What is memorable to give on a paper anniversary (2 years of wedding)?

It seemed that recently there was a marriage, and now the young family is already two years old. A memorable date is coming - a paper wedding. The tradition of celebrating wedding anniversaries originated in the early 19th century. and since historians and extras argue, more than half of all couples celebrate their family’s creation every year.

Wedding Anniversary 2 years - title story

The first two years of family life are marked by a paper wedding. It is no coincidence that this name was chosen for the celebration. Paper is known to be different fragility and insecuritythat can be said about the young family at this time. The first year has passed when the young lived for themselves, opened each other from a new perspective and enjoyed love.

Two years later, new concerns appear. It can be children, and everything connected with them. Sometimes life becomes more stressful, you have to work harder, pay less attention to each other, and friction in relationships often happens. The whole situation is very fragile, and sometimes a family from a wrong step or a sharply pronounced word can simply crack or even collapse. That is why, the wedding anniversary of 2 years is called paper, because family ties can easily tear like paper.

Paper wedding - traditions and signs

The second anniversary, like all others, has its own characteristics and traditions. Sometimes they are very unusual. In some countries, the heroes of the day are dressed all in paper, that is, the bride flaunts in a light dress made of paper, and the groom in the same shirt.

In order for the couple’s further life to be successful, the table should be covered with a paper tablecloth and the same napkins must be present. The more paper that day in the house, the better for its inhabitants. There is still an interesting tradition. The bride dances barefoot holding the shoes in her hands, and those who want to dance with her should put paper money in her shoes. It is believed that such a dance attracts profit in a young family, and the donor - happiness in his personal life!

A tradition has recently emerged to write a letter. It should be on paper, beautifully designed, where the couple tell each other about their feelings. Such a message is presented at the celebration and can be read aloud. Depending on the wishes of its authors.

There are also special signs for 2 years from the wedding day, namely:

    If the spouse is in old shoes, then the life of the family will be long. If the first gift is a paper bill, then wealth awaits the family. If you dream of a long paper tape, it is expected to move away from your relatives. If the bride (without preliminary hints) was presented with a paper bouquet as a gift, then the first-born will be a girl.

Choose gifts for 2 years of wedding

The question certainly arises: what to give for a 2 year wedding, are there any special moments when choosing a presentation? Of course there is. Usually for all the invitees, when they are going to a celebration the easiest is to donate money. This is not always interesting, but in this case the best gift for a 2 year wedding is paper bills.

Of course, the choice of presentation also depends on the status of the guest. Friends and Witnessesif those invited should present something paper. It can be:

    paintings, calendar, tickets for a concert, theater or cinema, beautiful sets of tablecloths and napkins, books or rare magazines for connoisseurs.

Parents for 2 years from the wedding day bring more significant gifts:

    vacation packages, securities, cruise tickets.

The wedding anniversary is approaching 2 years, and what to give husband, also a task for the young wife! Everyone decides it differently. Some give beautiful family albums, others share photos in an interesting and unusual frame. It happens that a couple of bottles of beer with your favorite fish, wrapped in paper or newspaper. It is interesting that spouses can give similar gifts for a paper wedding. For example, a wife gives a book on home repairs with her own hands, and her husband is a good collection of recipes.

When gifting jewelry or jewelry, they should also be packed in paper packaging or at least use paper ribbons. Mandatory is a card with sincere and good wishes. It can be purchased or made with your own hands also from paper.

On paper wedding it is not customary to arrange too crowded feast. As a rule, only the closest relatives and a small number of friends are invited. The ceremony itself can take place outside the city, in nature. Celebrating 2 years of living together, knowing which wedding will be managed, do not worry about its name. Let it be paper only, and family relationships - long and strong.

Congratulations on the wedding anniversary 2 years from guests and parents

You can order:

  • toasts and congratulations in verse (80 rubles for a quatrain),
  • congratulatory song rework on a famous motive (800 rubles),
  • the scenario of the holiday (the price depends on the complexity and duration, from 1500 rubles),
  • personalized verse with a declaration of love (80 rubles for a quatrain),
  • acrostic (120 rubles for a quatrain).

What to give young friends on a paper wedding anniversary

Using the ready-made idea, you can give the couple a set of nesting dolls, investing in each beautiful wishes to the spouses.

For a two year wedding anniversary It is customary to give gifts, one way or another related to paper: a high-quality photo album, which will contain the pictures accumulated by the couple during the joint period of life, an exclusive calendar with family photos that will remain in the memory of the couple for many years, board games that the couple will enjoy playing with friends.

You can also give young people a paper wedding:

  • certificates (for purchases or spending time together: photo shoot, massage, swimming pool, fitness club, hot air ballooning, parachute jump, rooftop dinner and other romantic events),
  • tickets for a good performance or an interesting movie premiere,
  • creative watches made of thick cardboard, the dial of which must be painted together with the felt-tip pens included in the kit,
  • a book in a gift edition,
  • lottery tickets
  • money in the original packaging (for example, in a bag or with a comic wish: "Row the money with a shovel!").

A cool gift for friends on their 2-year wedding anniversary can be: a friendly cartoon made from family photography, a “paper cake”, in each “slice” of which to pack a surprise (a mini-bottle with alcohol, chocolate bar and other sweets), puzzles featuring a couple , "Tree" with paper leaves, on each of which a wish should be written, toilet paper with pictures.

A good option for paired gifts would be t-shirts, pillows with the inscription “Husband” and “Wife,” mugs with portraits of spouses.

Friends can also give a family a wedding anniversary: ​​a song in the original performance, dedicated to the heroes of the occasion, record video greetings, make a short video about the bright moments in the life of the spouses, play a comic performance.

What can I give each other for two years of wedding

Signs of attention given by spouses to each other may become various pleasant little things: a diary or a notebook, a “checkbook” of wishes that must be fulfilled, a jar of wishes for a loved one, coloring-antistress.

If you plan to present a jewelry or watch, you should put a surprise in a cardboard box, accompanied by a postcard

A good gift will be a subscription to a print publication, for a wife - women's magazines, for a husband - periodicals related to his hobbies: sports, fishing, computer programs and so on.

