Life lines

Life Line on the hand, it is of particular importance in palmistry, this is the line of the hand that is located and surrounds the tubercle of the thumb, called palmists, the hill of Venus, the fullness of which shows the laid life potential of a person, and the state of the life line indicates the degree of disclosure of the resource by the line.

Of course, the most important and significant line on the hands, which will primarily attract the attention of a person, as it is one of the important signs of life expectancy. If everything is more or less simple and clear with other lines in the palm of your hand, then the line of life requires special care when viewed and interpreted by "readers." Therefore, the interpretation of the lifeline on our palmistry website is accompanied by explanations and detailed pictures.

The Meaning of the Life Line.

This is where the most difficult part of science begins, because along the line of life and in combination with the hill of Venus, we will draw information about the health of a person and our loved ones, here we can trace the near death, painful life, miserable existence. A good line of life on the arm should be safe and sound, clearly defined, and completely surround the hill.

People often ask, on which hand to watch the Life Line? Watch the Life Line on your left hand? Or watch the Life Line on your right hand?

Of course, it is necessary to watch both hands, but if you are interested in a specific prediction, then pay attention to the right hand (for the "right-handed people"). And on the left hand - for “lefties”.

We also advise you to pay attention not only to the Life Line, but also to various signs - moles on the hand and all kinds of intersections of the life line, which basically are not very good.

Those who recognize the weak side of themselves will have the opportunity to correct their physical disabilities and forestall impending health threats, and accordingly change the course of events for the better.

But in order to change something in life, you need to know what awaits you, what the future might threaten, so we advise you to study the Life Line in your hand in detail, because there is nothing more important than your own health, which Life Line points to in palmistry.

Life Line it will be considered good on the hand if it lacks all sorts of defects, especially gaps, islands, points and other various signs.

Ideally, the Life Line on the arm should not be very wide and not very deep, of the same color, long and perfectly and evenly without any sharp turns. Like a stream at the foot of a mountain, the hillock of Venus flows around it, it can be compared with the channel of a river along which vital energy flows, and the fewer obstacles and forks on its way, the healthier its owner will feel. Thus, the appearance of the life line will show us the physical condition and level of vitality, as well as the possible life expectancy.

Life Line Break or bifurcation on both hands, in the same place is considered a fatal sign, which means imminent death - ancient palmists believed so, but the interpretation of lines in modern palmistry is slightly different, and with the great potential of our medicine, this can only mean very difficult periods in life person. In general, palmistry is intended to help people, and not harm, therefore, conclusions must be drawn from a general analysis of all lines, and even seeing inevitability marked with a fatal seal, you can not raise the curtain of painful things that are not changed even by the combined efforts of will and mind. Since it is impossible to deny the influence of the spirit on the body, then expectation and sorrow if not kill, then clearly shorten life.

Short Life Line on the hand, a short life, if the line has a gap on one hand and the whole goes unharmed on the other, then there will be a dangerous disease, and if after the break the line restores its shape, then life will be restored and will flow back on track, but if islands appear, then the former disease will give its consequences, manifest itself periodically, the time of these phenomena is calculated along the line of life.

Life Linetorn in half, which is shown in the example of the picture - when its highest part leans toward the tubercle of the thumb - this is an inevitable and irreversible death.

The worst sign is the sign of death on the hand, especially if there are no signs of neutralization, and it is duplicated on both hands. There are often discontinuities of the life line, having small displacements to the side, which indicates possible bodily injuries, and the greater the width of the deviation of the line to the side, the more tragic the event, its scale. But it should be noted that if the displacement of the gap is closed by an auxiliary line, they can be interpreted as cardinal changes in life associated with moving, for example, to another region or city.

If the line takes the form of a chain, then life will be painful, constant diseases will haunt a person for as long as the chain will last.

Double Life Line (Sister Line)also called The line of mars, or Guardian Angel Line talks about the hidden possibilities of the human body, about the supply of vital energy coming to the rescue if necessary. That is, it means good health, vitality, longevity, luxury of existence, such people are called the minions of Destiny.

Double Life Line also brings success in a military career, if it is highlighted in reddish color, due to an excess of vitality, the owners of such lines will splash it out for love of people of the opposite sex, but it is important not to confuse them with the Influence Lines, which are shorter in length.

When Life Line is pale and broad - it portends poor health, and also speaks of envious nature and evil instincts, it reveals and shows negative qualities or opposite to those qualities that have long, good-colored lines.

The line is constantly cut by many small capillary lines - the so-called stress lines or anxiety lines, which mean minor illnesses or, at least, emotional events that will accompany the holder of the hand.

When the Life Line begins with the Jupiter hillock, or as if throwing a branch from there, it means that all life energy is turned on to feed arrogance, ambitious nature, pride, but at the same time it is almost always a success, the acquisition of honors, these are successful people who always achieve their goals.

If the line on the hand starts the shoots to the rosette (transverse lines on the hands) they are often called rassetta or bracelets on the hand - this means that at a certain time there will be a loss of material condition, money, or transition to poverty.

Small lines, branches from the line of life upwards, mean lines of joy. This may be connected with the purchase of housing, a car, the birth of a child, but with anything, but here we must not confuse them with lines of effort that are longer in length, the direction of the process will tell us which area the event belongs to.

In the case of the connection of the Head, Life, and Heart Lines, approximately, as shown in the image, that is, when they exit from one point, it is always a misfortune when the mind and heart are controlled by life instincts.

This man walking with his eyes closed along the abyss, facing all the dangers - this is a very, very bad sign on his hand, indicating error, it is almost always an accident, a sudden quick death.

If Head Line is at a great distance from the line of life, (and this is more than 3 mm.) it speaks of a stupid, fussy person, and the greater the distance between the lines, the more impulsive the person will be, he is able to do rash acts, this is a life that is poorly illuminated by the mind, and which will be full of mistakes.

A completely different meaning The Life Line, which at the starting point is connected only to the Head Line, they come out of one place nearby, and the head one accompanies her, sticking together for a while - this sign tells us about a very cautious person who constantly thinks about safety, such a person will think a hundred times before doing something, at the same time this sign may be a sign of self-doubt.

