Wedding pair rings

Some types of jewelry are our companions throughout life. Buying wedding rings in Moscow, as in other cities, is not difficult today, but how to figure out a wide range and choose exactly the product that will delight you for many years? The 585GOLD Jewelry Chain knows the answer to this, as we have been selling gold wedding rings for more than 17 years. We offer our customers favorable promotions for the purchase of jewelry and a flexible discount system.

Symbol of unity of hearts

There is no need to talk about the importance and value of these jewelry. Unlike other accessories, they are worn constantly, chosen once and for a lifetime (ideally, of course). Their ascetic design is a thing of the past. You can buy gold wedding rings with openwork carving, engraving, inserts from precious and semiprecious stones in one of more than 800 stores of the 585 Golden chain. Combined products from white and yellow gold look very impressive. The design for the groom can be solid or with a laconic metal insert of a different shade, for the bride - openwork, with a scattering of diamonds or cubic zirconias.

Jewelry can be made of:

  • 14k red gold
  • 14k white gold
  • lemon gold
  • rose gold
  • 925 sterling silver

Combined gold products that include two shades of precious metal at once look interesting and unusual. When purchasing wedding accessories made of precious metal in two colors, you get a universal decoration that will perfectly harmonize with other rings and earrings from your collection.

How to choose the perfect engagement ring?

This piece of jewelry is not only a symbol of marriage, but also a piece of jewelry that draws attention to the hands. Choosing it, it is worth considering several points:

  • The width of the ring should be combined with the size of the fingers and hand. On graceful hands with long fingers any accessories harmoniously look. With thin phalanges, massive specimens are contraindicated, which visually make the hand even thinner and smaller. But the average size (up to 6 mm) fits perfectly. The same goes for short, full fingers. A wide decoration will visually make them even shorter, and a thin one (less than 4 mm) will simply be lost on the arm. Men should choose a 4–8 mm wide specimen.
  • A special case is when the joint is thicker than the phalanx. Here the size of the ring depends on its width. A narrow ring should hardly pass down the joint, otherwise it will spin on the finger. The wide one can be taken a little larger in size so that it is worn freely - it will still be good to sit.
  • Pay attention to the color of the metal - it can be red, white, yellow gold, platinum or even silver. It is important that the new accessory is in harmony with the existing ones, because you will have to wear it constantly. A universal solution can be products from combined gold, in which there are several shades at once - there are many options in our catalog of wedding rings from gold and other metals.
  • Classic or decorated? The design of wedding rings is up to you. If you adhere to established traditions - choose smooth ones. Then, as is popularly believed, family life will be smooth.

    However, a beautiful stone, inlay and other design elements will not make your marriage worse, but will give you more pleasure. The main thing is that decorative elements do not bring inconvenience in everyday life.

    Buying paired accessories is also not necessary - spouses can choose different jewelry with a similar design.

    A wide range of wedding rings in the online jewelry store Zoloto585!

    The catalog of wedding rings in the 585GOLD network includes classic and original models of wedding jewelry. It is not at all necessary to make wedding rings to order - on our site you can easily find products with an expressive and interesting design, with or without stones, which will please you not only with their quality and beauty, but also with their price.

    Benefits of Buying Wedding Rings for Honeymooners at AllTime

    We provide a service for the delivery of any watch to try on in a store convenient for you

    All products are covered by the warranty of official service centers.

    We bear the cost of intercity shipping in the event of a marriage or breakage due to marriage

    14 days to return by prior arrangement to the store if the product was not in use

    About wedding rings - you need to know

    Modern jewelry fashion is very democratic. This applies not only to product design, but also to their compatibility with other jewelry. It is acceptable to wear an engagement ring:

    • on the ring fingers of the right and left hand,
    • on the ring finger of one hand.

    Marriage traditions allow you to wear them on both the right and left hand. For example, in Germany and some countries of Eastern Europe the “wedding” is considered to be the right hand. Some spouses prefer to wear them not on their fingers at all, but on their neck, in the form of pendants. After all, the main thing is not where the jewelry is located, but what it symbolizes!

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    The price of wedding rings is an important factor when buying wedding accessories. That is why we give you the opportunity to order wedding rings in the 585GOLD catalog without significant financial costs. Whatever precious product you decide to buy, the 585GOLD Jewelry Chain is always ready to offer you a wide range of jewelry at the most affordable prices.