On the second anniversary of marriage, the wife can give her husband: a business diary, a purse with a paper bill, an atlas or a road map, a geographical map of the world, a frame with a family photo, football tickets, a stylish umbrella, a book, and an electronic one.

The husband can please the soulmate: a cookbook, a set for paper creativity (quilling, scrapbooking, decoupage, origami, applique), puzzles, photo wallpaper. As well as a certificate in a SPA salon, a subscription to a fitness club or a voucher for two on a romantic trip. And, of course, a luxurious floral paper bouquet should be a must-have gift for the wife.

Bouquet of paper

Both spouses can write letters of confession of love to each otherthat can be read after the solemn event, left alone.

What to give children on the second paper wedding anniversary

Parents, like no other, know exactly what their children need two years after the marriage. If the couple moved to new housing, you can buy wallpaper for the apartment (of course, having previously agreed upon the choice with the new settlers) and solemnly present it to the memorable date. A good decoration of the interior will be the subject of painting: a picture or an amulet icon for a young family.

In the household, universal sets of bedding, towels, tablecloths or napkins are always useful.

If the spouses have already managed to acquire offspring, you can give children a certificate for the purchase of children's goods or a round sum for little heirs for the 2nd wedding anniversary. Money can be presented in an original way: by attaching banknotes to the branches of a money tree or by decorating them in the form of origami.

Solid gifts from parents will be: vacation packages, cruise tickets, securities. If parents are going to give children not a paper gift, it should be packed in a beautiful box, a paper wrapper or bandaged with an intricate paper tape.

What to give parents for a paper wedding

After a couple of years of living together in many families replenishment appears. The kid can also become a full participant in the celebration of his parents. A child under the guidance of adults can prepare a surprise for mom and dad in the form of a learned dance, song or poem. Also, the baby can present: drawing with finger paints or colored pencils, entertaining crafts made of plasticine, paper applications.

If the baby was recently born, adult family members can make a touching gift on his behalf to the parents by putting his palm, smeared with paint, on paper and making an imprint that can be put in a frame.

Original DIY biannual wedding anniversary gifts

By the two-year anniversary of the wedding, you can come up with a lot of original gifts made by yourself. They will remain in the memory of the newlyweds for a long time.

Symbol of love - a heart in the shape of which you can make photo collage, big card or greeting poster. To do this, you need a sheet of paper or cardboard, from which a heart of the desired size is cut, which should be painted with acrylic paints in red or burgundy and attached to it with photos or write a text of congratulation.

Creative gift idea for wedding anniversary sweet bouquet of sweets and chocolate. To build it, you need: sweets, long skewers, a lot of colored corrugated paper, decorative elements in the form of butterflies, stars, hearts. Sweets should be strung on skewers, wrapped with paper, securing it with a stapler, picking up a bouquet and wrapping it in a special paper or cellophane wrapper. All this splendor can be decorated with beads, rhinestones and other decorative elements.

Casket or key holder glued with shiny coinswill be a pleasant souvenir for those celebrating a biennial wedding. Coins should be pre-rubbed to a shine and using liquid nails attached to the base.

It will look unusual and stylish photo frame from cut CDs, coffee beans, colorful pebbles that attach to the base in a similar way.

A painting as a gift in the style of "Quilling"

With a little patience and perseverance, you can create a picture in the style of "quilling", made of paper stripes, as well as an album in the technique of "scrapbooking".

Any gift wrapped in an original way may be appropriate for a paper wedding. The main thing is to create a package with your own hands, showing maximum imagination

The second wedding anniversary is usually celebrated in a narrow circle of the closest relatives and friends. The celebration is made out with the help of beautiful paper garlands. in the shape of hearts, swans and other symbols of conjugal love and fidelity. Tables are covered with paper tablecloths and decorated with paper napkins.

Traditionally, spouses perform a dance, and guests attach money bills to their clothes with clothespins. It is believed that this attracts family profit and happiness in personal life. At the end of the holiday, guests launch Chinese lanterns into the sky.

The wonderful two years of family life, filled with love and happiness, should be remembered by the newlyweds forever.

You can find out a few more ideas for paper wedding anniversary gifts by watching the video:

Why a “paper” wedding?

The second wedding anniversary has not yet been considered an anniversary. This holiday is popularly called a "paper" wedding.

Most interpreters cite paper properties such as the ability to easily ignite and burn to ashes from rough handling, as well as the fragility of this material. Almost all the explanations agree on one thing: paper, as a symbol of the wedding anniversary, indicates the strength of this union that has not yet arrived.

Yes, two years is still not enough time to make marriage unambiguously strong. But paper has other functions and features!

Let us recall what the wise people say about this material.

"The paper will endure everything." More than ever, in this period, beginning spouses will need patience and understanding.

"Without a piece of paper you are a bug." Paper is also a document. A paper wedding can mean that from now on the union is finally recognized by people as having taken place. Relations are fixed, “documented” by two joint years and, possibly, the first-born.

And finally, "Any sheet of paper has a front and back side." Yes, on your blank sheet, perhaps the first blots appear, but the story of living together is born.

It is not customary to celebrate the second anniversary as widely as the first wedding anniversary is celebrated: the reason may be in the small child or his expectation, as well as in the possible planning of the family budget for more pressing issues. However, one should not forget about this day. Be attentive to your husband or wife, as well as to loved ones for whom this date has come, and your care will certainly be appreciated. After all, bringing joy on this day is not at all difficult!

Many, many ideas for cute paper wedding gifts we offer below.

Paper gifts that are so nice to exchange

Pleasant and inexpensive signs of attention brought by spouses to each other on the day of the paper wedding can be of the same plan, differing only in taste preferences. For two years, you’ve probably already studied the tastes of your loved ones. So, to present each other the most varied surprises on this day.

  • Book. For those who love to read, it will always be a wonderful gift. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the genre and author. Choose one of the book novelties, a novel based on your favorite movie, or thus begin the family library.
  • Subscription to the print edition. For your wife, subscribe to fashion gloss, such as “Elle”, “VOUGUE”, “Cosmopolitan”. A strong half will certainly be grateful for “GQ”, “Men`slife”, “Maxim”. Well, if you write out “Playboy”, you will become a model of unlimited trust for your husband!
  • Poster, poster. Inexpensive and creative, if correctly guessed with the image. Are you fans of a music group or a football club, fans of beautiful landscapes or interesting sayings on an abstract background? A room can also be decorated with a collage of your photos.