Also can be found on the line a circle - it will mean loss of eyes, two circlesloss of both eyes. But it is always necessary to check and look for confirmation on other lines, since one sign alone will only show us a high probability of an event that may occur, this rule applies to any conclusions.

Deep Point on the Life Line, threatens instant death, the cross on the line, if it is on the side of the thumb and cuts it with its branches - means mortal decrepitude, the cross located at the very end of the line warns of poor old age.

Small Triangle on the Life Line and looking at the thumb, predicts a possible win, it can also be considered as an opportunity to receive an inheritance, if you like to play, check your hand for the presence of the Line of Intuition, which helps to anticipate different situations.

But you should not confuse a triangular sign with a triangle separately from the line, or which is placed directly on the line obstructing the flow of energy.

They indicate events related to the fire, the only difference is that when the triangle is separate from the line of life, a person will not be directly involved in the fire, and will not be physically injured.

A square located on the line, especially if it includes a line break, will be considered a sign of protection that neutralizes the possible consequences, in this example, health problems, and means that a person, in spite of difficult circumstances, will recover and return to the usual rhythm of life , and also speaks of protection from above.

This sign has a completely different meaning if it is near the line on the inside on the hill of Venus, this ratio of lines says that human freedom will be limited. The first thing that of course comes to our mind because of the "kindness" of the soul, is that it can be imprisonment (although this is almost always 100% true). But do not rush to conclusions, the restriction in freedom can be expressed both by military service and by studying in some closed institution (especially if the square is located at the beginning of the line), there can be many options.

Meeting on the line the islandswill warn of possible diseases. This is a river of vital energy, the channel of which is divided into two weak streams, and accordingly losing strength.

Such a development of events indicates a poor state of human health, and the longer the island is, the longer the suffering will continue.

The cross, which is on the line and cutting the life line with its branches, speaks of a very weak state of the body, possibly exhausted by diseases, of decrepitude, and threatens death.

If cross located at the end of the Life Line, it speaks of poverty in old age, such people suffer at the sunset of their years, and mainly because of their kindness, and often remain deceived. So, having found such a sign in your hand, it is worth thinking and taking any decisions and actions with caution.

You can read more about signs on the Life Line in a special material.

It should always be remembered that all ascending lines, those that go up to the fingers, have a good omen, this is the time of the flourishing of forces, and those going down, respectively, have the opposite meaning, a decrease in forces.

The processes that depart from the line mean certain joyful events or successes associated with climbing the ladder of life, they can indicate different events from which a person can feel happy. For example, starting from buying a car, the long-awaited own apartment, or even having a baby. Everyone has different ways, depending on their life priorities, and such signs of joy appear.

But it should be noted and not forgotten that the lines of joy in themselves are not large, in contrast to the lines of effort, which will noticeably exceed them in length.

The so-called lines of effort in palmistry are formed when a person who has set a goal, gathering himself with all his strength, spirit, realizes it, that is, turns it into life, this name speaks for itself.

When the Life Line bifurcates, that is, changes its direction, or throws a powerful branch onto the hill of the Moon. This means long and long departures from your home. Such lines on the hand are also called the line of moving - this can be connected with work or long journeys, but most often moving abroad is an emigration line, but only if it is not inferior in its strength to the Life Line itself.

As mentioned above, the lines going up are the lines of excess, this is the time of the prime of life, high working capacity, the time when you need to make the main leap in life, since there is an excess of energy that must be used to good use.

Simply put, “strike the iron while it's hot”, while young and full of energy, because not far off, the time will come, and the forces will begin to deplete, everything will go in the opposite direction, vital fluids will begin to evaporate, and you need to have time to make the main robot in such moments of life .

The palmist will always find in the palm of his hand the sphere of self-realization of the personality, and then where it will be directed, as shown in the example, the direction of the line points to the hill of Apollo. This means that all the individual’s ambitions are directed there, and God Apollo rules the desires of the individual, the person will realize himself in the arts, and the world in which aspirations will be realized is determined by the prevailing phalanx of the finger. If you do not yet have knowledge of the phalanges of the fingers, and the meaning of the fingers, then you can read the section “Fingers of the hands”.

Short Life Line in palmistry, means, as already mentioned, not a long life, but you should not die ahead of time, even if you find such a line in your hand.

For fatality, there must also be signs confirming the events. If there are no such signs, then not everything is lost, because the lines tend to sprout, and even the shortest one can subsequently “cut through” and lengthen, or it can be partially replaced or fulfill its function as the Saturn Line (Fate), which eliminates the destructive position, but in In this case, it should be close.

Together with the Line of Fate, it is worth paying attention to the finger of Saturn itself, the shape of which is no less important than the Line of Fate (Saturn) itself. But when there are no saving signs, but there are reasons, the situation becomes much worse. A line, for example, having a brush-shaped ending, is a complete spray of life energy - this is inevitable death, and regardless of which line it is on, on the Head or Heart Line it is the end. With a short Life Line and a Star on the Line of Mind, as shown in the example, life will be cut off not because of health, but because of a head injury.

Displacement on the Life Line.

The rupture of the life line on the arm does not always portend events associated with a deterioration in health. There can be a lot of variations of gaps on a line, they are considered depending on the combination of lines on the hand that complement the gap.

For example, a serious revision of a person’s beliefs, a change in worldview, a change in the nature and habits of behavior, can be expressed by a slight shift of the line to the side, thus, in the language of palmistry, a complete and quite deep, sometimes simply cardinal, transformation of the person is indicated. Depending on the characteristic abilities of the individual, it can also mean the loss of internal status, or belief in oneself, so to speak, the collapse of all hopes, and sometimes unwillingness to live.

A palmist will always find the cause of the event, if we consider such a relationship of lines from the point of view of relations between spouses, then perhaps there is evidence on the lines of affection, which will indicate the destruction of marriage or a strong connection.

The reasons for the rupture and displacement of the line of life on the hand can also be the result of radical changes in a person’s career or in his main type of activity, whether it is a deterioration in existence or circumstances, that is, a total change of direction, or other transformations taking place for a person is dramatic, also may be associated with a major loss of money.

