Scarves 2018 fashion trends photo

The image of a modern girl consists of many details, among which special attention is paid to accessories. For example, a beautiful, stylish scarf will be a great addition to your bow, and will also help keep you warm on cold days. What products will be relevant in the autumn-winter season 2017-2018?

Scarves: fashion trends for the upcoming season

Designers presented many different models of scarves, among which each one will pick up something suitable for herself. In the coming season, first of all, comfort will be relevant, so it is better to look at the warm and cozy products.

Special attention was paid to femininity and elegance when creating scarves. That is why wide stoles, as well as products with fringe, fur and pompons, will be relevant.

As for the texture, the trend will be scarves made of wool, alpaca and cashmere. It is believed that it is they that retain heat better than others, and this is very necessary on cold days. In turn, it is better not to use synthetics, since it looks cheap and not presentable.

The current color scheme for scarves 2017-2018

When creating fashion collections, designers decided not to be limited to a certain number of shades. Therefore, you can see scarves not only in neutral colors, but also in more expressive colors.

But still, the popularity of white, gray, khaki, black and brown shades is traced. They are rightfully considered the most universal, since they can be combined with almost all the clothes in the wardrobe.

Delicate pastel colors will also be relevant in the upcoming season. But at the same time, an image with such a scarf will need to be thought out more carefully.

As for prints, the cage remains the most popular. It is these scarves that are very easy to combine with images in the cold season. Also in the trend will be a strip, embroidery and abstract patterns.

Fashion scarves for the fall-winter season 2017-2018

In creating fashion collections, designers paid special attention to scarves. Therefore, in the wardrobe of every fashionista must be at least one product. So that it is not difficult to choose the appropriate option from the whole variety, we suggest that you consider in more detail the features of each model.

Such scarves are in fashion by no means the first year. They are very versatile, which makes them indispensable when creating images. Stylists suggest wearing them in different ways, thereby changing their usual position.

If you put the stole on one shoulder, then the image immediately looks more romantic and feminine. Some girls put it on like a poncho, complementing it with a thin strap. And of course, the palatine looks no less stylish if you just wrap it around the neck. Most often, such a scarf is combined with a casual jacket or an elegant coat.

Especially relevant scarf-snood is in adolescents or girls who prefer a street style in clothes. Its distinctive feature is a ring-shaped form, so it is often called a clamp. Thanks to this feature, many girls replace them with a hat.

Often, snood is chosen to create an everyday look, which means that clothes should be as simple as possible. Jeans, rough-soled boots, a voluminous sweater, and a leather jacket are the perfect choice.

In 2017, designers demonstrated fur scarves that look elegant and luxurious. Putting on such an accessory, every woman will feel irresistible.

It should be noted and other advantages of such products. They are very soft and warm even in the greatest frosts. In addition, they can be used by donning not only around the neck, but also on one shoulder. The last option looks especially feminine.

Oversize style is gaining more and more popularity every year. And this applies not only to clothing, but also to various accessories. For example, a voluminous scarf is the best you can think of for the cold season. Putting it on, you will feel comfortable, warm and at the same time attractive.

To create it, large knitting is often used. Due to this, an additional volume is created, which modern girls love so much. However, there are also options made of fabric.

Oversized puffed scarves look pretty interesting. They have the texture of a down jacket and can be smooth or quilted. Such products almost always have no additional decor, but you can add it yourself if you wish.

Despite all the variety of scarves, it is knitted products that always occupy a leading place. They look very stylish and voluminous, so absolutely everyone chooses them, regardless of age. Depending on the length of the scarf and knitting, you can combine it with both everyday looks and luxurious fur coats.

The novelty of the autumn-winter season is a scarf sleeve. A feature of such a scarf is its cut. The fact is that outwardly it looks as if the sleeves of a knitted sweater are sewn together.

Such a product looks rather unusual, so not every girl can combine it correctly. Stylists recommend wearing both dresses and jeans or dress pants. But as an outerwear, the most advantageous with such a scarf is an elegant coat or a jacket.

Fringed Scarf

More recently, it was believed that fringe forever left the fashion catwalks. Nevertheless, designers are again actively using it to decorate various accessories, including scarves. And often it can be seen not only at the ends of the products, but also along the entire length. It looks quite interesting, modern and original.

Combining such scarves is best with casual wear. Due to this, the image will look more delicate, refined.

Each of the presented scarves looks interesting in its own way. Therefore, choose the option that works best with your things. If you wish, you can purchase an unusual product that will be the highlight of the image on special days.

