How to make yourself a light hairstyle in 5 minutes

Every owner of a chic hair below the shoulders from time to time looks for beautiful hairstyles for long hair - because each of us wants to be in trend and follow the fashion. We have collected the best hairstyles for long hair 2020 in one place - so that everything is at hand.

Long hair is not only very beautiful and feminine, but also quite difficult - they require more attention and care than any hairstyle. This length is always in fashion, they make it possible for every girl to feel like a woman - wise, beautiful and mysterious, our curls attract eyes, and for many girls it is enough to undo the braids in order to charm a man.

From ancient times, braids and curls also endowed with magical properties - it was commonly believed that a long braid symbolizes the spirit and energy of a person, which is why our ancestors tried not to show braids to anyone except their closest environment, and some religions still recommend ladies cover your head.

Be that as it may, hair plays a big role in our lives, and styling and hairstyles need to be dealt with in detail.

How to make your life easier

In addition to hairstyles for long hair 2020, there are also several recommendations that will help owners of long hair to slightly improve their everyday care.

The main thing that all owners of long hair should do is to reduce the influence of various traumatic factors. What has a negative effect? In fact, very, very much:

  • bad water
  • poor or insufficient nutrition,
  • direct sunlight
  • temperature differences
  • low-quality combs,
  • thermal procedures
  • chemical procedures
  • frequent complex styling
  • styling products.
How to minimize the impact of all these factors? Sequentially. It is very difficult to protect yourself from bad water, and in general, bad water negatively affects human health, so it’s easiest to put a filter on the pipes.

Nutrition should be balanced, and in winter more vitamins should be included in the diet. Special sprays will protect from sunlight, and a cap or hood will protect against temperature changes.

Poor quality combs can cause brittleness and dandruff, so you should choose a soft plastic comb with short rounded teeth - it will facilitate combing and at the same time will not injure the hair and scalp.

Thermal and chemical procedures - the so-called salon care, of course, it can also be useful, but all is well timely, subject to safety precautions. Most of the procedures are not recommended after staining, this must be taken into account.

And in order to reduce the effect of styling products, choose simple hairstyles for long hair for every day - you can look good and use a minimum of styling products.

Do it yourself

How to do hairstyles for long hair with your own hands? You need to learn how to feel the hair and its location, if it’s hard to control it at once, then you can use two mirrors - one should be fixed, for example, a large mirror on the wall or in the bathroom, and the second small (not a powder box, but an ordinary table mirror with a convenient handle )

To style your hair while looking in two mirrors, you first need to stand with your face to the large mirror and put your hair near your face, and then turn your back, and look at your reflection through a small mirror, finish styling. This may seem complicated at first, but a habit will develop over time.

The simplest hairstyles for long hair can be done practically without looking in the mirror. A few examples of hairstyles for long hair step by step.

Ballet bump

Comb and smoothly comb the hair in the tail, it should be either in the middle of the back of the head or on the crown (this option will help visually add a few centimeters to the height). Fix the tail with an ordinary elastic band, which does not contrast too much with the hair, and twist the hair into a braid, gradually wrapping it around the base.

Secure the loose tail with studs. This styling option is appropriate absolutely always and everywhere, and thanks to the long hair, the bump looks heavy and chic.

If you want to make this hairstyle more elegant, there are special nets and decorative hairpins or ribbon.

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Spectacular tail with fleece

Consider the phased creation of a light hairstyle for medium hair, which you can embody on your head with your own hands in a matter of minutes:

  • After combing the hair, we divide them into two parts.
  • We comb the top of the head well, creating volume.
  • We collect all the curls in a tail.
  • On either side of the tail, select a thin strand and begin to wrap it around the base.
  • When the length is not enough, we hide the tip under the elastic and fix it with an invisible or decorative hair clip.

There is nothing complicated in this hairstyle. Moreover, you can adjust the position of the tail. It is not necessary to do it exactly in the place shown in the photo. And, as you can see, medium hair allows you to make a beautiful and spectacular tail. Imagine, dilute styling with hoops, stripes and other accessories.

Sloppy tail with a knot

The next, also light, hairstyle for medium hair is no less stylish, and no more time-consuming. She recalls the shape of the knot and looks very interesting:

  • Comb your hair and divide it into two parts exactly as shown in the photo.
  • We take two sides and tie a regular knot.
  • Pass the end of one tail over the resulting knot and pull it a little.

