How to clean pores on the face

Many girls wonder: how to clean the pores of the face. Most often, they resort to cosmetic facial cleansing in a salon. But despite this, it is advisable to do pore cleaning at home, as you use creams, makeup, which clogs all pores, even on healthy skin.

Why do pores on my face get wider?

Everyone has pores on their faces, but they become noticeable due to hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands. The pores become wider to allow sebum to come out. If this does not happen, then purulent acne or comedones (black dots) will appear. Often these problems are plagued by owners of oily and combination skin.

You need to start with leaving

A groomed face with huge pores does not make an attractive girl. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to care. Cleansing, mechanical peeling, toning and moisturizing should be carried out according to the type of skin. If you add to your home care products based on fruit acids, coal, clay, professional masks for cleansing, then you can defer a visit to the beautician.

Facial pores

Often at home, women use alcohol-containing products and cleansing tonics, which is not entirely correct - face cleaning needs to be approached more responsibly. The procedure consists of several stages, each of which must be carefully performed:

  1. Cleansing. Special lotions or milk are used to clean the face of cosmetics residues, oily layer, dirt, dust. You can pre-prepare a homemade strawberry-based lotion, which has the property of narrowing the pores and extracting the contents from them. The recipe is simple - insist on alcohol (50 ml) several fruits. Store in a refrigerator after filtration.
  2. Steaming. This stage of the procedure will allow you to open the pores and soften the dermis, allowing the components of the mask to penetrate deep into the skin tissue, remove dirt and grease. For steaming, soak a towel with warm herbal decoction and put on the face for a quarter of an hour. To prepare the product, brew boiling water (200 ml) and insist for a quarter of an hour chopped St. John's wort, chamomile, sage, (45 g.). You can add 2-5 drops of essential oil, which will prevent the appearance of rosacea stars.
  3. Deep cleansing. Used scrubs or home masks. The regularity of manipulations is twice a week to owners of oily skin and once every 7-9 days to women with dry dermis.
  4. The narrowing of the pores. After cleaning, use products that close the cleaned pores. You can cook them yourself - brew regular green tea, squeeze the juice from an aloe leaf or a slice of lemon.
  5. Moisturizing. It is recommended to complete the manipulations by applying a moisturizing nourishing cream. The only condition is that the composition does not have to be rich in fatty components that can clog pores.

Important! Before using home formulations, regardless of the purpose for which they are used, conduct tolerance testing. To do this, apply a few drops of the composition to the dermis of different sensitivity (elbow bend, “crescent” behind the ear) and wait 2 hours. If unwanted body signals (rash, skin discomfort, burning or extensive redness) are not observed, you can safely proceed to the procedures.

How to clean pores on the nose

It often happens that only clogged pores on the nose are disturbing, in such cases it is better to use a simple scrub to remove dirt.

It’s easy to cook it:

  1. At room temperature, leave the cream for half an hour (20 ml).
  2. Add 15 grams to the dairy product. coffee grounds, salt.
  3. Shuffle composition, use immediately.

With your fingertips, spread the cooked product over the nose, hold a light massage for 1-3 minutes. Do not use force - salt crystals or coffee particles can injure skin tissue or cause irritation. Remove after a minute using a cotton pad and water. It is forbidden to use the product if inflammatory processes occur on the nose - the use of scrub can contribute to the spread of infection.

Clogged pores on the nose can be cleaned with a mask based on oatmeal. Such a composition is recommended for women with depleted dermis - at the same time as removing the contaminants of the epidermal tissue, they will receive the necessary portion of nutrients.

  1. Grind oatmeal in a coffee grinder (20 gr.).
  2. Pour oat powder for swelling with warm water (a quarter of an hour is enough). For dry skin, it is better to take cream or kefir.
  3. Stir the product until smooth.

Cleansing brush

Even if you have very oily skin, do not ignore the use of a brush for washing. A brush should be used every day, it will ensure pore cleanliness, a tightened oval of the face, micromassage and smoothness of the skin. Contraindications: sensitive and dry skin, rosacea, problem skin during exacerbation of acne, herpes.

Pore ​​Cleansing Mask

Before you start cleansing with masks, you need to understand why pores get clogged - it often happens that the reason lies in improper care or poor-quality cosmetics. It is enough to strictly follow all the recommendations of cosmetologists on cleansing the face or replace cosmetics to forget about the problem.

One of the requirements of specialists is the regular use of cleansing masks. There are many recipes for the preparation of compounds, you can alternate them - this will determine which composition is ideally suited individually.