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As for the used textures of fashion scarves in 2018, the products of natural and artificial fur come to the forefront, which combine perfectly with a down jacket, sheepskin coat, coat and warm perfectly in cold weather. Young ladies with a refined taste can even acquire fur boas and boas. Actual models of sheep, camel wool, alpaca, cashmere, velvet, velor. Silk scarves with fur decorative elements, neck scarves, plain or with prints are quite suitable for autumn. But synthetics have long been out of trend, it not only heats badly and causes discomfort, but also looks cheap.

2018 Fashion Scarf Colors

The most relevant scarf colors in 2018 are green, white, yellow, orange, purple, and burgundy. As for pastel colors, they remain at the peak of popularity. The combination of bright saturated tones with neutral halftones, which can be found in checkered, striped, and in chaotic fantasy prints, is in fashion.

Scarves sleeves 2018 fashion trends photo

Sleeve scarves are another popular trend. Hands in it look like the sleeves of a knitted sweater with cuffs. This wardrobe item looks great with dresses, jeans, skinny pants. And putting it under the outer clothing - a fur coat or jacket - you are additionally insulated.

Fringed scarves 2018 fashion trends photo

Scarves decorated with fringe are back in fashion and may be delayed for a couple of seasons. Only if earlier fringe was located on the edges of the scarf on two sides, then in 2018 there appeared models decorated with fringe along the entire length of the product. Such scarves were introduced by Ralph Lauren, Dondup and Burberry Prorsum. Such a design nuance, like brushes, make the accessory look completely different. Even if you purchased an ordinary knitted scarf in the store, you can give it effect and originality with the help of brushes made independently of threads that are suitable in quality and color.

Volume scarves 2018 fashion trends photo

Lovers of warmth and comfort will appreciate some of the most fashionable scarf models of 2018. A large knit scarf does not lose its popularity. But this year it has become even larger, no, it has become simply huge! Fist-sized knots of thick, smooth threads of bright colors do not just attract attention. Wrapped several times around the neck, such a scarf will become an impregnable wall between the frosty wind and your vulnerable neck.

Another undoubtedly warm volume scarf in 2018 is a puffy scarf. Often, such scarves repeated the texture and color of the down jacket. However, you can combine different colors and textures as you wish, taking into account the combination of their colors. Such a scarf can be smooth or quilted, mainly without decorative details, but it is possible to apply a logo or print.

2018 knitted narrow scarves fashion trends photo

It seems that massive loops create volume, but at the same time, the accessory remains “skinny”. Having tied such a detail once around the neck, the girl becomes fashionable. It is desirable that the product in 2018 be monophonic of a calm, classic color. It can be combined with any clothes, especially in casual style.

Fur scarves 2018 fashion trends photo

Fur is a favorite material of many women. Warm, soft, beautiful, it is simply impossible not to notice it. A fur scarf is a good accessory for the upcoming fall and, mainly, winter in 2018. Such a product looks very original and interesting, wearing it is a pleasure. At the same time, both real and non-natural furs obtained by artificial means are presented in the new collections. Both options look pretty pretty, practical. They go well with a jacket, coat. As for color, as in the case of fur coats, a colored fur scarf will be especially fashionable. You can wear it indoors, that is, without heavy outerwear. He will give the image of bourgeois chic.

2018 scarves wraps fashion trends photo

Fashionable large scarf in the form of a stole, draped over the shoulders, looks luxurious and elegant. It can be used not only as a scarf, but also as a cape. On cool autumn evenings, such an accessory that completely covers women's shoulders looks cozy and homely. According to stylists, such a model must be in the wardrobe of every fashionista. In early autumn, stoles can be replaced with light outerwear, tossing it over a dress or trousers and blouse. In 2018, such stylish and fashionable scarves are recommended for girls and women to wear fashion houses Back, Burberry Prorsum, Eudon Choi, I’M Isola Marras.

Fashionable ideas for all seasons.

Yes, silk will remain relevant even in the cold season. Fashion designers have already presented an incredible amount of elegant scarves in 2018 from this material. They can be used as shawls or bows, the ends of which cover the ears and occipital area. But the most chic - long silk scarves, falling to the level of the hips. They can be worn tied around the neck, but in this case they should be incredibly long. The perfect combination is with sheepskin coats, fur coats, jackets, and raincoats. Silk scarves will make them much more elegant.