You can use hairpins or hairpins to hold the bundle as long as possible. In less than 5 minutes you can handle this styling.

An interesting bunch of two ponytails

Want to add weaving to your hairstyle? No problem. The following styling demonstrates a quick and easy masterpiece that can be done in just 5 minutes on medium hair:

  • Comb the hair and divide it into two parts.
  • From two zones we form high tails and tie them with thin elastic bands.
  • Next, weave braids from two strands.
  • We throw the left side to the right, and vice versa.

You can attach the ends of the hair with any convenient accessories. To make it easier to visualize your styling, see a step-by-step photo.

To make light hairstyles on medium hair for yourself in 5 minutes and tidy your head in the shortest time, see the step-by-step photos in this section and hone your skills.

Original hairstyle with a comb for middle hair

Consider another stylish and fast styling suitable for extreme and courageous girls. It is slightly different from the previous ones due to the volume and extravagant appearance:

  • Divided the hair into two parts, and the facial should be smaller.
  • From the lower zone we form a tail on the back of the head and spray with varnish.
  • Further, from two strands weave a pigtail to the very end.
  • When the weaving has come to an end, we make an ordinary hoot.
  • We take the hair from the upper zone and lower it onto the formed bundle.
  • Focusing on the photo, make a tail and comb the strand.

Such an easy-to-perform hairstyle stretches the face and gives it an intriguing look. You can make it to yourself without resorting to the help of a professional. This styling is perfect for fine hair. The best part is that such beauty does not take much time.
Armed with knowledge of how to make your own light hairstyles for medium hair in 5 minutes, you will be ready for any life situations.

Elegant low tail

A low tail is a simple hairstyle that you can quickly do with your own hands. It looks great on long hair and, thanks to its elegance and practicality, is useful for all occasions.


  • The hair is treated with styling and ironed.
  • Front part of the hair is allocated from the total mass.
  • Collect the rest of the hair with an elastic band at the back.
  • The separated strand of hair is divided into two parts, so that the parting is on the side.
  • Close the gum on the tail with front strands crosswise.

Low tail with flagella

This hairstyle will be appropriate both at work and for an evening trip to some event.


  • On one side of the head below, you need to highlight a strand of hair and divide in half.
  • Then the halves are twisted together, while gradually adding new strands to the main harness.
  • Bringing the tourniquet to the opposite side, make a tail out of the hair and decorate it with a ribbon or a hairpin.
  • Those who do not want to add ribbons and jewelry to their hair can elegantly hide the elastic with a strand of hair.

High tail with pigtail

Very light hairstyle for long straight hair.

You can do it yourself in a matter of seconds, using only a couple of rubber bands and invisibility:

  • Tightly combed hair is pulled into a high tail.
  • In the inside of the tail, a strand is separated and braided into a thin braid.
  • Pigtail wrap the elastic band fastening the tail.
  • Fixed by invisibility.

Greek tail

Owners of long thick hair can try to make a beautiful Greek tail. You must first wind the curls along the entire length, collect them on the top of the head and in a long tail, falling onto the back, then decorate it by dragging it along the entire length with a ribbon or beads. Get a classic Greek hairstyle for a special occasion.

There is another, more casual version of the Greek tail, which can also be worn for work:

  • Hair is cut in half with a straight parting.
  • Weakly braid two pigtails, starting from the temples.
  • Pigtails are joined together at the neck.
  • A strand of hair is wound on an elastic band.
  • Pigtails are relaxed by pulling out a few locks.
  • Lightly comb the ponytail for volume.

Greek styling

There is practically no single standard, so all fast hair styles for long hair with decorative elements from the forehead or temples to the back of the head are called Greek. It can be light tows, strands, ribbons or braids.

For example, a Greek hairstyle for long hair with braids and ribbons is very simple - look at the photo to make it yourself.

Many hairstyles for long hair at home can be done with hairpins and accessories - it can be hairpins, invisible, twisters and combs.

If you prefer hairstyles to long loose hair, then stock up on decorative pendants and chains, and if you have closer hairstyles on your side, then you can not do without bright rubber bands.