By the way, there you can order a lot of suitable gifts, for example, a checkbook of desires, a calendar, sweets in funny paper packaging and so on. Three balls strongly advises!

  • Notebook. This accessory is likely to be useful to both a businessman and a housewife, and presented with love will be appreciated doubly.
  • Postcard. On such a day is a must! You can buy a finished version or make it yourself using various techniques. Write the words of love on it, you can invest a monetary addition.
  • Telegram. If you worry about this in advance, your half may receive a telegram with congratulations on a beautiful form that day.
  • Poem. If you can compose yourself, this is a great occasion for creativity. Rip a confession for your loved one, write on a beautiful card or a scroll and resemble or read aloud at a romantic dinner. If you do this at a party, you will rise even more in your beloved eyes. Poetic creativity is alien to you, but are you sure that such a gesture will be appreciated? Order the writing of a poetic congratulation to the craftsmen: of course, on the Internet you can find lines for all occasions, but we need an exclusive version created for the only person in the world.
  • A letter to the future. Write a message to your loved one, which he should open at the next family anniversary. And do not forget that the third anniversary is called leather.

Paper surprises for your beloved. What to give your wife on the second wedding anniversary

Surprise and delight the mistress of your family hearth, not forgetting to give her this memorable day for her. For men who do not forget about wedding anniversaries, women are ready to forgive a lot!

What will be nice to get a wife and easy to choose a husband?

  • Gift Certificate. Where to? Here, focus on your wallet and the tastes of your spouse. SPA salon, jewelry store, fashion boutique - in any case, you will make your wife a pleasant surprise and save yourself from the painful choice and fear not to please.
  • A book for recording culinary recipes, if it is beautifully designed and presented with a kiss and admiration for her ability to cook, will undoubtedly please any hostess.
  • Kits for paper creativity. Many women in the moments of leisure enjoy the magic of quilling, decoupage, making papier-mâché and other types of needlework related to paper. And there is craquelure, origami, applique, scrapbooking ...
  • Sketch book for lovers of drawing. You can album, but a sketch book is more elegant and original.
  • Coloring book "antistress." Beautiful bizarre images that need to be shaded or flourished help to calm down, set in a meditative manner, create high spirits.
  • Notebooks for self-development. This is the last trend in the world of the psychology of creativity. On the pages of notebooks of the series “Destroy Me” and “Discover the World Again” contain interesting and extraordinary tasks that will help you to reassess the surrounding reality with new eyes, relieve the power of stereotypes and just get a batch of pleasure and good mood.
  • Puzzles are a favorite thing for many ladies to distract from negative thoughts and the desire to eat an unaccounted sandwich. Choose jigsaw puzzles from at least 1000 elements with a beautiful picture, and it’s even more interesting to order an individual puzzle from a photograph.
  • Self-adhesive picture on the wall or on the refrigerator. Decorate and refresh the interior, the main thing is to choose a suitable image.
  • Photowall-paper if in your house there is a corner intended for transformation, and you are ready to help with their sticking.
  • Paper packaging for any gift you choose will automatically turn it into the appropriate holiday theme.

What paper can surprise her husband on the second anniversary?

If your attentive husband does not leave you without gifts for family dates, then you should not be left behind! Well, and man's forgetfulness is an occasion in order to become the legislator of family traditions. Give your beloved a pleasant surprise on the day of paper wedding, and he will not remain in debt.

And there is plenty to choose from.

  • Business diary, glider, diary. It is always necessary for a man of any profession. You can engrave on the cover his name or memorable words.
  • Stationery set. Not really paper, but it is intended for writing on paper! It is a good concomitant option.
  • Purse. For the same reason as above: it is convenient to store papers and personal documents in it.
  • The cover for the passport will adequately tint the important paper document of the holder.
  • Friendly cartoon on the photo. You can order such a gift on the Internet. There are programs that allow you to create it yourself, and then print. Men love warm, friendly banter.
  • Gifts with jokes: if your beloved has a sense of humor at his best, you can look in the corresponding stores for souvenir toilet paper with interesting drawings, for example, in the form of banknotes or fruits.
  • Geographical map of the world: for some reason, many men admit that since childhood they dreamed of a similar decoration for the wall of their room.
  • A set of playing cards, if such a pastime in the family is welcome.
  • Atlas or road maps if a lot of time is spent on road trips.
  • A pack of photo paper or paper for the printer: not quite romantic, but practical and useful.
  • Paper "cake": slices of a beautifully decorated cardboard cake are mini-boxes, each of which you can put a small pleasant surprise: candy, lighter, mini deodorant, souvenir bottle with alcohol, etc.
  • “100 reasons why I love you” is an invariably popular women's gift when a corresponding number of notes-paper rolls with mini-confessions are stacked in a box or jar.
  • The checkbook of desires pleases men with the opportunities that a loving spouse is ready to provide as a gift: Car wash, Romantic dinner, Private dance, and even the Forgiveness indulgence!

Close ones delight a young family. What to present to friends

If you are invited to this family holiday or just remembered a pleasant date coming up with good friends, do not deny yourself the pleasure of presenting a thematic gift. Without spending significant funds and efforts, you can choose a good present that will bring joy to your loved ones and which will be based on paper as the main topic of the day.

An unspoken rule - for wedding anniversaries, friends and relatives should not give spouses separate gifts. The gift should be intended for the family as a single and indivisible whole, such is the specificity of these holiday dates.