    Who will suit?

    Modern couples try to move away from the traditional scenario and increasingly choose non-standard jewelry.

    Fancy wedding accessories will do:

    • Those who want to challenge everyday life. Extraordinary rings will become the central element of a thematic wedding ceremony,
    • Newlyweds who prefer an informal style of dress,
    • Creative couples. People with artistic skills can take the design into their own hands,
    • Those who wish to capture a significant moment of their life on something material. From the inside or outside, the jewelry is engraved.

    How to care for wedding rings?

    Wedding rings more than other jewelry are exposed to external factors. In order for your wedding ring to remain as beautiful for many years, remove it before you are going to use any household chemicals and apply cosmetic creams on your hands. Return to their original beauty and shine.

    Wedding rings 2020: what metal is in trend?

    In 2020, the choice of wedding rings is wide enough - you can choose a very expensive platinum with a scattering of precious stones, as well as more budget items from yellow, white or pink gold, as well as very affordable silver jewelry. All of these options will be in trend.

    Let's start with the most expensive - 950 platinum rings. Products from this metal are worth their money for obvious reasons, because the material is hypoallergenic, resistant to scratches and other mechanical damage. Therefore, it retains brilliance for many years.

    If we talk about gold, then the following jewelry from such types of this metal should be attributed to trends:

    1. White gold in a shiny and matte finish.
    2. Lemon-colored gold.
    3. Pink gold.

    Wedding rings made of standard yellow gold in 2020 remain relevant, however, not in a "pure" form, but in combination with other metals. For example, it can be yellow or pink gold with white. In addition, combination rings for the wedding can be made of ordinary and gilded silver.

    As we have already mentioned, in 2020, the fashion supports wedding rings in gold of non-banal colors - lemon, red, pink, white. In addition, modern technology allows us to achieve a more original surface color of jewelry - purple, blue, brownish and even black.

    Colored gold

    Traditionally, gold is used to make wedding rings. Newlyweds who prefer this metal, but at the same time want to get original jewelry, experiment with color. Very unusual rings made of white, pink and yellow gold. There are also options for blue and green.

    Which wedding rings do you prefer?

    • Decide whether you want to buy paired wedding rings or completely different models. Today it is not considered mandatory that the jewelry of the spouses be absolutely identical. Men's options are often simple, smooth, narrow, but women, as a rule, prefer products from combined metals, decorated with stones, engraving. Diamond products are very popular in stores.
    • Decide which metal you want to buy wedding rings from.
      The traditional option, relevant at all times, is gold jewelry. They can be made of both red and white gold or a combination of these types of precious metal.

    If in life you prefer jewelry made of silver, then a gold ring will not harmonize well with other accessories. In this case, it is recommended to purchase silver rings, the undoubted advantage of which will be an affordable price, but since wedding rings are not only a symbol of the union of two hearts, but also a value that can be inherited by children and grandchildren, then opt for white gold or from platinum.

    Choose wedding rings

    Wedding preparations are usually carried out according to a specific budget. Therefore, when choosing wedding rings, prices matter. The cost of decoration depends on many parameters:

  • type and test of metal,
  • the presence and size of gemstones,
  • use of additional decor (for example, engraving),
  • brand, etc.

    Using the search engine of our portal, it is easy to find suitable wedding rings, the prices for which will pleasantly surprise you. You can set the optimal cost. If you want to save, then choose the most inexpensive options (from 3000 rubles). If it is decided that the engagement ring is the only one for life and therefore it is not worth saving on it, then set the minimum price that suits you (for example, from 60,000 rubles).

    Do not despair if the model you like is too expensive. Our catalog contains salons that make wedding rings to order - such a decoration will be in a single copy. Amazingly, the cost of exclusivity is sometimes quite affordable! The jeweler will take into account all the wishes and will be able to recreate the ring of your dreams. Just remember that it takes time to make a “piece” thing.

    Many salons sell wedding rings at a discount. As a rule, the newlyweds can count on the fact that the cost of two purchases will immediately be 5-15% lower than the price separately.