Mechanical peeling

The home procedure is an important part of beauty rituals, promotes cell renewal, evens out relief, cleanses pores and promotes greater absorption of moisturizing components into the skin. Dermatologists recommend choosing soft creams with peeling effect and clay masks. For proper use, you must first steam the skin. Then use a cosmetic product. Peel once a week. Do not use scrubs with hard abrasives.

Milk, Gelatin

An excellent mask for all skin types - does not cause irritation, quickly removing contents from the pores. Before opening the blockage, it is recommended to carry out a steam procedure - hold your face for a minute over a pair of herbal decoction (brew 30 grams of chamomile or plantain with a liter of boiling water). After such manipulations, even the most persistent contaminants will be completely removed.

  1. Mix gelatin (25 gr.) And skim milk (20 ml) in a small container.
  2. Put the mixture in the microwave to the maximum mode to dissolve the gelatin granules in just 10 seconds.
  3. Get the composition, put to cool.
  4. In a slightly warm liquid, add the crushed egg protein.


These include special masks, peels and cleansers. They attract all pollution and toxins. Their choice is diverse, brands are constantly releasing new tools. In the composition of such products you can find the following ingredients.

  • Coal and sulfur - absorbs excess sebum.
  • Niacinamide, enzymes and acids (phytic, lactic, salicylic, almond) exfoliate the epidermis, cleanse and brighten pores.
  • Kaolin, white clay - cleanses and smoothes the skin.
  • Black clay - cleanses pores and normalizes the sebaceous glands.
  • Bentonite (bentoin clay) - improves complexion, tightens pores.
  • Volcanic ash - in essence, it is all the same carbon (coal).
  • Essential oils such as cedar and peppermint - help dry out inflammations and cleanse pores.
  • Vitamin E - protects, hyaluronic acid - moisturizes the skin.
  • Cucumber juice is a moisturizing and soothing effect.

Important: do not use cleansers in the periorbital area. The skin in the eye area is delicate, thin, practically has no pores. Therefore, it is not necessary to regulate the sebaceous glands. The use of seborrheic agents will lead to overdrying and premature aging. The exception is hydrophilic washing oils.

Yeast, peroxide, milk

Clogging is not always served with gentle home remedies, especially if grease and dirt are deep. In such cases, it is recommended to carry out cleaning using a mask based on yeast - the product will remove strong impurities that are not amenable to other masks.

  1. Dissolve pressed yeast (15 g) in warm milk (15 ml).
  2. Add peroxide (10 ml) to the mixture.
  3. Leave for a quarter of an hour.

Cornmeal, cucumbers

For enlarged pores, clogged with grease and dirt, it is recommended to use a corn-cucumber mask. The tool will not only remove the contents, but with regular use it will narrow the pores, improve the shade of the skin, and normalize the sebaceous glands.

  1. Grind one small cucumber, squeeze the juice.
  2. Add corn flour to the cucumber juice, the mixture should resemble a semi-liquid dough (like pancakes).
  3. Use immediately, no need to insist.

Ultrasonic Peeling

Ultrasound has proven itself well. It effectively cleanses the pores of the contents of the sebaceous glands. The exception is closed pores, here ultrasound is powerless. Then a mechanical cleaning option comes to the rescue. Often these two procedures are combined. It is recommended to do it every 2-3 months.

Diamond cleaning (grinding, microdermabrasion) of the face

This type of cleansing is suitable even for sensitive skin. It is necessary for almost all women to cleanse and narrow their pores, rid the epidermis of accumulated contaminants and toxins, and even out the overall tone of the face. Especially such procedures are indicated for oily skin once every three months. Diamond cleaning is not fraught with danger, comfortable. After it, you will not notice hyperemia of the face. On the contrary, an hour after the procedure, you can already paint and meet with friends.

Coffee Pore Cleansing

A mask based on coffee, yogurt (contains lactic acid) and honey will help cope with enlarged and clogged pores. All ingredients must be mixed in equal amounts. Apply to face skin, soak for 10-15 minutes. The coffee mask exfoliates while nourishing and moisturizing the skin. Do once a week.

Mask against spots and acne

Rashes often accompany owners of enlarged pores, so a mask may be useful to you. You need to take the powder of badiagi (at the pharmacy costs 60 rubles) and mix in a ratio of 1: 1 with hydrogen peroxide. Wait a few minutes until this mixture hisses. Then apply on the acne for 10 minutes. In two such procedures (1 day break), fresh spots disappear, in 3-5 - traces of acne disappear.

How to clean pores on the face correctly

The main condition for the normal process of skin regeneration is oxygen saturation at the cellular level. In this case, there is no skin irritation, peeling. The necessary processes are fully ensured by regular cleansing of the skin surface.

