What can not be done after lip augmentation

The result of contour plastic surgery depends not only on the quality of the preparations and the qualifications of the doctor. Despite the simplicity of the procedure, after filler injections, lips should be properly looked after. With caution you need to eat, drink, do not use makeup. There are rules about what you can not do after the procedure for lip augmentation. The usual things - training, tanning, even kissing - can cause complications.

First hours and days

The skin of the lips is sensitive and tender. A gel preparation stretches tissues and damages blood vessels. Anesthetic cream is applied before the procedure, but injections still cause discomfort. For 3 days after the injections, painful hematomas on the lips keep. Edema, on average, passes in 7 days. In the first week after the procedure, you need to minimize the effect on the lips of high, low temperature and do not use cosmetics.

Lip contouring

For lip augmentation, cosmetologists mainly use gels based on collagen or hyaluronic acid. They do not cause rejection by the body, are well absorbed and practically do not injure the skin.

  • Collagen Fillers made from animal connective tissue or from synthesized human collagen. Quite often, fillers based on bovine collagen are used. Such fillers often cause allergies, since a foreign protein is used. Before use, an allergic reaction test is carried out, the result of which becomes known only after a few weeks. The risk of allergic reactions and other side effects with the introduction of fillers based on human collagen is practically absent, therefore, it is not required to be tested. The result of using collagen fillers lasts up to a year.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Excipients popular all over the world. Today they are the best, since this substance is found in almost all human tissues, which is why this method of lip augmentation is considered the safest. Hyaluronic acid is able to retain a large amount of fluid, due to which the lips become voluminous. The substance provokes the production of collagen in the tissues and renews the skin not only at the injection site, but also around it. The disadvantage of such fillers is that they resolve in about six months, after which the session needs to be repeated. The main advantage is their hypoallergenicity.
  • Recently, cosmetologists use in their practice botox. The method is not very popular, since it is impossible to enlarge the lips with Botox - only correct their asymmetry, tone and smooth the skin, giving a small volume. The effect of this procedure is quite fast.
  • Also used as fillers biopolymer gel. It is injected under the skin into that part of the mouth that needs to be fixed. Such an injection is considered the most dangerous, it has already been banned in the United States and European countries. The effect after administration of the drug lasts for several years, so when it comes time to repeat the procedure, it is likely that such a drug is no longer on the market. If the injection is not repeated, then the lips will look ugly and saggy.

All injections are painfully tolerated, so anesthesia is always required before the procedure.

Temperature mode

Strong cold negatively affects the gel, and high temperature slows the healing of punctures in the skin. Minor damage inside the lips activates the synthesis of inflammatory mediators. Under their action, blood vessels expand, and more rushes blood to the tissues. The resulting swelling is aggravated by the property of hyaluronic acid to attract water molecules.

High temperature also dilates blood vessels, enhances blood flow and increases edema. Heat accelerates the metabolism and breakdown of hyaluronic acid.

Low temperature prevents the uniform distribution of the drug in the tissues. Cold slows down regeneration and dries the skin, which, on the contrary, leads to cracking of the edges of the wounds from injection. You should also not abuse cold compresses.

In order for the hyaluronic preparation to be excreted slowly, from the first days of wearing it is necessary to observe the temperature regime, not to overheat. You should refrain from drinking hot and cold drinks, food - at least 4 hours, best for a day. You also need to abandon salty foods and hot spices, as they irritate the skin.

Physical impact

After injections it is forbidden:

  • open your mouth wide, smile
  • make efforts when biting hard fruits, apples,
  • visit the dentist.

During eating, talking, the muscles of the mouth tighten, and the skin stretches. In the first 1-2 days after injection, the gel is distributed inside the lips. If, due to active movements, facial expressions, articulation, the drug fills the tissues unevenly, the shape of the mouth is deformed, and there will be a skew, seal. Therefore, 5-7 days should protect your lips from physical exertion.

It is also better to postpone the appointment with the dentist for a longer time - 3-4 weeks. During fillings and other procedures in the oral cavity, you need to keep your mouth wide open for a long time. This is an excessive load on the lips.

Alcohol and smoking

Ethyl alcohol does not interact directly with hyaluronic acid. But alcohol causes a rush of blood to the face. The effect is harmful for two reasons:

  • the drug is processed faster and excreted with metabolic products,
  • swelling will increase after a corrective procedure.

During the week you can not drink a lot of strong alcoholic drinks. You can afford a glass of wine. Cigarettes, hookah are harmful to the body as a whole, but after lip correction are not prohibited. Nicotine and smoking resins do not affect fillers in contact with skin. Substances briefly narrow vessels, but do not slow down rehabilitation. But to smoke, swollen lips will be difficult and painful to fold. Any contact with the skin will be unpleasant and painful. Therefore, the first 3 days will have to live without fragrant smoke.

Creams, ointments and medicines

After injections of hyaluronic drugs, ointments that accelerate healing are allowed. D-panthenol eliminates irritation and dryness. Troxevasin, heparin ointments relieve swelling, bruises. But they cannot be smeared with open wounds, since the alcohol in the composition dries the skin. Drugs that can be used:

  • Dolobene gel - relieves inflammation and swelling, contains dexpanthenol softening and healing the skin,
  • Traumeel ointment is a homeopathic remedy with arnica extract.