Quite often, as practice shows, a small shift in the Life Line indicates a move, a change of residence. That is, in this case, it means, not a change of apartment, but at least a change of city, can also mean emigration abroad - but in this case, there should be a higher gap than the branch, going towards the edge of the arm, with a slope on the hill The moon.

You should look at the structure of the gap, if the line is shifted towards the thumb, as if reducing the territory of the Venus hill, such a line has a more negative value.

Where and how to watch the line of life?

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The line of life is the very line that goes out of the line of the head and, bending around the hill of Venus, goes down to the wrist. Although, someone like. For some, it is so short that it reaches only the middle of the palm, or even shorter. For others, this line does not go straight down, but bends and turns to the right to the hill of the Moon.

Life line full transcript

At a palmist's appointment

The general misconception is to believe that it is along the line of life that the duration of human life is determined. Although somehow we had to see a little girl with such a short life line, which, according to our calculations, did not reach even 20 years of life. And so it happened.

That girl died at age 18 with her boyfriend a tragic and ridiculous death.

It happened to us that we also saw a very strong man with excellent health who had an even, deep, clear and very long line of life, and even the same companion next to her. Such a line could promise its owner that he would survive at least 120 years.

However, this man died at 68 years old, although it was not a natural death in the full sense of the word - the man died from the corruption imposed on him to death.

So, you already understood that an even, deep, clear and very long line of life without dots and islands indicates that its owner was lucky to have good health and the same reinforced concrete psyche. It’s hard to get mad. He can withstand serious psychological stress, has a strong will and is very hardy, in any sense of the word.

Double line of life

Two lines of life on hand

The presence of her companion at the life line (this is exactly the same line that goes next to the life line in the same direction) shows that this individual also has excellent genetics, which helps him a lot in life.

In addition, a person with such a hand is an extremely extraordinary person and possesses the strongest energy that can self-recover and pull himself out of the most difficult situations.

People who are able to lift themselves out of a wheelchair are, most often, individuals with such a life span. They are considered lucky and minions of fate. A brilliant military career awaits such people. And if your lines are also reddish, then you are too loving, and spend your key-breaking energy on the opposite floor.

If you are such a person, remember that there are too many envious people around you, beware. As we already wrote, a man with such an amazing life line and powerful energy was sent to the next world with the help of a very strong spoilage to death.

What does the line of life on the hand mean?

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If your line is thin, barely noticeable, then you are too suspicious and impressionable, having, most likely, poor health and an unstable psyche. Such people are easy prey for energy vampires. It’s so bad for you, you are constantly anxious and afraid of something, and here more viable and strong individuals “suck” you every day than you. We can say that you often cry, sleep badly and chew on every life problem for a long time.

Life Line in Palmistry

If your lifeline is very close to the thumb, then you are depressed and changeable. The further it is from the hill of Venus, the more cheerful and energetic you are.

Many people think that if they have gaps in their line of life, this means sudden death, although this is far from the case. Gaps indicate that the personality is changing, other outlooks on life appear. Man, after all. It can dramatically change its life by 180 degrees and go in a completely different direction. Often close to such gaps are short lines side by side from the side of Venus hill. This is a kind of insurance so that nothing bad happens to you.

Clear lines on hand

Now, when you see tears on both hands in the same place, here you should be wary. This is a sign of potential accidents.
Dots and crosses, which are often found on this line, also most likely indicate a certain dangerous situation and health difficulties.

If there is a cross at the very end of your lifeline, expect an impoverished old age.
The sign of a triangle can be interpreted in different ways. If it is near the life line, then unexpected profit will fall on you (winning the lottery). This geometric figure, located on the line itself, indicates a fire hazard.

Do you have an unusual life span beginning with the mound of Jupiter? Congratulations, you have the opportunity to achieve prominence in life. But your ambitiousness goes off scale.

The emotional hand is all mottled with small lines

If your life span is crossed out by small thin strips, then you are too emotional. Your life is continuous nerves and worries.

A very dangerous sign when 3 lines are connected to the strip of life (head, heart and life). Such personalities risklessly risk their whole lives and sooner or later find a sudden and quick demise.
If only the line of life and the head are connected on the palm of your hand, this is a sign of a person unsure of himself and very cautious.

Designation of life lines in children

The interpretation of the lines on the hand in children is slightly different from how it happens in adults. Since the future of the child has not yet taken shape, do not look at his right hand (if the child is right-handed, and vice versa).
Take a better look at the left palm of your child, there you will see what is embedded in it, its innate features.
The prediction on children's hands also makes it difficult that the signs on children's hands are short and they grow along with how the child grows up.

Do not worry if your child’s lifeline is short. It is impossible to predict anything at such a young age with accuracy. Over time, the line will grow, the remaining signs will become more clear and large, then look.

Otherwise, you will wind up yourself and program the unenviable fate of your child.
Palmists in such cases call to calm down, as well as take the advice of the famous astrologer Pavel Globa on how to lengthen your own life and the life of your child with a short life line on both palms.

What is a lifeline

This is an arcuate mark on the palm, going around the hill of Venus (the area near the thumb). It originates from the point of the head, and ends either in the center of the arm or in the wrist. Perhaps the deviation of the line of fate to the ring finger.

The line of life is very noticeable. According to palmists, it appears in a child during the period of fetal development. At an older age, it shows a person’s potential, level of fortitude, ability to resist life's turmoil, endurance and psycho-emotional stability.

It is noteworthy that many other signs depart from this mark. For example, the health line that goes to the little finger.

It is impossible to calculate from the line of fate when an event will happen. However, there is a dating system with which specialists can predict how a certain period of time will pass.

Islet on the line of life on hand

The presence of islets (in the form of circles) on the line of life may indicate vision problems. The presence of fairly large islands on your line indicates the possibility of dangerous diseases. And the larger the island, the more dangerous the disease. Squares are like insurance.

If there is a gap on the line of life, and there is a square in this gap, and your line comes out of it and continues to move, then this is an occasion to rejoice - you will overcome all your difficulties and remain the winner.
Danger sign on the line of life - lattice.