  • Photo album. Surely in the family for a couple of years a significant photo archive has accumulated, which will be replenished even more with the birth of the baby, so such a gift will never be superfluous.
  • The calendar. You can, of course, purchase a regular wall or desktop calendar with beautiful images. But if you have photos of the couple or you can take them in advance on a plausible pretext, then there is the possibility of creating an exclusive memorabilia that will be stored in the family for a long time, reminding you of your attention.
  • Cinema or theater tickets. Give spouses the opportunity to experience the romance of a date and be together again. If there is a baby in the family, care must be taken that the spouses can leave it under someone's supervision that evening, otherwise, the gift can also cause grief. But how nice it will be to be back on the ground for kisses in the last row or at a fashion show!
  • Certificates Impressions have long been considered wonderful gifts, extraordinary and bringing together. Choose a type of experience that, in your opinion, is more suitable for a young couple. Skydiving? Hammam Master Class? Pair massage? Dinner on the roof? Pool? Do not count the options.
  • Watches for creative people. An interesting gift, setting up for joint creativity. The wall clock with a silent mechanism is made of thick cardboard, the kit includes special markers, which you need to paint the dial to your liking.
  • Table games. This tradition is increasingly returning to families where people are already fed up with the disconnecting power of gadgets. Therefore, as a gift you can buy classic games that use paper, for example, lotto, or modernized versions of your favorite entertainment, such as Scrabble, Monopoly, Memorial, UNO or Mafia.
  • Toast in verse. Make a congratulation on a beautiful card and read it by raising a glass. Just don’t use ready-made templates, which are filled with edge with their triviality: you need creativity from the heart!
  • Chinese sky lanterns. A beautiful and romantic custom to launch burning paper lanterns will give a festive mood to any evening, and especially to this.

How unusual is it to present money?

The first thing that comes to mind as a paper gift is crispy bills, always useful and desirable, but, alas, not at all original. Nevertheless, this gift is always popular. And if you add a little creativity to his “presentation”? Then, the gifted couple will have, in addition to the money themselves, also memories of the experienced pleasure during delivery.

  • The original envelope. Put the money in an envelope decorated with a thematic inscription, a funny picture, applique or quilling. You can buy ready-made or invest in the envelope, in addition to money, also the positive energy of hand-made needlework.
  • Full bag of money. Imagine, to the question “What was presented to you for a paper wedding?” The newlyweds will answer: “N gave a whole bag of money!” Roll up the bills and put them in a gift bag made of canvas or other dense fabric.
  • Keep money in the bank. And the jar itself may be, at your discretion, tied, rolled up, closed lid. The volume of banks depends on the financial capabilities of the donor.
  • A bouquet of money can be made according to a sketch from the Internet or ordered by skilled craftsmen. But do not choose this method of delivery if a young couple is kind to order, and crumpled banknotes will become a cultural shock for her.
  • “Row the money with a shovel!” - a good wish to the young family along with the appropriate gift: a children's bucket full of notes and a shovel attached to it.
  • Craft from money. From this pliable material, you can build everything that comes to mind and that is enough patience: from an elegant cake to a boat with green sails. Be careful not to damage the banknotes.
  • Money rain will spill on that of a married couple who bursts a balloon, previously filled with money folded into neat tubes and inflated.
  • Money tree. It is not so difficult to make it from a wooden base and banknotes-leaves, but you can hang money on the branches of a houseplant: such a gift is always appropriate in a family house.

How to note - scenario

The second anniversary of marriage is not in vain called paper. Since the birth of a young family, very little time has passed, but the young couple have already managed to prove their love, devotion, they felt trust in each other.

However, in the second year of marriage, the couple face a huge number of problems, which they can cope only by helping each other.

The first two years of married life showed how much depends on mutual understanding and ability to concede, how important it is to take care of each other. Relationships become fragile, like tissue paper. Therefore, the second wedding anniversary is called paper. The husband and wife came to the holiday date with a certain experience and a lot of impressions.

Friends and relatives seek to congratulate them, wish them all the very best. Parents are ready to help with advice and support young spouses.

This day is the day of this holiday, which should be marked in advance:

  • friends make a celebration script
  • make presents
  • write congratulations
  • decorate the room
  • take care of the music
  • come up with interesting and funny games, quizzes and contests.

The celebration takes place most often in the rented hall of the restaurant or in the cafe, but many couples prefer to gather guests in their country house to have fun in nature.

For decoration use:

  • garlands of paper flags,
  • paper balls and pompons
  • the arch is decorated with paper flowers.

For gifts you will need paper packaging and special ribbons. When laying the table, use curly napkins as a substrate for the plates.

Dishes on the table are the most varied, but mainly cooked meat and vegetable slices, and the cake will become the main culinary masterpiece.

So that guests do not get bored, they are invited to take part in fun games, they try to entertain fun-filled contests invited to the holiday:

  1. Help my wife cook dinner.
  2. Find a malfunction in the car.
  3. Tell me about your spouse.

Music and dance competitions are organized for guests, the winners of which are presented with souvenirs and souvenirs:

  1. The host invites guests to demonstrate their ability to sing and dance, having previously divided into two teams. Participants in one of them begin to sing any song, and those who joined the second team must continue to perform.
  2. In a few words, you need to understand what kind of song will sound, name its artist and sing one verse.
  3. Collective dances are a special competition. During the dance, the participants change partners, trying to be in time before the new melody sounds. This potpourri will be a great entertainment for guests of all ages.

Time will fly by quickly and none of the guests will be bored if everyone, without exception, has a chance to take part in contests and games.

Holding a holiday at the summer venue will make it a symbol of paper lanterns, which the young and the guests will release into the night sky, and the main decoration of the surrounding area will be bottles "dressed" in paper dresses.

Between competitions and dancing, guests sitting at the table can enjoy delicious dishes. If the celebration takes place on the territory of a country house, then the most delicious dishes are probably prepared by the hands of the mothers of the young spouses, but qualified pastry chefs will make the cake better.

Children present at the celebration will be pleased with small paper boxes filled with sweets. All of them are not like ordinary candy packaging.

Gift Ideas for Husband and Wife

I must say that for every anniversary the spouses give each other presents.

The second year of married life was not easy for the young, but they successfully coped with all the difficulties and on this day are ready to share their happiness with their relatives and friends.

In front of friends and relatives, they give each other what everyone dreamed about throughout the year:

  1. Expensive watches for the husband or jewelry for the wife, hiding gifts in paper packaging, so as not to initially attract attention to them.
  2. Perfume spouse or coveted fishing equipment beloved husband.
  3. If the husband can always give his soul mate a bouquet of flowers, then on this day he should draw it up by placing it in an unusual paper package.
  4. The young wife will give her husband an album for family photos, which will store photos from each subsequent anniversary of their family life.