If a woman has oily skin, she has enlarged pores. The main reason for their appearance is improperly used cosmetics. For effective home pore cleaning, you need to monitor the cleanliness of your skin every day. It will be completely insufficient to use a soap solution and an alcohol-containing tonic.

In the main face care you need to include several important steps - this is a cleansing, tonic process, you also need to moisturize and nourish the skin. When using masks, narrowing of enlarged pores can be achieved, as well as deep cleaning. Before these procedures, the skin must be steamed for a better effect.

Pore ​​Steaming

First of all, you need to carefully remove daytime makeup. Pre-apply emollients on the skin to maximize pore opening. The best option would be hot herbal compresses. You can also make steam baths.

Pre-steam the herbal composition and give it time to insist. Then dip a terry towel into it, squeezing a little, apply to the surface of the face. Hold the compress for a total of up to five minutes. If the towel cools quickly, it is again dipped in a warm herbal solution. Three minutes will be enough for dry skin.

For better pore steaming, you can hold your face over a heated infusion of herbs, for example, chamomile or St. John's wort flowers, sage foliage or calendula. You can add a couple drops of any essential oil to the broth. Such procedures are contraindicated if the skin has a vascular network - rosacea, individual intolerance or skin diseases.

We remove pollution

To do this, you can independently prepare scrubs and mask formulations. Self-made products should be applied to the skin twice in seven days, if the type is oily or combined. With a dry or normal type, one per week is enough.

Rinse off masks with room temperature water. A person only get wet with a bath towel, do not rub. Scrubs can be bought ready-made with factory fillers. In this case, the main thing is to choose a composition suitable for the type of skin.

If the skin is dry, then choose a soft effect, so as not to injure or dry the surface. For the rest - suitable compositions with the inclusion of harsh abrasive particles.

Narrow the pores

To narrow the expanded porosity of the skin, it is recommended to use improvised means, for example, solution hydrogen peroxide, fresh aloe juice, citrus acidic varieties. Option - rich green tea, various masks.

Basic cleaning tips

The cleansing agent should have components in its composition that can additionally both dry the skin and have an astringent effect. It can be chamomile extract, aloe juice, citrus acidic varieties. When washing the product should be used in the morning and before bedtime.

The final cleaning step is the use of tonic. For the oily type or skin with existing problems, select a product that necessarily contains zinc oxide. At the end of the cleansing process, the skin is lubricated with a moisturizing cream composition, according to the type.

For deep cleaning of enlarged pores, home-made products can be used. The oil mixture is applied to the skin twice a week. She will perfectly cope with the removal of mud layers in the form of black dots. The pores are also freed from sebaceous accumulations, toxins, while they are narrowed, which improves the overall appearance.

The composition of mask preparations usually also includes additional elements, for example, microelements, vitamin complexes. They will more than saturate the skin with everything necessary, moreover, blood flow will improve.

Once a decade, skin should be cleaned to rid the surface of dead or dead particles. Option - exfoliating procedures in the form of peeling. It does not matter where they are made: in a beauty salon or at home.

What you need to know about contraindications

Cleansing procedures will have to be abandoned for those women who have the reasons described below:

  • Viral skin disease, which is in the acute stage, for example, a rash of herpes,
  • Increased body temperature
  • Pathologies of an infectious nature,
  • The period of gestation, lactation,
  • Diabetes,
  • Enhanced skin sensitivity
  • Allergy to cosmetic components.

It is advisable to pre-test masks and scrubs on a small area of ​​the skin before proceeding.

Types of cleaning in a beauty salon

If the pores are contaminated, you can use hardware and mechanical methods to clean them. They will help improve skin condition. In the presence of clogged pores, a large accumulation of black dots on the surface, you should first proceed with cleaning measures.Cosmetics that narrow or mask problem pores will not fix the situation, but will only aggravate it.

Mechanical method

The most effective and efficient technique that helps to remove black dots of different sizes. Although this method partially injures the surface, it carefully removes tight plugs, comedones sitting deep in the skin.

The procedure for salon cleaning includes several stages:

  • One of them is a cleansing technique,
  • In the second stage, the skin is treated with special compounds that help open the pores as much as possible,
  • After softening, for example, comedones, black dots, they are removed using a Uno spoon. You can also do the cleaning with your fingertips,
  • The final stage is the surface treatment with mask formulations to relieve the inflammatory process.

If pores are clogged, it is not recommended to clean them. At home, there is a chance of infection, injury to the skin, acne can become inflamed.

Ultrasound method

This is a less painful procedure than the previous option. Accordingly, the effectiveness here is less effective. This is an easy cleaning option. It is unlikely that he will cope with dense sebaceous plugs.