Each case is individual, so you need to consult a doctor what ointment can be used. Of the drugs, it is undesirable to take drugs that reduce blood coagulability - Aspirin, Ibuprofen. Their effect will lead to the formation of bright hematomas at the injection sites.

Paracetamol will serve as a safe pain reliever during rehabilitation.

Antibiotics do not affect the rate of excretion of hyaluronic acid. But you should first finish taking their course, and then do a lip correction. Otherwise, the infection against which the drug is prescribed can cause complications after the procedure.

Hyaluron benefits

Widely used hyaluron for lip correction began relatively recently. Previously, they injected silicone and, less commonly, the patient’s own fat cells. The silicone under the skin remained practically for life, and the effect of lipofilling lasts up to several years.

But why, then, did everyone massively switch to injections of preparations based on hyaluronic acid, the result of which lasts a maximum of one and a half years? The reason for this was the undeniable advantages of hyaluron compared to other types of fillers:

  1. Hypoallergenicity and safety - it is in the human body, therefore it is well perceived by them.
  2. Different density - Three forms of hyaluron allow you to create drugs of different densities and work with them on any area of ​​the skin.
  3. Easy correction - An incorrectly or excessively administered drug can be quickly cleaved with hyaluronidase.
  4. Reasonable price - The cost of drugs is very affordable, since today they are widespread.
  5. Biodegradation - if you want to return to the natural volume or shape of the lips, it is enough just to stop making injections.

In addition, the risk of complications and side effects is significantly reduced compared to silicone fillers or lipofilling.

Care Features

Although hyaluronic acid injections are recognized as the safest, they are still a traumatic procedure. Especially when performed on the lips, where the skin is very thin and sensitive.

A good beautician will definitely give detailed recommendations on how to behave after lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid fillers and must be strictly observed so that there are no complications.

Before the procedure

Before the procedure, a preliminary consultation is always carried out. At it, the doctor talks with the client to identify contraindications, finds out wishes, selects the optimal drug, calculates its amount. If necessary, even computer modeling of the face is performed so that the result meets the patient's expectations as much as possible.

If there are no contraindications, and the client did not drink alcohol in the last day (and in significant quantities - three), then you can immediately perform the procedure. Before it, it is also undesirable to do peeling and sunbathing to avoid microtrauma and cracking of delicate skin.

In the cold season, before going outside, it is necessary to apply a balm with beeswax, if soon there will be a contour plastic lips.


There is no rehabilitation period per se after injection correction. Immediately after the procedure, severe swelling appears and pain remains for a while. But by the end of the second day, discomfort usually disappears, and the lips already look more or less normal.

But they will heal for about a week, and for this period there are certain restrictions that can prevent the development of complications. Here is what absolutely can not be done in the first days after injection of hyaluronic acid:

  • wash with running water - at least two days,
  • smoking and drinking from a straw,
  • consume hot seasonings, sour and salty foods,
  • drink hot or very cold drinks
  • do gymnastics for the face, grimace,
  • apply masks or peels,
  • tear off the formed crusts,
  • use decorative lipstick or gloss.

Alcohol is banned for a minimum of a week. But further it is better to abstain from it for at least a month, since it promotes the rapid absorption of the hyaluron and can provoke a strong allergic reaction.

Care Rules

Immediately after the procedure, there is always swelling, often quite strong. This should not be scared - literally in the next two days the lips will decrease to normal sizes. The cold can accelerate the process, but not ice cubes. It is better to apply a chilled and antiseptic silver spoon for a few seconds.

In no case, after injections of hyaluronic acid, you can not flex your lips. This can lead to improper redistribution of the filler and the formation of bruises and bruises. In addition, it is so easy to infect the wounds, and the lips themselves after such a massage will be even more painful.

Here are the basic rules for lip care after their increase with hyaluronic acid preparations:

  • until the wounds from injections are completely healed, wipe them twice daily with an antiseptic,
  • apply foam or gel with panthenol 3-4 times a day for the first three days,
  • limit active physical activity,
  • wash your face so that running water does not get on your lips,
  • to remove dryness, smear them with a therapeutic balm, go hygienic lipstick,
  • going outside, it is imperative to apply the product with beeswax or UV filter for at least 30.

Often after injection of hyaluron on the lips, small balls appear on the lips from the second or third day. They can be easily massaged when all the redness and swelling are gone. But if the formations are large or hardened, you should definitely consult a doctor.

Possible complications

If you do not follow the medical recommendations for lip care during the period of their active healing after an increase, then the development of such complications can be provoked:

  • infection of wounds - microbes can get into them from running water or from dirty hands and cause inflammation,
  • severe irritation - the integrity of delicate skin is already broken by injections, and from hot, spicy and spicy food redness and very unpleasant sensations may appear,
  • persistent edema - occurs if you steam up your face or actively engage in sports, and there is also a lot of salty,
  • dehydration - after hyaluronic injections, it is necessary to increase the consumption of clean water to 2.5-3 liters, otherwise the lips will dry out and begin to crack.

If the drug is entered incorrectly and blocked the capillary blood flow, tissue necrosis may develop. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor. Procrastination is fraught with serious complications and subsequent scarring.