The hand is your fate

Often, she points to imprisonment, although it can simply mean some kind of restriction, for example, military service or studying in a closed school.
If multiple branching lines come from your lane pattern, pay attention to which direction they are directed. If up - then your energy is constantly accumulating. Down - you lose vitality all the time.

Left and right hand

on the right

It is believed that the leading hand of a person is right, if he is right-handed. And left - if he is left-handed. Usually, all signs look at the main hand, which means the right. On the right hand are reflected all the actions that a person performed during his life, and the events that happened to him. In other words, the right hand points to the present and future of the individual.

on the left

The left hand of an ordinary right-hander is not leading, which means that it is not events that are reflected here, but the mental plan of a person (i.e. his thoughts).
From this we can conclude that on the left hand you can talk about the human past.

What hand are they looking at?

It was previously believed that in men they study the life line located on the right, and in women on the left hand. According to modern palmists, it is necessary to consider both palms, since each of them contains its own information.

  1. On the right hand read the past and future, and also assess the state of emotional and physical health.
  1. On the left you can see the character traits, inner qualities and potential at birth (applies exclusively to right-handed people).

The recommendations listed are suitable for adults. Guessing young children and teenagers does not make sense.

Short life line

Determining the age of a lifeline

Today, palmists urge people not to worry if they find in their palm a very short life line. It is believed that such a line simply speaks of the lack of a temperament in a person, of his restraint and some coldness.

If your strip breaks and is very strongly shifted to the thumb, prepare for death.
To find out at what age an event will happen to you, divide your life line into segments of 1.5 mm (this corresponds to 1 year of life).

To make it more convenient to count, first measure with ruler the length of the entire line of life.
The presence of small lines connecting the strip of life and mind. Indicates a gambler who will stop at nothing to play.

Famous astrologer Pavel Globa proposed his option to extend life if your band is too short. He recommends buying a red pen and drawing a line of life on your hand that you want to see it on. This procedure must be seen for a long time, until the space of your destiny changes for the better.

Then you will be surprised to find that your life span has lengthened by itself, has become sharper and deeper. This, according to the astrologer, is a reliable way to change fate.
Sometimes it happens that the life span disappears sharply from the palm of a person, palmists in this case predict paralysis.

However, we met people who had paralysis, but the line of life did not go away, but continued to be as long and even without any signs and breaks.
All this suggests that all the signs on the palm should be considered in a complex and without separation from each other. Otherwise, you can only scare yourself in vain.

In addition, if there is a short strip in the palm of your hand, you should pay special attention to your health, eat right, be examined on time, and stay out of dangerous situations. Then there is a good chance to lengthen your life.

And even with a gorgeous long line of life on hand, you can manage to die ahead of schedule with a disregard for yourself and your health, as well as excessive self-confidence.

Life line forks

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If the short line of life also bifurcates at the end, then we can say that a person does not have enough energy for life, and he is constantly lethargic and tired.
If your life span bifurcates and turns towards the moon hill, this is a direct pointer to the fact that in your life you will travel a lot and often change your place of residence. If the line bifurcates on both hands, then emigration awaits you. You will end your life in a foreign land.
If the strip does not fork at the bottom, but at the top, this predicts the protection of the powers that be.

Shape and brightness

A clear pronounced line of fate on the hand indicates a large amount of energy. Man leads an active lifestyle. You can’t say about him that he is going with the flow. Usually such a pattern is characteristic of physically strong people who play sports, adhere to proper nutrition and adhere to the regimen.

Holders of the fuzzy line are limp and spineless. They depend on the opinions of others and do not know how to make decisions. Such people have poor health. The pale line on the opposite or main arm for right-handed and left-handed people says that this has been the case since birth. If, however, it is brighter and clearer on the other hand, health is undermined as a result of an improper lifestyle or some tragic events.

The mark next to the thumb says that a person is often not able to carry out important tasks, he suffers from chronic fatigue and constantly needs rest.

The life-line resembling a crescent, according to the description, is possessed by individuals with a complex character. If such people do not control emotions and break down at colleagues, relatives and friends, they can become criminals or even maniacs.

Life Line Center

We already told you above how to measure the line of life. Using this technique, you can find the center of the life span. The signs located in the center of the line of life are especially important in the event line of human existence. Therefore, they need to be monitored especially closely.

It is known that during life the length and outlines of lines on the hand can vary. Of course, everyone wants to have perfect lines and signs on his hand, everyone wants to be the spoils of fate. However, not everyone succeeds. It is important to remember that life can be changed. Everything is in the hands of man.

Length and width

These characteristics cause ordinary people a lot of questions.According to many, a long line of fate predicts longevity, and a short one on the contrary. In fact, this is not so. The size of the line is not responsible for time, but for the propensity for a particular lifestyle. In view of this, do not worry about its size. It will change until the character is fully formed.

Generally speaking, the short line of fate is a bright, long and almost hassle-free life. Its owners do not have to worry about material well-being and career progression. A long strip guarantees a long, but joyless and boring life. But in this case, there is one plus. Such people often prove to be good family people.

Sometimes it happens that the line of fate on the left hand is shorter than on the right. There are two interpretations:

  1. If the band is less, a person could extend the time allotted to him by taking care of his health condition, proper nutrition and exercise
  2. When the line is longer, life is diverse, with many bright colors and new experiences. However, caution must be exercised, for example, to abandon unjustified risk or dubious transactions.

Equally important is the width. The photo usually shows three types of lines of fate, each with its own decoding.

  1. Broadband owners are active, ambitious and will not stop at nothing on the road to achieving their goals. Sometimes they are even merciless.

  1. Medium-wide lines are often found in energetic and active, but secretive people. Usually these are introverts who do not talk about their feelings and do not make contact with strangers.

  1. A thin line indicates a tendency to melancholy and daydreaming. Its owner lives in his invented world. He does not like to leave the comfort zone.

Owners of a thin and at the same time discontinuous line of life are prone to prolonged depression.


Do not be nervous if the fate strip is interrupted. According to palmists, these are just changes in attitudes and priorities, accompanied by a desire to start a new life. This does not mean a change in appearance, for example, a decision to dye your hair or lose weight. It is about more global affairs.

