10 effective ways to get smarter

Recently, I became interested in the question: how to become smarter and increase the level of intelligence. With age, you realize that many of the knowledge and skills have disappeared somewhere, the memory is not the same, so I decided to take care of my brain.

I learned a lot of interesting and useful things for myself and decided to share with you. The mind will not hurt anyone, right? After all, a stupid person will never succeed, and just talking to him is not interesting.

But first, let's figure it out, and who, in fact, can be called an intelligent person?

1. Stir the brains

Not literally, of course. If you ever thought about the fact that, with some effort, you could become a little smarter than it is now, then this is already good. Reflections on the development of intellectual abilities are the first step towards a goal.

Be more curious, constantly learn new things, understand how the processes that interest you function, get to the bottom of the essence of incomprehensible things. You will be surprised at how much of everything unknown surrounds you.

What does it mean to become smarter?

To begin with, we will determine what is meant by the mind. We usually call smart people whose intellectual abilities are obvious. Such people know how to correctly manage time, they know the value of productive work and good rest, they can quickly find the necessary information. They get along well with others and never try to solve problems through conflict.

They also quickly cope with most everyday tasks, clearly understanding in which situations it is better to do everything themselves, and in which - turn to a professional. For all of the above, they do not need to possess supernatural abilities or read thoughts. They have a good analytical mind multiplied by life experience.

For smart people are characteristic such features as:

  • ability to competently manage any resources (money, time, connections),
  • activity, tendency to act without wasting time,
  • independence, the desire to solve problems whenever possible without outside help,
  • responsibility and forethought,
  • poise, a tendency to ponder their actions.

You should not think that these qualities are given to the "chosen" people by nature. Everyone can be smarter., purposefully working on myself. Truly smart is not the one who received a good education, but the one who does not stop learning and developing as an adult.

Intelligence resembles muscles. If you continuously exercise it, it will develop. If you stop your own development, then mental abilities will change for the worse. We offer you 12 tips that will not only help keep the brain in good shape, but also become much smarter.

Self attitude

Our psyche is so arranged that the less we know everything and the more we make mistakes in life, the more we want to think about ourselves well in order to compensate for the psychological damage suffered. Our Ego is responsible for this, or, in other words, our Self. It is it that protects our psyche from negative thoughts about ourselves that inevitably arise in those cases when we feel that we have committed or are committing stupidity, that our knowledge is not enough to solve any questions that we are dumber than other people in certain matters and so on. This is where our Ego stands for our personality, inspiring us that we are smart, that we are doing everything right, and that our people are guilty of other failures or circumstances and similar protective, but at the same time harmful thoughts for our development.And until this person’s attitude to himself changes, until he wants to know the truth about himself, that truth that indicates his weaknesses, shortcomings, mistakes, he will not be able to carry out the necessary work on himself to become smarter.

I could advise you to always consider yourself a stupid ignoramus, so that you feel moderate dissatisfaction with your mental abilities and because of this you are constantly looking for ways to learn something new, strive to develop your thinking in order to become smarter. This is such simple, rude and completely understandable advice to everyone. After all, what difference does it make to you, what kind of person you are, stupid or smart, if you still need to develop your mind? In this case, you need to think about your shortcomings and weaknesses, so that, due to dissatisfaction with yourself, you have the motivation to develop. But I understand that for people with a weak character, such advice is harmful, because their negative opinion of themselves will not awaken in them a desire to learn something new and develop their thinking, but depression and apathy. Therefore, these people can only rely on the help of other people, especially competent teachers, mentors, psychologists, who will neatly encourage them to do their best work on themselves, not allowing them to experience discomfort blocking all activity from low self-esteem and self-doubt. For these specialists, this is a very delicate work with people. And for those who understand that they need such help, this is the most reasonable solution.

Here it must be understood that this is a real psychological trap for people with a weak character, probably due to the laws of evolution, pursuing the goal of natural selection. Therefore, the fact is that the more stupid a person is, the more intelligent he exposes himself, primarily in his own eyes, thereby depriving himself of the opportunity to improve his mental abilities. That is why he does not want to become smarter, as this desire pushes him into thoughts that traumatize the psyche that now, at the present moment, he is not smart enough. And he doesn’t want to think like that. He rather seeks confirmation that he is smart, when he communicates with someone on this topic or tries to work on himself, he is trying, not working. For example, wanting to engage in the development of thinking, a person is looking for evidence that it is already well developed, so he needs easy tasks that he can confidently solve, and not those that reveal his weaknesses and weaknesses. And this is not the development of the mind, this is self-deception. That is why such people often need help from, in a strong hand, so to speak, which will force them or competently motivate, which is much better, to work on themselves. For most of them, I repeat, they do not want to know the weak character and the truth about themselves, the truth that suppresses them. And you definitely don’t need to put pressure on them, because because of this they will become even more depressed and apathetic, and not motivated to work on their mental abilities. Such a pattern exists in this world. Maybe it is not absolute, but often found.

To the answer!

Konstantin Sheremetyev cleverly answers our stupid questions.

Who can be considered smart?
A person who uses his brain to solve everyday problems. The main mental activity takes place in the subconscious. They do not teach him to be treated at school, so most people's brains are idle. He does not help them in any way. And the main purpose of intelligence is to ensure survival. Therefore, to evaluate the human mind, remember the rule: the result of the work of the intellect is a change in the material world.

Survival? Then who is smarter - an office worker or a hunter in the wild?
Oddly enough, the brain does not distinguish between these activities. Both need to explore what surrounds them and learn how to act effectively in a given environment.

How many minutes or hours per day do you need to devote to brain training?
The brain works around the clock. The only question is what kind of load do you give him. If you look at life critically, look for what you want to do, realize yourself, then the brain starts working to its fullest. If there is no mental load, he atrophies and is only capable of thinking in a pattern.

You developed an emergency response program for astronauts. Are they smarter than those who were not in space?
I put knowledge in different areas into the artificial intelligence system, so that in a dangerous situation, she suggested the right solution. But you can save useful tips for all occasions on the phone. Then, for example, in the event of an accident, you will definitely know what to do.

16. Learn a foreign language

Andrea Machelli, a doctor of neurology at the University of London, argues that it is easier for people who speak several foreign languages ​​to switch between different mental tasks. An additional impetus in the development of your brain will give a new way to study incomprehensible foreign words.

■ Let's say learning a language using parallel translations. On getparalleltranslations.com you will find books that simultaneously contain English and Russian texts. In fact, these are the same captions with which you like to watch fresh series so much.

■ Slovak web developer Wojtek Rinik believes that words must be learned before they appear in your book. Surprised by his advice, you should feed the unfamiliar text to the wordsfromtext.com service, he will in response generate a list of the most used words and invite you to note unfamiliar ones in it. They can optionally be printed out with translation, memorized and already fully armed attack the unsuspecting literature.

17. Install yourself a smart application

Feeling an unpleasant throb in a too fast growing brain, we buried ourselves on the screens of mobile phones in the hope of finding salvation in some kind of stupid game. But what is it? And on mobile devices do not step a step from the dominance of development programs!

Memory trainer. Consistently remember pressing multi-colored buttons and repeat them. In fact, this is the same “N backward” task disguised as a game.
Einstein. Workout for the mind. An HD collection of 30 exercises for developing logic, memory, counting and attention.
The brain of a genius. A variation on the theme of a well-known logical problem created, according to legend, by Einstein from unwillingness to go to kindergarten.

18. Do not waste time

If you have a free minute at work and you want to see a couple of meters of funny pictures, better open Wikipedia and read the “random” article.

It is enough to defile around the house three times a week for half an hour in order to concentrate by 15%, to learn and think abstractly. And this is not only a matter of oxygen inflow to your neurons, which are buried in office stuffiness: scientists from the Salk Institute have proved that moderate physical activity in fresh air causes the brain to grow new cells.

20. Rest your brain

No matter how busy you are, in the process of mental activity you definitely need to rest every hour and a half. For example, do simple physical exercises or just walk along the corridor and have a cup of coffee. Consider it a necessity. So the analytical centers of the brain better digest the accumulated information and no, no and yes they will come to some unexpected conclusion.

21. Stimulate your brain

If you ignored all our tips, tomorrow the championship finale “What?” Where? When? ”League classmates, there is another way to shake the fat on the brain gyrus.