2018 snood scarves fashion trends photo

Snood's scarves are versatile, practical, warm and very comfortable in 2018. You can wear them in any cool season: either in late autumn, or in early spring, or in cold winter. Below you will learn in more detail how to knit a scarf clamp with your own hands. Of course, the clamp can be purchased in stores, because there may be various colors and textures. However, sometimes you want to temporarily become a home needlewoman and make beautiful Snud with your own hands. And this is very commendable, because only you yourself with your creation can individually satisfy your taste and thus express yourself. This fashion accessory is recommended to be combined with the color of shoes or bags. You can wear almost all things with him: classic pants, regular jeans, and skirts of different cuts. He will look harmonious with all things. Snoods can also often be decorated with sequins, beads, brooches or made of fur. You just have to choose what you like best.

Fashionable scarfs sleeves 2018 photo

The 2018 long-sleeved scarf is available in several designs. The simplest and most popular is the standard product of a narrow or medium width, the ends of which are connected by a seam. The scarf-cape with sleeves looks very interesting and original. This option has a wider cut, covering not only the neck, but also the shoulders, back and chest. You can wear a scarf with sleeves in any way convenient for you. The classic version is considered around the neck in two turns. Wide models look stylish as a collar or snood. Also, a scarf can not be worn on hands, using as a standard accessory. Basically, such products are worn in the warm demi-season, as part of outerwear. The decision to use a scarf as an independent item of clothing will be original.

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That is, the accessory can be worn instead of a sweater or blouse, wrapping it around the chest and lowering it on the shoulders. In this case, only wide models are suitable. If you want to wear an accessory over a warm wardrobe, you should choose a coat with a shortened sleeve, tight-fitting jackets, vests and sleeveless jackets. Otherwise, the scarf simply will not fit on your hands or make them bulky and thick. A scarf with sleeves belongs to the category of transformers. That is what it is commonly called. However, the name of the accessory with a mark on long sleeves is considered more common. After all, there are a lot of transformers in the collections of scarves in 2018, but if you specify which one you need, your purchase will be much faster. In this case, the sleeve is the distinguishing mark.

Fashionable fringed scarves 2018 photo

Such a decorative element as the characteristic fringe along the edge of the scarf was undeservedly forgotten, and in 2018, scarfs with fringe are again in fashion. Moreover, in the modern interpretation, this same fringe can frame not only the narrow edges of scarves, but also decorate them along the entire length, thereby giving the accessory originality and originality. In 2018, they offer to wear fringed scarves - Burberry Prorsum, Dondup, Greg Lauren, Ralph Lauren, Richard Chai Love, Temperley London.

Fashionable fur scarves 2018 photo

Of the textures, preference is given to natural or artificial fur - a version of a stylish wrap will be a boa or stole. The trend in 2018 is also the fur boa, which will warm in the cold. Fashionable fur scarf 2018 - an option for late autumn and winter. Luxurious fur with a long pile, as well as curly, is popular. The accessory looks very elegant and luxurious. The warm fur scarf is quite versatile and perfectly protects against frost. Fur models are very long and look very elegant. Fur draped over your shoulders can be a great addition to an evening look. A fur scarf will also look appropriate on a snowy street.

Fashion snood scarves 2018 photo

A universal thing may well replace a hat in winter. Large knitting, ornaments from braids, tassels and fringe remain fashionable. Snood scarves came into fashion in the late 80s. At that time, a scarf was used as a headdress. In 2018, such an accessory looks very stylish, it can be tied around the neck. Wide scarfs-collars are very popular and multifunctional. Models are simple viscous, high quality and retain heat very well. You can put a scarf on your head and abandon the hat.Snood goes well with any outerwear and looks very stylish.

Fashionable scarves-stoles 2018 photo

The undisputed favorite of the cold season of 2018 is the stole. Its large size and comfort gives not only warmth, but also femininity. He will attract attention and emphasize the good taste of his owner. The trend is large, bulk knitting. The stole can be combined with any clothes. This is another undoubted advantage of this accessory. In 2018, clothing designers suggest using all kinds of jewelry in all components of the wardrobe. Female stoles are no exception. Particular attention is paid to embroidery. In addition, you can use beads and beads, embroidery with flowers, fringe decoration, tassels. Brushes will add to the bow playfulness and some carelessness, making the image free and easy.