Since hyaluronic acid is a harmless and hypoallergenic substance, contraindications to it are minimal and most likely relate to the injection procedure itself. It fails when:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • bleeding disorders,
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases,
  • oncological problems
  • systemic and autoimmune diseases,
  • the active form of the herpes virus,
  • violation of the integrity of the skin,
  • severely weakened immunity,
  • increased body temperature
  • hemophilia and other blood diseases,
  • insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus,
  • skin infections on the lips
  • epilepsy and serious mental disorders.

Do not give hyaluronic injections during menstruation, earlier than 4 weeks after tattooing, two weeks after a cold and SARS.

To summarize

According to the reviews of most patients, if you properly care for your lips after they are enlarged with a hyaluron, then there are no special problems in the recovery period. Evaluate the result is not earlier than a week later. By this time, the filler manages to evenly distribute and gain volume. The photo shows that with a good injection, the lips remain natural and symmetrical.

Details of contouring and features of each stage with the comments of specialists, if desired, can be found on the video. It is also clear how the lips will look right after the procedure and what the patient feels during her. Women unanimously say that it is better to plan everything so that the first couple of days of rehabilitation are spent at home.

How to facilitate recovery after lip correction

In order for the unpleasant symptom to sleep faster and more painlessly, all the doctor's recommendations should be followed. Cold compresses will also help relieve swelling. In addition, so that there are no lumps, massage the lips, using petroleum jelly to soften. Massage will help to evenly distribute nutrients under the skin. A cosmetologist must show how to properly perform it.

What can not be done

  • Do not use lip makeup for several days. After injections, wounds remain on the lips that cannot be blocked.Any creams, balms, lipsticks will block the access of air, and the healing process will be delayed.
  • It is contraindicated to visit the bathhouse, sauna and solarium for the first 10-14 days. Hyaluronic acid under the influence of high temperatures will begin to dissolve faster.
  • The first few days are not recommended to kiss and lick your lips. Bacteria transmitted through kisses can easily penetrate the wounds and cause infection. Such actions also lead to peeling of the lips, and can deform the gel, which will lead to its incorrect distribution.
  • For 10-14 days, you should abandon intense physical exertion. During sports, blood rushes to the face, resulting in severe swelling in the lips. Training, in addition, accelerates metabolism, so the gel will dissolve faster, and the sweat released will interfere with wound healing.
  • Lip tattoo should not be done after their enlargement. The tattoo lasts for several years, and the effect of the injection lasts no more than a year. As soon as the lips decrease in volume, the tattoo will emphasize the asymmetry.
  • For 12-14 days you can not sleep face to the pillow. You run the risk of waking up with lips of different thicknesses, since the uneven pressure that will be exerted on the area of ​​the mouth will cause a change in the shape of the lips. After two weeks, the connective tissue is fully formed, and you can sleep peacefully on your stomach.
  • In the first week you can not drink hot drinks and alcohol. Alcohol dries very much, the liquid will not be enough in the skin, so it will begin to crack. And from hot drinks, the gel will begin to rapidly dissolve.
  • It is also worth abandoning cosmetics containing alcohol.
  • Do not peel and scrub for two weeks. Such procedures will scratch the skin and infect the wounds, cause swelling in the lips, and the healing process will slow down.
  • Try to limit facial expressions and do not touch your face with your hands so that the gel is evenly distributed.
  • In the first week, do not take drugs that have a blood thinning effect, such as ibuprofen or aspirin. These drugs will greatly increase puffiness and provoke poor healing. If you feel unwell, drink paracetamol.
  • Smokers for a couple of days should give up cigarettes. Smoking during the first days after the procedure will become an obstacle to the rapid healing of tissues.

General guidelines for lip care after the procedure

  • do cold compresses in the first few days, they will help relieve swelling and reduce pain faster
  • do not use ointments containing alcohol to resolve bruises. Remember that alcohol dries the skin,
  • for quick wound healing, treat the injection sites with a chlorhexidine solution,
  • take paracetamol as an anesthetic. For the first week, avoid blood thinners.
  • during sleep, do not touch the pillow with your face, sleep on your back for the first two weeks. The lip contour should finally form,
  • avoid injuries, bruises, excessive pressure on the lips, as all this can cause deformation of the gel,
  • protect your lips from high temperatures and moisture,
  • try not to be exposed to sunlight,
  • drink as much liquid as possible to maintain water balance,
  • use moisturizers and masks that the cosmetologist will recommend to you,
  • avoid intense physical activity, as they will contribute to the rapid absorption of the gel,
  • ask the cosmetologist how to properly massage yourself, and for a week massage your lips daily, using petroleum jelly to soften the surface of the skin,
  • a few days after the procedure, start making masks based on fatty dairy products so that wounds heal faster. Wash off the mask with plain water, then wipe the injection sites with chlorhexidine,
  • do not smoke for several days after the procedure,
  • Do not use lip makeup for a week.

Most girls are afraid to enlarge their lips by the injection method, as they recall all the most unsuccessful attempts by celebrities, whose lips after the procedure began to look ridiculous and funny. In fact, these are rare cases that are the result of poor care after an increase. It also happens that it may not be lucky with the master, so many beauticians strongly advise choosing a trusted specialist who has successfully enlarged the lips of someone they know.

Cosmetics & Hygiene

After the filler is introduced, it is allowed to apply hygiene products - lipstick, balm. Special cosmetics have an anti-inflammatory effect and tones bruises. In order not to bring infection into the wounds, you can not touch your lips with dirty hands. Also, before recovery, the use of scrub, shugaring is prohibited. When cleaning and rinsing your mouth, you should not strain your muscles much.