    Representatives of all the major jewelry houses in Russia are concentrated in the capital, so Moscow can offer wedding rings the most diverse, exclusive and differing in price: from affordable to truly royal pieces. Professionals of their business go to any tricks to win the hearts of future newlyweds: they offer all kinds of engraving options, individual designs, various precious metals and stones for making an attractive model. In order not to get lost in thousands of wedding ring options, use the convenient Wedding search engine, set the necessary parameters and you will be offered all the suitable end models. You will see that with the portal Wedding.RF to buy wedding rings in Moscow, and it is precisely the “ones” that will be pleasant to wear all your life, will not be difficult.

    If, nevertheless, in any store in the catalog you did not find jewelry that would suit your taste, or you have a non-standard finger size, it is best to contact a jeweler who will manufacture the product to order.

    What should be the ring

    Once the lack of choice was the main criterion for finding engagement rings, the requirements for them were extremely simple: two of the same design, different sizes, ideally gold. Our contemporaries and their chosen ones have to work hard to find in the infinity of proposals that pair of rings that will suit both sides.

    Life hack: the tendency to wear different wedding rings came to us from the merry Hollywood, where star brides defended the right to wear those rings that they like, and not those that are made by overseas jewelers in sets. Young ladies, use it! Grooms, do not be offended, the point is not really in the rings, but in the fact that both were good.

    However, no one takes away the right to choose wedding rings in the same style, our modernity does not put forward any strict rules regarding the wearing of such jewelry. Moreover, there are plenty of options in jewelry stores, out of billions (no less!) Of wedding rings on the shelves of shops, pawnshops, auction offers, there will certainly be the same treasured pair that both spouses will wear with equal pleasure.

    Other metals

    There are other ways to demonstrate creativity:

      Platinum rings. Platinum is a particularly strong metal, products from it are very durable and beautifully shimmer in the sun. Unlike gold, it does not change the shade of precious stones,

    Palladium is hypoallergenic and not susceptible to mechanical stress. It has a lighter shade and in appearance is very different from silver and white gold,

    Titanium products are easily confused with silver jewelry. When ordering, you can choose a shade to your taste: black, pink, dark purple or dark blue. The main advantages - products made in dark color beautifully reflect the sun's rays and are cheaper than silver,

    Tungsten rings are superior in strength even to titanium products and do not require special care. Thanks to the beautiful sheen, jewelry made from this material looks stylish and modern.

    The thickness and profile of wedding rings: what's the trend?

    Wedding rings in 2020 are radically different from classic wedding accessories that have a convex profile. Surely, you saw such rings from your parents, grandparents, and they are on sale in every jewelry salon. Despite the fact that the classics are eternal, in the coming seasons it can be safely added to the category of antitrends.

    In 2020, the following profile types will be in fashion:

    • internal flat, external concave,
    • internal convex, external flat,
    • inner flat, outer flat.

    Add to them original design solutions, various patterns and inserts - and each engagement ring will retain its brevity, but it will be interesting and bright.

    Regarding the width of the profile, fashionable wedding rings in 2020 remain wide, and the width of the male and female rings can be the same or different. The trending models are “European” and “American”. In addition, options from several combined thin rings will be interesting.

    The thickness of the profile should be at least two millimeters, and this is not a matter of fashion, but practicality. An overly thin ring will easily deform and eventually break.

    How to choose

    If you distract from the huge assortment and dizzying offers, the first thing you need to remember when buying engagement rings is that you now wear them daily.This means that the decoration should be comfortable in the first place.

    It is certainly worth remembering that a wedding ring should not go beyond the framework of your own style: someone prefers costumes and cufflinks, and in this case it is a good idea to correlate the design of the ring with the existing wardrobe and its prospects for the near future. It is much easier for women in this matter if the car does not fit the purse, the car changes, everything is very simple.

    "Plus and minus"

    The plus and minus rings complement each other perfectly and are able to demonstrate the unity of the newlyweds to the whole world. Separately from each other, the accessories look incomplete.

    Future spouses can choose for themselves very unusual models. For example, designers recommend taking a closer look at specimens where the male ring is made in the form of a bolt and the female ring is made in the form of a nut. If desired, the parts can be screwed together.

    The most affordable option made in this style is silver or gold engraved rings., which depicts the halves of the heart, the Chinese sign "yin-yang" or any other picture, but only by combining the two jewelry, you get the whole image.

