Shellac manicure ideas - new photos, tips, ideas of drawings

Specialists of Nail-Trend magazine took up the topic that sounds very often in a beauty service, but by default it is believed that everyone knows what shellac is and everyone is aware of its features. The mere fact that fashion trends have been marking beautiful shellac manicure among trending nail art ideas for several seasons has only fueled interest in the topic to which this material is devoted.

Shellac is the latest generation of nail polish, which is made on a natural basis. The gummy substances obtained from certain plants of the tropics and subtropics have become the basic basis for the production of shellac.

The natural origin of the base, excellent quality characteristics and a more gentle effect makes this material more and more popular among nail art designers and fashionistas. As a result, shellac design trends for 2019 are on a par with the more common and promoted gel polishes.

    Shellac manicure is visually different from other colored coatings. Beautiful nails gain not only a high-quality coating devoid of dangerous formaldehydes, but also a dense, rich color. The surface, unlike gel varnishes, has a more natural, not so mirror-glossy texture that ideally matches fashion trends that strive for naturalness and naturalness.

Fashionable jacket with shellac has a more even more elegant look due to the surface as close to the smoothness of natural nails. Classics in French manicure are adjacent to silver and golden smiles.

Fashion for nail design puts forward the requirement to maintain conciseness and justification in the application of a brilliant decor. The presented novelties are true to this principle, the decor is appropriate, and the color scheme of the images is made in close shades or, if in contrast, then no more than three.

Trend models with design are made using the most popular materials: wide ribbons, foil elements, sequins, camouflage, rhinestones, patterns.

  • Top design ideas successfully combine monochrome ideas with velor technique, gradient and ombre.

  • The undeniable aesthetic appeal of shellac on nails is not its only advantage. It is also important that it is able to strengthen thin, brittle nails and allows them to grow (under such a layer the nail does not crack and does not delaminate). On short nails, such shellac characteristics are especially important.

    Knowing how many girls and women do manicure for short nails, Nail-Trend magazine for this category of readers has collected fashionable examples in a variety of styles so that the idea of ​​the development trends of nail art over a short length is fully illuminated. Specially selected unique photo novelties to the section illustrate the variability of shellac in the procedures for giving a magnificent look to short female nails:

      Short nails are not a reason to abandon the trendy developments of designers. The cat-eye technique is perfectly implemented in such conditions.

    The beautiful effect of ombre and gradient on small surfaces, in addition to the extraordinary attractiveness, visually lengthens the nails and fingers.

    The trend is the alternation of monochrome coatings with three or four tones of the same color.

    Actually longitudinal decoration with ribbons, straight or winding lines in the drawings.

    Delicate shellac of nude shades is ideal for short nails, it looks touching and captivating.

    Variations of lunar manicure over a short length have become a feature of the season.

  • French manicure for a short length remains in trend, moreover, there are new design items in which it is guessed in the decor with ribbons. The golden line is indented from the edge, imitating a french smile.

  • Calm, saturated and at the same time devoid of excessive brightness shellac colors on long nails is the trend of the season. With the help of such a gamut of colors, long-distance nail art masters succeed in creating amazing images combining several techniques and types of manicure:

      Several options for novelties, long nails demonstrate the trend of 2019 - design with the combination in the image of a monochrome shellac coating and decoration of plates on two nails. A drawing is placed on one nail, the second is performed in the technique of granulated sugar (this method of decorating is familiar to fashionistas under the names sugar manicure, manicure with sugar, manicure with marmalade).

    The hit of the season is a juicy solid color with decoration of an unnamed nail with spangles of different sizes, which are placed in such a way that imitate the gradient. At the hole, their density is maximum, and as they approach the edge, their number gradually decreases.

    The unconditional trend of nail art 2019 is variations with the rub. Over a long length they look as spectacular as possible. At the peak of popularity, mirror, metal manicure, pearlescent and pearl nail polish.

    Novelties use Yucca flakes favorably as a basis for additional decorating with rhinestones.

  • On long nails, ombre and gradient reveal all the beauty. Both horizontal and vertical directions of overflow of shades and transitions between colors are equally demanded.