In order not to involuntarily press on the lip, you need to control the usual movements of the brush. After cleaning, lips need moisturizing cream.

Allergic reaction

With severe allergies, the temperature rises, it is painful to touch the treated area. A slight reaction is manifested by redness. Treatment involves the use of corticosteroid drugs. In case of a painful complication, hyaluronidase must be injected under the skin to quickly remove the filler.

Hyaluronic allergies are very rare, in less than 0.05 percent of cases.

If there are concerns, before the procedure, you should take a course of antihistamines and pass an individual sensitivity test. To test, a small amount of gel is injected under the skin.

Inflammation of the red border

If the redness along the contour of the lips does not go away after 3 days, inflammation may mean:

  • infection - dormant bacteria activated from injections or got during the procedure,
  • autoimmune reaction - the introduction of the drug provoked a local response of the immune system.

Antibiotics are used against bacteria. The immune response is suppressed with steroid drugs. The treatment approach is different, so it is important to establish the exact cause of the inflammation. Steroids will increase the activity of bacteria. As a result, suppuration appears, then scarring of tissues. Prolonged inflammation cannot be treated on its own.

Lumps and bumps

In the first days after administration, a dense gel is distributed within the tissues. Therefore, bulges and bumps under the skin are considered the norm. Deviation is called a seal formed from connective tissue - fibrosis. Infection in the wounds after injections can cause the formation of granulomas - dense nodules.

Fibromas are treated with anti-scar drugs. Granulomas are removed surgically.

If the drug is administered close to the surface of the skin, the gel may appear gray spots and protrude. Too deep administration leads to migration of the gel into adjacent tissues and deformation of facial features. A side effect is associated with age-related formation of cavities in the skin layers. Also, the gel flows if you do not follow the rules on moderate physical influences during rehabilitation.

In rare cases, an adverse reaction occurs 2-3 months after lip correction with fillers. Inflammation and hardening occur suddenly. It is impossible to predict and prevent delayed individual sensitivity.


Microtrauma of blood vessels leads to bruising and swelling on the skin at the injection site. Slight swelling is normal. It is possible to prevent the formation of large hematomas with the help of a preliminary course of drugs to strengthen blood vessels.

Hyaluronic acid attracts water, which also explains severe swelling. But after 7-10 days, the skin condition is normal. An exception is the case of the introduction of too much filling gel. Then a large swelling is removed using a course of lymphatic drainage.


The gel, introduced in large quantities, squeezes the blood vessels and nerve endings, so the lips go numb. Sensitivity returns gradually after resorption of the filler. Normally, no more than 1 milliliter of the drug is allowed in one lip.

Decorative cosmetics

The protective forces of the skin after injection are reduced. Glitter and lipsticks may contain substances that cause irritation in damaged areas. Lipstick particles block the access of oxygen through the pores. Brushes, gloss applicators are not sterile and can become a source of infection. So that rehabilitation does not drag on for more than a week, you will have to endure without makeup.

Beach or solarium

Ultraviolet rays accelerate the destruction of hyaluronic acid. Therefore, contraindications include sunbathing. You can not be in the open sun for 2 weeks after correction of the lips. On the beach it is forbidden not only to sunbathe, but also to swim, if it is the sea coast. The salt in the water irritates and dries the skin, which can cause it to crack. An infection can get into nonhealing wounds and cause complications.

Bath or sauna

In the first 2-3 days after lip correction, you should refuse to visit the sauna. Under the influence of high temperature, metabolism and excretion of the hyaluronic acid preparation will accelerate. Lips noticeably lose volume.

Profuse sweating on the face will cause irritation at the puncture sites. Sweat contains salts that slow down skin regeneration. Frequent visits to the sauna at the end of the rehabilitation period also shortens the duration of the hyaluronic drug.


During the kiss, the facial muscles are actively involved, the lips are subjected to mechanical stress. Kissing passionately and deeply during the rehabilitation period is prohibited, since the filler is distributed unevenly. Any excessive physical impact will lead to complication - deformation of the lips, lumps, bumps. But light, tender kisses are allowed.

General recommendations for care and recovery

Tips for taking care of your lips in the first week after injections:

  • take Paracetamol against intolerable pain,
  • wipe lips with Chlorhexidine, then apply Bepanten cream, which heals and softens the skin,
  • apply a short-term cold compress to reduce swelling. But do not constantly hold an ice cube, but wrap it with a towel, a napkin. It is safe to put the compress 2-3 times a day for 10 minutes,
  • perform a special massage to evenly distribute the filler under the skin, which the doctor will show,
  • avoid physical stress, should not be exercised in the gym for 7-10 days,
  • sleep face up
  • apply a balm with UV protection on the skin of the lips,

Increased pressure and body temperature increase blood circulation, followed by edema. With accelerated metabolism, the body processes the hyaluronic acid preparation faster and the effect of puffy lips quickly disappears. Therefore, sports during the rehabilitation of corrective procedures are prohibited.

Lips after contouring need complex care. Subject to the recommendations of the doctor and the rules of hygiene, the swelling will pass quickly, and the beauty of full lips will last longer.