With your own hands, do a hairstyle for long hair in a few minutes? It is really possible. So, what you need to style long hair in 5 minutes:

  • wooden stud or beautiful comb,
  • a pair of invisibles
  • thin hair elastic
  • comb and a little light styling.
How to make a hairstyle: Separate several strands from the forehead, and lower them with light loops, fixing invisible behind the ears. Make an inverted ponytail. From the tail, braid any pigtail, and fix it with a hairpin or comb.

Volumetric tail

If you are going to a party or club, you can collect hair in a stylish tail in 5 minutes.

To do this, you need a comb, elastic and 3-4 hairpins:

  • Comb hair well over its entire length.
  • Throwing his head back, collect a high tail.
  • To give volume, you need to pull out the hair a little from the face, the temples remain smoothly combed.
  • The next step is to hide an elastic band under a thin lock of hair.
  • Lightly comb the tail from the inside to add splendor and comb well from above.
  • Spray with a little varnish.
  • To give the tail a larger volume, you can insert into the base of the tail from the inside of the 3 studs.

To keep the studs better, they can be sprayed with varnish before use.

Inverted Tail

Hairstyle for long hair, which you can do with your own hands, spending only a couple of minutes. Despite the simplicity, such styling is perfect not only for weekdays, but also for a special occasion. You can use the entire mass of hair, or individual strands.

Option 1:

  • Gather a low tail near the middle of the neck; hair should not be pulled tight.
  • Fix with a thin invisible elastic.
  • The hair above the elastic is divided in half, making a hole from it above the elastic.
  • Thread the tail through it.
  • Pull up the elastic and hide it under the hair.
  • Slightly loosen the hair above the elastic to give volume.

Option 2:

  • To begin with, two small strands are distinguished at the temporal part of the head.
  • They are fastened together with an elastic band at the back of the head and the tail is twisted, passing it through the hole above the elastic band.
  • Separate new strands on both sides of the head, lower than the first.
  • Having fastened, they are turned out in the same manner as the first ones.
  • At the bottom of the head, all remaining hair is collected in a low tail and twisted, like the previous ones.
  • If you hide the elastic bands with flowers or decorative hairpins, then the daily office version of the hairstyle is transformed into evening styling.

French braid

The French braid has not lost its relevance for many years. This styling looks aristocratic and playful at the same time and lasts quite a while. You can make such a pigtail on thick hair, and on rare ones.


  • Well combed hair is combed back. Thin hair needs to be combed at the roots for volume.
  • Separate the upper strand above the forehead and fasten it with an elastic band on the back of the head.
  • On both sides, the same part of the hair is secreted and begins to braid.
  • Alternately, a new strand is captured from each side and woven into a braid.
  • Continue to repeat this manipulation with locks to the end of the head.
  • When all the hair on both sides is woven into a braid, continue to weave in the traditional way.
  • The end is fastened with an elastic band.
  • If you wish, you can slightly loosen the pigtail by stretching out its tiers with your hands.
  • So that the naughty hairs do not knock out of the pigtail, they should be fixed with a small amount of varnish.

French braid bezel

Using the skill of French weaving, you can make a beautiful rim, showing a little dexterity and patience:

  • It is necessary to comb the hair back and evenly part “from ear to ear” to highlight part of the hair of the face in a wide strip,
  • Loose hair is stabbed so as not to interfere.
  • The selected part of the hair is broken by a horizontal parting into two identical parts.
  • Weaving should begin at one ear, gradually moving to the opposite.
  • The back part of the highlighted strand is the main one when weaving, and uniform strands are gradually woven from the front part into the braid.
  • Having reached the other side of the head, the pigtail is continued in the usual way and the tip is fixed, hiding it under the hair.

You can braid a pigtail with classic weaving or inverted.

Dutch braid

The French braid can be braided the other way round - such weaving is called Dutch or wrong.

For this, the locks are not crossed over the middle lock, but under it. The pigtail turns inside out. Before crossing, you need to gradually add lateral free hair to the extreme strands. Continue to weave until all hair is braided.

Do not forget to start strands while weaving under the bottom. When the braid is ready, relax the strands. It looks very elegant and significantly increases the visual volume of hair.

Scythe "Fish Tail"

At first glance, weaving “fish tail” looks complicated, but in fact it is the simplest braid that is braided with just two strands. With your own hands it is very simple to braid this charming pigtail on long, even hair.This style of weaving is also used in complex evening hairstyles.