  • No matter how impressive the design novelties are, fashion trends seem to never give up on marigold designs. The subject matter of the drawings is so vast that its classification is best done on a seasonal basis. And even with this approach, the classic style of manicure with a drawing stands apart and is the most universal.

      Contrast in drawings on long nails is again in fashion. Black and white, black and purple, red and white, yellow-gray combinations attract attention and look impressive.

    The trend is ideas that demonstrate a duet of glossy monochrome and pattern using sugar technology. As examples, we place black-pink and eggplant-lilac options.

    Blue shellac is gaining stunning popularity. The combination of monochromatic staining and a blue pattern on a colorless, transparent base is increasingly appearing at the most fashionable shows.

    Pink and bright green shellac with floral patterns is perfect for the spring-summer period. The frozen drops (like rain or dew) on the stems and petals give a special charm to the image.

  • Designers continue to develop the fashionistas' favorite drawings, the theme of which is revealed on several nails. Images with fantastic beauty of butterfly wings, delicate patterns and monograms, bouquets of flowers are drawn on two or three adjacent nails.

  • So female nature is arranged that it is almost impossible to abandon the sparkle that resembles the glare of diamonds. The sharp design offers options for manicure with shellac, which will satisfy the requirements of the most demanding clients.

    The design photo for the 2019 season shows some of the most trending ideas:

      The king of design remains the decor with rhinestones and sparkles. The style of decoration with rhinestones and glittering material is also very modest, restrained and luxurious for special occasions.

    The trend is bright shellac of yellow, red, wine, pink and blue shades with decor with threads or placers of rhinestones. Lunar manicure with paved rhinestones or holes covered with shiny sugar sand is one of the most popular orders in beauty salons.

    Black matte manicure with a strass of rhinestone from the hole along the frame of the nameless nail looks chic and bewitching.

  • Designers decorate both light and dark shellac with pearls, various stones, golden and silver beads, sparkles, glitter, granulated sugar.

  • Shellac manicure for short nails

    Short nails are now considered very fashionable. In addition, this length of nails is very practical. Girls with short nails feel absolutely comfortable when doing any work with their hands. As for manicure for short nails, there are certain rules.

    A winning idea is a classic gentle jacket. Such a manicure is both simple and elegant. French manicure will perfectly fit both on a festive evening and on a regular working day or day off.

    To make French manicure fresher and extravagant, you can use non-standard color combinations, change the shape of a smile, decorate your nails with adhesive tape, rhinestones, ornaments, art painting.

    Another classic idea for shellac manicure is moon manicure. Although it is worth considering that for short nails it is better to make a lunar one. To do this, using a contrasting gel polish, draw a concave hole at the base of the nail.

    The ombre style manicure will look original.

    The monochrome coating looks very nice. For girls with a perfect oval shape of nails, shellac rich colors are perfect. If the nails are not perfect, then cover them with pastel colors.

    Manicure ideas with shellac on long nails

    Natural and extended long nails are good because they can experiment freely. The large area of ​​the nail and the strength of the gel polish make it possible to make any design.

    All manicure ideas that we examined earlier on short nails, on long ones will look just as elegant. Although here you can give free rein to creativity. When choosing a French manicure on a large free edge, you can make a lace pattern in addition to the smile line, you can also make a double smile.

    Lunar manicure made with shellac looks beautiful on long nails. It is very popular to combine moon manicure and French.

    If you have extended nails, you can try the “broken glass” design, which is now very popular.

    With any shellac coating, long nails can be decorated with rhinestones, pebbles, lace and using acrylic molding.

    Design is considered chic with acrylic powder, which can be used to make three-dimensional patterns.

    One of the most popular solutions in the field of manicure is the decoration of long nails with a variety of patterns.

    Ideas of drawings for manicure shellac

    If you like the attention of others, then try to give originality to your nails with the help of drawings.

    A variety of landscapes on the nails that resemble miniature paintings by artists are now very fashionable.

    Themed painting options look beautiful. It can be New Year's motives, seasonal manicure.

    You can use classic options: graphic design, floral motifs.

    Graphics are especially popular this season. Smooth lines with abstraction, geometric motifs look beautiful. The trend is a completely diverse combination of straight and broken lines.

    The idea will be original, in which the nail is divided into adhesive patches with tape, which is covered with gel polish of different colors and textures.