■ Neurometabolic stimulants will help to increase IQ urgently, they are also nootropics, a means that have an activating effect on memory and mental activity. Note: completely legal. The words to search in a pharmacy are: phenotropil, allertek, deprenyl.You can still try Phenibut, but, unlike previous drugs, it is drunk in a course of 2-3 weeks, a single use will not give the proper result. And it should be like this: lack of desire to drop everything and go to bed, increased reaction rate, slight irritability and the feeling that you are smarter than everyone around. There is, however, a small problem. “The effect of nootropics on the brain has not yet been fully studied,” says Konstantin Anokhin, head of the laboratory for memory neurobiology at the Institute of Normal Physiology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. And yet: do not confuse nootropics with dietary supplements. These will also make you smart for a while, but they act differently, and their effect is weaker. These are, say, ginkgo biloba, guarana, eleutherococcus and ginseng root.

22. Play Tetris

A study by American scientists has shown that this classic puzzle can have a positive effect on the development of the human brain. Tests have confirmed that regular practice of playing Tetris can increase the amount of gray matter in the player’s brain and improve his ability to think. The brain of people who, during an experiment for three months playing this puzzle for half an hour a day, underwent changes in areas related to movement, critical thinking, reasoning, language, and information processing.

23. Leonardo da Vinci

Artist, inventor, scientist, writer:
"Iron rusts, finding no use for itself, stagnant water rots or freezes in the cold, and a person’s mind withers."

24. Anatoly Wasserman

Journalist, political consultant:
“Read and watch more, try to find connections and analogies between different knowledge - and pretty soon you will feel what other gaps it would be worth filling in order to understand more. Without intelligence, everything else is simply useless. Being smart is not only fashionable, but also very nice. In my experience, what interests you is better remembered. Be curious - and with little effort, remember everything that turns out to be curious. But in order to preserve memory, you need to work hard, have diverse interests. Then much will be remembered, and memory will be a reliable support. ”

What kind of person can be called smart?

An educated person - smart? Or maybe a clever one who has a good ingenuity? Or well-read?

So we say this: “This person has two higher educations, he is very smart.” But you probably met educated people with diplomas, but didn’t you turn them around to call them smart? For example, I know these. And vice versa - a simple person, without special education, but says so that you listen, has high intelligence, knows a lot and knows how. In general, smart.

Human readiness also does not always speak of the mind, although without it anywhere! After all, books are knowledge, they describe someone's experience. And smart people write books.

So, an intelligent person not only has high intelligence and knows a lot, but also knows how to apply this knowledge at the right time and in the right place. He sees the prospect, is capable of analyzing events.

He draws the right conclusions from his mistakes, life experiences and thinks outside the box.

An intelligent person sees where the main thing, and where the secondary, is able to separate the "grain from the chaff."

Do not be discouraged if you are still far from ideal. The mind can and should be developed, and from a young age to a very old age. Each of us has a chance to become smarter and increase the level of intelligence.

How to become smarter

To get smarter you need to give a load to your brain, do not allow it to be lazy. As muscles without training become flabby, so the brain becomes dull without exercise. Therefore, so that he does not atrophy, let's work on ourselves, increase the level of intelligence.

  • Train your memory. Memory can be trained in different ways. You can and should memorize poetry. When going to the store, make a list of products and, after reading it several times, try to imagine a path through the store. When the trolley is already loaded, calculate the value of the goods in your mind.If it worked out well, praise yourself.
  • Learn by heart the phone numbers of your loved ones, your bank card numbers, and passport details.
  • Read the materials of sites where there are exercises for the development of intelligence. For example, on the site 4brain there are many brain training exercises.

Do not forget about reading. Read everything, especially complex books that are difficult to understand. No need to say that you do not have time. It’s somehow on everyone’s social network and TV, but it’s not there for reading.

Study the Bible. There is so much interesting and difficult to understand that your mind will definitely not get bored. Ideally, it should be read with interpretation, because you yourself can’t figure it out for sure.

Present the TV to the enemy! He devours your time, makes you live in other people's emotions. Tell me, what is the use of series and endless shows? From empty films, talking? Are you getting smarter from watching? Does your intelligence increase? Why "chew food" that is offered to us from the screen?

The brain sleeps while watching TV shows, does not strain. What for? Everything is served to him on a silver platter. The exception is scientific programs, and even then, if they are not just watched, but thought over the material, analyzed.

The same can be said about sitting in social networks, endlessly browsing the tape, reading some empty phrases that immediately disappear from consciousness.

Do not be afraid to leave your comfort zone. Yes, it’s nice and familiar, quiet and calm. But the brain does not develop, it sleeps.

So do not be afraid of change, even if it is unpleasant for you. You will find a way out, nowhere to go. But you will become smarter and stronger.

  • Start your blog (diary, paper), write about everything that interests you. Write down your thoughts, analyze, draw conclusions. Learn new and share with others. And you will benefit yourself, and people.
  • Find yourself an interesting occupation (hobby). Look for information, improve skills. You can always do better what you already know how to do well.
  • Find free intelligence training, sign up, and practice.
  • Learn foreign languages. You can do this for free, taking only 20 minutes of time per day.
  • Spend more time outdoors, go in for sports, walking, do exercises. If you believe German scientists, then after a 30-minute run, a person's attention concentration increases. He makes fewer mistakes, better remembers the necessary information. Elderly people who lead an active life retain a clear mind and intellect until old age.
  • Solve crosswords, puzzles, puzzles.
  • Drum your fingers on the table (or on any surface) to the beat of the music, develop a sense of rhythm. Neuroscientists are confident that this simple technique will benefit the brain and help in learning.
  • Listen to Mozart and any classical music. The experiments conducted on rats, which were forced to listen to Mozart, showed that they began not only to run faster, but also to make fewer mistakes, paving the way in the maze.
  • Let the brain rest. Yes, he is tired too. Get enough sleep, do not sit at nights at the computer. In a dream, unnecessary information is erased, space for a new one is freed up.
  • Connect with successful people. As a rule, these are smart people. Looking at them, you will be tightened, develop, learn to think outside the box, get away from the patterns.
  • Strive for new experiences. Travel, take an interest in the world, try to go to work on different roads, change places of walks.

    What foods are good for the brain

    To become smarter and increase the level of intelligence, the brain needs not only to train, but also to be properly fed. Introduce nuts, especially walnuts, into your diet. They contain all sorts of usefulness, including for the brain.

    • Eat fatty fish, it has a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, thanks to which we get the energy that is needed to transmit impulses in the brain cells.
    • Lean on spinach; it contains lutein, which protects the brain from premature aging.
    • Pumpkin seeds, due to the content of zinc, will help us improve memory and enhance the response of the brain.
    • Drink sage tea, it will help us maintain a good memory.
    • Introduce the liver, corn, eggs, beans, bran into the diet. These foods contain many B vitamins that the brain needs.
    • Love broccoli, it has vitamin K, which helps the brain not to age.
    • In general, all vegetables, fruits and berries (especially cranberries) are useful for the brain, they contain antioxidants and substances that supply nutrients and oxygen to nerve cells.

    What to do to urgently boost your brain?

    If you have an important event ahead that requires enhanced brain work, and you are not very sure that it will cope, then you can take nootropics that activate the brain. Of course, it would be nice to consult a doctor. And you need to know that their effect on the human brain is not fully understood, so you should not abuse them.

    Supplements containing ginkgo biloba, eleutherococcus, and ginseng root also help the brain, but are softer and weaker.

    Where to find time to train your brain

    Yes, yes, as usual, we don’t have time for anything really important. Good habits should be developed gradually, taking 20 minutes a day. Do not overload yourself, do it gradually.

    If you stop watching TV and hang in the computer to no avail, you will immediately have free time to train your brain: to read, and to walk, and to foreign languages, you will see.

    And that's all for today. We learned how to become smarter and develop our intelligence. Let's not be lazy, read and move more, we will be inquisitive - and we won’t notice how we are smarter!

    If you liked my article, you found something useful for yourself, share with your friends!

    Do you develop a brain? Maybe there are some exercises or activities that I did not mention?

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    2. Read books

    It is scientifically proven that reading not only expands vocabulary and horizons, but also helps to develop imagination Dav>. Reading books, we plunge into a new world and experience those emotions that we could hardly really feel. If you want to increase your emotional intelligence, read more good literature. This is one of the most effective ways to improve brain function.

    How to do it

    Take the brain with useful work, switch from the usual routine to something that you did not do before. Acquiring new skills will help the brain become more flexible and positively affect your mental activity.