    The size

    Be sure to remember that in the evening your fingers may swell a bit, and keep this in mind when choosing a size - you should not buy a ring that is sitting back to back, you must definitely consider literally half a millimeter of the inner circle for a loose fit.

    The same rule applies to men - the popular explanation “lost a wedding ring” does not mean a reluctance to wear jewelry. Weight changes, high daily activity and the same swelling by the end of the day can make a bad joke on the spouse. The loss of a ring is indeed difficult to notice.

    Pair with decor

    The bride and groom do not always get rings that look like two drops of water. For a wedding ceremony, couples can choose different accessories made in the same style. The decoration will be stones and curls, and the rings will differ among themselves in color and material. For example, for the groom you can order a product with a dark coating, and for the bride - an elegant ring of white gold.

    Couples who prefer to have the same wedding rings choose original accessories with a pattern of curls. You can discuss the sketch of the pattern with the jeweler and adjust it according to the ideas of the bride and groom about the perfect decoration.

    Gem placers help add zest and make truly unique jewelry.


    Jewelry is a complex topic for calculating value. It seems, at first glance, everything is simple: the price per gram of precious metal, stone (if any) is added up - and you can already roughly figure out what part of the wedding budget can be spent on wedding rings.

    In fact, it turns out that there are no suitable sizes, and the factory for the production of the necessary ones does not fit the deadlines. There is also a mark-up for the brand, manufacturing according to your own design, and other randomly occurring parameters that affect the cost of the rings only in the direction of higher prices. Women love Cartier, but.

    To everyone who has such an amount for a ring of average presentability, but from a reputable brand is invisible to the budget - our congratulations. And we will look into the eyes of a reality of a different order.

    What should I do when I want to wear a beautiful, stylish ring all my life, perhaps with a stone of good quality, but at the same time not spend only one hundred thousand rubles?

    Take a look at the pawnshop. Yes, this is not a joke. For all the objections that someone wore the ring before you, and the signs will certainly work against you, there are at least three weighty objections:

    • In many families, wedding rings are passed from mother to daughter, from grandmother to granddaughter. And the highest approval of the choice of a son is considered to be the transfer of a family heirloom from his parents to a future daughter-in-law. And it is a great honor for a potential spouse.
    • A huge success is the purchase of an engagement ring, once owned by a well-known person or the purchase of antique products at auction - for this opportunity, future husbands arrange incredible financial battles.
    • Each and every ring that has already been in use, regardless of the fame of the former owner, always undergoes an obligatory examination, and then undergoes cleaning and / or restoration (if necessary).

    Believe in energy fields and karma? You will be reassured by the idea that ultrasound, polishing and restoration of a presentable appearance will definitely remove all the possible existing energy of the past owner.

    With fingerprint

    Very romantic jewelry in which fingerprints are added to the coating. Silver or gold product is decorated with a pattern copied from the ring finger of the bride and groom.

    This option is truly exclusive, since the prints of all people are different and the second such jewelry will never appear in the world.

    To make the pattern visible to others, it is applied to the outside, but some couples prefer a hidden pattern. Additionally, you can make an engraving - fix the date of the wedding or other memorable event.

    Type and color of metal - how and what to wear

    The wedding is noisy, emotions are back in balance with daily worries, and here's the bad luck: are both rings engagement and engagement to wear, or is one wedding enough? This choice is individual and does not obey any explicit or unwritten regulations.

    The question is solved only from a practical standpoint: if there is a delicate stone on the engagement ring that does not tolerate homework, it would be more reasonable to put it in a box and put on on holidays. Diamonds, sapphires and other durable stones (9-10 on the Mohs scale) can not be removed, their safety is guaranteed by nature itself.

    If you are confused by the number of rings on one finger, you should not worry: one of the trends in jewelry fashion is to wear several jewelry of different colors at once, and even with different stones, of a different style, purpose.

    With names or date

    One of the most popular varieties of wedding jewelry is engraved engagement rings. In the jewelry store, the selected inscription will be applied to any product purchased in advance in the store. Most often, the newlyweds want to perpetuate the date of the ceremony, the time of meeting or the initials of each other.

    The decoration, on which the inscription is made in the form of a through pattern, looks original. This option is preferred by those who seek to once again show others the importance of a significant event in life.