If the hair is naughty, it is better to moisten it a little a special tonic for hair, or just water. So the hair will be easier to style and less electrified.

A braid is braided as follows:

  • Hair is cut in half.
  • From the outer edge of the right side of the hair, a thin strand is isolated and shifted to the middle part of the left half of the hair.
  • The leftmost strand is attached to the middle of the right side of the hair.
  • Continue weaving, shifting the extreme thin strands from the sides to the middle. The thinner the strand, the more beautiful the final result will look, but more time will be required.
  • At the end of the braids, they attach a decorative elastic band, straighten the braid with your hands, stretching the strands and increasing the width of the weave.

Scythe Twist

To create such an unusual braid, you first need to pay a little attention to the basal volume of hair: apply styling mousse to the roots of washed and slightly dried hair and dry the hair until it dries completely. If you braid unpoused hair, the braid will lose its volume.

A braid twist is suitable for execution on any type of hair.


  • A side parting is done and all the curls are thrown onto one shoulder (opposite from the parting).
  • At the base of the parting, a strand of hair is secreted and divided in half. It turns out two halves: one closer to the face (front strand), the second farther (back strand).
  • Slightly turning the front strand against the clockwise movement, throw it through the back. Now the strands are reversed.
  • A little loose hair is added to the front strand, scrolling counterclockwise, and thrown over the back. The strands again switched places. They will continue to add loose hair to the strands before each turn, thanks to this action the braid gradually becomes thicker. Continue weaving until all the curls are involved in the braid - you get two strands.
  • They continue to weave the braid, twisting two strands between themselves. At the end, wrap a transparent elastic band.
  • In conclusion, you need to beat the hair at the roots with your fingertips to give volume and relax the braid, carefully pulling up the woven strands. Spray the hairstyle lightly with varnish so that it lasts longer.

Four Spin Braid with Ribbon

Weaving braids from four strands is not only popular, but also very beautiful, and decorated with a beautiful ribbon is also very elegant. To braid a four-row braid, you need to practice a little, but there is nothing complicated in this hairstyle.

The main thing is to stick to a simple scheme:

  • As in the case of the French braid, you need to separate the strand of hair and tie a ribbon at the roots of the hair under this strand.
  • Then, the selected strand is divided into 3 equal parts plus a ribbon (the ribbon acts as a quadruple lock).
  • For convenience, you can number the strands from left to right: No. 1, No. 2, insert the ribbon strand at number 3 and No. 4 - the extreme right strand.
  • Lane No. 1 must be thrown over lock No. 2 both under lock No. 3 (tape) and above lock No. 4, then No. 4 shall be thrown through No. 3 and under No. 2.
  • Each time, free curls on each side are added to the extreme strand until all the hair is involved in weaving.
  • The end is fastened with tape and left or hidden, pins under the braid.
  • Strands above and below the tape add volume by pulling them slightly.

Spit "Chinese staircase"

The new trend - the Chinese braid, although it seems a rather complicated job, in fact, everything turns out to be very simple. So that the hair does not get tangled, it is better to do the hair on slightly damp hair.


  • Gather hair in a ponytail (high or low depends on desire).
  • A thin strand is distinguished on the right side of the tail. They make a loop out of it, tie it around the tail, thread the end into a loop and tighten it (it resembles tying shoelaces).
  • To the selected strand add another thin strand of tail.
  • Again, make a loop, tying it around the hair, thread the end into the middle of the loop and tighten.
  • Similarly continue to the end.

Crown of braids

There are many variations of the “crown of braids” hairstyles, which are quite simple to do with your own hands. The result will be different if you experiment with different types of weaving and accessories. Styling is suitable for both long and not very long curls.

Step-by-step analysis of the classic crown of hair:

  • Separate the hair parted in the middle in two.
  • To braid, you need to start from the back of the head, gradually moving to the front. You should get two pigtails that hang forward.
  • Start one pigtail on the head and fix it with hairpins or invisible.
  • Do the same with another scythe.
  • Let out a couple of thin locks around the face.

Scythe Waterfall

Scythe-waterfall gives the image a tenderness and romance. Freely falling flowing curls resemble the jets of a waterfall, from where the name came from.

This braid looks great on wavy hair, but is also suitable for smooth.