To make an original gift to your wife, it is not enough to find an expensive jewelry - it is important to properly arrange it. The advice of designers and stylists, pictures in magazines and a description on Internet sites will help.

How to congratulate spouses for friends and relatives - tips

There are a lot of gift ideas, only the heroes of the occasion can choose the most suitable for the beloved husband or the best wife, and the guests present them with cards and souvenirs, envelopes with paper notes or train tickets (plane) on which the young will go on an exciting romantic journey.

Before choosing and making a gift, it is worth familiarizing yourself with existing traditions and clarifying what is customary to give on the day of the second anniversary of the marriage. Of course, it will not do without paper, but it can also be used not only for decorating a gift. Beautiful color paper and foil make decorations for the holiday, unique packaging for souvenirs or just bags for sweets.

All this can be done with your own hands, avoiding additional material costs and giving your creation a unique character.

Any gift in original paper packaging

Whatever you decide to give, you can always create a “reference” to the paper wedding for the presentation by wrapping it in paper. In shopping centers with a gift wrapping service, you will receive a beautiful elegant bundle decorated with a bow. But you can come up with some more interesting ways of presenting a paper-wrapped surprise.

  • Huge bundle. Wrap your gift in many layers of newspapers or brown paper. A large voluminous gift will surely surprise the gifted, and each layer removed will add fun and memories that fill the entire room before the couple gets to the desired gift!
  • Boxes are “nesting dolls”. Put the gift in a cardboard box. And her - in another box, more. And that one - even bigger. And so on, how much is enough packaging. Each package can be originally designed and provided with humorous inscriptions.
  • With filler. Fill the container into which you place the gift with thin slices of multicolored corrugated or craft paper.
  • Paper bag with photo. Any gift bags with names, images of a married couple, parting wishes are printed to order.
  • Box of non-standard shape. Armed with thick cardboard, a paper knife, finishing materials and online instructions, you can make a gift box of the most unexpected shape: a tetrahedron, a heart, a polygon, a flower.

Whatever gift you choose, let the second wedding anniversary worthily continue the string of joyful family dates!


In accordance with traditions, it is customary to give as many paper trinkets and souvenirs as possible on the wedding anniversary, the name of which speaks for itself.

According to giving, if over the next year such a fragile gift to maintain its attractiveness and remains intact, then the relationship of the spouses will only become stronger, and their family will be stronger.

Another tradition is to present books to young people, congratulating them on the day of the second wedding anniversary. Modern spouses rarely use printed materials, because even today they read electronic books, therefore they often present albums for photographs or a notebook, which can become a kind of diary for a young family. In such a diary, the wife and husband can write:

  • your most vivid impressions from talking with friends,
  • dreams and plans
  • even quarrels and conflicts (it’s easier to understand the reason for what happened).

It does not hurt to have a checkbook of desires in order to know what you can count on, having done a certain job or having pleased your soul mate. Origami figures can decorate the house of young people, which the spouses will keep in memory of the day on which the two-year anniversary of the creation of their family was celebrated. Friends can give a bottle of champagne in their own handmade paper packaging.

It’s good to entrust gifts to children. Their drawings and funny wishes written by a child’s hand will help to keep good and bright memories of the past holiday.

Congratulations in prose, poetry

Congratulations that many guests prepare in advance will sound at the holiday. These are not only serious instructions and wishes of happiness and good.

It is not enough to say to the friends of the young spouses just congratulations - they will read funny short verses with pleasure, or a congratulatory speech in the form of a song will be delivered from their lips. Poems always sound solemn and fun at the same time, but on such a holiday short funny greetings drawn up in verse form are more appropriate.

You can also congratulate the heroes of the occasion in your own words, abandoning the finished text on the inside of the postcard.

Any words will leave their mark in the souls of the spouses if they are spoken from the heart, and on such a day it is these congratulations that all those present at the festival pronounce.

Original and practical gifts

The main task of parents is to help their fully grown children. For two years, they found themselves next to young spouses in difficult times, supported, helped, understood.

Everyone perceived it as if it was happening to them, not their children. Moms and dads know perfectly well that any souvenir will please young people, but money will be the most necessary and important (practical) gift. Parents are unlikely to give spouses an envelope with notes.

This gift will also be original and will be remembered by everyone invited for a long time if it is made in the form of a money tree or a flower. A friend of his wife can contribute to the family budget of the heroes of the occasion, giving the young woman a beautiful box with a secret. No less practical are other gifts.

After all, establishing a family life is not so simple, so the spouses will need home appliances and electronics, kitchen utensils and high-quality dishes, lamps or garden furniture for a summer residence.

Here they will tell you how to celebrate and what to give for the second wedding anniversary:

Gifts for the second wedding anniversary can be very different, all of them will remind young spouses of those who presented gifts. Of course, they know best what to give and how to congratulate the husband and wife, their parents. However, friends also strive not only to come to the holiday, but to make it a pleasant surprise for the owners. What should be a gift for a biennium? What can please both spouses? What will be useful to them in everyday life, and what will become a beautiful souvenir or decor element decorating a home? Answering these and other questions is not so simple. Surely, guests invited to the celebration of the second anniversary of family life will need advice and help.

Gift options for husband on the second anniversary of marriage

Before choosing gifts for a beloved husband for a paper wedding, the wife needs to decide what kind of souvenirs she wants to buy. If the spouse is young, cheerful and loves various jokes, you can buy them on the anniversary of the little thing in the store of funny jokes. It can be souvenir toilet paper with jokes or drawings, a cool collage in a frame, a funny poster.

Many sellers advise buying a pack of painted dollars or five thousandth notes for 2 years of marriage and decorating them with a bedroom in the morning, scattering the beds on the floor. Awakening will be interesting.

If the spouse is serious, does not like jokes, it is worth coming up with more mundane gifts for the second wedding anniversary:

  • photo album with new photos,
  • notebook, diary to a business husband,
  • album to the husband-artist,
  • paper bird of happiness
  • a set of paper maps, atlases to the husband-motorist,
  • playing cards, puzzles or posters with images of couples.