    Creating graphic drawings does not require special painting skills. Drawings can be done using dots or a thin brush. For example, you can apply small dots on the nail with gel polish, and you will get polka dot manicure.

    Floral drawings continue to be at the peak of popularity. Here you have the widest choice of various types of flowers, these can be small forget-me-nots, sakura, cornflowers and other beautiful flowers.

    You can choose any compositional solution. Draw a few flowers on each nail, or completely cover the nail with tiny flowers. Flowers on accent nails look beautiful.

    With the technique of such a manicure, you can experiment freely. You can use glossy and matte shellac, make colorful and plain manicure, use natural and stylized drawings.

    Recently, animal drawings have been popular. They are divided into two types - images of various animals and animal skin pattern.

    For the first option, images of cute little cats, puppies, mice, and cartoon characters are used. Cat silhouettes are also often stamped. This design looks especially original.

    Prints a la reptile skin will make sexual manicure. The pattern on the skin of wild predators looks beautiful.

    Summing up, we can say that shellac provides a huge space for creativity. Your main task is to try to experiment and choose your option.

    Shellac winter design 2020: best ideas of the season

    Shellac is a great alternative to building up. With the help of shellac, you can give your nails any shape, smooth the surface of the marigold, perform a stylish and elegant design.

    Shellac is a hybrid of gel and nail polish. The method of applying shellac is identical to gel polish and ordinary varnishes. Shellac is suitable for owners of fragile and brittle nails, as it provides the proper strengthening effect. Visually, shellac has a matte velvety texture, which is supported by calm not catchy shades.

    Shellac has its drawbacks, which sometimes scare away girls who are accustomed to gel polishes. Among them:

    • shellac cost - shellac manicure will cost significantly more than standard gel polish
    • a variety of shades - shellac cannot boast an abundance of shades, however, this does not prevent girls from using existing tones to create a stylish design
    • with prolonged and constant use of shellac, nails may lose their healthy appearance and will need additional healing procedures
    • After applying shellac, the contact of nails with hot water and alkaline solutions is not allowed. It is also worth refraining from visiting a bathhouse, sauna, solarium.

    Shellac manicure is a stylish and modern solution for nail design. Despite the disadvantages of the coating, it can be periodically applied to the decoration of the nails. We offer you to get acquainted with the TOP-5 stylish ideas of shellac manicure winter 2020, which will not lose their relevance in other seasons.

    # 1 French manicure shellac: winter 2020

    In winter, when design experiments are not appropriate, decorate your nails with classic French manicure. This is the design that looks great in any look. Thanks to shellac, the jacket will last much longer.

    Among the trendy novelties of the winter season 2020 it is worth noting:

    • French millennium - use glitter and dry sparkles along the edge of the nail plate. Use silver and gold glitter in combination with white, gray, blue shellac.
    • white-pink jacket - in its pure form it looks quite simple, so complement the design with lace decor, knitted pattern with acrylic powder, glitter
    • dark jacket for festive design - use black, burgundy, blue shellac to create a New Year's manicure. Complement the design with a lot of glitter, camouflage, rhinestones and other shiny textures.

    # 2 Fashionable knitted manicure winter 2020

    Knitted pattern - the most appropriate for winter nail design. Neat ornate patterns visually “warm” the nails and its owner. Knitted design goes well with knitted winter clothes: pullovers, sweaters, snoods, etc.

    Knitted pattern looks very gentle and cute in light shades: pastel, pink, blue, gray, brown. Dark nail art with acrylic powder and sparkles looks gorgeous. Knitted pattern looks great on medium and long nails, where the pattern is much easier to arrange. On short nails, you can also create a knitted pattern, but make it larger so that every detail is noticeable.

    # 3 Themed winter nail design 2020

    For each season, the design choice is individual. If in the summer on the nails of fashionistas there are fruits, sunny shades, marine themes, then in winter, the best decoration of the nails will be Christmas trees, snowflakes, Christmas themes.