    2. Read books

    It is scientifically proven that reading not only expands vocabulary and horizons, but also helps to develop imagination Dav>. Reading books, we plunge into a new world and experience those emotions that we could hardly really feel. If you want to increase your emotional intelligence, read more good literature. This is one of the most effective ways to improve brain function.

    How to do it

    Sign up to the library, purchase a subscription to a service where you can read books online, make a list of books that you have wanted to read for a long time, but they didn’t get around. Set a goal to read at least one book a month.

    3. Unleash emotions

    There is emotional intelligence that helps us control and manage our feelings, and there is rational intelligence that is responsible for our ability to systematically think. As a rule, more attention is usually paid to rational intelligence, and this is not entirely true.

    To feel comfortable, you must not forget about the emotional component, which can help you learn how to adapt to constant changes and quickly solve problems.

    4. Do the opposite

    This method may seem rather absurd to someone, but it is quite effective. Try to brush your teeth with the wrong hand that you usually do. Try to hold the mouse in the other hand. Can you?

    When we make small changes to our usual actions, our brain is forced to think about how, taking into account all the changes, to get the same result as before. This has a beneficial effect on its functioning.

    5. Leave the search engines alone

    We look for information every day and do not even think about how easy it is for us and how quickly it disappears from our heads. Just a couple of clicks - and we already have answers to all your questions.

    The Internet is, of course, the easiest way to find the information you need. But it makes our brain incredibly lazy, because we no longer need to think about the fact that we do not know something.

    6. Play mind games

    Games and programs to stimulate brain activity are usually developed by neuropathologists and cognitive psychologists specifically in order to improve the functioning of different parts of the brain. You can find a variety of games: some develop memory, others develop mindfulness, others improve orientation in space, and others teach how to concentrate.

    7. Talk to yourself

    Many people consider talking with themselves a sign of an unstable mental state, but, as has recently been proven, they largely stimulate brain activity M. Buschkuehl, J. Jon>.

    When you talk to yourself, you learn to systematize and simplify information, and this often helps to solve problems more effectively. Of course, it would be better if you still will not talk to yourself in some public places, but at home it is quite possible.

    8. Learn to formulate thoughts briefly

    Here social networks can come to the rescue. For example, on the social network Twitter you can leave only a record, which consists of no more than 140 characters. It turns out, using Twitter, we learn to systematize information and express our thoughts clearly and concisely.

    If you do not want to share your thoughts on social networks, then you can just take a piece of paper, draw a figure on it and write down your thoughts without going beyond its borders.

    9. Learn languages

    When we learn a new language, our brain works actively: we train memory, remembering new words, learn something that we did not do before, train speaking skills, try to think in another language. All this sometimes helps to look at the world differently.

    The brain of a person who speaks several languages ​​works much more efficiently than the brain of those who speak only one language.

    1. Read

    Although this is obvious advice, not everyone understands its importance. Reading books allows you to expand your vocabulary, increase overall literacy and improve speech quality. Choosing popular science or educational literature, you can significantly expand your own knowledge in certain areas.

    Fiction is also very useful for personal development, because it allows you to get valuable experience in absentia, empathizing with the characters in the book. Reading books and pondering whether the main characters behave correctly in certain situations, you can influence your own character and relationships with others. Thus, reading not only provides new knowledge, but also contributes to personal growth.

    2. Develop memory

    Many people constantly complain about memory, without complaining about their own mind. But memory is the main factor that determines intellectual abilities. Learning and the ability to make decisions quickly, taking into account a large number of factors, depends on the quality of memory. If you want to become smarter, you should first train your ability to remember information.

    The easiest and most obvious way to improve memory is to learn poetry. It is enough to allocate 10 minutes a day for this. You can practice on other things. For example, going to the store, you should try to buy all the products from memory, only if necessary looking at the list compiled in advance.

    3. Eat foods that are good for the brain.

    Among all organs, it is the brain that is most demanding on the quality and balance of the diet. The most useful product for enhancing intelligence is saltwater fish. It contains omega-3 fatty acids, as well as a complete set of minerals that our body needs. Eat fish at least 2 times a week, and ideally, eat a small piece (50-100 grams) daily.

    Be sure to include in your daily diet 3-4 whole walnuts. It is not recommended to buy peeled kernels, since they quickly deteriorate in the air (they can be stored for no more than 2-3 days). Better get a nutcracker, and there will be no problems with removing shells from unpeeled nuts.

    Also the brain to work efficiently continuously need antioxidants, which are many in berries (especially black) and fruits. They are well preserved even when preserved, so stock up on winter jams and jams from currants and other summer and autumn berries.

    4. Change routes and habits, travel

    This is a popular tip for getting smarter and really effective. Navigation and orientation in space is one of the most complex functions of our intellect. By activating it, you can make a good brain “shake”. There are tons of options. You can abandon the usual route and walk along an unfamiliar street (for example, getting to work or walking a dog). You can go to dinner at various cafes that you have not visited before.

    Being in unusual places can cause you discomfort, and this indicates that the “navigation” intelligence system has literally “rusted” due to prolonged non-use. The greater the discomfort, the more often you need to do this exercise.

    But travel will give a much greater effect. Are you used to relaxing in one resort, where everything is familiar and everyone knows the Russian language? Try to give up this habit and go to a new country. You will have to navigate the area, get used to the local rhythm of life, exercise in a foreign language, or even explain with gestures. All of these are great exercises for the intellect.


    Our environment, as you probably know, plays a huge role in our development. It either contributes to it, or vice versa interferes. But now I want to tell you not about this well-known fact, not that you need to surround yourself with smart people in order to become smarter yourself, but about why people often do not. The fact is that we want to consider ourselves smarter than others and therefore often consciously or not, we surround ourselves with those who are either very similar to us, primarily in terms of mental development, or inferior to us in this component. But to be among the more intelligent representatives of the human race, most people do not really like it. After all, this is not at all comfortable and not pleasant when you see and feel that the other person, other people know, understand, know more than you. It is much nicer and more fun to be near those who are equal in mental performance and with whom you can be yourself. As a result, due to such a craving for psychological comfort, a person deprives himself of the opportunity to learn something from more intelligent people. He just shuns them. Although if you think about it, then in most cases there is no reason for discomfort, our ego just does not correctly interpret the situation when an intelligent person is next to us. It divides people into smart and stupid, generalizing their abilities and compares us with them. This person is smarter than us, and he is dumber, with this you can flash your mind, but not. In reality, such a comparison is incorrect. It is too rude and unpromising. You need to understand that even a very smart person can be ignorant in some ways, and a very stupid person can know something valuable. All people are unique and everyone is good in something and bad in something.Therefore, we do not need to compare ourselves with someone, summarizing our and other people's abilities, we need to look at the individual qualities and skills of a particular person and think about what we can learn from him.

    Thus, thinking about your own benefit, about your selfish interests, you can forget that someone is dumber or smarter than us and feel comfortable with any person, any people. There will always be someone in this world who is dumber than us, at least in certain specific issues, and there will be people who, again, will surpass us in something. And the point is not to compare yourself with other people in such a crude way — dumber or smarter than me, but try to find in each person valuable knowledge for you and get them out of it.

    Here is another very important point, or better to say a sub-point, which is worth paying special attention to. If you want to learn something from other people, you need to strive to communicate with those of them who, in their worldview, are very different from you. Therefore, what you learn from them - you should, if not shock, although this is acceptable, then at least surprise and even get nervous. You do not need someone else's thoughts that always and in everything coincide with yours, no matter how pleasant you may be. You need thoughts that turn everything upside down in your brain. When this happens, it means that you go beyond your mental boundaries, beyond your usual perception. This is often an unpleasant procedure, because it distorts the picture of the human world and people are often nervous, freaking out, annoyed when they learn something new about which they, as they always thought, know everything about. New information introduces some uncertainty, incomprehensibility, unpredictability, even chaos into their view of life, so this, at best, surprises them, and at worst shocks or irritates them. It is understandable, because the brain needs certainty and stability in order to feel calm, therefore it clings to the facts known to it and does not want to review them. Otherwise, you have to adapt to the new reality, and this is not an easy job. But in order to become smarter, you sometimes need to break old ideas about life and build new ones in their place. Therefore, it is useful to experience stress when communicating with people who talk about certain things, such stories that do not agree with your stories about them. Stupid and weak people, faced with such unusual information for them, begin to argue, deny it, criticize, and smart people, at least, take it into account, knowing that no matter how much they know, there will always be something, which they don’t know yet, but at the maximum, they add this information to their existing knowledge, expanding or in some places changing their picture of the world. So, through stress and resistance to the new, we are moving towards a more perfect state.