  • At the temple, a small strand is separated and a simple braid begins to be braided.
  • First, the upper strand is shifted to the middle.
  • Then the lower strand is moved to the center.
  • Repeat the two previous steps again.
  • Further, the strand that was below remains free. Instead, you need to select from the free hair a new strand from the bottom. In the future, this new strand will already participate in weaving.
  • A thin strand of loose hair is attached to the lock that was at the top, as is done with French braiding, and is shifted to the middle.
  • Next, a new strand from the bottom takes the place of the central one.
  • All the above manipulations are repeated: they leave the lower strand free, replacing it with a new one.
  • Continue to weave like this, leaving the lower one each time, replacing it with a new one and adding to the upper free hair.
  • Repeating in turn all the described actions, continue weaving around the head.
  • After weaving the weave to the opposite side, fix it with an invisible rubber band and hide it under the hair or continue the pigtail to the end.

Brigitte Bardot style ribbon styling

Retro hairstyles have become a classic, indispensable for a gala event. One of such styling is considered a hairstyle in the style of the famous actress of the 60s Brigitte Bardot.


  • Separate the upper part of the hair, lifting it up, combing it from the inside and spraying with varnish.
  • Gather hair on the back of the head, grabbing temporal locks. It is not necessary to tighten the elastic band strongly so as not to spoil the volume.
  • A ribbon is tied at the top and once again fastened with varnish.

Low elegant bun

The hair, laid in an elegant, neat bun, always looks perfect both in the office and at the festive event. Such a bundle is suitable for women of different ages and does not depend on the density of hair, and the use of various accessories, braids, braids can turn an everyday ordinary version of the hairstyle into an aristocratic evening styling.

To build an elegant bun, you need to stock up on a pair of rubber bands, hairpins and a “donut” for hair made of foam rubber (a thick elastic band will do).


  • Wavy hair should be ironed in advance.
  • Then, with a special comb with a thin long end, small strands on the sides are separated and removed so as not to interfere.
  • From the remaining hair make a low tail.
  • Above the gum that fastens the tail, attach a foam "bagel" or thick gum, piercing the sides with studs.
  • Raise the tail up and fasten with a thin rubber band above the attached "donut".
  • The remaining ends are seasoned under a foam bagel and fixed with studs.
  • Spread the hair evenly to completely hide the bagel (gum).
  • Front free curls are laid on top of the beam, hiding the ends and securing with invisible.
  • The use of decorative hairpins with flowers or pearls will turn the hairstyle into a stylish evening styling.

Topside bun with loose hair

Loose hair with a carelessly assembled bun on the top of the head is a romantic image and at the same time slightly hooligan - a peak in youth, and not only, style.

Ideal for any hair of various lengths and is done in a few seconds:

  • Separate a third of the hair at the crown from the total mass.
  • Twisted of them a tourniquet.
  • Fold the tourniquet in a ring or bundle.
  • Fix with an elastic band corresponding to the color of the hair.
  • For reliability, add a pair of studs.

Twisted bunch of braids in the form of a flower

Usually the beam is made on the basis of the tail, but you can make a beautiful unusual bunch of braids:

  • The hair is divided into 3 parts: the side two are smaller, the middle part is larger,
  • three braids are braided.
  • Twist the bundle from the middle braid and fasten it with hairpins.
  • Side braids are laid around the beam: one wrapping the beam on top and the other on the bottom.

A bow in the form of a bow

A bow from a bunch looks youthful cute and provocatively.

Its creation does not require much time:

  • It is necessary to collect a high tail and, turning the last turn of the elastic, make a loop, leaving 10 cm free from the ends in front.
  • Divide the resulting loop into two halves and distribute on the sides.
  • The free ends left in front lead back through the middle of the bow and hide under it, invisible pins.

A bunch of curls

One of the most popular hairstyles for a prom or wedding is a romantic low bun made from curls.


  • They divide the hair into two parts near the face and distinguish the third - the back part (it is slightly larger than the front ones).
  • A ponytail is made from the back of the hair.
  • Large curls are wound using a curling iron or ironing.
  • From the curls put into the tail, a careless bunch is formed and fixed.
  • The locks left in the face are attached in thin strands to the bundle in stages.
  • The hairdo is fastened with varnish so that it does not bloom longer.

Bubble Bundle

Easy fast hairdo, suitable for study, home, walk.