There are a lot of options that you can give to your beloved husband for a paper wedding. You can choose not only paper, but also cotton, glass items. Interesting gifts for the anniversary will be:

  • a transparent glass mug with the name of the spouse or the inscription “We lived 2 years - there is still a lot to come”,
  • glass table chess, stationery stand, souvenir figurine,
  • a towel with her husband’s name
  • bright pajamas or a bathrobe
  • cushion,
  • cake with the inscription "Beloved husband for 2 years of marriage."

If your wife is familiar with the technique of quilling, modular origami, you can do it yourself in advance to make an interesting craft out of pieces of paper. Symbols of love - a pair of swans or 2 hearts - will definitely decorate the matrimonial bedroom.

Nowadays, a surprise gift “100 Reasons Why I Love You So Much” is considered to be a popular husband’s anniversary gift. It is necessary to glue a cardboard box or a tin can with beautiful paper, attach such an inscription to it and put 100 pieces of paper twisted into tubes inside. Each note should contain a gentle declaration of love and a reason, for example, "I love you because you are the father of our son" or "Beloved, you are the best man."

Be sure to buy or make a bright card with the inscriptions "2 years of marriage", "On the anniversary of marriage." After many years, it will serve as a reminder of the first happy years of marriage.

Paper Wedding Wife Gift Ideas

When choosing gifts for his wife for a paper wedding, the husband must take into account the interests of the spouse, her hobbies. You can find a lot of ideas, any seller in a gift or bookstore will tell you what you can buy. There, a souvenir or book will be packed in bright shiny paper, a bow with ribbons will be attached. Be sure to give your favorite bouquet, choose a card for 2 years of marriage.

Here are some options for giving your wife a second anniversary of marriage:

  • a large photo album for shared family photos,
  • picture, poster, photo wallpaper,
  • cotton towels, kitchen utensils,
  • a set of bedding, a plaid or a bedspread,
  • a glass souvenir in the form of a toy, a funny figurine, photo frames, coasters,
  • set of glasses, wine glasses, dishes, service,
  • soft toys, paper crafts.

The best present for your beloved wife will be tender declarations of love and fidelity, promises of a strong, lasting marriage, kisses and hugs of the husband. Do not forget about such an important date as 2 years of marriage, you should prepare for it in advance. If you don’t have time to choose a present yourself, you can offer your wife to go to any stores together and buy what she likes.

Tips for guests what to give spouses for 2 years of marriage

Previously, on the anniversary of the paper wedding, guests gave young wooden dolls. Inside each lay a piece of paper with wishes and congratulations. You can recall this tradition and purchase such a bright set in a souvenir shop. If you want to give your friends something symbolic for 2 years of marriage, there are plenty of ideas.

Paper Gift Options:

  • photo album, photo book, collage with photos of spouses,
  • beautiful notebook, notebook, album,
  • an interesting book in a gift edition,
  • wall or desk calendar, diary,
  • a set of playing cards,
  • jigsaw puzzles
  • wallpaper for the planned repair,
  • posters, posters.

If you have no time to buy a present, you can just buy a beautiful paper envelope and put a few notes there. Let the spouses decide what gift for a paper wedding to make for themselves using this money.

Cotton Gift Options:

  • bedding with a pattern in the form of hearts,
  • blanket, bedspread, fluffy warm plaid,
  • towels with the names of the spouses,
  • tablecloths, napkins,
  • Stuffed Toys.

From glass on the anniversary of marriage, you can give the following:

  • cups, mugs with the names of husband and wife,
  • sets of dishes, service, vases, wine glasses or piles,
  • candlestick with 2 candles - that’s how many years spouses live together,
  • 2 identical or different glass figures,
  • lampshade for a kitchen lamp,
  • an ashtray or a magnifying glass to her husband,
  • glass goblets with engraving.

Each gift should be originally wrapped in wrapping paper of bright color, attach a paper bow.

Be sure to buy a beautiful large postcard or make it yourself. Now in souvenir shops you can easily find interesting diplomas, letters to spouses for 2 years of marriage with a funny inscription and wishes. It would not be superfluous to hand over such a letter to husband and wife to the loud applause of the guests present.

DIY crafts for a paper wedding

If one of the guests is fond of home creativity, they will not have questions about what to give for a paper wedding. From colored or velvet paper, cardboard and various ornaments, you can make a beautiful gift for your husband or wife.

Here are some ideas for small anniversary souvenirs:

  • quilling card
  • hats made of paper to all gathered
  • collage of wedding photos,
  • charcoal or paint
  • Origami craft
  • a good mood organizer
  • poster with congratulations.

Gifts for spouses for a paper wedding can be very diverse, you can buy them or make them yourself, give congratulations or hand in silence. The main thing is that souvenirs remind husband and wife of the second anniversary of their marriage, please with beauty and originality.

Why the second anniversary is called a paper wedding

Why is the second anniversary called paper? This name is very symbolic. Relations in a young family are compared with a snow-white sheet of paper. It depends on the spouses themselves what will appear on this sheet, they themselves draw their future life.

At the same time, paper is a highly flammable material, which can burn to the ground from rough handling at any moment. Also, this is a very non-durable material, if handled carelessly, it easily breaks and may wrinkle. Therefore, the most important thing is that the spouses take care of each other and take care of their family.

As a rule, it is not customary to celebrate a two-year anniversary on a large scale, as the first anniversary. But nevertheless, do not forget about this event, relatives and friends should prepare a gift for this celebration in advance.

2 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Cards

Given the fact that the wedding is called paper, you can easily guess what can be given for 2 years of the wedding and what should be a gift for young people.

On this day, they are presented with paper and cardboard surprises and everything related to this material. Choosing such a present is not a difficult task, as there is a huge selection of “paper” gizmos on store shelves. Such gifts are not expensive, but at the same time very memorable for the young.

  • The most necessary and valuable gift for a young family will be money; additional funds will definitely not hurt them. Banknotes can be presented in a beautiful envelope, or they can be presented in an original way, in the form of a money tree, attached to the stems of any houseplant or to build an origami artwork. Get flowers out of money.
  • A gift that has become a tradition for the second wedding anniversary is a matryoshka, which is a symbol of a friendly and strong family. Inside each nesting doll, one should put either banknotes or small postcards with warm wishes.