    Why do I call this moment / sub-moment important and requiring special attention? But because many times I myself have been confused by some people and I know that many of you are constantly faced with this. If you think differently than others or know something that they don’t know and destroy their picture of the world with your knowledge, this can lead to the creation of a barrier of rejection between you and them, and even lead to serious disagreements and conflicts between you. In such cases, there is a struggle between the illusions of people and the harsh reality that they fear. So they may not understand you, not because you are explaining something badly, but because they do not want to understand, because it is scary to understand you. But the worst thing for me is that I myself often didn’t understand people who thought differently from me and knew something different about these or those things that was different from what I knew about them.As a result, my conversations with people could come down to a discussion of which of us is dumber or smarter, and not to consider each other's points of view. I am ashamed that I was such a person, it is unpleasant for me to recall my stupidity and narrow-mindedness. I understand that now there are many shortcomings in me, but then they were more egregious. Therefore, I was convinced from my own experience that in order to get smarter, it is necessary to listen to all people and consider the most diverse points of view and opinions, including those that are very different from our opinion and therefore we do not like. Think about this attitude in life. Otherwise, what kind of development of the mind can be discussed if a person is constantly boiling in the same information broth with people like him who confirm the opinions of each other, for the sake of psychological comfort, and do not question their correctness.

    5. Discard the TV

    Watching television shows takes a prohibitive amount of time. But the main danger of the TV is that a person starts live by other people's problems. The brain gradually loses its ability to solve everyday tasks, because on the screen they arise and are quickly solved. And it causes addiction. Is there any need to explain how harmful this is to intellectual abilities?

    6. Constantly learn new things.

    This is another popular recommendation on how to become smarter, which is often ignored even by very motivated people. You need to learn throughout life. The best way to invest your own time, money and energy in yourself is to learn something new.

    Buy books, enroll in courses and trainings, attend seminars on topics of interest to you. New knowledge stimulates the brain to actively create neural connections (therefore, the study of unfamiliar topics works especially well).

    7. Expand your social circle

    Adaptation in society is a natural function of human intelligence. And it can be used as an intellectual workout for the brain. Make new acquaintances, learn to communicate with new people. Along the way, you will gain valuable experience, learn the opinions of other people about the phenomena and events that interest you. Each person perceives the world in his own way, and such an exchange of life experience is a very interesting and useful exercise.

    8. Learn to draw

    Drawing is a great exercise for developing intelligence, especially if you have little experience with this. If you’re looking for a way to get smarter quickly, start drawing! Represent not only material objects, but also abstract thoughts, coming up with suitable graphic symbols for them. This is a great exercise to develop creative thinking, improve hand coordination and increase observation.

    All artists feel the surrounding reality more precisely and notice many things that are inaccessible to others. If you regularly practice drawing, your perception will improve markedly. You will be able to notice the smallest details and subtly focus on important things.

    9. Master a musical instrument

    Music lessons imply the coordinated action of various body systems. Both hands are usually involved in the extraction of sounds, and it is necessary to get into not only the notes, but also into the rhythm, and also control the result by ear.

    The musician’s brain works as a complex command center, providing many synchronous processes, and this is a wonderful exercise for those who want to become smarter. At the same time, different parts of the brain are loaded, which helps to improve their interaction and the formation of new neural connections.

    10. Keep fit

    The brain is the most “gluttonous” organ, constantly in need of oxygen and nutrients. Therefore, the quality of his work depends on the health of the lungs and the cardiovascular system.Regular exercise keeps the lungs, heart and blood vessels in good shape, so the brain copes well even with prolonged intellectual stress.

    There are certain stereotypes about athletes and their intelligence, but in reality everything is the other way around. Numerous studies show that average IQ of peopleregularly involved in sportsby a few points higher. A detailed study of their brain shows that sports loads not only improve its blood supply, but also stimulate the formation of neural connections.

    11. Sleep for at least 7 hours

    The big mistake of people seeking to increase their effectiveness is constant lack of sleep. But sleep is necessary for the body to restore strength, and it is especially important for the brain. The optimal duration of sleep for each person is individual, but on average it is 7 hours. If a person sleeps for a long time less than 6 or more than 8 hours, the functionality of his brain is impaired, and IQ decreases markedly.

    12. Leave your comfort zone.

    Human evolution took place in conditions of severe resource shortages, so it is common for our brain to look for ways to save energy. That is why the so-called "comfort zone" is formed. A person simply performs the same actions that allow him to live the next day, and eschews change.

    A similar pattern of behavior is common to everyone, but successful people are able to deal with this weakness and "leave the comfort zone." They tend to act. And if you recall the positive changes in your own life, it turns out that almost always they were the result of leaving the comfort zone.

    Try to repeat this more often. Acquire new habits, look for ways to shake your own mind, get new experiences. Meet people, go to theaters and cinema, visit museums, go to a water park or a restaurant with outlandish cuisine, sign up for an excursion. There are many ways to improve your own life by changing its rhythm. The main thing is to start acting right now!


    Our brain, like any organ, is capable of developing under the influence of a load. At any age, you can become smarter if you follow the simple tips from this article. The main thing is not to go out of the way, but turn these recommendations into permanent habits. This will not only increase intelligence, but also improve the quality of life as a whole, simultaneously receiving a lot of vivid impressions and valuable experience.


    Knowledge, like people, is also different, because it comes mainly from people. Therefore, they, like people, should also be treated with great attention and, if possible, not biased. You can’t accept some knowledge and criticize others just because you don’t like them, mainly because they don’t coincide with your existing knowledge and attitudes or your desires. The world is built the way it is built and not under whose fantasies it does not adapt. But we have to adapt and adapt to much in this world. Therefore, any knowledge must be treated with respect. In my opinion, an intelligent person is a person who not only knows a lot, but knows how to use his knowledge and, what is especially important, he is open to new knowledge, whatever it may be. Therefore, regardless of what each of us already knows, you always need to look for something new, including in the area in which we think we know a lot or even everything.

    An impartial and respectful attitude to any knowledge is what is important to develop in yourself first of all. Use the same approach as in dealing with people - look for such knowledge that you do not like, which makes you uncomfortable. They can frighten you, annoy, surprise, they can cause you rejection, rejection, indignation, protest, ridicule and this will be their value.They are not what you would like, they are not what you are used to, and they, this knowledge, may contradict what you already know. But it is precisely such knowledge that will become a breath of fresh air for your mind; it is they that can allow it to wake up and begin to work. You can’t do all the time just to seek confirmation of the correctness of your ideas about this world, reading, looking, listening only to what resonates in your head. This is a trap for your mind, for your development. And many fall into it. I like it, I think it is right, I agree with this information, it is consistent with what I think I know, so I will accept, study and remember it. But I don’t like it anymore, it’s already some kind of incorrect information, it shouldn’t be like that, so I’ll criticize it, fight it, or hide from it, hide my head in the sand, just to continue to feel comfortable. You can also burn at the stake one who disseminates such unpleasant information, such knowledge, which is unreliable from my point of view. Familiar position? Does she make a person smarter? That's it.

    Now, as for the sources of knowledge. In most cases, people strive to obtain knowledge from reputable and, therefore, verified by competent specialists sources to be sure of their high quality. I do not want to say anything against this approach, it is generally loyal, tested by the time and experience of many people. But I want to draw your attention to one, quite interesting, from my point of view, point. It consists in the fact that authoritative sources of information can rather one-sidedly consider this or that issue, questions, because of, as a rule, someone's interest in this one-sidedness. For example, censored media can talk about an event the way people in control of it need it. Or the same history textbook can present the country's history in a light favorable to the authorities. Yes, any book, any source of knowledge, can represent someone’s interests and because of this to be insufficiently objective. No one is safe from mistakes, even the most authoritative sources of information can be wrong. Plus, the supply of material through one or another source may be such that not every person will understand what is written or shown, told in it. Therefore, I advise you to learn about something from different sources of information and learn something from different educational materials. Not the credibility of the source of information should be a priority, but its clarity, openness and detail of the presentation of the material. An intelligent person himself must verify everything with the help of practice, logic, other examples, and not just trust authorities. After all, it happens that a person can be very well-read, know a lot, but cannot explain his knowledge. This is so, and not otherwise, because such and such authority said so - that’s all the evidence for you. This is not a serious position. Authority can have different reasons to say something and keep silent about something. You can’t take people’s word no matter who they are. They need to be checked, their opinions should be compared with the opinions of others, even if they are not very authoritative people, but clearly and clearly explain their position. In addition, the more sources of information you use to study a particular issue, the wider your horizons will be. Different opinions will make your own opinion more objective, and a different way of presenting the same material will allow you to study it in more detail and systematically.