All you need for this is an elastic band for hair:

  • Comb the curls and collect the tail so that the ends of the hair remain under the elastic.
  • Fix the tips with a hairpin or hairpin so that they do not stick out.
  • The gum can be hidden with a thin pigtail or a flagellum from the hair.

Romantic styling

  • Divide the hair into three parts.
  • We braid an ordinary pigtail.
  • Wrap the tip and fasten with a small rubber band.
  • Take the end of the pigtail and bend it under the base.
  • The links can be a little relaxed and give a disheveled appearance that will bring some piquancy to the hairstyle.

Greek with a bandage

There are several options for styling hair in the Greek manner. To do this, you need a decorative bandage - an elastic band.

Option 1: hair is twisted into flagella and laid under an elastic band.

Option 2: part of the hair is laid under the elastic, and a tail of curls remains behind.

Option 3: the front curls fit under the bandage, the hair at the back is braided.

Light bundle of two strands

The next hairstyle for medium hair perfectly matches the strict appearance. It is convenient to do it at work or at another official event:

  • Dividing the head into two parts, we form a knot from them.
  • The strand, which turned out to be lower, is raised upward, enveloping the base.
  • The upper strand goes around the base on the other side.

It turns out a very interesting basket. Do not forget to spray varnish and use invisible. The center of the figure can be decorated with decorative flowers or other accessories to taste. Then your hairstyle will be irresistible even on the busiest day.

Wavy curls

This light hairstyle for medium hair gives femininity and looks harmonious, especially on wavy hair. It will take your effort and 5 minutes of free time to create it. Follow step by step the process of its implementation, repeat it yourself and see for yourself.

  • On the right side of the temples we begin to weave the first pigtail, consisting of two strands.
  • When making cross movements, do not forget to add new hair, as shown in the photo.
  • We do the same with the left strand.
  • The resulting braids are crossed at the back of the head and fixed.

Voila, and the styling is ready. Nothing complicated, but the image is very gentle and pleasant. Such hairstyles are suitable for girls not only with medium hair, but also for those who have a square, this styling will look spectacular.

Medium hair provides the ability to create many easy hairstyles for yourself. The photos and videos presented below once again confirm this.

Bouffant evening styling

The hairstyle that we will consider is done very quickly and not difficult. She is good for those girls who do not have bangs.

  • We comb the hair near the front zone.
  • Throw them back in the center and on the sides and fasten with invisibility.

In two simple steps you can make yourself a beautiful hairstyle on long hair in 5 minutes. Use any hair accessories: crabs, combs, hairpins and more. Stand out from the crowd and fantasize.

"Bow" of hair on her loose long hair

All the famous haircut "Bow" has gained immense popularity due to its interesting shape.

  • After combing the hair, we form a tail in the neck area from the strands of the face.
  • We dress the elastic, the last time we pass hair through it is not completely, look as shown in the step-by-step photo.
  • We form petals with the fingers of our hands, dividing the “muzzle” into two parts.
  • Pass the free tip through the center of the bow.

There are a lot of ideas for creating “Bows”. How to make a hairstyle bow out of hair in different versions, see here. Here we consider only the most stylish and light hairstyles for long hair that you can do with your own hands.


Long hair with proper care look very beautiful, feminine and spectacular. Thanks to the attractive hair, the whole female image is noticeably transformed, attracting a lot of the attention of others. However, many ladies are sure that long hair is not only a beauty in appearance, but also a lot of inconvenience. For example, it is believed that caring for such a hair often becomes a real problem. The same applies to making a suitable hairstyle. Working with long strands is much more difficult, and it can take a lot of time.

In fact, there is nothing complicated. Long hair can be given not only cunning and non-trivial, but also simple, but at the same time no less beautiful shape. There are a lot of options for suitable hairstyles for such hair.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of time and expensive styling tools - you can turn to the formation of a light flirty hairstyle that will look no less feminine and sexy.

Light hairstyles and styling on such hair are distinguished by the fact that they are made very quickly. Such decisions are especially relevant and in demand if the young lady is constantly late for study or work. It will not be difficult to give a hair a beautiful look with a light hairstyle, it will not take precious minutes.

Having a luxurious long hair, young ladies can let go of their imagination. Even the simplest and most standard hairstyle can be refined, supplemented with various interesting details and accessories. As a result, a seemingly inconspicuous everyday composition can turn out to be a spectacular evening one, which will probably not be ignored.