    Design with Christmas trees is especially relevant on the eve of the New Year. The drawing looks neat and stylish. There are several ways to execute a design:

    • apply the pattern with gel paste or gel polish and sprinkle it abundantly with acrylic powder - the powder serves to simulate snow, looks very gentle and beautiful
    • draw a Christmas tree using glitter - follow the pattern with a manicure brush on one of the nails, cover the rest with a uniform layer of shellac
    • use sliders - stick sliders on nails and add them with acrylic powder or glitter

    # 4 Stylish design with rhinestones: the best ideas of winter 2020

    Rhinestones are familiar to girls for a long time, but do not cease to be deservedly popular and in demand. Initially, rhinestones were used only for highlighting the basal zone, today the area of ​​application of rhinestones is truly limitless.

    As for the winter design with rhinestones, the best idea would be to decorate the nails with inlaid snowflakes. Use rhinestones of different sizes, broths, glitter and other shiny decor. In the photo below you can see several ideas for this design.

    # 5 Fashionable shellac with rub

    Speaking about trend nail art of recent seasons, one cannot ignore such a stylish novelty as rubbing. The rubbing is a fine polymer dust that resembles the texture of starch. There are several main varieties of rubbing:

    • pearl - especially gently and beautifully looks on white shellac. This design does not need additional decor, it looks perfect even in a monophonic version.
    • mirror - looks bright and catchy, especially relevant in the New Year's nail art
    • rub beetle - looks great on a dark surface

    The rub can be used both for continuous coating of nails, and for highlighting individual design elements, for example, snowflakes, Christmas trees, floristry, lace.

    Shellac manicure is a novelty in the nail industry, which has already been appreciated by many fashionistas. Shellac stays on the nails much longer than gel polish, the shades look rich and deep. If you have not yet decided on the design of nails with shellac, then we offer you a photo selection of ideas for manicure with this coating.

    Shellac manicure 2019-2020: relevant, fashionable, high quality

    Having decided to try shellac manicure 2019-2020, you will immediately benefit, because the design of shellac nails is allergenic, relatively inexpensive, looks stylish and will last a long time, it is diverse in the types of manicure and the proposed shades.

    Shellac manicure 2019-2020 is a glossy design that will shimmer beautifully and brightly under natural and artificial lighting, making you charming and unique.

    Choosing a shellac manicure 2019-2020, you will have to stock up on a basic coating, a disinfectant, colored varnishes for the desired manicure, a fixative and, of course, a UV lamp.

    Although shellac manicure is quite stable, temperature changes adversely affect its texture, accelerating the natural process of shellac surface destruction.

    Note that the quality of the coating and the long operating time will allow you to adjust your own shape of the nails, if they grow poorly, you do not have the patience to grow the desired length, the nails break due to various factors.

    Shellac manicure 2019-2020 is, first of all, a French shellac manicure, because an elegant jacket can be made with a white, nude strip on a transparent basis, or play with shades by choosing two interesting colors for an exclusive shellac manicure.

    In addition, shellac jacket 2019-2020 can be decorated with a bright accent by performing a beautiful and interesting pattern on one of the fingers.

    Undoubtedly, the easiest manicure is shellac in a one-color solution, because it is easy to master it even without the help of a specialist, transforming short and long nails with a rich shade of burgundy, pink, blue, black, blue, green and other relevant colors of the palette.

    For those who like shellac manicure 2019-2020, the novelties of which we presented below, can not only turn to professionals, but also try to implement a fashionable shellac manicure 2019-2020, using popular techniques, stencils and stamps.

    A simple process, a little effort and patience will give you a beautiful nail design with shellac in the author's version, making your nails charming, and your autumn, summer, winter or spring look complete.

    Smoothness and symmetry, minimalism and conciseness, unique combinations of shades and techniques - this is exactly how fashionable shellac manicure 2019-2020 will be.

    Want a luxurious shellac manicure 2019-2020? Pay attention to shellac with a pigment of gold and silver.

    Note that shellac manicure accepts complex configurations with liner varnishes, highlighting several nails in a different way, for example, glitter varnish, shellac manicure with waves, design with holes and smiles, negative Space, geometric patterns.

    Today, shellac manicure is very popular, combined with a matte, knitted, abstract design and other textures.

    In addition, there will be a great deal of respect for options with thematic drawings and stenciled pictures, a multi-color design that makes your pens especially attractive, neat and well-groomed.