    Traditionally, a wedding ring has a simpler form than a engagement ring, but this does not mean at all that there can be no gems on the wedding decoration. Modern jewelry design offers several inlay options, including along the side of the ring.

    Fans of simplicity are also offered many beautiful, stylish solutions for wedding rings - without stones or with a minimal presence.

    Leaving a print on the skin

    The idea of ​​creating rings that leave an imprint on the skin belongs to a jeweler from the United States. The master claimed that such accessories symbolize the loyalty of the spouses.

    On the inner side of the ring, which is in contact with the finger, is engraved with the words "married" for a man and "married" for a girl. After the ring is removed, a clear fingerprint will remain on the finger.

    Lovers who endlessly trust each other prefer more romantic engravings. They order engraving with the date of the wedding, a pattern in the form of a pierced heart with an arrow or the initials of the second half.


    This option offers no less variety than the previous one: from narrow, barely noticeable on the arm to massive, bizarre forms of options. Where to stop the choice - the aspect is more physiological, since the different lengths of the fingers, the shape of the hand can dictate their own rules. For example, any rings will look good on long, thin fingers, and massive specimens will have to be excluded with an average brush length.

    In the selection process, the question of the width of the engagement ring will be asked in each new store and it is worth knowing that there is a general classification for this parameter. Easy to remember, an increase occurs on even numbers.

    With sound waves

    After a man has decided to tie the knot, he traditionally must make an offer to his beloved. Some declarations of love are expressed in a symbolic sound wave on a wedding ring.

    The engraving is done in the form of embossing in a metal or gives it a convex shape. This decision will allow you to feel the presence of a second half next to you throughout the day.


    If you decide that at the width of the engagement ring the acquaintance with their characteristics is over, you are poorly prepared for family life - you always need to wait for the catch. If not, you have gained experience. There is still a catch - so you are ready for it! Ready?

    With engagement ring profiles, everything is very complicated. Firstly, there are many of them. Flat, round, ¾, ½ and a few more. Secondly, not everyone is right for you. But for this case, jewelers came up with one profile that optimally comfortably sits on a finger of any shape, thickness. This profile is called Comfort Fit or otherwise - Fitting rings. It is very convenient for everyday use, do not rub or cut into the skin if your hands suddenly swell.

    With cardiogram

    Among newlyweds, wedding rings with the image of a cardiogram have recently been very popular.

    The bride’s real heart rhythm is cut out on the bride’s ring and vice versa. The pattern can be through or engraved on a smooth surface.

    It is believed that a ring decorated with such a non-trivial image allows the hearts of lovers to beat in unison.

    Types of Engagement Rings

    You can start this topic if you have about three to four days to study at least a third of today's variations on the theme of wedding rings. These are fantasy, sintering, handmade models, with black diamonds, with scrollable inserts, with 6D diamond edges and even puzzle rings (gala-gala or Puzzle-Ring).

    At the risk of getting stuck in the descriptions, we recall only the most popular and most original.

    Paired. This is an eternal classic. One style, pattern, color for the rings of the bride and groom. But no one forbids taking the classic base and diversifying it with its original design, right?

    White gold. Such wedding rings look expensive, resemble platinum, and are very popular with jewelry designers because of the ability to combine them with anything. Glossy gloss, matting.

    With diamonds. An option that will be perfectly combined with the engagement ring, but at the same time will not lose its attractiveness, settling solo on the finger.

    From platinum. These are jewelry for centuries, platinum is a glorious long-lived among all metals, but as we have already found out, white gold is very similar to it, especially 750 samples. If you are pleased to think that you are wearing platinum, do not hesitate to buy such wedding rings. It is at least beautiful, but also pleasantly strokes our eternally hungry ego.

    Of gold. A universal, centuries-tested option: the usual yellow or less common pink, with or without stones, of various shapes, designs and an incredibly large assortment.

    Simple rings. For everyone who prefers modest options at a nice, low price.

    Fancy. The original form, design solution, stones not typical for the wedding of flowers, development according to your own sketch, fancy spraying and any other whim. Your money, your wedding, your rules.

    Male and female. The case when everyone has their own ideas about beautiful wedding rings.