Features of lip augmentation

Contouring with injection with sodium hyaluronate or hyaluronic acid is a safe method of enlargement. The hyaluronic filler has gained popularity due to the naturalness of the active substance. Hyaluronate - a component of tissues, mucous membranes, skin.

The action of drugs and cosmetics based on this acid is aimed at combating the aging process. In contour plastic gel fillers with hyaluron are used. It helps to maintain moisture in the epidermis, which affects the retardation of aging. Fillers are safe, effective. Their action lasts from 6 to 18 months. It depends on the individual characteristics of the body, hormonal levels, care for them after injections.

Do I need to stretch my lips and how to massage properly

Recommendations after lip augmentation include careful massaging of the filler exposure zone without exerting excessive pressure. Self-massage is necessary, as mentioned above, for the uniform distribution of the filler, improve blood circulation, prevent the formation of lumps in the tissues. Lip massage after enlargement will help get rid of bruises in places of punctures.

The mouth should not be kneaded on the first day of the procedure, but on day 4-5, when the swelling subsides. Massage must be done carefully, making circular movements without taking your fingers off the problem area. It is recommended to make light pats, perform special facial exercises. Exercises to do daily for 10-15 minutes:

  1. Pull out a mouth with a tube, stretch vowel sounds, alternating o-and.
  2. Inflate the cheeks, leave a narrow slit between the lips, slowly let the air out of the mouth.
  3. Make a few rotating movements with your mouth closed.

What can not be done after increase

After injections that increase, the acquisition of seductive forms, it is not allowed:

  • Visit the dental office for 14 days. If there are problems with the health of the teeth or oral cavity, they must be resolved before the procedure to increase,
  • to play sports and perform intense physical exertion - they will contribute to an increase in edema,
  • It is forbidden to carry out cosmetic procedures, in particular acid or chemical peels, tattooing until the wounds are completely healed:
  • the limitation is taking hot baths,
  • do not smoke 3-5 days after the procedure,
  • do not drink alcohol before and after the increase,
  • do not touch your mouth with dirty hands,
  • you should refrain from taking hot food, drinks,
  • you can’t kiss for several days after injections in order to avoid an uneven distribution of hyaluron in the tissues, infection,
  • waxing your face,
  • use mouth scrubs,
  • bite and lick your mouth, especially on the street,
  • supercool and sunbathe.

If you adhere to the rules and take care of your lips regularly, having previously excluded the presence of contraindications, you can avoid unpleasant consequences and find the desired seductive form, as in the photo.

How to smear from edema and other problems after the procedure

Swelling after lip augmentation with hyaluronic fillers is a normal occurrence. This is a response of the skin to its trauma. Lymph flows to the tissues. Ice helps to accelerate the process of resorption of edema. It must be wrapped in a plastic bag and a cloth. A compress should be applied for 10-15 minutes every hour.

Also, a cosmetologist prescribes how to smear lips to relieve swelling and bruising. Usually prescribed:

  • Troxevasin or Troxerutin. They have the same active substance.
  • Lyoton. But it can be used only after a couple of days.
  • Traumeel gel. It is applied even to trampled skin.
  • Dolobene. The drug relieves inflammation and helps resolve hematomas. They are advised to treat their lips on the first day after the procedure.

What needs to be done and what to fear after an increase?

Redness, swelling of the lips will subside faster if you follow the following tips after the procedure:

  1. Be sure to massage your lips with light movements.
  2. Use nourishing masks and compresses with a cooling effect throughout the week. They will help relieve lip pain. Honey or dairy based masks are great
  3. Moisturize your lips more often.

What is not recommended to be done after the procedure:

  • do not use cosmetics on the first day, then only use moisturizing lipstick,
  • no smoking,
  • Do not drink hot drinks
  • refuse to visit the sauna or bath for a week,
  • Do not use makeup for 7 days,
  • temporarily abandon physical activity,
  • less be under the scorching rays of the sun.

Care after the procedure - recommendations

After the introduction of fillers, you need to follow certain care for the lip area. Key recommendations:

  1. On the first day, care is associated with eating food. It is necessary to exclude hot, rough and salty foods from the diet. This is necessary so that the swelling does not intensify. Sometimes even nuts can cause microtraumas, which can lead to undesirable consequences.
  2. During the week, do not visit saunas and a solarium. The combination of tanning beds and injections of hyaluronic acid is extremely undesirable. Frequent trips to the solarium shorten the duration of the injection.
  3. It is important to take care to relieve puffiness. It is advisable to make cool masks, but apply them extremely carefully. On the second day, you can make masks of fat cottage cheese.
  4. To avoid cracks in the first two weeks, you need to reduce the use of decorative cosmetics. You can’t go to bed with makeup on your lips.
  5. In the hot season, it is worth using sunscreen, and in the cold season, give up the habit of licking your lips.
  6. You can not use expired lipstick and shine, it is worth monitoring the quality of the chosen cosmetics.

Pain and bruising

The first time after the procedure for lip augmentation by injection, pain can be felt. This is due to fairly deep needle punctures.

Pieces of ice will help reduce pain. You can cook them from a decoction based on chamomile and celandine. Then ice will also have an antiseptic effect.

Bruising on the lips after the introduction of hyaluronic acid is not uncommon. They are caused by the rupture of small capillaries, which are pinched after administration of the drug. Blood circulation decreases, which causes hematomas.

Usually bruises after lip augmentation disappear within 10 days after the procedure.