    Shellac manicure 2019-2020 is also unique in that the execution material allows you to create the finest and most delicate patterns in a minimalist and evening style, and add voluminous details to the shellac nail design in the form of rhinestones, beads, kamifubuki.

    Although nail art trends offer fashionable women sharp nails, 2019-2020 shellac manicure can be performed on any shape and length depending on your desires.

    Stylists recommend to originals and women who appreciate comfort in everything, shellac manicure 2019-2020 for a short length, because it is more practical and universal for a fashionista with a dynamic, active lifestyle.

    Note that if the nails are short, it is better to abandon too voluminous design options, sculpting, choosing elements that are not too small, preferably in a vertical arrangement for visual extension of the nail.

    Such fashionable techniques as ombre, shellac manicure with a slight haze, original stamping, as well as shellac manicure 2019-2020 with rubbing will find their embodiment.

    To illustrate the foregoing, specially for you fashionable shellac manicure 2019-2020 in the examples.

    Features shellac 2020 photo news

    The intricate name "shellac" does not actually conceal anything super-mysterious. In fact, this is a symbiosis of varnish and gel in one bottle. At the same time, at first glance, a simple technology has many distinctive features that allow it to stand apart.

    Shellac coating nails eliminates the need for acrylic or gel extensions. For a fairly short period of time, you will receive a heavy-duty, long-playing manicure, and the shine of your nails will delay the close attention of others.

    In addition to the properties inherent in the gel (resistance for several weeks), shellac also has the advantages of a conventional varnish such as a rich color palette, ease of use, shine and a spectacular appearance.

    As for saturation, perhaps, in this indicator, shellac surpasses all existing nail procedures. No exception is the beloved french. In addition, modern manufacturers of this tool regularly expand the existing range of shades, so even the most demanding fashionista can choose the perfect color scheme for herself. Fresh New Year's ideas for 2020 manicure Rats, see the article.

    Nail colors shellac 2020 new

    Among the main color favorites of 2020 will be such shades as cranberries, fuchsia, raspberries, marsala, emerald. So bright and saturated will surely please bold and confident girls who like to attract the attention of others.

    For sophisticated natures who want to always look elegant and feminine, a shade of walnut or soft pink, like an orchid flower, is more suitable. The rich, deep blue color will not lose its relevance.

    Shellac nail art ideas 2020 photo

    Nail design with shellac in 2020 is one of the most popular, because it looks great on short nails, namely they are in fashion today. New items, photos of which are presented in large numbers in our article, will allow each fashionista to choose for herself exactly the option that will best suit her personal taste, mood and, of course, her overall style.

    Stylists advise to look at the most interesting options for shellac fashion manicure, including gradient coloring, various patterns, the use of various decorative elements such as adhesive tape, sliders and other trends.

    First of all, two seemingly opposite directions should be attributed to actual drawings: clear geometric patterns (straight and broken lines, rhombuses, triangles) and abstraction (dots, spots reminiscent of blots, stains). Meanwhile, they have a lot in common - they are simple to execute, but they provide an opportunity to create stunning images, and even novice craftswomen can cope with them.

    Animal motifs and floristry will also look great. One of the novelties of the season - the gradient, in which colors smoothly transition from one to another, is also represented by a huge number of options.

    Ideas of fashionable drawings on nails with shellac 2020 new

    Nail painting is an extremely fun process. However, to achieve a high level of skill, the girl should be prepared for the fact that she will have to constantly experiment, mastering new drawing techniques and materials that can be used to create them. And over time, each of you will be able to become a true master, who in creating the design will focus solely on his own imagery and imagination.

    Trendy moon manicure with shellac 2020 new

    Girls who can boast that their nails grow quite quickly know that in order for a manicure with shellac varnish to stay fresh and accurate for as long as possible, it is worth choosing the technology of moon manicure. Moreover, the smile at the base of the nail should be painted with exceptionally transparent varnish. So, with the growth of the nail, the transition of the natural color to the varnish will be invisible.

    Beautiful plain manicure with shellac 2020 photo

    The fashionable classic shellac manicure, made in one color, does not lose ground. If it seems to you that such a design will look boring and corny, you can always refresh it with all kinds of pebbles, rhinestones, sparkles, patterns, patterns and sliders. Moreover, the degree of floridity and intricacy of your design depends only on your imagination and the skill of a manicurist.