With the help of ultrasonic cleaning, it is possible to remove minor dirt deposits, exfoliated stratum corneum. Ultrasound equalizes the surface relief, improves the color of the face. Light massaging actions are carried out by ultrasonic waves. Thanks to these properties, the skin is well-groomed, radiant, becomes smoother.

Masks for cleansing

Before cleaning the surface and applying masks, you should first deal with the causes that lead to clogging of pores. Most often this is due to inappropriate skin care, the use of poor quality cosmetics. Following the recommendations of cosmetologists can avoid the consequences. One of the regular rules is to use cleaning masks.

Coal mask

Today, women are increasingly using activated carbon to cleanse their skin at home. This is the most common mask. Of course, you can buy a ready-made remedy. Below is a recipe for self-cooking:

  1. Buy activated carbon at the pharmacy kiosk. Crush into powder two tablets.
  2. On the stove, heat the milk until hot, but do not boil. It will be enough to 50-60 C.
  3. In a warm liquid, crystalline gelatin should be dissolved in advance - 1 tbsp. l., then there to send powdered coal.
  4. The ingredients are mixed until a homogeneous mass of beck is the presence of lumps.
  5. The composition is applied with a brush and evenly distributed over the surface. It is advisable to steam the face before this.

The mixture thickens very quickly, so it is recommended to immediately apply to the surface. After a short period the mask will harden. You can carefully remove. Be prepared for a slight soreness. Face moisturize.

Milk mask with gelatin

A lightweight mask that does not cause irritation. Moreover, with its help, the contents of the pores are quickly removed. Suitable for all skin types. Before starting the procedure, it is recommended to steam the surface over a herbal decoction for several minutes. For its preparation, you can take the leaves of plantain or chamomile flowers.

Cooking masks.

  1. In a small container, gelatin crystals are dissolved - 25 grams in warmed whole milk - 20 ml.
  2. Then put the dishes inside the microwave, turn on the maximum mode. It is enough to hold for 20-30 seconds, so that the gelatin granules completely dissolve.
  3. Allow the mixture to cool slightly.
  4. In a warm liquid add the protein of the chicken egg, crushed white.

While the mixture is still warm, with a brush it is applied to the surface of the face and evenly distributed. Special areas of influence are the nasal wings, forehead, chin. Not recommended, apply the composition near the orbits and lips, it can provoke the appearance of small wrinkles.

After about 10-15 minutes, the cleansing mask will harden slightly. After removal on a thick film, grease spots, black dots will be visible. After such actions, the most persistent mud layers are removed.

Mask with hydrogen peroxide and yeast

If the clogging content of the pores is too deep, then not always home methods will help remove dirt and greasy fat. In such cases, you can use other types of masks, for example, with hydrogen peroxide and yeast. When cleaning, strong impurities are removed.

Cooking your own mask:

  1. To warm, warm milk on the stove - 15-20 ml.
  2. Dissolve the crushed yeast in this liquid - 15-20 grams.
  3. Add 10 ml to the warm mixture. peroxide.
  4. Mix the components and let stand for a quarter of an hour.

Using a sponge or cotton swab, apply the product evenly to the surface. Soak for 30 minutes, then rinse with herbal infusion. Yeast dries the skin, so after the procedure it is important to lubricate it with a moisturizer.

Sugar mask with soda

Clogged pores may well be handled by both granulated sugar and baking soda. Often they are undesirable to use, as they can cause peeling of the skin.

It’s easy to prepare a mask:

  1. Take in equal parts sugar and soda - 15 grams.
  2. Beat chicken protein into a strong foam.
  3. Mix the components and add hydrogen peroxide - 1 tsp.
  4. The skin is steamed and applied for 30 minutes.
  5. The problem surface is massaged with fingertips. Efforts are not necessary, otherwise you can provoke a burning sensation.

The clogging of the enlarged pores is due to the increased work of the sebaceous glands. To this an additional factor is inept surface care, insufficient cleansing, and the use of low-quality cosmetics. After eliminating the causes, the skin will again shine.

Effective pore cleaning at home

When the epidermis receives a sufficient amount of nutrients and oxygen, metabolic processes in it pass in a physiological mode. Millions of new cells are formed daily and die as many. Dead epithelium must be peeled off in a timely manner, otherwise it becomes the cause of the appearance of a dull complexion, enlarged and clogged pores, wrinkles. All these phenomena are signs of premature aging of the skin, which look unaesthetic. Therefore, every woman who encounters the described problems asks herself a question: how to clean and narrow the pores on her face in order to look fresh and young?