If the lines break equally on both hands, the changes are destined. A person will definitely have to face them. In the case when there is a gap on only one hand, people themselves lead themselves to change.

Interesting! Most often, the choice of life path depends on the person. Fate does not plan any grandiose events. It only gives a “draft” in the form of abilities and potential.

There are cases when the line is interrupted not just once, but several times, without having long solid parts. This means that its owner makes too many demands on life. He easily climbs the career ladder, and also builds and develops a business. But at the same time, there remains one, since it is difficult to find a soul mate that fits all the criteria.

It is noteworthy that global change does not happen suddenly. Usually a series of events leads to them. To learn about them, palmists divine along other lines.

And one more fact regarding gaps. If the dashed line is connected to a quadrangular mark, the life of its owner is in danger, but everything will end well.

Life Line Photos

Long and clear line of life Forked line of life Double line of life


They come in several forms:

  1. On a palm the sister line is clearly visible. It is located parallel to the main one and reports that a person is a favorite of fate. From the outside it seems that he always and in everything accompanies luck. If the second line is short, only a certain period of time will be successful. A long bar indicates success throughout life. Such people are called lucky. They easily build a career and business. And if for some reason they fall to the bottom or face serious difficulties, they quickly return to their normal state.
  1. Not one, but several so-called sisters (transverse or longitudinal) indicate increased emotionality. A person expresses feelings violently, whether they are positive or negative. He cannot control himself.
  1. People whose life line bifurcates closer to the end are impatient and restless. Rarely when they achieve their goals. Almost all plans fail.
  1. A slight bifurcation near the base of the fate line is a sign of reverie. Man has a well-developed fantasy and imagination. He has many ideas and ideas, but he does not have enough pressure to put them into practice. Under certain conditions, these people make geniuses.

  1. Bifurcation in the index finger is a sign of career success and wealth.
  1. The bifurcated line of fate on the right hand is a sign of sociability. A person constantly needs company. He needs to feel attention from the outside, flirt, make new friends and travel. Otherwise, he will become bored.

Ending in the hills

There are three such points:

  1. The hillock of the sun. If the line of life reaches him, the person will be successful, famous and rich. Most likely, he will become a public figure, singer, actor or politician. In cases where the strip does not end here, but moves on, in the future its owner will face setbacks and serious problems, because of which he will lose everything that he has achieved.
  1. Jupiter Hill. The fate line that ended on it promises a person the position of leader. Its split indicates success not in one but in many areas of life. But such people most often play a double game, which ultimately leads to collapse and disappointment. The owners of the trident can be called happy. They will easily achieve, increase and maintain wealth.
  1. Hill of Mercury. A person whose life line reaches this mark will find a common language with numbers. He can become a successful financier or businessman. The only question is how easy it will be. If the strip is flat, there will be no problems on the way. The ragged one speaks of alternating ups and downs.

If the line is double or even triple (regardless of the place of termination), one can judge the versatility of its owner. A person achieves success in several areas at once.

Interesting! A double line on the right hand indicates the presence of a faithful assistant in business.

Ending on the line of mind and heart

Here the situation is not as favorable as in the previous case. There are several scenarios:

  1. The strip of fate, which ends on the line of the heart, indicates failures in building personal relationships. A person will face a divorce or a hard breakup after a long relationship. All this greatly affects the future. There are problems at work and in a career. Also, a person faces loneliness throughout life. If the band goes further, such problems can be solved.
  2. The trait of fate ends on the line of the head. A sign that does not carry anything good with it. He says that a person goes the wrong way. At some point, he lost the right benchmarks and the opportunity to build a career. Now, how his future life will turn out depends solely on a coincidence. If there is a gap in the line of the mind, fate will change dramatically. Most likely, a person will choose another profession. In the case when the continuation of the strip is clear and deep, the right decision has been made. If it is weak, a career is unlikely to be successful.

According to the science of palmistry, in the first and second situations, small branches sometimes depart from the line of fate. They say that a person depends on an outside opinion. The closer to the main strip the processes are located, the stronger the influence from the outside.


Similar signs on the line of fate, according to many palmists, also do not predict anything good. Often they are associated with fire. A person may be hurt on his own or lose property in a fire.

But it also happens that a triangle is considered a symbol of victory. Moreover, there is no difference what size it is. The owner of such a mark can safely go on any adventure, easily achieve success in his career and business.


Symbolizes protection. If located at the beginning of the line of life, it is a talisman for a small child or teenager. In the middle part protects a person in adulthood. The square, located at the end of the strip, predicts a good, calm old age.

Various modifications of the sign, for example, a rhombus, as in the photo, say that a person in search of security has become isolated.

Reports a deterioration in health. Usually these are vision problems. However, to confirm the so-called diagnosis, other signs on the palms must converge.

If the circles come together in a chain, this means that in the near future for some reason there will be a malfunction in the body. As soon as the line becomes straight again, the problems disappear.


A star that looks like a circle predicts diseases and nervous breakdowns. Difficulties can also affect professional activities and financial condition.

In order to correct the situation, you need to adjust your fate.


  1. If located at the beginning and directed upwards, the person is energetic and ambitious. He will easily succeed in building a career.
  2. A fork in the center of the line of fate or closer to the wrist indicates a tendency to travel.
  3. If the sign at one end passes around the hill of Venus, and the second goes to the hillock of the moon, there will be a move.

If the plug has two identical furrows, a person is expected to change not only his place of residence, but also citizenship.


Located at the beginning of the line of fate, the cross means many difficulties on the path of life. If it is at the end, a natural death awaits a person in old age.

Several crosses speak of fidelity, sociability and adequacy. Their owners are sincere and honest.


A person with such a sign, due to some incident, has lost the meaning of life. If the mark is the end of the line, both physical and psycho-emotional health are affected. When the strip after the grid goes further, the tragic event taught a lesson. Now life will be the same as before.

Indicates periods when a person has experienced depression or nervous breakdowns. In some cases, he even got to the hospital because of them.


Occurs infrequently. Usually located at the beginning or end of the line of life. In the first case, unlike many signs, it has a positive meaning. He says that a person is popular with others. They enthusiastically perceive all his ideas and undertakings.