    Another important point in obtaining knowledge is understanding the purpose of obtaining it. On the one hand, the more you know, the smarter you look. But on the other hand, you still cannot know everything, so you must strive to learn first of all the most important things in order to be smart in what will best affect your life.After all, people want to become smarter not just like that, but first of all or including in order to surpass other people and look better in various matters against their background. This is a natural competition, the struggle for survival, the desire to win and be the best in order to have the best. So, you need to grow smart with a specific goal - to surpass someone in something or to do some important thing for your life, or work. Then, instead of shoving as much knowledge as possible into your head, spending a lot of time and effort on it, it is wiser to choose for yourself something most important, some most productive direction, which will be closest to your life, to your satisfaction of your needs, the solution of important tasks for you, and the achievement of your goals. Being smart does not mean having encyclopedic knowledge, so that you can solve the same crosswords, you won’t surprise anyone with such knowledge today. The same Internet, to which many people have access, will still know more than you and its knowledge on many issues will be more recent and accurate than yours. Being smart, and in our case becoming smarter, means expanding your capabilities and learning to do things that will improve your life.

    Think, if one of the goals in this world for us is the desire to take possession of the amount of resources necessary for a comfortable and safe life, then the knowledge that you receive should correspond first of all to this goal. Relations with people are also important, because we satisfy most of our needs with their help. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain knowledge primarily about these things. Moreover, this knowledge should be adequate to reality, and not those that teach us how to and how it should be, and not how it is. Other knowledge will wait. I’m interested in everything, I’m interested in everything, open for everything, but when I am short of time, I cut off all that is superfluous and focus only on things that are important for my current life. In this world, there are a lot of smart people who understand various complex things, they know a lot, but at the same time they cannot effectively or even somehow solve typical everyday problems and tasks that are important primarily for their own life. I am not opposed to speculating about higher matters, about possible but unproven things - aliens, life after death, parallel worlds and the like, but only after more important things are done. Otherwise, what is the use of a big mind, if it does not allow you to get even the most necessary things for life and deal with the most pressing problems.

    Training program

    This moment, friends, is very important. When I fully understood it myself, I was delighted with the understanding of how, with a certain approach to the process of obtaining knowledge and developing thinking, you can surpass many smart and well-educated people. Now I will explain to you the meaning of this approach. Wherever and whatever you learn, if the knowledge that you receive will be received by other people in the same way, then to some extent you will develop with them on an equal footing. That is, a public education program prepares people, specialists, at about the same level. It is clear that some people are more talented than others, that people have different attitudes towards learning, that in addition to the program by which a person is trained, he can also receive other knowledge at his own request and, therefore, be smarter in some things. But anyway, the same training program for all people makes them somewhat equal to each other. At least those who are trying to learn receive approximately the same level of training. These people are becoming smarter about themselves and about those people who are studying in other, less effective programs or do not study at all. But in comparison with each other, they will be approximately the same.

    And in order to become smarter than other, smart enough people who have received or are getting a good education to be able to get around them, surpass them, it is advisable to develop according to an individual training program. It can be based on training in other educational materials specially selected for you that you will need to study in a certain sequence, as well as in the competent presentation of these materials and in working with people who are good at explaining, telling and showing, and especially important - they can motivate to study. Even an elementary selection of books for reading can be so unique and well thought out that a person can learn something from them much faster and much better than those people who read other books in a different sequence. Just imagine, you can develop such a training program that will be many times more effective than those programs that are used in the best universities in the world. And you can become smarter than those people who pay big money for their education. But, I repeat, this will happen only if you yourself or with someone else’s help can create your own training program, tailored to your mental abilities and basic knowledge. This is the first moment.

    The second point is the search for the most optimal path to the desired result. It follows logically from the first moment. Always remember that you can come to the same result in different ways. This applies to many cases, possibly all, and certainly it concerns training. Therefore, training programs can be a great many. Some of them are more effective, some less. Therefore, if you can’t learn something in one way - look for another. Both the acquisition of knowledge and the development of thinking can include a lot of personalized moments. People are all different, someone thinks faster, someone slower, someone understands some teachers better, someone else, someone has one way of perceiving information better developed visual, auditory, tactile, someone else, there can be a lot of differences. And given them, you can help any person become smarter in the area they need in a relatively short time. Imagine an individualized program that is ideal for you. Thanks to her, you will perceive knowledge and develop your thinking as easily and with great interest as possible. Imagine how quickly with its help you can learn things that are important to you. And just as importantly, it will help you gain a competitive advantage over other people who will learn from less effective and accessible programs. And accessibility reduces the value of any knowledge. After all, the more people will be able to do the same things, the lower their activity will be appreciated.

    Therefore, my advice to you will be this: try to experiment more often with training programs, look for new ways to learn something and new ways to develop your thinking. Do not rely only on “grandfather’s methods” to improve your mental abilities, because you can always find something more perfect and ideal for you. Walking along the path already trodden by someone, studying something, of course, is also correct. So you can save time. But it, this road, must be supplemented with its own paths in order to come to some knowledge faster than others and better understand them. I remind you once again that in order to become smarter than other people and surpass them, you need to try to find new ideas for your development in order to do something that other people do not do when they are engaged in their development. In this sense, self-education can have a huge advantage over standard education.

    Desire to change

    Well, the last thing you need to develop in yourself and constantly support is the desire to change. Here we return to where we started.If you want to become smarter, you must admit that now you are not smart enough and you can become better, and this state of insufficiency will always be. In some ways you are right, in something you are not, you know something, you do not know something, what things you do well, some bad things - all this does not matter. You still need changes, even if you are doing well. Stick to the belief that the good is the enemy of the best, and not vice versa.

    Sometimes a person needs to step over his pride, through his Ego in order to admit that he is wrong in some matter and in this connection to accept a new point of view and change due to it. How hard it is sometimes to do, especially to those people who really do not like to be wrong. But only by admitting that you are wrong in that which you are not really right, you can go to the next stage of development, opening up a new position, a new point of view, new knowledge. After all, to become smarter means to become different. And for this you need to give up your current self, from what you like about yourself and what you are used to. We must also abandon psychological comfort, for it is he who keeps us trapped in our own limitations. A person is comfortable when he and other people consider him smart. And if you are smart, then why do you need to change something in yourself. But when someone pokes a person with his nose into his sins, mistakes and delusions, you yourself know what feelings it causes. At least resentment, but at the maximum anger and hatred. Yes, it’s unpleasant, sometimes painful, sometimes scary, sometimes it infuriates a person, but it’s the path to changes that will make you better, smarter. The same mistakes are needed in order to learn from them, we all know this, but do not always follow this rule. So sometimes you have to choose between the opportunity to become smarter and the desire to be in a comfortable psychological atmosphere. The opposite of comfort is stress. Changing oneself is always stress, in some cases moderate, in some exhausting. And to consciously expose yourself to it, you need to have good motivation.

    Thanks to good motivation, you will be able to follow all the tips I have given you in this article. It is motivation that will help you take and do what we have discussed here, moreover, without any delay, and right here and now, using all your available resources, especially temporary ones. And as I wrote at the very beginning of the article, if you want to become smarter, you must understand why you need it. I’ll only tell you that thanks to your mind you can solve any problems and tasks, you understand, any. All your fears, all your pain, all your desires - depend on your mind. The smarter you are, the less fears, pains, sufferings will be in your life and the more joy, happiness and all kinds of benefits will be. You can not doubt it.