The phenomenon of aging is fundamentally impossible to eliminate, but regular thorough care will help prolong youth. First of all, our skin needs proper regular deep cleansing, toning, and then - in moisturizing, nutrient intake and reliable protection. About how to clean pores on the face at home, you will learn from this video:

Recommendations of cosmetologists for the care of problem skin

Derma, prone to the formation of inflammation and comedones, is called problematic, it requires special care. The cleanser must contain components that provide an astringent and drying effect. Chamomile, aloe and lemon extract can have a complex effect on the problematic dermis. Use a product based on these ingredients before clearing clogged pores on the face at home. The next step will be the use of products for deep skin detox. The procedure is completed by the use of a tonic with zinc oxide in the composition and a light moisturizer corresponding to the type of epidermis.

As a means to cleanse pores on the face twice a week, you can use a homemade mask. Her tasks:

  • to free clogged pores (black dots) from pollution, accumulations of sebum, toxins,
  • narrow the pores
  • improve the appearance of the skin,
  • establish local blood supply,
  • to ensure saturation of the skin with essential nutrients and oxygen.

It is recommended that the epidermis be released from dead epithelial particles at least once every 10 days. This procedure is carried out using purchased or home-made peels.

1 Facial Steaming

After make-up removal and washing with a suitable product, the skin needs to be softened and pores maximized. The easiest and most logical way is to use a hot compress or steam bath on herbs.

Important! When using herbs, make sure there is no allergic reaction to these herbal ingredients!

In a cooked hot broth from your favorite healing herbs, you need to moisten a clean terry towel, wring it and cover your face. In order to prevent narrowing of the pores when cleansing the face, you need to moisten the towel in a hot infusion every time it cools. It is recommended to keep the compress on dry skin - 3 minutes, on oily - up to 5 minutes.

The second way is to breathe hot herbal infusion over the steam. To do this, favorite herbs are brewed: calendula, St. John's wort, chamomile, sage. If desired, a few drops of an essential oil extract can be added to the infusion. However, steam procedures on the face have several contraindications:

  • rosacea (spider veins),
  • skin diseases during exacerbation,
  • increased sensitivity of the epidermis.

2 Contamination removal

You can use the scrub ready or cook it yourself, be sure to coordinate the list of ingredients with the type of epidermis. For dry skin, compositions with thin abrasive particles and a gentle composition that do not traumatize and do not dehydrate cells are suitable. For oily dermis, more effective agents can be used. Knowing how to cleanse your face of blackheads, it is also important to be able to properly narrow the pores.

3 Pore narrowing

For these purposes, you can use ready-made tonics based on zinc oxide or use alternative home-made products. To do this, it is best to use proven available ingredients: hydrogen peroxide, lemon or aloe juice, green tea.

There are also a number of masks that have a pore-tightening effect.

Important! Before using the means of the described action, it is important to check whether the contaminated pores of the face are well cleaned. Pore ​​narrowing procedures should be carried out only after thorough cleaning.

4 Moisturizing

The final stage of pore cleaning is moisturizing the epidermis. For these purposes, it is not recommended to use products with an overly dense structure containing mineral oils. They contribute to the "clogging" of pores and reduce the effectiveness of cleansing to zero.

Light texture products containing hyaluronic acid, polysaccharides and fruit extracts are best suited.

Important: be sure to test new products for compatibility with the skin to avoid hypersensitivity reactions!

When the procedure is performed in the cosmetologist’s office and the black dots are already removed, the specialist often hears the question: how can I clean the pores on my face at home? Some recipes will help maintain good skin condition and avoid frequent clogging of pores.

Homemade skin cleanser recipes

The effectiveness of home remedies is not inferior to salon care. In addition, they are available to a large number of women. In order to achieve the desired result, it is important to know how to properly cleanse the pores of the face at home. It is important to take into account a strict sequence of actions, properly prepare the skin, check the absence of an allergic reaction to the composition.

The following compounds are suitable for deep skin cleansing at home:

  1. Mix a teaspoon of coffee or sugar with an equal volume of heavy cream or milk to remove makeup. The resulting mixture is used as a scrub.
  2. Combine 1 tablespoon of milk and gelatin. Heat and apply in warm form on the skin. After 15 minutes, remove as a mask-film.
  3. Mix oatmeal with warm milk or water in a ratio of 1: 2. Apply with massaging movements, leave for 5 minutes and rinse.
  4. Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and kefir to the grated cucumber. Keep the mixture on your face for 20 minutes, rinse with cool water.
  5. Combine whipped protein with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and a couple of drops of tea tree oil extract. Use as a mask for 15 minutes, rinse, wipe the face with a lotion from inflammation.