The holder of a trident at the end of the line of fate is unlikely to be held in the profession. Most likely, the work will not bring him pleasure and profit. This interpretation is suitable for both men and women.

Can the line of life change

Scientists have long established a connection between the work of the brain and the palm pattern. Nerve impulses pass through the skin, leaving an imprint on it. In addition, over time, a person can replace one goal with another or reconsider views on life. As a result, the line of fate and the signs located on it disappear, appear, become more pronounced or, conversely, pale. At the same time, life itself is changing.

A good example are gaps. This is a prediction of possible health problems. If you pay attention to them in time, after stabilizing the state, the strip will again become smooth and holistic.

Palmistry: Science or Deception

Although palmistry is considered one of the most ancient divination systems, it is actually an occult science, the origins of which lie in prehistoric times.

More recently, the doctrine of the relationship of lines on the hand with the fate of a person was considered fraud, but modern researchers, especially in the field of medicine, are inclined to believe that the pattern on the skin of the palms reflects not only fate, but also the state of human health.

Before deciphering the milestones of your life path, you should understand the main rule: the folds of the left hand - the plan of events defined by a person at birth. The lines of the right hand portend a picture of further life, which the individual forms himself.

Having undertaken a detailed study of the quality of the life line, I managed to establish the annual interval when a threatening event occurs.

With the advent of trouble, I forgot about the danger signs in the palm of my hand, but having coped with the problems, I again turned to contemplating the hand drawings. The thin, almost broken line of life deepened, continuing with a clearly visible deep fold.

Secrets of the main line of the hand

On the palms there are many signs, each of which has its own meaning in the fate of man. Of the five main fingerprints on the hand, the most crucial is the life line. But even if you find signs that are considered dangerous or fatal, do not despair.

Life circumstances are subject to change, and their connection with the projections on the arm changes the state and location of the dashes themselves.

The line of life does not report on the number of years lived, but on the quality of life. A long line is the ability to analyze and philosophical thinking, a short one is a sign of a practical mind with narrow thinking.

The projection of the life path in the palm of your hand changes, as do the events of life themselves. This is confirmed by my case - overcoming fatal circumstances was reflected in the transformation of the palmar folds, but it is necessary to analyze the signs of both hands.

Where to look for a lifeline

According to the definition of palmistry, the origins of one of the main lines are located between the thumb and forefinger. On the inside, the string of the arc goes around the hill of Venus at the base of the thumb, sinking down to the wrist. The segment predicting the stages of the life path should not be equated only with life expectancy.

All information clarifying the chronology of the events of existence is based on the decoding of small signs located on the line itself and within it. A deep arc, clearly defined and long, without breaks, portends the happiness of a long life.

A short life line is not at all a harbinger of an early death; palmists associate the break with the coldness of the nature of the owner of the right palm. But an unexpected break near the thumb can be interpreted as the danger of premature death.

How to decipher threatening symbolism

If you attended a chiromancer’s appointment and received unfavorable predictions, you should not consider them the final sentence. You cannot change the life plan drawn on the left hand, but the result of self-correction will be reflected in the right hand.

Warning signs of the right palm will change the pattern of lines in a positive direction, lengthening the line of life. Even the forerunners of mortal danger, seen in time, are reversible.

Danger signs by the nature of the lifeline

  • If the segment of the life cycle is poorly visible, it is worthwhile to be prepared for constant stressful situations and experiences.
  • Palmists associate a fuzzy thread with a minimum of vital energy, frequent illnesses due to poor health.
  • The broken line is attributed to the harbingers of unjustified losses, cardinal changes in life with a constant struggle.
  • The bifurcation of the line of life indicates the absent-mindedness of the unassembled nature; aimless loss of energy can lead to death.
  • The complete absence of a life line on the arm shows an unpredictable personality with different durations of life.

Threatening symbols on the fateful strip

  • The appearance of the islet portends a decline in health. If the line of life is replete with links, health will deteriorate significantly with total bad luck. The elongated islands testify to a long illness, the suffering of the soul and body.
  • If a cross is found, one should expect impending problems, including a sudden heart attack. How to decipher the cross on the final stretch of the life line - poor and lonely old age due to criminal deception.
  • Palmists consider the star a harbinger of a bright but negative event. Clash with evil personalities will not bring much harm, but will remain in memory for long times.
  • The threat of the detected circle is associated with the danger of vision loss, as well as diseases of the spine. A brightly marked point can be deciphered as a danger lurking in nature.
  • The branching of the ruler of life with the formation of a fork is considered to be a sign of a serious choice, and the appearance of dashes - all sorts of obstacles. A figure resembling a grate warns of any restrictions, up to prison.

To decipher such a design on the line of life as a triangle, it is important to know the nuances. In general, this is a sign of an intelligent person with the features of a diplomat. However, a clearly shown figure on both hands is attributed to misfortune warnings. The appearance of a sign on one hand only indicates the probability of an accident.

How to decipher mortal danger along lines on a hand

Nobody wants to see the unpleasant symbolism of death in their palm. Palmistry methods allow you to know in advance the time of fatal events in order to be able to prevent them or delay them for a long time.

In addition to a shortened life line, you can recognize the danger of death by the following signs:

  • sudden death - deepening in the middle of the segment with an abundance of black dots,
  • suicide - the location of a square or black dots at the beginning of a life line,
  • death in a fire - bending of a thread in the direction of it towards the hill of the base of the thumb,
  • murder - the line of life forms a figure like a ring,
  • accident - if clusters of black dots surround the strip of being.

To complete the prognosis of life and life-changing situations, it is necessary to apply not only knowledge on palmistry, but also take into account the forecasts of chirology.

Aspects of non-academic science connect the manifestations of the external signs of the hand (shape, width and length, softness) with the characteristics of a person’s character and temperament to form an idea of ​​an individual and his future, even without communicating with him.

Life Path Dating Technique

Palmistry tools allow you to date the various stages of existence on the ruler of life by dividing the line into segments. Among the many ways I managed to find the simplest one, with its help I found out the approximate age of the onset of the situation that threatens me.