  • An inexpensive but memorable surprise for a young family will be portraits of the spouses who will decorate the room. They can be written on canvas by order, or an interesting collage that displays the family life together for the years spent together.
  • Always a topical gift is a book. If a young family is interested in reading, then this gift will be perfect for a paper wedding. One has only to select literature on hobbies. It can be a genealogy book where spouses can record their most important events in their life.

And of course, do not forget about paper wedding greetings, with which you can express all the warmth of feelings to a young family.

Not only guests congratulate the young on this memorable day, but the couple also delight each other.

What to give her husband for 2 years of marriage

What can you give your beloved husband for a paper wedding? Usually on this day they don’t give large and chic gifts, but still any attention to her husband will be very pleasant to him, even if it is a small trifle.

  • As a gift for the biennium of marriage, you can present an ergonomic original diary if the spouse is a business person.
  • This can be a gift certificate to a fashion store or a subscription to his favorite gym, to the pool.
  • Is the husband interested in reading? So why not give him a book for a paper wedding. One has only to choose the right literature, then the present will undoubtedly delight your loved one.
  • A photo collage or a portrait of a spouse can be presented not only by guests, but also by a spouse. Such a gift will not only bring pleasant and best memories, but also decorate the room, and will remind you of the bright moments of life of young people.

What to give your wife for 2 years of wedding

In turn, the husband is also in a hurry to please his beloved and is looking for what to give his wife for a paper wedding. Choosing a gift for a wife for a 2 year wedding is not such a difficult task, but still many men prefer to simply give money so that the wife herself can buy what she needs. The two-year anniversary is still a holiday, and I want to accept gifts, even small surprises.

  • Since the wedding is paper, present your beloved wife a certificate. This can be a visit to a beauty salon, spa - salon or in a fitness room. The certificate can be in a jewelry store or in a lingerie salon. It should be selected taking into account the interests of the spouse.
  • This can be a book of a beloved author or for recording culinary recipes, if it is originally designed.
  • A spouse who is fond of creativity should present sets for paper creativity. It can be quillig, decoupage, origami, scrapbooking.

Any gift matched with warmth, tenderness and love will bring a lot of the most vivid and positive emotions to this small, another joint holiday of a young family.

Traditional paper wedding gifts

In the second year of marriage, many families already have a baby, which quite often entails irritability and fatigue - hence various conflicts arise.

For many, family life no longer seems to be one sheer pleasure, therefore, relationships become like a paper sheet, which guests invited to the celebration should add to avoid subsequent family quarrels.

A good gift for a paper wedding would be:

  • Books, for example, about parenting or culinary, containing various recipes for cooking,
  • Original photo album,
  • The picture that will decorate the interior of the apartment,
  • A calendar with the best photos of a young family on its pages,
  • Various interesting board games,
  • A set of modular paintings,
  • Set for making rolls and sushi,
  • T-shirts of good quality with funny inscriptions for sports activities,
  • Curtain for a bathroom with an unusual print,
  • Homemade yogurt maker or ice cream maker,
  • Beautiful wall key holder.

If you decide to give money to a young family, then it’s worth it to beat beautifully. Paper wedding - paper bills, don’t give coins.

Banknotes can, for example, be rolled up in a glass jar. It remains only to make a label with the original inscription - and you can safely give it to the young.

Such presentations may include:

  • Beautiful flower vase,
  • Personalized glasses for alcoholic drinks, of course, glass,
  • Fancy candle holders
  • Glass figurines made from photographs,
  • Cookware with an interesting pattern,
  • The original set, which consists of tea cups and saucers and a teapot, which has two spouts and allows you to brew two types of tea at the same time,
  • Glass figurine in the form of a pair of swans or pigeons.

The closest and dearest people — relatives and friends — are invited to a paper wedding celebration. The room where the celebration will take place should be decorated in advance.

For decoration use beautiful garlands of paper in the form of flashlights, hearts, etc. Also a very original element of room decor will be a symbolic small tree with paper leaves on which guests can leave their wishes to a young family.

Another interesting and rapidly gaining tradition is the dance of the spouses. Why is he so interesting? Invited guests during the dance can attach a banknote to pre-prepared clothespins on the clothes of the newlyweds.

Thus, the holiday will become more fun and memorable, and the family budget will replenish.

A gift for a paper wedding may not be too expensive, the main thing is that it fits into the theme of the celebration. A surprise presented to young people from the bottom of their hearts or an interesting competition that you will hold can be the best present that will please and will be remembered for a long time.

What to give a wife for a paper wedding

Two years from the wedding day flew by unnoticed by a young family, and each of the spouses on this day strives to show the full significance of this holiday for him.

A loving husband for his soul mate can create, in the literal sense of the word, a wonderful gift: compose a beautiful congratulation in verse or present a card with the best photograph of a couple on the cover.

Also, inexpensive presentations presented from the heart, such as:

  • Heart pillow
  • Subscribe to your favorite glossy edition,
  • A touching soft toy or a bouquet of them,
  • Ikebana from fruits or sweets,
  • A home-made meal for the festive table or just breakfast in bed,

To more expensive paper wedding gifts include all kinds of jewelry, from which any girl or woman will be delighted.

Great options for presentations in this category will be:

  • Bracelet, possibly with the addition of small stones,
  • Precious metal chain,
  • Beautiful necklace
  • Pendant
  • Gemstone ring.

If you are not sure that the selected gift will be successful, buy a gift certificate, for example, at a clothing and footwear hypermarket or an elite cosmetics store.

Having received such a present, your spouse will have the opportunity to fulfill her old dream and buy exactly what she will use all the time.

Great gifts to help maintain a beautiful appearance will be:

  • Gift certificate to the SPA salon,
  • Annual subscription to the fitness center or pool,
  • Classes at the racetrack.

Well, and, of course, nobody has yet canceled the romance in our lives. Invite your spouse for dinner at the restaurant, or maybe even he will be on the roof of the house.

What to give her husband for a paper wedding

To give a beloved husband a good present for the biennium of his life together, which will delight him, every caring wife dreams. Usually expensive and voluminous presents are not given for such a small date.