Women's reviews

Women of all ages, regardless of skin type, are faced with the question of how to clean clogged pores on the face at home, when they become clogged too often. Many of us do not have time or money to regularly visit the beauty parlor. Therefore, home remedies are becoming an excellent alternative to salon care.

Anna, 29 years old, Saratov

I often use a mask based on protein and lemon. It is simple and effective. I have combination skin, comedones appear often. It looks very ugly. At first I tried to squeeze them, but made it worse. Now I know that you need to steam your face, apply a mask, and then - tonic and cream. That’s the whole secret!

Elena, 35 years old, Moscow

I have my own recipe. I mix yeast (the most common) with hydrogen peroxide and milk. I take all the products on a teaspoon. I apply as a mask for 15 minutes, and then just wash my face with warm water. The skin after this is soft, clean, smooth!

Valeria, 50 years old, Vladimir

With age, the problem of enlarged pores and black dots appeared. Then I seriously thought: how to clean and narrow the pores on the face, which means reduces them? My skin is prone to oily. To cleanse, I first make a compress from a decoction of calendula, and then apply a mask of milk and gelatin. It perfectly cleanses and tightens pores!


Each woman has her own secret, how to quickly cleanse the pores on her face. Someone uses ready-made cosmetic products, while someone trusts only home recipes. It is important before use to be sure to check the composition for compatibility with the skin. When cleaning pores from contaminants, the correct algorithm of actions is required: steam, clean, tone, narrow the pores and properly moisturize. Subject to the procedure, the effectiveness of the procedure is guaranteed. After cleaning, you need to use cosmetics with a light structure that does not clog pores.

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Poor skin care

The main reason that white sebaceous deposits constantly appear is improper care measures. Proper cleansing of pores includes:

  • evening make-up remover, followed by washing off the cleaning agent with water,
  • washing twice a day with foam or gel,
  • exfoliating procedures once or twice a week.

To successfully deal with clogged pores on the face, it is important not only to cleanse the skin well, but also to use high-quality decorative cosmetics. Before treating the skin, we get rid of products based on lanolin, natural oils, fats, hydrocarbons, silicones - ingredients that clog the ducts that provoke the appearance of comedones.

Why do you need to cleanse your pores?

When the sebaceous glands produce secretions in excess, over time, the ducts become clogged with fat mass mixed with dust and mud particles, dead skin cells. The full time expands and becomes inflamed, acne and acne form on the skin.

Pore ​​cleaning at home allows you to:

  • normalize metabolism in epidermal tissues, provide cells with enough
  • oxygen and nutrients
  • free clogged pores
  • get rid of black dots and narrow pores,
  • avoid fungal and bacterial skin lesions,
  • improve the synthesis of collagen and elastin,
  • strengthen local immunity,
  • improve blood circulation in skin tissues,
  • Improve complexion.

To cleanse the pores, you can undergo a course of procedures at the beautician, or you can steam the skin at home, apply a mask that cleans and narrows the ducts.

Guidelines for basic skin care

The composition of the daily cleaning agent should include components that provide an additional drying and astringent effect. Such components may be aloe, chamomile extract or lemon. Washing with such a product is necessary twice a day. The final stage of facial cleansing is toning. In the composition of tonics for oily and problem skin, a component such as zinc oxide must be present. Then, after all the manipulations, a moisturizer corresponding to the type of skin is applied.

For deep pore cleansing, it’s good to choose a home mask for yourself and do it twice a week. The “correct” mask will free pores from dirt (black dots), toxins and accumulations of sebaceous secretion, narrow them, improving appearance. Additional mask ingredients will saturate the skin with the necessary trace elements and improve blood flow.

Once every 10 days, the skin of the face needs to be freed from keratinized particles, for which it is necessary to carry out exfoliating procedures. It can be both professional and home peelings.

Steaming skin

To understand how to cleanse the face by steaming, you need to imagine the structure of the ducts. Each pore has a triangular shape with a downward-pointing apex. The base of the triangle is the surface of the skin, the apex is the middle epidermal layer.

Steaming helps to soften the skin, easier removal of fat accumulation. Without the procedure, deep cleaning of the epidermis is impossible: it will be possible to remove the upper part of the sebaceous plugs on the face, and a white fat mass will remain in the lower part of the duct.

There are several ways to steam your skin and clean up clogged pores on your face.

Sitting in the steam room, you should carefully wipe your face with a washcloth or a clean, coarse cloth. This procedure not only effectively cleanses the skin, expands clogged ducts, but also stimulates blood circulation.