Fashionable scarves with prints 2018 photo

Printed scarves - checkered and striped patterns. Among fashion scarves in 2018, a special place is occupied by accessories with geometric prints - stripes, cage and rhombs. Such women's scarves in 2018 were also very relevant, but it is in the new season that they become unprecedented in scope. If before checkered and striped accessories were present exclusively in the men's wardrobe, now women also wear them. A checkered and striped print in clothes gives a feminine look hardness and elegance. Such fashionable scarves in the winter of 2018 during the shows were vividly demonstrated in the collections of Back, Balenciaga, Electric Feathers, Fay, I’M Isola Marras, Tommy Hilfiger.

Fashionable silk scarves 2018 photo

A scarf carefully or originally tied around the neck can serve as an elegant addition to any clothing. Using this accessory is very easy to change your image or update your outfit. Silk scarf 2018 is appropriate in almost any situation. For example, a white silk scarf will perfectly refresh a dark work suit, and a silk scarf necklace will be an unusual decoration for an evening outfit. Such an element of clothing, by the way, will be a great investment and just an unusual gift. Silk scarf in the technique of "batik" is a thing that deserves respect and recognition, speaks of the perfect taste of its owner. Many girls are doubtful of silk, because consider it a whimsical material due to the fact that this material can wrinkle, deform. But this only happens when used improperly.

Fashionable knitted scarves 2018 photo

Knitted scarves are integral elements of a wardrobe in the cold season of 2018. Each fashionista in the arsenal has products of different models, colors and knitting options. Every year, fashion brings something new, replenishing the range. Everyone finds something different in them: for some it’s just an accessory that complements the image, and for someone it’s a practical and warm thing. All your favorite winter accessories are presented in a wide variety. The traditional model of knitted scarves implies flat and dense knitting, minimum volume, plain color or various geometric patterns, motifs of ornaments are possible, the ends are decorated with restrained fringe. But the latest fashion trends of 2018 give wide scope for the imagination of designers, so beautiful knitted scarves are represented by many options:

The most fashionable scarves for 2018

Among the mass of options that modern stylists offer, it is worth highlighting long scarves with fringe, wide stripe and check patterns, fur products, very warm boa scarves, knitted options, as well as silk and chiffon patterns.

Each fashion scarf 2018 shows the most fashionable trends presented in the photo.

Fashionable colors of scarves.

Among the most fashionable colors of scarves for next year should be highlighted: burgundy, purple, red, green, orange, yellow, white. In addition, all pastel colors remain relevant shades.

Many well-known designers offer women to decorate their image with scarves that will combine pastel shades and bright colors. They can be in the color of a classic cell or strip, or with chaotic graphic designs. The scarf 2018, which offers fashion trends, with a gradient color, that is, when light tones smoothly turn into darker colors, will also become relevant.

Trends 2018 - Decorated Scarves

Dressing women's scarves is the most fashionable trend of the upcoming 2018. For this, many stylists decorate their work with such beautiful elements as fringe, fur, embroidery, braids, Iranian ornament, braids, knitted patterns in the form of bundles, braids and so on.

Some 2018 scarves are the most stylish and fashionable, as they combine yarn and fur, resulting in truly luxurious and harmonious compositions. And in fashion collections there are scarves where leather inserts and large knitting are combined.

The most fashionable scarves 2018

Reviewing all the fashionable women's scarves in 2018, we can distinguish the main areas:

  • Long scarves. They came into fashion a few years ago. They are wrapped around the neck, which creates the effect of a surround collar.

  • Scarves made of fur. Such products are made of artificial and natural fur. They become the perfect complement to any outfit.

  • Scarves with fringe. This option is also in fashion for 2018. They were at the peak of popularity a few years ago and again returned to fashion catwalks.

  • Scarves with prints. The most relevant models are a strip and a cell. In addition, accessories with such geometric prints as rhombuses, cage, strip remain quite popular. Last year, these scarves were also in trend, but today they are becoming the most fashionable trend.

  • Wide scarves-stoles. A large wide scarf-wrap, which is thrown over the shoulders, looks very beautiful and luxurious. They use it not only as a scarf, but also as a warm, luxurious wrap. It is ideal for cool autumn and winter cold, as it covers your shoulders, creating home coziness and comfort.

  • Velor and velvet scarves. Such options are chosen by fashion fans who do not want to see the skins of dead animals in their wardrobe. Velvet and velor models look quite elegant and luxurious. Among the most relevant color solutions are especially relevant: muted pink, gray-white tint, ash-blue color.

  • Narrow scarves. They will be a great addition to an elegant dress. It can be a narrow silk or chiffon scarf that can be wound around the neck or thrown over the shoulders. This option goes well with business clothes.