    How to become smart in 5 minutes

    It is impossible to grow wiser in a second. But if you devote 5 minutes daily to the development of intelligence, after a couple of months you can observe the result. To do this, you need:

    • Increase vocabulary. If you heard a new word, do not be too lazy to look for its meaning in the explanatory dictionary.
    • Independently study the area in which the least knowledge. A truly intelligent person is a first-class specialist not only in the professional industry, but also in related ones.
    • Become a polyglot. It is not necessary to tackle several languages ​​at once. First, learn one, but perfectly.
    • Read more. We are talking about cognitive or classical literature, and not about meaningless short stories. By reading, you also increase your vocabulary, which means you make your speech more beautiful and rich. Seeing an unfamiliar word, clarify what it means and re-read the passage again, already with an understanding of the whole text.
    • Watch serious educational or documentary TV shows, instead of entertaining shows (Dom-2, Comedy Club, etc.). Watching them daily only clogs the brain with blank information.

    How to become smart in 1 day, per night

    If you assess the situation realistically, then it’s unlikely that it will become sharply wiser in 1 day or night. However, in the circle of communication you can be considered an intellectual if you follow the following tricky recommendations:

    • According to statistics, 99% of people consider themselves smart. If you are silent and agree with what they say, at a subconscious level, others will decide that you are not behind them in mental development.
    • Seek advice from intelligent people or those who consider themselves to be. It will not seem ignorance. On the contrary, they will think that you are smart, if you consider their opinion.
    • Communicate with erudite people. Seeing in their company, you will also be recorded as clever. In addition, you can learn something new from them.
    • Communicate with those who are intellectually developed worse than you. Against their background, you will noticeably stand out. But you have to be careful with this. Being a long time in the company of fools, you can stay in intellectual development.
    • Repeat the thoughts and sayings of smart people. But also be careful with this. If there is a dispute and discussion, and you will not know the prerequisites for what has been said, you will find yourself in an awkward situation. Therefore, before you say something, understand the words.
    • Observe the intellectuals, repeat their behavior. Often called smart those who have life experience, common sense, acts wisely. Maybe these qualities are present in you, you just don’t know how to apply them.
    • Before you do anything, think about what the action will lead to. As everyone around him will appreciate it, will you not spoil relations with them after that?

    How to become the smartest person in the world

    If you set yourself this difficult goal, the following recommendations will help you achieve it:

    • Start moving in small but confident steps. A long and difficult way to divide into several stages. In case of failure, you will always know at what stage it overtook you, and you can correct the situation without analyzing the entire step-by-step process.
    • Focus on important things only. Some read hundreds of books and don’t take anything out of them. While just one small publication can be extracted much more useful. It is impossible to learn everything at once, you need to choose what is most important to you.
    • Develop the necessary skills regularly. The less time will pass between classes, the better the brain will absorb information, you can become the smartest person on the planet.
    • Try different ways to achieve the goal. This will help determine which tools are more suitable for you to get what you want. If there is no progress in development or regression is observed, choose another method and continue to move towards the task.
    • Work on bugs. Often people perceive their mistakes as an accident and do not try to figure out why this happened. Because of this, mistakes are repeated that interfere with the achievement of the goal. Feel free to admit mistakes and consult with more experienced people, this will help you get the desired result faster.

    10 tips to get smarter and boost your IQ

    If you decide that it is time to increase your level of intelligence, we recommend that you start this process taking into account some simple recommendations.

    • Train your memory. To do this, try to devote at least thirty minutes every day to remember a verse, because, most likely, the last time you did this back in your school years. This is a very good workout for the mind! And you can choose simple poems first, and then move on to more complex ones. You can train in memorization and on the list of products - make a list, carefully read it, put it in a bag and try to buy everything you need in a store without looking into it. When you decide that you have completed the task, then look at the list in order to verify this.
    • Drink coffee periodically - thanks to this, you can stay in tone longer, and also maintain concentration. Try not to overdo it with this drink - a large amount of caffeine will lead to overexcitation of the nervous system and will not allow you to think rationally.
    • Eat the “right” foods. First of all, pay attention to walnuts - they even hint at all with their appearance that they are extremely useful for the brain. By eating them, you will improve brain activity and memory. Also, a lot of benefits will bring fish, which is known to be rich in iodine, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, which provide a rapid influx of energy to the brain.
    • Crosswords. It would seem that this is quite commonplace, but the usual solving crosswords has a quite stimulating effect on brain activity.
    • Studying of foreign language It will not only benefit you when traveling, but also have an excellent impact on your memory development, which, of course, helps to remember more information, and therefore makes you smarter.
    • Knowledge. Never lose the opportunity to gain new knowledge - for example, if you have a few free minutes, we recommend that you open Wikipedia and read a couple of random articles.
    • Relaxation. Periodically give rest to your brain - if for several hours in a row you have been engaged in active mental activity, then you must definitely rest for at least an hour. Do simple exercise or allow yourself a small cup of natural coffee.

    Do not forget to get enough sleep, because it is during sleep that the brain processes the information received during the day. According to scientists, an adult will have enough 6-8 hours of sleep per day, but no less.

  • Try to establish a new activity. This will not only help to distract from the routine, but also make your brain adapt to a previously unfamiliar process for him, and therefore - to train.
  • Read more books, and keep in mind that the more complex the pieces, the better for your brain.
  • How to become smart at school

    To achieve the reputation of the smartest student in the classroom, you need to make some efforts. So, where to start:

    1) Listen carefully to the teacher in the classroom. Some students believe that to study a particular topic, it is enough to read the necessary section in the textbooks. Yes, as a rule, this gives general knowledge, but you can hear various interesting details from the teacher. By the way, teachers often tell something that is not related to the compulsory school curriculum, but this information will later benefit you and may come in handy at the most unexpected moment. In addition, if you listen to the teacher in the classroom, this will significantly save your time - at least you do not have to study the information already voiced at home.

    2) Always do your homework. You should never ignore homework. Even if you think that a given topic is completely uninteresting and will not be useful to you in the future, this does not negate the fact that such classes will be a wonderful training for the mind. In addition, you cannot guarantee that it is this information that you will never need. In addition, one, in your opinion, insignificant topic can subsequently become the basis for more serious and necessary material, which without the ignored paragraphs you will not fully understand. And, of course, regular homework will protect you from poor grades.

    3) Take an interest and study various sciences beyond the school curriculum. Pupils and students who really want to be erudite will not be limited to the knowledge that is included in the curriculum. Study all the topics you like more deeply - for sure, this way you will make many impressive discoveries for yourself.In addition, more in-depth knowledge will allow you to get excellent grades, and this is also important. However, it is not necessary to study in more detail only those topics that are already in the school curriculum. Expand your boundaries - read about interesting historical facts, chemical and physical experiments. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the masterpieces of the classics and highly appreciated contemporary works that were not mentioned in the literature lessons.

    4) Read books. Of course, this is one of the most obvious options for students who want to improve their level of intelligence. First of all, you will receive completely new information for yourself if it is, for example, a textbook. Fiction also has many benefits - it stimulates reflection on a particular topic, teaches you how to correctly and beautifully build sentences, significantly enriches the vocabulary. However, knowledge is not the only thing that books give us. Among other things, reading books is an excellent training for memory, and you will need the skill of quick memorization in many areas of life later on.

    5) Listen to audio books. Listening to audio books is perfect for those students who are overloaded and do not have enough time to read. Perhaps you are training in the gym - in this case, listen to not a favorite music performer in the headphones, but some interesting piece. You can also listen to audio books, heading to the shaking bus to study, jogging, having breakfast and so on. For convenience, we recommend buying an e-book or downloading your favorite works to your phone, if its functions allow you to do this.

    6) Solve different math problems and puzzles. Solving various math problems and interesting puzzles can be a wonderful training for the mind. If the tasks from the school textbook seem very boring to you, then pay attention to various fascinating puzzles that can be found on the Internet. You just need to drive the query: “Online puzzles” into the search engine, and try your hand. He also recommends looking for various developmental applications that can be downloaded to your phone, and solving extraordinary problems at any convenient moment - standing in line at the store, sitting at the bus stop, and so on.

    7) Do not give up if the first time did not work. The mistake of many students is that they abandon the study of the material as soon as they come across a certain obstacle - for example, they do not understand a particular topic. If from time to time you encounter that you experience difficulties with the study of some subject, then this is not at all a reason to refuse it at all - go the other way! It is possible that once you have not learned a trifle, and now it affects the assimilation of all the material. It is also possible that your teacher does not explain the topic quite clearly (this happens too!). Try to study an incomprehensible paragraph from the very beginning, without missing a single detail. If you still encounter difficulties, contact your tutor.