You can use just hot water for cleaning and steaming, or you can take a tool that enhances the cleansing and tonic effect:

To expand the pores at home, hot water is poured into a deep container, the selected product is added. They bend over the dishes so that the steam goes into the face, cover their heads with a large towel. In this position they sit for about 10 minutes.

1. Steaming the face.

After removing makeup, it is necessary to soften the skin of the face and open the pores, hot herbal compresses or steam baths will help in this. In a hot broth of herbs, moisten a terry towel, squeeze slightly and apply on face. Moisten the towel again as it cools. Keep for a total of 5 minutes, for dry skin 3 minutes are enough. Or breathe over hot steam of herbal infusion or decoction (chamomile, calendula, sage, St. John's wort). In the infusion, you can add 2 drops of your favorite essential oil. This procedure is contraindicated in spider veins (rosacea), any skin diseases and high sensitivity of the skin.

2. Removing contaminants.

To do this, suitable masks or scrubs of their own preparation. You need to do them twice a week with oily and combination skin and once a week with dry and normal. It is recommended to wash your face after the procedure with cool water, dab your face with a towel with gentle movements.

Ready-made factory compounds can also be used as scrubs, but do not forget to select them according to the type of skin. For the dry type, soft-based products that do not traumatize and do not overdry it even more are suitable. For oily skin, you can take compounds with harder abrasive particles.

4. Moisturizing.

The final stage is intensive hydration of the face. It is not recommended to use fatty oil or a cream with a high nutritional effect to avoid clogging of enlarged pores.

Before using any composition, it is necessary to test the skin for intolerance and allergic reactions.

Salt scrub for deep pore cleansing.

Salt (sugar can be, ground coffee) - 1 tsp.
Milk for make-up removal and anti-pollution (or greasy cream) - 1 tsp.

Add salt to milk and mix thoroughly. Take the product and apply it with light massage movements to a previously steamed and moisturized face, avoiding the area around the eyes and lips. During application, special attention should be paid to the T-zone (nose, forehead, chin). Leave such a scrub on the face for one more minute and rinse off with water at room temperature. In order to avoid trauma to the skin and the spread of infection, the product can not be used if there are acne and other inflammatory phenomena on the face.

Clogged pores on the face

Often on the network you can see how clogged pores look, the photo is rather unattractive, therefore it is better not to allow this condition of the skin and to regularly use cleansing masks. Not all women follow these recommendations and get unpleasant surprises on the dermis in the form of dense traffic jams.

With clogged pores on the face, you will have to resort to aggressive compounds that can open the blockage and extract the contents - dirt and particles of fat. Ladies with sensitive dermis must first consult with a cosmetologist and find out if such masks provoke irritation or rashes.

Cosmetic products

Means that can cleanse the pores of the face and warm the skin at home are sold not only in pharmacies, but also in cosmetics stores. Of the most effective drugs should be called:

  1. Avon Warm Volcano Iceland mask,
  2. Nivea Pure Effect Thermo-Gel,
  3. Garnier Clean skin.
  4. Hot compresses

Applying a compress is the most effective way to remove the upper dirty layers of the skin, improve blood circulation, open clogged pores for a subsequent cleansing effect.

Make a compress as follows:

  1. Take a clean cotton or other natural fabric, immerse in water heated to a temperature of 40–45 ° C.
  2. The fabric is squeezed out well, applied to a previously washed face.
  3. The compress is kept on the face for 15 minutes. The procedure is repeated one more time.
  4. After steaming, you can start applying a mask to get rid of sebaceous plugs on the face.

Soda, sugar

Soda solutions do an excellent job with clogged pores, but often it is not recommended to use funds - in addition to irritation, peeling of the dermis can be provoked.

  1. Mix baking soda, sugar crystals and warm water in equal parts (15 g each).
  2. Add whipped protein to a dense foam.
  3. Drop 2-5 ml of peroxide into the mass.

To apply means on previously steamed skin integuments of the face. The obligatory stage of the procedure is a light massage of problem areas. Do not apply force - the results of vigorous massaging will damage the dermis or provoke a burning sensation. Leave for half an hour. During this time, it is recommended to repeat the massage again. Remove with warm water, if you feel discomfort, it is better to use tonic herbal decoctions (plantain, chamomile, string).

Oatmeal mask for deep cleansing pores.

Oatmeal - 1 tbsp. l
Milk with dry or warm water with oily skin - 2 tbsp. l

Pour flakes with a suitable type of facial skin fluid and wait until they swell. Apply the mass with light massaging movements on a clean face, leave for five minutes and rinse with warm water. In addition to effective pore cleansing, the mask nourishes and softens the skin, improves complexion.

