Cool the infusion and strain. Apply for rinsing with dental problems, tonsillitis. The product is effective for herpes, boils and other skin rashes.

To improve intestinal motility. 2 tsp chopped herbs insist in a glass of boiling water for 15-20 minutes. Take 3-4 times a day before meals, 100 ml of warm infusion.

A drink made from spicy grass, a traditional Russian table drink, will bring many benefits. Tea differs from infusions and decoctions by a low concentration of the active substance.

Therefore, it is recommended to resort to the healing power of tea if a very mild, prolonged effect is required involving metabolic processes:

  • with problems of the female reproductive system in childbearing age - primarily with cycle failures,
  • in case of painful flushing of menopause,
  • with poor appetite, anorexia nervosa,
  • with anxiety, irritability,
  • in the treatment of allergic asthma.

Regular tea parties with oregano increase immunity and have a general strengthening effect.

To prepare a soft drink with a tart herbal aroma, you need to follow the recipe exactly:

  1. 1 teaspoon of dry raw material is poured into a dry, teapot warmed up to about 30 °.
  2. The tank is filled with boiling water (90-95 °). After adding water in the teapot, an air “pillow” of 1.5-2 cm should remain on top.
  3. The teapot is closed with a lid and covered with a double folded cotton towel.

After 10-15 minutes, the drink is poured into wide tea cups: the disclosure of notes of aroma is better felt. Do not overdo tea. Otherwise, a weak infusion with slightly different properties will turn out.

Flask for women

A very effective remedy for painful periods is the following herbal collection. Oregano, tansy, wormwood, quinoa and horsetail, taken in equal quantities, are mixed, after which 100 g of this composition is brewed with a liter of boiling water and insisted for at least an hour. Take a spoon five or six times a day. The course of treatment is one to two weeks.

Essential oil

It is produced by steam distillation from fresh or dry raw materials. The concentration of essential substances reaches 0.2-0.5%. It has a tart floral aroma with woody tea and camphor notes. Applicable:

  • alone or in combination with other oils,
  • externally, inward, inhaling odors.

  1. Joint problems, sciatica.Mix 1 cup flaxseed with 1.5 cup boiling water, 50-70 drops of oregano oil. Apply a warm compress (37 ° C) to the affected area, cover with polyethylene and gauze. Application time up to 30-40 minutes.
  2. Muscular neuralgia, discomfort after training, sprain. Add 50-70 drops of oregano oil to a glass of cool water, moisten gauze and apply a compress for 30-40 minutes.
  3. Dentistry In case of toothache, rub 1-2 drops of oil into the gum of the affected tooth, in case of acute pain - put a swab soaked in oil in the hollow. For the prevention of stomatitis, periodontal disease, breath freshening, apply a drop of oil to the toothbrush and carry out normal oral hygiene.
  4. Fungal infection - 2-3 times a day, the previously cleaned area is treated with oregano oil. treatment is continued until the symptoms disappear completely.

Also, peppermint oil will disinfect and reduce discomfort during insect bites, and accelerate wound healing. Herpes, acne, boils disappear faster after treatment with oregano oil.

Oral administration. You can not take essential oil in its pure form. It must be diluted in a liquid or oil base.

  1. Helminthic infestations. In a glass of warm milk or water, 2-3 drops of oil are diluted. Take once a day for 1-1.5 months. Eliminates roundworms.
  2. Gastrointestinal tract. 2-3 drops are mixed with Art. spoon of honey or jam, 150 ml of milk, juice.
  3. SARS, respiratory diseases, flu. A piece of refined sugar is impregnated with 2-3 drops of oil and taken 3-4 times a day. Sugar can be replaced by Art. a spoonful of honey.

For children under 14 years of age, the dosage is reduced by a drop.


It is carried out on the basis of processing 15kv. m premises:

  • achievement of peace and peace of mind - add 1-2 drops of oregano oil to the aroma lamp,
  • removal of chronic fatigue syndrome, restoration of strength - add essential oils to the aroma bag: oregano and tea tree - 1 drop each, thyme and orange - 2 drops each,
  • elimination of irritability, an attack of hysteria, child hyperactivity, as well as in stressful situations, aromatization with a mixture of oils from a drop of oregano, 2 drops of marjoram, 3 drops of lavender is effective.

The duration of air sessions is 30-60 minutes. Oils are placed in aroma lamps, aroma launchers, inhalers, medallions.

To strengthen the nervous system

With increased nervousness, depression and disturbances of night sleep, they recommend tea from oregano and valerian with honey. Both herbs can be used as an additive to tea or as main components.

If the latter option is chosen, you need to take half a glass of dried oregano grass and valerian roots, pour this mixture with a liter of boiling water and insist under the lid for a day.

Scented Baths

Water procedures with oregano have two main purposes:

  • solving skin problems or just keeping your body in good shape,
  • impact on the psycho-emotional sphere of a person.

Preparation of a shared bath:

  1. 200-250 gr. dry raw brew 3 liters of boiling water.
  2. Insist 2 hours or steam for 40-60 minutes in a water bath. Strain and pour into the bath.
  3. The water temperature for the procedure is 36-38 ° C. Duration - 15-25 minutes.

  1. 15-20 gr. dry grass brew in 10 liters of boiling water.
  2. Insist in a warm place for 2 hours or steam in a water bath.
  3. Strain and apply without dilution with water. The temperature regime and the time of taking local baths are similar to the general procedure.

A course of 10-12 nightly procedures will relieve fungal infections, allergic rashes and dermatitis. Soothes nerves and activates the body’s internal reserves.

The cosmetic effect is equivalent to the salt effect: fat deposits break down, turgor rises, a light shade of bronze appears.

With sore throat and poor digestion

It is recommended to gargle with oregano infusion for diseases such as tonsillitis, bronchitis and other ailments, accompanied by an internal inflammatory process.

Before use, the product is insisted for half an hour and filtered.

The same infusion can be used as a means for internal use in case of severe colds and malfunctions of the digestive system. 50 g of infusion is taken before meals three times a day.

For the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract

To eliminate problems with the stomach and intestines, the following broth is prepared: two tablespoons of oregano are poured into 0.5 liters of water and boiled in a water bath for 15 minutes. Allow to infuse at least one hour. 50 - 70 grams of this liquid is drunk three times a day before meals. The course of treatment is two weeks.

Important! The same decoction can be used as a choleretic agent, only it should be taken according to a different scheme: two tablespoons three times a day half an hour before meals.


Oregano is one of the most popular herbs among fans of natural treatments. It is affordable, tastes good and aromatic, gives a quick and lasting effect.

But, as much as I would not like to get rid of problems faster, in the manufacture of phyto-products from oregano, you need to follow the recipe and recommendations for use. An overdose is fraught with exacerbation of chronic ailments. And most importantly: in case of serious diseases, herbs are not replaced, but supplemented with the methods of official medicine.

You can learn about the beneficial properties and methods of making oregano from the following video:

Tea with oregano: health benefits and harms

To prepare a relaxing, calming and firming tea, you need a tablespoon of dried oregano grass and the same amount of chopped raspberry and mint leaves. The mixture is poured with a liter of boiling water and insisted for at least 15 and no more than 20 minutes. The maximum daily dose is three cups.

As an alternative, a mixture of dry oregano and traditional tea (green or black) The ingredients, taken in equal proportions, are prepared in the same way as indicated in the previous recipe.

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