Despite the fact that long hair is seamlessly gathered in discreet, but beautiful hairstyles, one important condition must be observed - the strands must be healthy and shiny. On lifeless, dull and dry hair, even avant-garde hairstyles can look ridiculous and unattractive, to say nothing of easy solutions. On beautiful and solid hair, fast and easy-to-use hairstyles are able to look incomparable.

Express styling for the lazy

Nowadays, many girls are faced with a total lack of time. Sometimes even an extra cup of tea can not be found.In such circumstances, it can be difficult to manage to form a beautiful and original hairstyle, especially when it comes to fairly long locks. But not only because of lack of time, ladies do not make unique styling - often the reason for this is simple laziness. Sometimes I don’t want to spend extra energy on creating a certain composition, especially if it fails the first time.

There are a number of quick express styling that do not take extra time and effort to create. Such solutions are ideal for both very busy and ladies who do not want to strain again. Consider which of these options today many girls choose, as well as what are their features.

  • A simple but beautiful styling is obtained if you first divide the entire hair into 2 halves, and then tie them into a knot. The resulting knot will need to be carefully and decoratively folded, and then fastened using studs, hairpins or knitting needles.
  • If you want to get a spectacular styling, which does not take a lot of time, then you can turn to the creation of feminine curls. To do this, the auxiliary tail will need to be firmly fixed over the forehead line, and then divide it into 3-4 parts. It is advisable to curl each of the selected parts with a curling iron.

If after this, the tail assembled in advance is dissolved, then the locks will go down in beautiful and elegant curls.

Gatsby's Style

Styling in this style was at the height of fashion in the first half of the twentieth century and today again covered the world of modern hairstyles with a retro wave. Due to the variety of options, the length of the hair does not play any role in creating such a hairstyle. The main thing is the lack of bangs. For styling at home, you need an iron, hair clips and varnish.


  • Comb your hair and spray with varnish.
  • Separate a strand of hair and grab it with an iron at the roots so that it turns upward in the form of the letter C.
  • Move the iron lower along the strand and bend the arc in the opposite direction.
  • Continue to curl in semicircular arches, alternately bending up and down along the entire length of the strand.
  • The generated waves are fixed with clamps for easy operation.
  • At the end, the waves are sprayed with varnish and the clips are removed.

Classic shell

Easy comfortable hairstyle for long hair, which is very easy to build with your own:

  • Throw hair back to one side.
  • Twist side curls in a shell.
  • Shift to the other side and fix.

Lush shell without bangs

This styling differs from the classic shell in a more magnificent volume and looks more solemn, in the evening:

  • To give volume, you need to throw the hair at the forehead forward and comb it slightly.
  • Then put the combed strand back and attach it with invisibility on the back of the head.
  • Twist loose curls into the shell on the side and, shifting to the other side of the head, stab with hairpins.

The collected hairstyle "crosswise"

Stylish and boring hairstyle for office everyday life.


  • Hair is divided into 2 zones: front and back.
  • The front part must be stabbed so as not to interfere.
  • From the back of the hair, collect the tail and wrap it in a bun.
  • The hair left in the front zone is divided into two parts with a side parting or straight - to whom it is more suitable.
  • Front strands cross over the bundle and wrap around it, hiding the ends.

Retro hairstyle with voluminous bangs

Lovers of voluminous bangs can try a retro hairstyle in the style of "Babette", which has not lost its relevance in the modern world.


  • You need to tie your hair in a high tail.
  • Then, a hair roller or bagel is attached under the elastic.
  • The ends of the hair are removed under the roller, forming a bun.
  • Hair straightens evenly.
  • The bunch is decorated with a ribbon, rim or scallop.

Hippie style weave

The hippie movement gave the world lovely natural hairstyles that do not need special styling, decorated with flowers and colored ribbons.

Any weaving option is welcome:

  • Two loosely braided braids, with casually broken strands and decorated with bright ribbons.
  • Two thin pigtails braided from the front locks and fastened together on the back of the head over loose hair.

Original tail with sections

The hairstyle, divided into sections, looks very unusual and interesting. To create it, do the following:

  • We make a tail on any convenient side.
  • Slightly lower the elastic and thread the entire tail through the hole. For greater effect fluffy hair at the gum.
  • We put on the next one just below the previous gum. By analogy, we make a hole over the elastic band and drag the tail and relax the hair in the same way as in the first case.
  • Then we do the same with each section, as long as the length of the hair allows.