When can I paint my lips? When can I kiss?

After enlargement, lips can be painted in a day, and preferably in two. It’s also worth kissing only after 2 days. The healing of injection sites takes place in each with a different duration. When applying cosmetics, you can bring infection into the area of ​​fillers. After kisses, the gel may not spread correctly in the lips. Therefore, it is better to refrain from decorative cosmetics and kisses for a couple of days. For the same reason, you can not smoke after lip augmentation.

It's important to know!After the filler is introduced, the lips require special care. During the week you can not visit the bath, use cosmetics. It is recommended to maintain a neutral temperature regime, so it is better to abandon hot drinks and procedures in the solarium.

The use of masks and cooling compresses will significantly reduce the time of tissue repair, as well as reduce the risk of inflammation.

Cold.Swelling will be less noticeable if ice is applied to the lips.

Massage. For an even distribution of hyaluronic acid, a daily massage is recommended.

You can do it with your fingertips, gently pressing on the surface of the lips, or you can use a toothbrush with oils. To do this, use the back of the toothbrush, distributing avocado or shea butter over the lips - so you get rid of peeling and nourish the skin.

Masks Treating your lips after injections with hyaluronic acid, refer to masks made from natural ingredients. Lip masks restore the structure of the skin, fill it with the missing elements.

For the preparation of masks, cosmetologists recommend the use of fatty dairy products (cottage cheese or sour cream). Honey or solid oils (avocado, shea, cocoa butter) are perfect for the same purpose.

Heat honey and oil in a water bath. Allow the mixture to cool and apply on the lips with rubbing movements. After half an hour, you can blot the remaining mask with a napkin. It is better to do the procedure half an hour before eating so that the beneficial substances stay on the skin for as long as possible.

Honey can be used for lip care after injections with hyaluronic acid. Try not to wipe your lips. You have to forget about bad habits, because lip care after injections with hyaluronic acid implies a careful attitude to the skin. You can’t lick your lips, bite them. Be sure to use a caring balm to prevent peeling.

Massage after lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

Every morning, we do a lip massage with a toothbrush - for several minutes we perform circular and patting movements. You should act carefully and carefully without sudden movements and strong pressing, since the skin in this area is very sensitive. After the procedure, lubricate the skin with hygienic lipstick. Lips after massage become smooth and shiny due to improved blood supply.


If you have made lip augmentation, care after the procedure must necessarily include conducting daily special exercises that will improve their appearance, prevent aging and will help maintain the effect of volume for the longest possible time.

  1. We take a mouthful of air and slowly release it.
  2. We drive our lips to the right and left.
  3. We extend our lips and pronounce vowels.

Questions to the beautician

Women usually ask the beautician a lot of questions, since injections seem unsafe. Consider the basic questions of clients of salons and the answers of a professional cosmetologist.

Are hyaluronic acid injections painful? If a good and high-quality pain medication is used, then the procedure is completely painless.

Does the lip shape not go bad after the procedure? If the client does not want a strong increase, then the master will make only a minimal adjustment. All wishes are negotiated in advance.

How long will the swelling after the injection? The rehabilitation period for each person is individual. A few hours are enough for someone, and some need a couple of days.

How quickly does the effect of puffy lips disappear? If you follow the doctor’s recommendations, do not forget about leaving, do not abuse alcohol and smoking, then the effect will last the stated time. But a correction will be necessary in any case.

How much does hyaluronic acid injection in the lips cost? The cost depends on the front of the work, the city and the specialization of the master.

You should always look after your lips: then they will be beautiful and healthy! Even full lips with a beautiful shape will be lost if the skin is cracked and peeling on them. In this case, no lipstick can not hide these irregularities and shortcomings. In addition to constantly moisturizing them, proper nutrition is also necessary. To prevent peeling and dry skin, eat more foods rich in vitamins A and E (carrots, eggs, spinach, liver, vegetable oil, cream, milk).

How hyaluronic acid acts on the lips

As with any procedure, it is necessary to understand if there is an allergy or not, the doctor will help to carry out an allergotest. You will also need to take a course of drugs for prevention, so that herpes does not appear.

How will the procedure go:

  1. Before injection, the doctor will apply an anesthetic (gel or cream) to the lips.
  2. Session time depends on the technique.
  3. After each injection, the beautician massages the lip to distribute the acid evenly.
  4. At the end, a cold compress is applied.

What techniques exist:

How are the techniques different? Their difference is that the injection is placed in different zones of the lips.

Important! An overdose threatens only because asymmetry may occur due to the appearance of "balls".

The increase is carried out using different needles: either a small sharpened one, or a cannula.

The peculiarity of the cannula is that it can not pierce the skin. Therefore, this is done with a needle that pierces the skin in the corners of the lips. Then a tube is introduced thanks to which the filler can be distributed evenly in the epidermis.

The advantage of the cannula is that they are not as traumatic as injections. Act without damaging tissues and blood vessels, preventing hematomas and swelling.

The filler is inserted to a depth of 2 mm between the skin of the mouth and the circular muscle.

Lips after hyaluronic acid acquire a tone, fresh look. In the epidermis, hyaluron will begin to stimulate restoration processes and cell renewal.

Hyaluronic acid can be used in two different methods. The most popular among girls is lipofilling and biorevitalization.