    By the way, in 2020, nails decorated with foil and molding will be in fashion. To make stylish accents on the nails, choose ring fingers or index fingers as a fashionable “target”. Such a move will emphasize your sense of style and will not allow you to look ridiculous.

    Fashion jacket ideas with shellac 2020 new items

    It is a French manicure that is considered a real tribute to femininity, naturalness and elegant beauty.

    Choosing jacket for your nails with shellac, you make your hands irresistible and beautiful. The advantage of such a manicure is that it perfectly combines with virtually any wardrobe. This is what makes the jacket one of the most popular and sought after shellac designs. In addition, such a pattern looks good on any nails, regardless of their length and shape.

    Fashionable manicure ombre shellac 2020 photo news

    Ombre (gradient shellac) is still in fashion and is created using various technologies. You can alternate different shades, of which there are a lot of shellac in the palette. Smooth color transition can be performed in two versions, both horizontally and vertically.

    The most popular in 2020 are nude (body) shades, as well as combinations of pastel colors with bright berry shades. Also relevant is the gradient within the same color scheme.

    Ideas of a fashionable wedding manicure with shellac 2020 photo

    Still wedding manicure with shellac is made white, beige, pink. But no one canceled the bright color for the wedding ceremony.

    Volumetric design looks gorgeous. An elegant drawing for a wedding manicure is obtained by applying acrylic powder. For girls who want to make a wedding manicure for short nails with shellac, a photo will help with the choice.

    The new technology of manicure with shellac allows you to make beautiful nails without harm. This procedure for applying shellac heals nails, nourishes them, gives them new strength, which affects the beauty of lady’s hands. And, as you know, a woman should be beautiful to the tips of her finger, where a stunning shellac-coated manicure will sparkle. Beauty and health - these are the features of shellac.

    Dizan of nails: brilliant accents in manicure

    Shellac coating allows you to realize the most daring combinations of colors and textures. Create a fashionable design using any actual palette as a base color (nude shades, burgundy, gray, blue, coral, black and white, lilac and lavender, violet, etc.), cover one or two nails with shellac with sparkles.

    Using a shiny liner, decorate several nails with laconic drawings: a twig, leaves, floral ornaments.

    Multicolor manicure

    Multicolored shellac nail design is the embodiment of a woman's changing mood. Depending on the chosen combination, one can express the romance of the girl’s nature, her expressiveness and emotionality, and emphasize extravagance.

    This design option is especially relevant for the spring-summer period. Try combining saturated and vibrant pink with deep gray and lilac, yellow (orange) with black and white, red with beige and black, etc.

    The trend is multicolor minimalist patterns: geometric shapes, lines, dots. Shellac texture allows you to maintain the sharpness of the lines and the contrast of transitions.

    Beautiful manicure: delicate laconic patterns with shellac

    The trend is a two-tone manicure with an elegant pattern. The priority is floral motifs, petals, twigs, feathers, butterflies, dragonflies, fireworks, birds, etc.

    Compositional drawings look original: elements are drawn on two fingers. Together, they represent a complete picture.

    Themed patterns (floral, oriental) made of gold and silver look original and elegant. Also, using transparent shellac, you can create a relief pattern on the matte surface of the coating.

    Voluminous manicure

    Using voluminous parts (use kamifubuki, rhinestones or beads) create a voluminous design for both short and long nails. With their help, realize any idea of ​​exquisitely sophisticated and restrained elegant evening or office manicure.

    The priority is underlining with rhinestones of the holes, decorating the jacket, forming a three-dimensional ornament on the nail plate.

    Lunar manicure: geometry, patterns and sweet bloom

    Lunar manicure in 2019 acquired new colors and shades. The traditional version of the contrast of colors has been supplemented with new ideas:

    • decorating the hole with glitter varnish,
    • transparent hole
    • hole frame, etc.

    Romantic moon manicure on short nails sparkled with new colors thanks to the sweet bloom technique.Its feature is that the hole is decorated with original volumetric drawings. These are whole thematic compositions.