I share with you a technique:

  1. From start to finish, draw a line of life with a felt-tip pen. Lower the perpendicular from the base of the middle finger down.
  2. From the point of intersection with the life line corresponding to 35 years, divide the upper part of the arc to the source into 7 identical segments.
  3. Divide the lower part of the arc into gaps of the same size, their number will be different for all people.
  4. Adding 5 summer segments to 35, you get the date, but not death, but the moment of dramatic changes in life.

Whether it will be a fatal event or a new milestone in being, will prompt the interpretation of the surrounding symbols of the hand. If you are depressed by a too short thread, you can lengthen it in a simple way.

To do this, regularly extend the life line with a felt-tip pen, but it must be red. Then the subconscious will correct the program of your destiny, increasing the duration of your existence.

What is a life line on hand

The line of life is the very line that, forming an arc, bypasses the area of ​​the thumb, called the hill of Venus. Its beginning, as a rule, can be seen slightly below the index finger, where it goes out of the head line. Depending on the length of the life line, it can end somewhere in the middle of the palm, but often the groove reaches the wrist.

Line Length and Life Span

The opinion that the line of life directly affects the number of days measured out to us is wrong. This mysterious groove, rather, speaks of the energy reserves and internal resources of a person that can influence not only the duration, but also the quality of life. However, there are 2 methods for a fairly accurate calculation of the chronology of important events that are displayed on this line.

A short line does not affect life expectancy

1 way

First you need to pay attention to the hills under the index and middle fingers. Then you should find and mark the approximate point between them. Next, you need to take a compass and, placing one end of it on the hillock under the index finger, and the second at the found point, draw a semicircle. Where the dashed line is connected to the line of life, a mark is placed that will correspond to a ten-year age.

Life line measurement

Fifteen years are marked by a strip drawn from the center of the hill under the middle finger. In the same way, chronological points are recorded up to thirty years, since it is this age segment for most people that is crucial. In the middle of the rest of the line of life, a point is set that will be equal to 60 years. According to the resulting scale, one can judge the possible upcoming difficulties and dangers at certain stages of life.

2 way

The reserve of internal energy can easily be calculated by dividing the life line into 10 conventional segments of the same length. Each segment will mean approximately 7 years. In this case, the chronological scale will pass from top to bottom. Of course, the resulting age of 70 years is a very arbitrary value and is not the only true option. However, carefully studying additional features and signs along the entire length of the life line, one can judge about one's own energy reserves in a specific time period.

Life Path Calculation

General view and photo of variants of the style with decoding

Consider a few photos of the lines of life on the hand with a breakdown of their meaning.

The dashed line of life indicates serious health problems. A clearly visible gap warns of a serious illness with a possible fatal outcome. Having noticed such an alarming sign, do not panic ahead of time. It is important to assess the state of the life line after a break. If the groove there again is clear and even, the crisis is over and everything will be fine. No need to be upset even if the continuation of the trait is poorly distinguishable. This sign should be regarded as a warning. It is important to monitor the condition of the body and seek medical help in a timely manner.

An intermittent lifeline means a serious illness

Palmists know that people with a double line of life are lucky. This is a positive sign, which indicates the success of a person and the presence of a guardian angel. An additional feature is called the sister line or the line of Mars, and its owner is usually considered an extraordinary personality with powerful energy. Such individuals are endowed with an amazing self-healing ability. In addition, a deep and clearly visible groove means iron health. And if it is long and goes down to the wrist, then such a lucky one can be considered a long-liver. Conversely, a blurred additional line, which is barely noticeable, signals a painful condition, lack of vitality or other difficulties.

A person is protected by a guardian angel if he has a double life line

A phenomenon such as the triple line of life is extremely rare to see. Such a sign indicates the presence in a person of the gift of clairvoyance and healing.

The triple line of life indicates psychic abilities

Contrary to popular myth, the length of the line of life has nothing to do with its duration. But if a very short groove goes around the hill of Venus too close to the thumb, then it will not be superfluous to take care of your own health. In other cases, a small line will tell about the calm nature of a person, about his coldness and some restraint. In addition, a short bar means depleted reserves of vital energy. A good sign will be the presence of a short lifeline on the left palm (with a working right hand). This suggests that a person will overcome all adversities and realize the potential inherent in nature.

Short Life Video

The long and deep line of life, which is not interrupted anywhere and outlines an impressive semicircle, is an indicator of energy, liveliness, emotional uplift and initiative. The owner of this trait is considered an exemplary family man and an avid workaholic.

The owner of such a line has a large supply of vital energy

And vice versa, if it passes at a short distance from the thumb and, as it were, “hugs” it, then such a person can be described as an indifferent and closed personality. Such a line speaks of slowness, weak endurance and quick fatigue.

Such a man is closed and slow

A thin line indicates a frantic pace of human life. For the bearer of such a trait, this will mean that he is waiting for sharp twists of fate, a frequent change of activity, a constant change of priorities. Such a fast pace will not allow you to fully enjoy life and fully feel the joy of being. For some people, this can lead to frequent manifestations of apathy.

The thin line of life indicates frequent and dramatic changes.

In exceptional cases, the line of life may not be at all. In palmistry, this is considered a bad sign and warning. Such a person is dominated by negative energy, and his life is filled with stress and nervous tension. Sometimes the absence of this crucial feature may indicate a mental illness. If the line of life was originally, but with time has disappeared, you need to revise the values ​​and think about whether the right path has been chosen. It happens that after the appearance of the baby in the family, she reappears. This means that fate is given a second chance to a person to start life from a new sheet.

The lack of a life line makes you rethink life


The points on the line of life usually resemble a small dent, as if in this place they pressed for a long time with a pencil. Palmists see this sign as a hole in the energy channel through which the vital force flows. The point appears in the palm of your hand if a person is in danger of an accident. Typically, these incidents will be associated with speed: accident or fall from a height. A slight depression in the place of the rupture of the life line warns of a serious and protracted illness. But the worst option is to have a point at the end of the main line. This sign indicates the age at which life suddenly ends.