  1. Lipofilling is a rejuvenation procedure, during which fat cells and an additional component of hyaluron are introduced into the skin layer.

What are the benefits of lipofilling?

  • does not cause allergic reactions,
  • you can not only enlarge the lips, but also correct their shape,
  • done pretty fast
  • The result looks natural and neat.

But there are also disadvantages of such a procedure:

  • allergies may appear to be anesthetized,
  • there are times when injections need to be repeated anew, since fat cells tend to dissolve.

Lipofilling effectively fights wrinkles, smoothing and moisturizing the skin.

Keep in mind these contraindications:

  • pregnancy or feeding
  • infectious disease
  • epilepsy, cramps,
  • oncology,
  • if not yet 18 years old, since until adulthood the body does not cease to form.
  1. Biorevitalization - there is a laser and injection. What is their difference?

Injection is carried out by chipping the area with a thin needle, which gives a quick result. Using a needle, hyaluronic acid enters all layers of the skin and can be controlled in this way. This method helps smooth even deep wrinkles.

Laser does not cause discomfort at all, since injections are not used. But in this way it is difficult to achieve the desired result.

After lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid, one should not forget that special care is required, which the master will advise. Due to improper manipulations, asymmetry and allergic reactions can occur.

How lips look after an increase in hyaluronic acid

First of all, you need to find out who can carry out lip augmentation:

  • plastic surgeon
  • Beautician
  • dermatologist.

Arriving at the salon, you must ask for a certificate of training and a document with admission for cosmetic procedures.

What also affects lips after hyaluronic acid?

  1. How well the specialist knows the methodology of the procedure.
  2. Proven and high-quality drugs, on which the entire outcome of the session depends.
  3. Features of the lips of the client.
  4. Compliance with indications and contraindications.
  5. Sequence of execution.

If the doctor follows the rules of lipofilling or biorevitalization, the result will really please with its beauty and naturalness.

After the procedure, hyaluronic acid densely fills all folds and wrinkles, which gives the effect of elastic skin at any age. In the skin layers, a framework is formed on which collagen molecules will be fixed.

In the first hours in any case there will be swelling with redness. But it will pass quite quickly - within a day. The main thing is to follow the rules of lip care.

Interesting! Hyaluronic acid slows down the destruction of cells and skin.

How long does the magnification effect last? You can enjoy the beauty of your lips for 1 year. Using a filler based on hyaluron, you need to know that it will gradually dissolve in the body, and the volume of the lips will decrease significantly, but after the increase, the skin will not require strong lip care, because it is moisturized for a long time, which will slow down the degeneration process. By doing a regular procedure, the effect of hydration and nutrition will become better every time.

But the duration also depends on the drug that the cosmetologist uses.

One of the popular drugs is Restylane, a high-quality Swedish filler that will keep your lips volume sexy for 6 months, after which the biodegradation of the molecules will begin.

Another American filler Artefill wins by the duration of the preservation of the result, since it includes collagen. The effect lasts about 9-10 months.

In most cases, doctors also use such fillers:

  • Juvederm,
  • Restylane Lipp,
  • Surgilips,
  1. Temporary fillers - consist of natural components that dissolve in the body in 12 months.
  2. Permanent - in such fillers hyaluronic acid is mixed with synthetic additives (silicone). These gels can remain in the body for five years. They are more popular than temporary, but cause complications due to synthetic additives.

Attention! Biphasic fillers have a persistent property and consistently distributing consistency than monophasic.

What are the prices that doctors put on a miracle procedure? In beauty salons, the price of lip augmentation can start from 12 to 15 thousand rubles, which makes the procedure not readily available, but still it remains one of the coveted.

The best drugs cost from 7-10 thousand rubles per 1 ml. This is a tangible price, but sometimes 1 ml is enough for one procedure, and later a smaller volume will be needed.

Side effects of hyaluron and what to do with them

Each girl wants to correct her shortcomings successfully and without side effects. Any drug with a poor composition will have a negative effect on the whole body.

Yes, plastic surgeries are more effective, but not every woman can afford them, not only by cost, but also by individual characteristics. Therefore, many are inclined to a safer solution to the problem.

But still, lip augmentation has its own nuances.

During the procedure, in any case, there is an invasion of foreign substances (synthetic components) into the body, which can be rejected. Therefore, you need to remember about contraindications to the use of drugs.

  • poor blood coagulation
  • acute infectious disease. After the injection, the temperature may rise, which will be difficult to bring down.
  • immune disease. It is better to refrain from injections in case of illness, since the drug can cause a response of the whole organism in the form of large edema,
  • diabetes,
  • pregnancy, since herpes can occur that is embedded in the baby’s DNA,
  • lactation,
  • herpes,
  • oncology,
  • if animal components are used, this can lead to allergies,
  • individual intolerance to the substance,
  • recent operations. It is strictly forbidden to give injections after any cosmetic operations or procedures, for example, after peeling. It should take from 2-4 weeks,
  • cuts at the injection site of acid, abrasion, hematoma,
  • epilepsy, cramps,
  • dermatitis, acne, psoriasis and other dermatological diseases.

Any substance introduced, even if this component is produced by the human body, can cause side effects that you need to know about. Now hyaluronic acid is a synthetic substance, since scientists have stopped the production of acid from animal raw materials. Therefore, the risk of negative reactions of the body remains.