    Wide. We repeat the material covered, wide - this is 6-8 mm.

    Slavic. Interesting, unusual jewelry, with a characteristic traditional pattern, attention to them is provided.

    Combined Gold. Two or three kinds of gold, stones - a lot of everything, but in this case everything is harmonious and stylish.

    With notes

    Sometimes the newlyweds may be asked to put a pattern in the form of a line of notes on the wedding ring. Such jewelry is ordered in a jewelry workshop. Enamel pattern looks very beautiful.

    It can be not only a melody to which the bride and groom first danced, but also just a song that occupies a significant place in their hearts. This option looks very romantic, because after engraving, it will be possible to preserve memories of the positive aspects of life.

    Brands and jewelry factories

    It is a mistake to believe that eminent jewelry brands produce only exclusive jewelry. Of course, for $ 100 of wedding rings, for example, Tiffany & Co cannot be found for sure, except that it will be a good replica, but in the format of jewelry. And yet, the legendary company can offer options for fans of fine art, at about the cost of two Cartier for each ring.

    Enchants, as always, and BVLGARI. The standard of luxury, luxury jewelry - to enter the top three jewelry companies in the world is not easy, but the owners of the engagement rings of this brand feel like belonging to the world of high fashion is still nice.

    Cartier is Cartier, as many as seven collections of wedding rings, with prices ranging from surprisingly acceptable to one and a half million for each jewelry.

    Broderie de cartierCartier / 1895
    18k white gold18k yellow gold
    36 diamonds

    For Russian manufacturers, the soul is probably located closer to the aspirations of customers, because the price tag for wedding rings shows numbers several times lower, SOKOLOV offers at least universal options for celebrating a wedding. No exclusive, but all within the framework of the requirements for modern jewelry. High-quality gold, moderate design, comfortable shape - yes, the same Comfort fit profile.

    A heavyweight among domestic jewelry factories - Bronnitsky jeweler - over a century of work, creating jewelry, has gained incredible experience in jewelry craftsmanship. The manufacturer’s collections are in awe and delight in the homeland and abroad. The dancing diamond is an excellent idea in its originality, while embodied impeccably.

    The Moscow Jewelery Plant does not lag behind a colleague and MUZ, among thousands of different rings produced by the enterprise, wedding rings can be put in a competitive comparison with foreign brands and fashion houses. An indisputable plus - only this manufacturer has the most detailed size range, the pitch is 0.25 mm, instead of 0.5 for others.

    Trends and features of jewelry fashion

    It is in the segment of engagement rings that domestic fashionistas and fashionistas do not set the tone, they diplomatically ignore it - Western magazines are choked with advice on what should be a wedding decoration, while Russian buyers set their own rules.

    The compatriots, choosing a wedding ring, put practicality in priority: so as not to interfere, not hurt their clothes and hair, so that they could boast a piece of jewelry on occasion, but not so that others envy excessive luxury.

    Perhaps the jewelry podium will explode more than once with new super-fashionable collections, and at this time, Russian brides lazily flip through the catalog of the next designer and choose comfort again - that is, their beloved husband, even if Cartier for 1.5 million can not afford it. What is there, they found something to compare. A beautiful engagement ring is beautiful. But can it be compared with decades of a happy life and a diamond wedding ahead?


    These accessories first appeared in Ireland. With their help, the royal people emphasized their status and they also gifted the closest subjects.Nowadays, rings in the shape of a crown are popular among different couples, ranging from adherents of the classical style to tough bikers. The most original option is a ring in the form of a heraldic crown.

    An accessory in the form of a crown will allow a woman to feel like a real queen, and a man will add self-confidence. The decoration goes well with a business wardrobethat allows you to wear it daily.

    Jewelers use silver, palladium, white gold or platinum to make crowns. Jewelry made of silver is more often chosen by young couples. Aged people prefer gold or platinum.

    You can buy a finished jewelry or order an individual sketch from a jeweler. In addition, crown rings are decorated with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, topazes or bright emeralds.

    • a diamond symbolizes innocence and fortitude,
    • ruby - mutual love
    • sapphire - fidelity, purity of thoughts, modesty,
    • topaz - prudence, strong relationships, tenderness,
    • emerald helps demonstrate the depth of feelings between future spouses.