A point on the line of life predicts a catastrophe


A mole on the line of life always reports some kind of ailment. But, before you start to worry, it will not be superfluous to study the life span after the sign. If its continuation is as clear and even as at the beginning, then a person will quickly cope with the disease without serious consequences for himself. In the case when the line after the mole breaks off or becomes thin and blurry, the disease will take most of the vitality. Relief can be given to those who have a sister line near the life line (the line of Mars). This means that it will be possible to cope with the disease quickly, and, perhaps, it will be completely possible to avoid it.

Moles on the line of life - prieres in the photo

The scars on the palms are considered to be unfavorable signs, but you should not worry about their presence on the line of life. As a rule, they mean only minor changes. Most often, such marks appear when a person makes a mistake in life, and as soon as he corrects it, the scar disappears on its own. When analyzing this sign, one should also pay attention to the size and depth of the defect: the more clearly it is visible, the greater troubles should be expected.

A big scar means big trouble

Experts in the field of esoterics believe that itching in the area of ​​the life line is a gift. If the right palm is scratched, then the present will be made with all my heart and with good intentions. The gift will bear a negative color in the case when there is a desire to scratch the specified line on the left palm. Most likely, the donor counts on something and makes the offering insincerely. Such a gesture will bring more trouble, so it is better to refuse the gift.

The influence of other factors

Lines on the palm can merge and intersect, making changes in their interpretation. Thus, the crossed features of life and health indicate that internal resources are depleted. By the point of their connection, one can judge the age at which the crisis will occur. At the same time, there is no need to despair, because this sign indicates that a person is shaking his health with harmful habits and harmful living conditions. At the same time, the health bar is the only line that can change quickly and dramatically. From this it follows that if you get rid of the destructive effects in time, you can also direct the health line to another channel.

It is necessary to abandon bad habits if the lines of health and life intersect

Real lucky ones are those who are connected at one point in the line of life and destiny. Such people, no matter what they undertake, will do everything in the best way and will receive only benefit.

Merging the lines of life and destiny - a sign of good luck

An indication of the generosity of palmists is the fusion of the line of life and the head (mind). Such a person is ready to help others not only financially, but also to provide moral support to all those in need.

The connection of the lines of life and the head is a sign of generosity

Video: how to change your destiny

Throughout life, people can change attitudes, habits, new goals. As a result, the fateful lines are able to disappear, transform, change direction and even color. Sometimes a person, by his own will, is able to influence the course of events, and this introduces some correction in the palm pattern.

Palm pattern has changed over the year

The line of life is more susceptible to change than others. Initially flat and straight, it can branch or burst. This is considered a bad sign, which will be a warning of a serious illness. In this case, the person has time to take up his health closely and minimize the impending threat. When danger passes, the line of life will take on its former shape.

Over time, the distance between the line of life and the line of the head increased

The lines on the hand can change, the witness himself.
My daughter met on vacation once with a young man, he made an impression of being smart, wealthy, had good manners and was extremely polite, but something about him “bothered” as if there was some kind of flaw that was not visible.
Having been tormented for a week, I forbade her to communicate with a new acquaintance. My daughter, obedient to this moment, has decided not to listen to me. It so happened that the younger sons liked to scan all the house lines on the hand.
I was amazed how much the lines changed on Katya’s hand - the line of life split and formed a plug at the exit (this is a sign of violence), this has not happened before. I seriously talked with my daughter, it turned out that her new friend was a dangerous sociopath, and out of harm's way I sent Katya abroad, having a hard conversation with a friend. Upon my daughter's arrival, the first thing I examined was her hands — the double line disappeared, only the island remained on the main line of life.
Sometimes the lines on the arm can help protect the child from danger. Maybe my experience will come in handy.


How to change it yourself

Experienced palmists are sure that the lines in the palm of your hand can not only show the future, but also change it. And according to experts, each of us is able to turn our fate in the right direction. If some features on the hand have a negative meaning, and a person does not want to put up with what he is destined for, you can make corrections to the palm pattern.

Surgical method

This way of adjusting the lifeline is most popular in Japan. The procedure is performed by a surgeon using an electric scalpel. This tool burns the skin in the palm of your hand, leaving deep and clear wounds. Within a month, cuts heal and perfect scars form, which form new lines. This method allows a person to become the master of his destiny, acquiring the necessary qualities and averting trouble.

The lines formed during the surgical operation initially look deplorable, but what can you do for the sake of success?

Matsuoka - a surgeon who performs plastic surgery on the palms, is not sure that new lines can change people's lives. And, although many of his patients report a positive result, according to the doctor, there is a placebo effect.

Corrective Palmistry

This method was discovered in 2008 by professional palmist Boris Akimov. It was based on an understanding of the principle of biological feedback, which represents the ability to control the mental and physiological state of your body by returning data about its work. In other words, biologically active areas on the palms can transmit impulses to the brain, thereby changing thinking and instilling confidence.

Video: Chirologist Boris Akimov on the possibility of correction of fate by hand

The idea to correct the drawing in the palm of Boris Akimov arose unexpectedly when a girl with a fuzzy and life-line torn in several places came to his appointment. Then he had the desire to draw a distinctive and regular line with an ordinary pen. Having tried the new method on himself, the palmist was amazed at its results.

Corrective palm reading involves correcting the pattern on the palms with ordinary ink and other coloring materials. The line of life is amended if it is inconspicuous, intermittent or too short. Correct recommend and such a line that bends around the hill of Venus too close to the thumb. For work, it is better to choose a red color that is saturated with good energy. You should draw a clear, even line, which is wrapped to the wrist closer to the center of the palm. Such a life span guarantees a large supply of vital energy, determination and stability.

Photo Gallery: Correcting Lines on the Palm

The desire to receive as many gifts from fate as possible can prompt a person to try to draw all possible lines on his hand. However, such experiments will not lead to the desired result. When correcting the lifeline, it is important to determine for yourself which changes are most important. When correcting a fateful trait, emphasis should be placed on quality, not quantity.

Such hand painting will not lead to anything good.

There are no two identical hands, which means that human destinies cannot be repeated. The life line is one of the main features in palmistry, which will tell about the life potential, indicate what to watch out for, and also leave clues about what steps to take. Having carefully studied this band enveloping the thumb, you can not only trace your life path, but also have an impact on it.

Watch the video: I Prevail - "Lifelines" Official Music Video (February 2020).