The advantage of this hairstyle for long hair is that it depends on you how many sections it will contain. You can make them two or along the entire length of the tail, leaving a small tip.

Do-it-yourself three-tail hairstyle for long hair

The following installation seems complicated at first glance. In fact, it is done in 5 minutes and it will take three thin gum to complete it:

  • We form three tails exactly as shown in the photo.
  • Pass the uppermost tail into its base.
  • We twist the second tail into a tourniquet and fix the tip on the right side.
  • We pass a strand from the first tail into this tourniquet and again we pass it into the second base.
  • We do the same with the third tail.

When all three tails are involved, we correct the pattern with our fingers and spray with varnish. This light hairstyle has an unusual ornament and looks very impressive.

Hairstyle for the summer

The next installation is made in the Greek style. Greek girls have always been the standard of morality and culture. Repeat, doing this hairstyle on long hair for yourself, you can in the summer, when it is especially relevant.

  • We twist all the strands in a convenient way.
  • We put a strip or hoop on the top of the head, creating a small volume on the top of the head.

The styling embodies the mysterious femininity and neatness.

See a lot of beautiful Greek styling here.

Festive bunch

By learning how to make light hairstyles for long hair on your own, you can create a whole masterpiece in a short time. Moreover, if the styling is also decorated with an accessory, you will certainly not be equal.

  • We make a high tail and slightly relax the elastic, creating negligence.
  • We comb it and also twist carelessly.
  • To keep the styling, we fasten it with pins and put on top a beautiful elastic band-bezel with decor or a hair clip.

Pay attention to the step-by-step photo and follow the entire process exactly. The used accessory complements the image, and we make the hairstyle very beautiful. Perfectly fits into the framework of an evening date.

Using a curling iron


  • Collect all the hair on the crown of the head.
  • Break the tail into 4-8 parts (the amount depends on the thickness of the hair).
  • Screw each part on a curling iron.
  • Remove the elastic and straighten the curls.
  • Fix styling.

Fashionable short cut

This styling will look very nice on girls who have long oblique bangs. Because it is with her that we have to work:

  • Smooth all hair except bangs using gel or foam.
  • We take curlers or a curling iron and wind all the strands included in the bangs.
  • When the curls appear, sprinkle them with varnish.

Pay attention to the photo how such a short hairstyle modifies the female image and makes it irresistible.

Similar options for such hairstyles, see the photo below.

Beautiful and light hairstyles with braiding for short hair

The next installation will take literally 5 minutes and will bring a pleasantly shocking result:

  • On the right we take two strands on the front side and weave a braid.
  • We do the same thing on the other hand.
  • When we cross the weaving, just tie them with an elastic band.
  • Next, select two strands on both sides slightly lower than the first.
  • Weave two braids and connect them.
  • When the captures are ready, we pass the upper one into the lower one and we relax a little, giving them a three-dimensional appearance.

Thus, light hairstyles for short hair can be done in just a couple of minutes. Do not stop at the given stylings, but consider interesting masterpieces in the form of weaving, photos of which are given below.

With a hairdryer


  • Comb your slightly damp hair.
  • Separate hair into 6-8 parts.
  • Twist from each part a tight tourniquet and fold into a bundle.
  • Dry each bunch well with a hairdryer.
  • When the hair has cooled, curls are dissolved.

Making an original hairstyle for long hair with your own hands is quite simple. All you need is a desire to look different every day, a little time and dexterity. And a boring stylish image will delight and cheer up not only the owner of a fashionable styling, but also delight others.

Sloppy styling

Pay attention to short light hairstyles, the photo of which shows a variety of images made in a casual style. Recently, this is a trend in fashion hairstyles.

To decorate the image, use various accessories, hoops and bandages. They will never be redundant.

Combine different styling to create new ones and share your impressions.

This article fully answers the question of how to make light hairstyles for yourself in 5 minutes. You do not have to rack your brains and go to expensive beauty salons. You can create a chic look at home. Try and create light hairstyles for yourself in 5 minutes, and we can only help. Remember to monitor your hair and use healthy masks at home. If you do not know about the latter, then read the materials in the “Care and Treatment” section. It contains the necessary information that all girls must know in order to maintain the beauty and health of their hair.

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