    The square shape, at first glance, looks simple, but a truly luxurious and elegant accessory is hidden behind the seeming laconicism, which looks equally good on both a female and a male hand.

    The advantage of square rings:

    • variety when choosing a design,
    • comfortable to wear
    • non-standard appearance.

    Square rings are decorated with engraving, which is easier to make on a flat surface, or in bulk with precious stones. If desired, add an openwork pattern or spraying.


    Weaving wedding rings look delicate and unusual.and a skilled jeweler is able to create an accessory resembling a lace ribbon.

    Original and patterns of silver. The combination of different shades will add volumetric effect to the lace and add structure. Complement the weaving with precious stones. In order not to distract attention from the exquisite pattern, but only to slightly shade it, you should choose small stones of a neutral shade.

    The design of the pattern is ordered from a jeweler or designer, but if you want to put a piece of soul into the ring, you can sketch the sketch yourself.


    It is usually said that the newlyweds at the wedding tie the knot, and this saying is reflected in the design of wedding rings. Standard products are decorated with knotted decor or the rings themselves are knotted.

    The accessory symbolizes the spouses' affection for each other and confirms the intention to live a long happy life "in sorrow and in joy."


    Fans of cars and bikes will appreciate wedding rings in the form of tires. The tread pattern looks extraordinary in combination with noble metals - gold, silver or platinum.

    This design is chosen by people who met on the road, on races or share a love of travel. An accessory in the form of a tire will ideally fit into a thematic biker ceremony.

    Before going to the store, you need to decide on the amount that the newlyweds are willing to spend on rings. It is worth considering that an accessory that differs from a standard engagement ring will cost more.

    What is the final cost made up of?

    • Material and sample. The higher the sample product, the more money you have to spend on it. The most expensive noble metals are gold and platinum. In stores, the cost of platinum products is usually higher. The price of white gold per gram is about 3.5 thousand rubles. Platinum - 4-4.5 thousand rubles. Cheaper wedding rings made of silver - 1 gram, depending on the sample, costs from 60 to 150 rubles,
    • Design. If the jewelry is designed according to an individual sketch, it is worthwhile to budget the work of a jeweler and designer. Each workshop has its own price list,
    • The form. For non-standard appearance you have to pay extra. The fee for a square item of gold and silver is slightly higher than that of a similar accessory of standard shape,
    • Decor The presence of precious stones, engraving, enamel in the ring also increases the total amount. The price of a product with diamonds starts from 20 thousand rubles. If the cost seems too high, you can buy a product with cubic zirconias for 7-10 thousand rubles.,
    • Weight. Massive products will cost more. For example, the cost of a ring in the form of a crown starts from 25 thousand rubles, and the price of a thin and elegant decoration in the form of a nodule is 10-15 thousand rubles.


    Often, newlyweds are lost and do not know what to look for when choosing, especially when it comes to non-trivial instances.

    To prevent this from happening, you must follow the advice of professionals:

    • Listen to your own feelings. Rings should not cause discomfort and squeeze a finger. Since jewelry requires daily wear, it should be as comfortable as possible,
    • If stones are present on the accessory, they must be neat. Bulky jewelry can cling to hair and clothes,
    • Before buying, you should consider whether the ring is combined with the style of clothing and lifestyle. For example, products in the form of a tire are very original, but will they fit into the business style?
    • The accessory should look harmonious on the hand. A massive crown is more suitable for a bride with thin long fingers, and a thin openwork version - for the owner of chubby hands,
    • Sufficient time should be allotted to design the sketch. To make the wedding ring look beautiful and not vulgar, you should carefully consider all the details,
    • The original accessory should be combined with existing jewelry. If the bride prefers items made of silver or white gold, then choose the same metal.

    If it is not possible to purchase jewelry in your hometown, you can use the services of online stores. It should clarify the delivery time and place an order in advance.

    Unique and spectacular models of wedding rings will not go unnoticed and emphasize the couple’s special style, will be an excellent means of expressing spouses' feelings for each other, displaying family happiness in the form of a beautiful jewel.


    Each couple of newlyweds is individual, and original wedding rings will help to express this dissimilarity. Choose ready-made accessories to your taste or create unique sketches, carefully choosing the color, shape and size. And wear masterpieces created with love for a long and happy life!

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