    The innovation was triangular, geometric double holes, double holes-smiles. The implementation of such a manicure can be different: the masters use a single-color coating and colorless gel polish, or combine a white hole with a pastel or bright coating.

    If you want to make an original design of the holes, then consider the option of asymmetry, in which the center of the picture is shifted to the right or left.

    The luxurious decoration of the holes is a florid pattern that separates a number of small rhinestones or sparkles, a line made of gold or silver varnish.

    Smoky manicure

    The shellac smoke effect design is a stylish option that creative ladies like. The smoke enveloping part of the marigold looks mysterious and romantic. Most often they use a dark bandwagon, and smoke is performed with colored gel-paint or transparent gel-varnish.

    This design option is suitable for creating an evening look. It perfectly complements a luxurious dress or pantsuit.

    Stamping: inscriptions and openwork

    Stamping is an affordable and simple technique that allows you to create the most incredible patterns and pictures on your nails. For these purposes, masters use special stamps.

    Trend in manicure 2019 - stamping inscriptions. This option is suitable for young creative girls, women in creative professions. For a romantic manicure, choose drawings with small geometric elements, for an evening look - lace-drawing.

    Rubbed manicure: from sophistication to extravagance

    The modern nail industry offers a wide selection of tweezers, with the help of which they create an exquisite nail design.

    Rubs give shine and shine to the color coating, create a mirror, pearl, holographic effect or prism effect. With their help, they achieve a special overflow of color, radiance and brilliance of marigolds.

    Fashionable chip - white, beige or pale pink manicure with a pearl rub. This is the embodiment of femininity, tenderness and purity. It is complemented by decorative elements: rhinestones, beads, drawings, acrylic molding. This design looks very elegant, so they offer as a wedding manicure.

    For a club look, use rubbing with a metallic pigment, combine them with a matte finish, decorate with chrome stripes.

    Luxury gradient

    The thick texture of shellac is great for implementing the ideas of gradient manicure. Horizontal ombre by most fashionistas is perceived as a classic version of the design.

    In this segment, you can surprise only by the selection of color schemes. Usually choose bright saturated shades of the palette of warm or cold shades.

    In 2019, the vertical and angular gradient, ombre on mirror and chrome coatings, took the lead.

    The gradient implies a smooth transition of colors, but the masters began to propose options with clearly drawn transition lines, when the effect of a fractal or visual distance of the figure is created.

    In the spring-summer 2019 ombre manicure, shades of lilac, mint, red, orange and pink prevail. For autumn and winter, craftsmen recommend using shellac of wine, blue and purple colors.

    French manicure

    Shellac is magnificent in French manicure and its variants - French millennium, color fresco and fan french. With its help, easily create non-formatted service jackets: triangles, squares, angular, double and triple service jackets.

    In the manicure 2019-2020, eclecticism prevails in the techniques. This also affected design with a French jacket. This design option is combined with other techniques: with a moon manicure, negative space, and foil decor.

    A woman who uses gel polish as a coating receives a durable, non-tarnishing coating. It is effective as a cosmetic and hygiene product: protects and decorates nails.

    Shellac manicure is an ideal option for a modern girl, which will preserve the beauty of the nails and decorate them thanks to an interesting design.

    The richness of shellac colors, a variety of techniques allow you to choose an individual version of a sophisticated, elegant or chic manicure.

    Fashionable shellac: features of use

    In order to create nail art using shellac coating, it is necessary to take into account some features of its application. So, for example, in order to decorate the nail plates with a beautiful pattern, in addition to the shellac itself, it is necessary to have special dry pigments or varnish liners at your disposal.

    Experts recommend purchasing high-quality original products from a reliable manufacturer. In addition, in order to make a manicure using fashionable shellac, you will need to purchase a UV lamp and a “starting set” of coatings, consisting of an initial base, basic color and complete the top composition procedure. Also, as auxiliary tools and accessories, you will need the following items:

    brushes for design of various shapes and thicknesses - flat, “hair”, dagger-like, etc.,

    sparkles and “colored dust”,

    broths, half beads and rhinestones.

    A diverse palette of colors, a bit of perseverance and patience will allow you to create a fashionable and effective nail design with shellac, which will delight you for several weeks.

    Watch the video: 100 EASY nail ideas! HUGE nail art compilation (February 2020).