Cucumber-oil mask for cleaning pores.

Fresh cucumber - ½ vegetable.
Olive oil - 1 tbsp. l
Sour milk - 1 tbsp. l

Grind the cucumber on a fine grater, squeeze the juice. Add the butter and milk to the resulting cucumber mass. Apply the mask to a clean face and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse off better with cool water.

Protein-lemon mask for cleaning pores.

Fresh chicken protein - 1 pc.
Lemon juice - 2 tbsp. l
Tea tree oil - 2-3 drops.

Beat the protein thoroughly until foamy, and then introduce the lemon juice and the ether component. Mix the mixture thoroughly and apply to a clean face, paying attention to clogged pores in the area of ​​the nose, forehead and chin. After 15 minutes, rinse off the mask with cool water and wipe it with anti-inflammatory lotion.

Yeast mask for narrowing pores on the face.

Raw yeast - 1 tsp.
Hydrogen peroxide (3%) - 1 tsp.
Milk -1 tsp.

Mix the components until the yeast is completely dissolved. Apply the composition immediately after cleaning with a mask and soak for 15 minutes, then wash with water at room temperature.

How to save the result

  1. To exclude cosmetics containing mineral oil from the application, since it clogs the pores and provokes their pollution.
  2. Limit the use of creams on a greasy, heavy basis, it is better to give preference to intensive moisturizers.
  3. Instead of the usual foundation, take fluid on a light basis.

Following all the recommendations, your face will acquire a healthy appearance, and the pores will become perfectly clean. If within a month of regular care and the use of deep cleansing masks your pores are still clogged, consult a cosmetologist. You may also need help from other specialists, since cosmetic imperfections on the face can be one of the consequences of the malfunctioning of the endocrine glands and many other disorders in the body.

Milk yeast

The mask is good in that it copes with deep sebaceous plugs on the face. To clean the pores, use:

  • 15 ml of slightly warmed milk,
  • 15 g of yeast
  • 10 ml of hydrogen peroxide.

How to make a remedy: yeast is dissolved in milk, peroxide is added. Apply to the skin for 15 minutes. The mask has a liquid consistency, so it is better to apply it with a brush or cotton swab. For washing use water or an infusion of herbs. After the procedure, a nourishing cream is necessarily applied, since the yeast dries the skin, makes it peel off.

Corn and cucumber

The mask helps with heavy sebaceous plugs on the face, with regular use it improves blood circulation, normalizes the work of the glands.

To clean the pores, take:

  • medium-sized cucumber,
  • corn flour.

Finely rub the cucumber, squeeze the juice. Corn juice is added to the juice in such an amount that a creamy mass is obtained. The product is applied to the face with massaging movements, hold for 20 minutes. For washing use warm water.

Milk Gelatin

A wonderful option is how to quickly remove sebaceous plugs, suitable for any type of skin. To clean the pores on the face take:

  • 25 g of gelatin
  • 20 ml of milk
  • one egg.

How to clean the pores of the face at home: combine milk and gelatin, put in the microwave, set the maximum power. Warm up for 10 seconds to dissolve the gelatin. The product is cooled to a slightly warm state, egg white is added. The mask is applied to the face with a brush, avoiding the area around the eyelids and lips. After 15 minutes, a film forms on the face, which is carefully removed.

Lemon Protein

To cleanse the pores, prepare the following ingredients:

  • one egg,
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • 3 drops of tea tree oil.

To make a face cleansing, beat the egg white until foaming, pour in lemon juice and essential oil. The mixture is applied to a pre-cleaned face, hold for 15 minutes. Wash off with a little warm water.

Pore ​​Pollution Prevention

What to do to maintain clean and healthy skin:

  1. Remove preparations containing mineral oil from the cosmetic bag. This substance fills the ducts, provoking the appearance of comedones.
  2. Minimize the use of oily creams. Light texture moisturizers are preferred.
  3. Use not a foundation, but a fluid.
  4. Eliminate the use of alcohol lotions. First, they have a drying effect, eliminate greasy shine, but with regular use they give the opposite effect. Alcohol-responsive skin gives off more secretion that protects pores.
  5. Use light peeling or scrub regularly.
  6. Normalize nutrition. To minimize food in the diet, due to which the ducts are likely to clog.

Clogged pores are difficult to hide under makeup, and you need to understand that decorative cosmetics applied with a dense layer further aggravate the situation.

The problem of clogging should not be hidden, but solved by competent cleansing, the use of store preparations and home masks. If the situation is running, the skin is severely clogged, then you should consult a cosmetologist for an intensive cleaning course.

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