Warm Boa Scarves 2018

The demand and popularity of such scarves is no coincidence, since they have an expensive, luxurious look, make a woman sophisticated, elegant, perfectly warm their shoulders, neck, arms and back, which is very important in the cold season.

Having fashionable knitted scarves in your wardrobe 2018, you can go to work, walks or a date, regardless of the weather.

Fashion scarves 2018

Despite the fact that silk is a very thin fabric, it is also quite relevant in the cold season. Therefore, fashion scarves 2018, presented in the photo, are found in many designer collections.

Designers offer fashion lovers to wear such products in the form of bows or scarves that are tied around the neck so that the ends cover the back of the head and ears. The only condition is that silk scarves should be long, their length should be below the line of the thigh.

If desired, such scarves are simply thrown over the shoulders or tied around the neck. These models look great with coats, sheepskin coats, raincoats, jackets, and fur coats. Silk accessories give any outerwear style, elegance, originality.

A monophonic neck scarf, selected in the color of outerwear, will be in harmony with the overall ensemble and will become a highlight in the image. The most fashionable colors of the new season are dark orange and blue. Bright, young girls should pay attention to the purple and hot pink color, which goes well with cool shades.

Fashionable scarves for girls

Scarves for little fashionistas are cute fluffy products of various shades and with prints from cartoons. The main emphasis was on fashion designers and beautiful hats, scarves, which girls like so much. Among the fashionable novelties there are scarves, which practically do not differ from adult models.

Stylish men's scarves 2018

Reviewing the most fashionable men's scarves in 2018, we should focus on the main areas, namely:

  • Classic models. This scarf has an average length, stylish discreet color. This accessory can be in a cage, strip or has a restrained pattern.

  • Snoods. Comfortable, fashionable, versatile male models. Their colors are different, but on a plain background there may be a strip, a cage, rhombuses, ornaments. These scarf patterns are more relevant to youth options. Also popular is the form of snood, which is chosen by many stylish men.

  • Palatines. Since the stoles are sewn from light flying fabrics, such scarves are usually tied in the form of a tie around the neck. If desired, such a product is simply thrown over the shoulders in one revolution, its ends hang down in front. Thanks to such a fashion accessory, you can emphasize your style and complement your original image.

How to wear fashion scarves 2018

There are many ways to wear this fashion accessory, but the main trend of the season is the selection of a scarf for the colors of the outfit, or only for its one element. For example, you can buy a fashionable scarf with a print, where there are many bright colors and one of them coincides with outerwear. The second option is that any of the colors of the scarf fits a bag, gloves or boots.

If you plan to purchase a voluminous long scarf, then you should think about how to tie it, since there are so many options. For example, such a scarf can be wrapped once around the neck, and the long ends can be hung forward, or wrapped several times, and pinned the short ends with a brooch.

If the scarf is very narrow, then correctly wrap it around the neck several times. Some fashionistas use such accessories as a belt, which looks very stylish under a cardigan or shirt.

The trend of the new season is the scarf under the belt, that is, a wide scarf-wrap is worn under the belt. They put it on shoulders, cross it on the chest and fasten its edges with a belt. Lightweight chiffon and silk scarves can be wrapped around the neck and tied with a bow in front. They look very beautiful on the head.

In your wardrobe, it is desirable to have several fashion scarves at once, which will help to update your image every day, using all your imagination and sense of taste.

Fashion for scarves changes every year, introducing a lot of new, bright, stylish into the female image. Therefore, in order to choose the right thing for yourself in such a variety, it is worth reviewing all the options that fashion designers offer.

Fashion scarves 2018-2019, trends

A scarf is a practical and necessary accessory that warms in the cold season and adds a twist to the look and makes it stylish.

Fashionable scarf models in 2018-2019:

    Coarse ScarvesLong models are especially good. They can be wrapped several times around the neck, put on the head instead of a hat, or put over your shoulders like a cape.

Photo: Women's large knit scarf

Scarf-snood and collarrelated in a circle are relevant this year. They are worn over the head, worn around the neck, or worn over the head.

Photo: scarf snood - how to wear it?

Photo: female scarf collar

Photo: fashionable women's fur scarves 2019-2020

Photo: silk scarf

Photo: fashionable women's fringed scarves

How to wear a scarf under a belt

Quilted patterns - moved from last season to a new one.