The following side effects should be taken into account:

  1. Pain. After lip augmentation, pain can persist for several days if the girl has sensitive nerve endings on her lips.
  2. Swelling, swelling of the wounds. This is a common tissue response to hyaluronic acid injections. Swelling may be accompanied by redness. Because of this, pain occurs when you press on the lips, when moving your head and while chewing food. What to smear lips after an increase will be advised by a specialist.
  3. Dehydration of the lips after hyaluronic acid. Acid maintains its activity thanks to water. Therefore, the beautician will insist that the first few days, the girl drink about 1.5-2 liters of water per day. Lips after hyaluronic acid enlargement will begin to dry.
  4. Allergic reactions. More often they arise due to additional components of the filler.Allergy is accompanied by redness, pain, urticaria. After the first signs of allergy appear, you should immediately consult a doctor for medical help. He will advise further lip care.
  5. Hematomas. They arise more often from the wrong injection technique, as well as in girls who smoke. How long the lips heal after the hyaluronic enlargement depends on how serious the hematomas are, they go away on their own, but this can take a long time from 15 days, edema disappears after 10 days.

Proper lip care after injections of hyaluronic acid will reduce the risk of negative reactions and reduce the recovery period.

What should be done after lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid will be explained by a specialist.

Many girls are interested in how to moisturize lips after enlargement, and whether it is possible to smear with hygienic lipstick. Yes, hyaluronic acid requires hydration of the lips, respectively, it is allowed to use hygienic lipstick.

Attention! If a girl once used a filler for lip augmentation, it is necessary to tell the doctor to know the drug and the manufacturer.

What you have to refuse after the procedure

Lip care after an increase in hyaluronic acid includes a number of restrictions that can harm health and ruin your appearance.

After lip augmentation is not recommended:

  1. Touch your lips, especially with dirty hands.
  2. To talk loudly.
  3. Go to the bathhouse, sauna, solarium, any spa procedure.
  4. Do sport.
  5. Eat hot or spicy foods. It’s better to eat less chewing.
  6. Drink alcohol.
  7. To smoke cigarettes, as well as electronic, hookah.
  8. Use makeup products.
  9. To allow weathering.
  10. Kissing, as the acid can move unevenly.

How to care for lips after an increase in hyaluron

Many masters recommend choosing a specialist who is known to acquaintances and who already did this procedure. Doctors also advise reading about the techniques and methods of lip augmentation, choosing the least dangerous.

After lip augmentation, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the rules of care, which a dermatologist will definitely tell.

Recommendations after lip augmentation:

  1. After lip enlargement for 2 weeks, an unpleasant feeling of heaviness and swelling on the lips will remain. The cosmetologist will prescribe how to smear the lips after an increase in hyaluronic acid for their restoration, hydration and nutrition.

What ointment to smear lips after enlargement?

After lip augmentation, gels such as troxevasin and traumeel will do.

  1. Lips after hyaluronic acid will retain puffiness during the day, so you will need to use cold compresses to also reduce pain.
  2. The doctor will definitely show how to do the massage so that the lips after hyaluronic acid recover faster and the effect of volume lasts longer. Self-massage is done in the evenings.
  3. Always wash off makeup at night, and for the first two weeks completely forget about makeup.

When can I paint my lips and how many days should pass after an increase in hyaluronic acid? Experts recommend painting lips when at least 2-3 days have passed, since balms and lipsticks are unsterile and can cause infection through injection sites.

  1. After the first week, when brushing your teeth, you can do a light massage with a brush. First, circular motions, and then patting. This will remove the stratum corneum of the skin, improve blood circulation. You can repeat this massage every day.
  2. Immediately after the massage, you need to smear your lips with olive oil or hygienic lipstick, which will help to better moisturize the skin.
  3. Be sure to forget about the habit of licking lips. This leads to chapping and loss of the effect of sexy puffy lips.
  4. A dermatologist will advise how to sleep correctly after lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid and whether it is possible to sleep on one side. It is best to lie on your back so that your face does not touch the pillow. If you sleep with your face in a pillow, then asymmetry of the lips may occur, it also threatens with infection.
  5. It’s better for the dentist not to postpone the lip enlargement procedure, but to heal all the teeth that are disturbing, because going to the dentist will be allowed only after a month. For a long time, sitting with an open mouth threatens to redistribute acid.
  6. It is known that tanning in general has a bad effect on the human body. But fans of honey tanning often ask themselves: will it be possible to go to the solarium after lip augmentation?

Immediately after the procedure, it is strictly forbidden to sunbathe, since the gel can deform and cause severe pain.

Doctors recommend starting to visit the solarium after the first month, not earlier.

How to protect your lips in a solarium? Special lipsticks with SPF are on sale now. Or you can smear a sunscreen that protects lips with hyaluronic acid from the negative effects of rays, like lipstick.

  1. To preserve lip volume as long as possible, you need to do a special exercise, which also serves as a preventive measure against premature aging.
  • puff out your cheeks and blow out air, not fast,
  • first move the lips to the right, and then to the left, helping the lower jaw,
  • repeat vowel sounds, stretching out your lips and pronouncing carefully.

Important! In no case do not use hygienic lipstick, which has expired, as there is a risk of infection.

How to care for your lips after an increase in hyaluronic acid, first of all, you need to consult a specialist who has experience and knowledge in this area.

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