This is especially true for young families, in which the baby has already appeared. But a touching little souvenir, selected with love, will certainly be appreciated by the head of the family.

What to present to your beloved spouse? You can make a paper gift yourself, for example, one of the following:

  • A letter of personal congratulation,
  • Commemorative medal with the original inscription,
  • Original business card
  • Photo book telling about the years spent together.

Another rather original gift for the spouse will be a model of the car of his dreams, made of paper.

Such things can be found in any bookstore, and cutting and then gluing it to you will not be difficult. Together with the prepared model, you should definitely wish for the speedy realization of your dreams.

In addition, wonderful gifts for her husband for 2 years of wedding will be:

  • Stylish umbrella
  • A gift certificate to the store that matches his hobbies and hobbies, for example, for fishermen or hunters,
  • Diary in high quality leather binding,
  • Annual subscription to the pool or fitness center,
  • The book he had long wanted to read
  • Romantic candlelight dinner.

If your husband is interested in reading, then the best gift option for him is a book. Does spouse prefer works by a certain author? Subscribe to a series of books or, if there is no such financial opportunity, get a novelty that he has not read yet.

You can buy not only fiction, books that directly relate to his hobby or favorite magazine are quite suitable.

Electronic books have a huge advantage over paper versions of books. A whole library is placed in their memory and the spouse will be able to enjoy their favorite works on long rainy evenings.

Gifts for a paper wedding to friends

It would seem that you just recently walked at the wedding of your friends, but it turns out 2 years have already passed. Of course, friends, when choosing a gift for a paper wedding for young spouses, seek to find something original and fun.

These presentations include:

  • Collage of young family photos,
  • Board unusual games such as "Whose turn to do the dishes",
  • Friendly funny cartoons made from photos of spouses,
  • Toilet paper with pictures,
  • A bedding set with original inscriptions.

An unusual and touching gift will be a shot video of the holiday event. Spouses will only need to wait for the installation and get such an extraordinary thing. Such a valuable present will certainly be appreciated by your friends.

What else can you make a gift for a paper wedding anniversary? It can be:

  • Notebooks or diaries with family photos,
  • An interestingly decorated greeting poster,
  • Video card,
  • A lottery ticket wishing to hit the jackpot,
  • Decorative plate with the image of a couple,
  • Beautiful photo frame,
  • Interesting crystal figurines,
  • Paired t-shirts or mugs with funny inscriptions.

When choosing a gift for a 2 year wedding, turn on your imagination, show a desire to bring joy to friends, do it with all your heart - and then he will undoubtedly be remembered for a long time and will be the best for newlyweds.

You can make a simple origami out of banknotes or put them in the very last little nesting doll by adding congratulations to the remaining notes.

If you didn't like any of the ideas, then at least just put the money in a beautifully designed envelope with the wishes written on it. A fun and unusual conclusion to the celebration may be the launch of heavenly lanterns in the form of a heart into the sky with the whole company.

What to give parents on a paper wedding anniversary

Many are of the opinion that a paper wedding is a certain sign of the unreliability of a couple’s relationship. However, you can look at it from a completely different angle - the paper symbolizes innocence and cleanliness.

On this day, which is so important for the family, the parents set the table, gather relatives and friends who give gifts. And what presents can parents make to their parents on this holiday?

If you are of the opinion that a small child is unable to make a gift, then you are mistaken. Even a one-year-old baby can already create his own masterpiece, for example, drawing with finger paints.

What else can the baby do under the strict guidance of adults?

  • To dance a pre-learned dance
  • Say a little congratulation in verse
  • Sing a holiday song for parents
  • To make some crafts out of plasticine,
  • Draw with pencils or paints a picture,
  • Make a picture of wool
  • Make an application of colored paper
  • Create an unusual craft from vegetables.

Of course, at such a young age, the simplest occupation for a child will be rolling small "sausages" from plasticine balls, and already from them it is possible to make an unusual picture with the help of adults.

To do this, just blot the palm of your crumbs with gouache and attach it to a white sheet of cardboard, leaving an imprint on it.

After the drawing has dried, an adult relative will be able to circle each finger with a felt-tip pen and make an original picture, just showing imagination. Believe me, such a surprise will be the best for young parents.

Of course, without the help of an adult, a baby will not be able to independently prepare a gift for parents for a paper wedding. Therefore, loving relatives should definitely help the baby to make the most touching and expensive present.

Gift for a paper wedding from parents

Of course, the parents of the young spouses, who are only celebrating the two-year anniversary of their life together, strive to help them in arranging their home and acquiring the necessary equipment, which they lack so much.

What gifts will be useful for a young family? How will they be satisfied? Since the family already has a baby or is just waiting for it, then gifts should be practical, functional and safe.

It would be good if they also correspond to the needs of the family that they have at this stage of life.

These presentations include the following options:

  • Double boiler,
  • Automatic washing machine
  • Humidifier or ionizer,
  • Cushioned furniture,
  • High quality vacuum cleaner
  • Cosmetic repairs in the apartment,
  • Slow cooker.

Any gift for a wedding anniversary of 2 years to young spouses should be supplemented with a beautiful card and a bouquet of flowers. Various sweets and small fruit baskets will also be appropriate.

Gifts for guests

Not only guests invited to the celebration come to the celebration with gifts. The heroes of the occasion themselves can also give them small, but cute souvenirs. Such surprises can be, for example, handmade postcards with the warmest wishes or sweets.

In our article, we examined a variety of paper wedding gift options. We hope that our ideas were useful to you, and you easily decided on the choice of a presentation. Do not forget that any gift should be presented with a pure heart and with the warmest wishes.

What to give friends for a paper wedding

The second anniversary is not celebrated on a grand scale. It should take place in a warm, friendly atmosphere. As a rule, on a date of 2 years in marriage, friends are given:

  • cotton bedding set
  • coffee, tea or table set of safety glass
  • cooking books
  • expensive wallpaper (under repair and by prior arrangement with the owners)

Among the gifts there are symbolic inexpensive souvenirs made of glass or plastic. Basically, for a paper / glass wedding, 2 years of living together are presented with small household appliances, packed in cardboard boxes and beautifully decorated with colored paper.

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