Fashionable quilted scarf 2019-2020

Photo: fashionable narrow women's scarves 2018-2019, use cases

How to choose a scarf by color

A scarf is an accessory that is close to the face. Therefore, it is important to choose a color that will refresh the appearance and harmoniously combine with clothing.

When choosing a scarf, adhere to the following rules:

  1. When choosing, take into account your color type of appearance: if the skin is prone to a cold shade (summer, winter), then choose a scarf color in cold tones, if the type of appearance is warm (autumn, spring), then the corresponding colors will refresh the face,
  2. Classic black, white and beige go well with the rest of the colors in your clothes, but you need to choose them carefully. Black is not for everyone, it can make the image perfect or spoil the appearance, making a woman visually older. Light scarves look good in winter, especially if they are made of warm materials.
  3. Do not pick up accessories tone-on-tone to the main elements of clothing. Better if they are a couple of tones lighter or darker.
  4. Contrast colors look good, for example, with a blue jacket a beige scarf will be interesting to look, and with a noble green coat, red or burgundy.

When choosing opposite colors, you can use the color wheel, choosing one of the pictures below:

Photo: how to combine contrasting colors in a color wheel

How to choose a scarf color according to the seasons of the year:

  1. In autumn, noble, autumnal shades should be selected: burgundy, wine, orange, khaki, ocher, dirty yellow. In truth, autumn shades will pleasantly dilute gray days and a boring wardrobe.
  2. Winter scarves have a wide variety of choices. Blondes should choose darker, more saturated colors, the brightness of brunettes is emphasized by light ones. Pale young ladies should not buy a scarf of red and pink shades for the winter, as they will emphasize the redness of the cheeks.
  3. In the spring I want bright colors and colors. At this time of the year, floral prints, cage, peas, abstraction are relevant.
  4. For the summer, you can pick up bright scarves with a variety of prints. Interesting look models with a structure similar to thin ropes woven into a net, as well as light translucent scarves that resonate in shades with shoes or a handbag.

How to choose a scarf for outerwear

Scarves of large volume from warm, dense materials are suitable for a down jacket or winter jackets. Which can not only be wrapped around the neck, but wrapped over the hood, or left on the shoulders. For this, the models of women's scarves should be not only long, but also quite wide.

Down scarf

A simple, rather modest and not very voluminous model is suitable for a fur coat.

Photo: a mink coat scarf

Photo: a fur scarf to a colored fur coat

To the jacket, especially leather or suede, both strict, straight scarves and volumetric variations of scarves are suitable. It depends on the image, other elements of clothing and the general style.

Scarf combined with a leather jacket

When choosing a scarf, pay attention to what season it was created for. You can often find a rather awkward combination of a warm wool scarf with a summer dress or vice versa, a light summer scarf matched to the coat.

How to choose a scarf for clothes to wear indoors

To complement the office wardrobe, in particular blouses or dresses with a collar, miniature neckerchiefs made of satin fabric are ideal. They make the image more individual, interesting. For this, lightweight, possibly austere scarves are suitable. The combination of calm colors in clothes, a suit with a bright element in the form of a scarf can become a feature of personal style.

Photo: a neckerchief as an accent in the image

Voluminous scarves will fit under a jacket, with loose t-shirts or sweaters, on top of which you can throw a cardigan.

Thick scarves are best worn with sweaters, turtlenecks or light vests.
Volume flying scarves with a slightly twisted structure are well combined with flying cut sweaters.

How to wear a scarf

There are a huge variety of ways to wear scarves. First of all, it depends on the length, material of the scarf and the set of clothes with which you want to wear it.

  1. Long scarves, especially those with a fairly large width, are usually simply wound around the neck. But it’s important at the same time to arrange it quite freely so that it looks like it was thrown by a careless movement of the hand just a couple of seconds before exiting (in principle, this can also be done).
  2. Silk, linen, wool, ironed in the direction of the arrow, must be carefully worn over clothing. First, the scarf is thrown back and smoothed along the lapels. These options look amazing with jackets, go with a cloak or a classic coat. In addition, straight scarves with arrows can be worn under outer clothing, between layers of clothing. In this case, the front edges can be crossed on the chest at an angle of about 90 ’. Then under the coat there will be a beautiful triangle covering the neck.

Below are the different options for phasing scarves with photos. Try to tie a scarf in different ways and your image will always look in a new way:

How to tie a scarf

A scarf will make your look more interesting and help diversify even a casual wardrobe. And the right choice of style and color, in turn, will help make the combination truly irresistible.

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