    Books to get smarter

    List of books to enhance your intelligence:

    • Fiction - Heroes can gain life experience. On their example, they show what to do in a particular situation, what consequences may entail the mistakes made.
    • Science fiction is food for reason and imagination.
    • Humorous publications - help to distract from problems, look at life easier. They also develop a sense of humor in their readers.
    • Physics - helps to understand the laws of nature: from simple trifles to global and large-scale phenomena.
    • Mathematics - at the very least, does not let you get short in the store, not to mention more important things. No wonder they say that she is “the queen of sciences”.
    • Chemistry - without it, it is impossible to imagine our life. It is used everywhere: in everyday life, medicine, manufacturing, agriculture, etc.
    • Biology - everything that is on our planet is associated with this subject. This science affects all aspects of human existence.
    • History - without knowledge of the past, you cannot consider yourself an intellectual.

    In general, all books on subjects taught in schools and universities are necessary for intelligence. They are included in the training program for a reason. It is also useful to read publications on psychology, self-development, etc. A well-read person can be identified immediately by conversation.

    How to become an erudite person

    First, let's define the word "erudite." We are talking about a person who is able to demonstrate awareness in many issues, well-read, good memory. It is worth noting that far from always an erudite person can be called smart, however paradoxical this sounds. A smart person, comprehending some information, draws the right conclusions from it, which he brings to life (for example, having learned about the dangers of alcohol, he will not abuse it), at the same time, an erudite person, due to his excellent memory, can know all the nuances one or another question and nothing more (for example, he knows for sure that alcohol is harmful, but this does not mean that he will not abuse it).

    An erudite person sprinkles quotes, rich knowledge in a particular area and other information, due to which it may seem that he is incredibly smart. It is worth noting that this often happens, but still, as we mentioned, there are exceptions.

    As you understand, in order to demonstrate erudition, it is necessary not only to read and watch documentary programs a lot, but also to actively train memory in order to memorize the material studied.

    How to become a smart and interesting girl

    Scientists have proven that the human brain spends 20% of the generated energy. Therefore, lifestyle in the development of intelligence plays an important role:

    • Sleep 6-8 hours a day. The brain at this time assimilates the information received per day.
    • More often to be in the fresh air. Walking saturates the mental organ with oxygen, preventing hypoxia.
    • Include foods that have a beneficial effect on intelligence.
    • Quit smoking. Cigarette smoke provokes narrowing of blood vessels, because of this the brain lacks nutrients.

    For the development of intelligence, a girl needs the following elements:

    • iodine, Omega-3 vitamin B12 (found in fish, in large quantities in salmon),
    • lutein (in green plants: spinach, arugula),
    • zinc (pumpkin seeds, seaweed),
    • flavonoids (dark chocolate),
    • catechins, caffeine (green tea, coffee),
    • antioxidants (apples),
    • Vitamin B4 (eggs).

    By reviewing your lifestyle, you will notice that the thought process has accelerated. However, proper nutrition and giving up bad habits is not enough. To get smarter, you must follow the instructions:

    • play intellectual games (chess, puzzles, sudoku, etc.),
    • solve logical and abstract problems, riddles,
    • read developmental literature
    • to expand vocabulary through communication with educated people, watching good programs and films, studying the explanatory dictionary,
    • learn or improve knowledge of foreign languages,
    • keep a blog, diary (in other words, write down your thoughts in writing),
    • memorize verses and songs.

    No need to take it all at once if you have little free time. Choose one item, one that you think needs training.

    Books to help you get smarter

    1) Yitzhak Adizes, “Reflections on Personal Development”

    In his book, the author, one of the world’s most famous experts in management and business, conducts a fascinating conversation with the reader, raising the topic of the meaning of life and global changes in it, discussing proper nutrition, family relationships, business and self-development.

    2) Doug Lemov, Katie Yetzi, Erica Woolway, “From Knowledge to Skills”

    This book can be called a kind of simulator for the mind, with which you can gain useful skills. The authors suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of rules that will increase the efficiency of household chores, help you cope with professional tasks faster, and so on.

    3) Richard Branson, “My Rules”

    4) Jack Lewis, Adrian Webster, “The Brain: A Quick Guide”

    According to the authors of the book, any person, even as an adult, can radically change their own thinking and contribute to the brain working in a completely different direction. Of course, subsequently this will give a significant impetus to personal and mental development.

    Why do I need it?

    The brain is still not fully understood organ. Some scientists claim that we use only 10% of the work of the whole brain, others increase this figure, but one thing is clear - the main organ has unlimited possibilities of work.

    It is generally accepted that the brain is the laziest organ. If it is not developed, then it will degrade. If you constantly load it with work, new neural connections will appear, and a person will become more flexible, adaptive in life.

    These neural connections tend to disappear as quickly as they appear. Therefore, it is important to fix them. The development of intelligence does just that - consolidates educated connections. With the help of this consolidation, memory, attention, thinking and other processes of our psyche develop.

    Fitness for the brain

    Many people think that athletes are not the smartest people. However, studies have shown that physical activity contributes to the thought process.

    For example, an experiment conducted in 1975 among older people confirmed that tennis and badminton practitioners pass intelligence tests much better than their unsportsmanlike peers. After this, a lot of research was conducted and all of them proved that physical activity improves not only form and health, but also mental activity.

    Gymnastics, swimming, fitness and other sports are useful for the brain at any age, both at 60 years old and at 10 or 21 years old.

    Formula 33 gene for the mind or how to become a very smart person

    Unfortunately, autism is a very common disease related to the pathology of the nervous system. According to the latest information, every sixty-eighth child is exposed to autism. The main symptoms of the disease are considered inactivity, problems with learning and communication. At the same time, it is very difficult to consider autism a typical disease - if you choose the right approach, you can completely adapt a child with autism to the environment.

    Some time ago, scientists managed to discover 33 new genes that are related to the development of the disease. As it turned out, each gene is the result of a painstaking analysis, which included the processing of more than 10 thousand DNA of children with autism, their parents, and healthy children.

    According to media reports, the 33 genes studied are most directly related to the DNA component of the development of pathology. The occurrence of the disease occurs not only due to genetics, but also in connection with some influence of the internal and external environment. Now experts are working to ensure that each gene is associated with individual processes. Most likely, subsequently this will lead to the fact that the frequency of the disorder is significantly reduced, as well as new data will appear on how genetics can improve the mental abilities of an individual.

    TOP 30 ways to get smarter

    Top 30 most effective methods:

    1. Work with brains. Be more curious, try to find out something. This will make the brain flexible.
    2. Read. This will expand vocabulary and horizons, help develop imagination. Reading, we plunge into another world, find ourselves in the place of the characters.
    3. Develop emotional intelligence. It helps control feelings. Usually people try to develop a rational mind that controls systematic thinking. This is not entirely correct. It is emotional intelligence that helps to feel comfortable, adapt to various life situations, solve problems.Never hold emotions, always say how you feel.
    4. Make changes to your life. It is not necessary to change it dramatically. For example, you can choose another route on the road, sometimes speak a foreign language, etc. The brain in these cases is forced to decide how, taking into account the changes, to get the previous result.
    5. Stop using a calculator, Internet search engine, value converter. Let your brain calculate itself. It is useful if you look for the necessary information in books, dictionaries, but do not find a ready-made answer on the Internet. This will make the brain think.
    6. Take time for intellectual games. They are developed by psychologists and neuropathologists to improve the thought process. Some games develop memory, others develop mindfulness, still others help you better navigate in space, and others improve concentration.
    7. Talk with yourself. Some people think this is a sign of schizophrenia. However, it has been proven that conversations with the inner self improve brain function. This helps to simplify and systematize the information received, and therefore, to solve the task faster. Of course, you don’t need to talk to yourself in public so that you are not mistaken for a psychiatric patient. But in my apartment this is quite acceptable.
    8. Read aloud, utter tongue twisters, learn poems and songs. If you are trying to remember something, pronounce it clearly, as if explaining it to a child. This way you will more easily understand and absorb information.
    9. Learn to formulate thoughts briefly. This will help Twitter. There you can leave a record of a maximum of 280 characters. Register in it and try to practice. If you don’t want to use a social network, you can draw a circle on paper and write down thoughts without going beyond it.
    10. Learn languages. You can sign up for special courses or find online resources, training applications. Ideally, if you will communicate with the carrier live or via the Internet. It is scientifically proven that people who know several languages ​​think much faster than those who speak one.
    11. Surround yourself with erudite people. The social circle has a great effect on human development. Therefore, try to find acquaintances or friends who can teach you something.
    12. Take time for creativity. For example, do modeling, drawing. Creative people always think outside the box and are interesting.
    13. Write poems and stories. This is a great way to express yourself. Inventing various stories, characters, and characters makes the brain work. Thanks to this, vocabulary develops.
    14. Speak in simple words. An intelligent person will be able to explain the complex in such a way that even a small child will understand him. If you are often not understood, then the reason is most likely not in the stupidity of others, but in your inability to correctly present information.
    15. Learn to listen to opinions. You do not have to agree with him, but you need to respect someone else's point of view. Perhaps after a conversation you will change your views or convince the other person.
    16. Feel free to ask questions when talking on topics that are poorly versed. This is not a sign that you are dumb, but an indicator of a smart person who wants to develop.
    17. Show loyalty to others, do noble deeds.
    18. Take time for self-education. We are not talking about a program that is given in schools and institutes. You must always be interested in the world around you and try to know it.
    19. Increase your vocabulary. Scroll through the explanatory dictionary daily and learn new words. It will take several months, but the time will be well spent.
    20. Take an interest in what is happening in the world: watch the news, follow the latest inventions, etc.
    21. Choose educational channels when watching TV: Discovery, Air Force and others. Entertainment programs, on the contrary, will be harmful.Their task is to keep you at the screen for as long as possible, make them watch commercials, and not teach them anything.
    22. Put your knowledge into practice. Think about where in real life they can come in handy.
    23. Set a goal and move hard towards it. Reward yourself for every success.
    24. Use your time to good use, always get used to planning everything.
    25. Travel more. Travel not only in your own country, but also fly abroad, to the sea. This broadens the mind. You will learn to better understand the culture of other nations.
    26. Always be ready for new knowledge, do not stop there. Develop in various fields, not just professional.
    27. To become successful, never give up. If something doesn’t work out for you, try to find the reason for this and eliminate it.
    28. Do not overdo it to become smarter. Take breaks periodically, the brain also needs to rest.
    29. Eat food “for the brain” (spinach, fish, etc.).
    30. Be in the fresh air more. Thanks to this, the brain will begin to think faster.

    IQ tests

    IQ tests are sections of your knowledge at the moment from different areas. Mental process specialists have developed tests for different age groups. You can find methods for preschoolers, schoolchildren, adolescents and adults. Consider the most popular of the methods.

    1. “Is your IQ above average?” Method for determining your IQ level with pictures. A simple test that gives quick results.
    2. “IQ Test”. A very significant test, since not only the correct answers are taken into account, but also the speed of calculation, analytics and other indicators.
    3. “IQ test.” Passing the test does not take much time, it is convenient to give answers and determine your development.
    4. “Eysenck IQ Test.” You have to answer 40 questions. This method in psychology is considered one of the best and most indicative.

    If you get less than expected results, don't be discouraged! After all, any test evaluates your preparedness for certain logical tasks, but not your ingenuity, rationality and life wisdom, which determine your success. And self-development can be carried out not only with the help of IQ, but also with the help of books on personal growth.

    Spells and potions to become smart

    The use of magic rites to improve intellectual abilities in a peculiar and contradictory way. From the point of view of science, he is unlikely to give a result, but you can try, it will not get worse.

    Spells must be cast on the waning moon, sincerely believe in every word. This can be done by a woman or a man. Above a glass of spring water, say the following: “The water is clear and clean! Brooks brought you fast! Get inside (...), saturate with new knowledge! Let the thoughts (husband, daughter, son ...) become clear, quick mind. Let everything be easy for him! Let him begin to cope with everything quickly! ”

    Give liquid to someone who needs magical help.

    If a teenager or adult has the ability to learn, but he does not want to learn or is lazy, you can say the following curse on a burning candle: “Burn, flame, flare up! Sway from my breath! That also the servant of God burned to knowledge (...). Amen!"

    After reading the flame of the candle must be blown out.

    To add wisdom and intelligence to yourself, you must pronounce the following words: “God bless you! Send me the mercy of Your Holy Spirit, giving us a bright mind and thoughts! In order to heed the science taught to us, we enlightened ourselves, to the Creator, to glory, close to joy, to the church and the Fatherland to the benefit! Thy will be done in it! Thy name be glorified! Amen!"

    To resort to potions and spells or not, everyone decides for himself. However, the time you spend on magic is best used for self-development (reading, brain exercises, etc.). These methods are proven and will definitely bring results.

    Hypnosis to become smarter

    Thanks to research, it was found that the human brain can process a much larger stream of information than it does in reality. Consciousness spends a lot of time and energy to filter out and perceive the information received, and most of the data is stored in the subconscious. With the help of hypnosis, they can be extracted and used from there.

    To do this, it is better to contact specialists in this field. Immersion in hypnosis is dangerous.

    If you still decide to resort to this method without assistance, you should consider the following:

    • Immersion in a trance state is a very risky moment. Improper withdrawal from sleep can negatively affect the mental state and cause disturbances in the nervous system and brain.
    • It is necessary to thoroughly study the theory of hypnotherapy. This knowledge is very important in the session.
    • Not everyone has the ability to successfully enter into hypnosis. It is an innate gift. You can learn it, but it will take a lot of time and effort.
    • The main qualities that a hypnotist should have: concentration, attentiveness, self-confidence.
    • A person who introduces into hypnosis should not have addictions (alcohol, cigarettes, drugs).

    During the session, you must follow a number of rules:

    • make sure nothing is distracting
    • carry out the procedure in a specially equipped room,
    • create the necessary conditions: eliminate sharp sounds, acquire incense and place them around the room,
    • concentrate on diving.

    If you have absolutely no knowledge in any field, then you should not expect that after hypnosis they will appear. Sessions are aimed at extracting from the subconscious mind the available, not just forgotten information.

    You can learn absolutely everything, even if you do not have the ability to do so. It is only necessary to make efforts, to show willpower and not to abandon what was started at the first failure. The human brain is a unique and completely unknown object. Many of his secrets are still not disclosed.

    Communicate by answering difficult questions

    In formulating answers to complex questions, you develop analytics. For example, among your like-minded people, you can organize a discussion on the topic “why do people have 2 eyes” or “how to start a business with small capital”. Many people consider this an empty chatter, but, as practice shows, people find a lot of useful things in such chatter and yet they really start a business from scratch!

    Love the math

    What really helps to develop IQ is math. juxtaposition of numbers, understanding of digital combinations, solving various problems develops strategy, analytics and logic.

    There are many rules of mathematics that apply in everyday life, but we don’t even know about them. For example, the “optimal stop” rule is applicable when you need to make a choice of several values ​​(objects, person, etc.). According to this rule, you should immediately consider 36.8% of the presented values, reject them and choose the first one that seems better than the rejected.

    Mathematics for Intelligence

    Playing a musical instrument

    A lot of research has been done on how music acts on the brain and develops intelligence. In addition to the fact that a person who listens and plays classical music becomes kind and calm, he also develops.

    IQ does not develop listening to music, namely playing the instrument. Especially on instruments such as piano, violin, guitar, accordion, bandura and others, where the hands perform different movements.

    Be creative

    Creative thinking is now at a price. Try to solve different problems creatively. For example, when making a decision, draw a problem, examine each squiggle, and write down all the associations that you have. Then match all the words, find a solution, a new approach to the problem.

    This method is not new.So acted still Leonardo da Vinci. It was he who started doing sketches of his world famous works in this way.

    Trite is simple - get enough sleep

    It has long been known that for the brain to work well, it needs to rest, have time to process information. Studies of the brain showed that in the phase of slow sleep, the body masters the tasks of actual memory: dates, definitions and other educational issues. In the phase of REM sleep, the brain masters the actions of a person, behaviors stored in memory.

    These methods will help you easily develop IQ if you set a goal. Therefore, do not waste time and begin to improve cognitive abilities!

    Intelligence Exercises

    Below I will cover a few exercises to increase IQ so that you can develop intelligence throughout the day in any activity.

    1. Try to write more with your hand, rather than typing letters on the keyboard.
    2. Walk around familiar places with your eyes closed.
    3. Go to work, study in different ways.
    4. Exercise verbally.
    5. Read aloud sometimes, this is how different analyzers work.
    6. Buy yourself occasionally crosswords.
    7. Learn to answer trivial questions in an original way.


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